Patent Office Issued 224 Patents to Indiana Citizens in December 2022

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 224 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in December 2022, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

Patent Number  Title
US 11517418 B2 Prosthesis with branched portion
US 11517438 B2 Three-dimensional porous structures for bone ingrowth and methods for producing
US 11517447 B2 Disposable handle for medical instruments
US 11517448 B2 Method for preparing a patient’s femur in an orthopedic joint replacement procedure
US 11517674 B2 Auto-injectors for administration of a medicament within a prefilled syringe

US 11517695 B2 Acoustical guidance and monitoring system
US 11517712 B2 Drainage catheter hub with a semi-compressed suture seal
US 11517835 B1 Self-contained filter assembly for magnetic deburring and polishing machine
US 11517846 B2 Systems and methods for cleaning particulate filters
US 11517888 B2 Nickel-based microporous and mesoporous catalysts for selective olefin oligomerization
US 11517961 B2 Slide closure for vessel containing molten metal
US 11518205 B2 Smart cable system for a truck trailer
US 11518480 B1 Reinforced articulated top
US 11518538 B2 Control for a target common bus voltage
US 11518561 B2 Stretch wrapping machine supporting multiple discrete pre-stretch amounts
US 11518576 B2 Gripping attachment for a bottle
US 11518589 B2 Lid and scoop for a container
US 11518675 B2 Nanoassembly methods for producing quasi-three-dimensional nanoarrays
US 11518770 B2 Sesquiterpenoid analogs
US 11518900 B2 Coating compositions and methods, and articles coated with same
US 11518966 B2 Peroxide-based multi-purpose cleaning, degreasing, sanitizing, and disinfecting solutions and methods for preparing the same
US 11519000 B2 Methodologies and compositions for creating targeted recombination and breaking linkage between traits
US 11519160 B2 Metered dispense pot filler
US 11519212 B2 Modular add-on devices for door closers
US 11519271 B2 Turbine engine rotor with flexibly coupled tie bolt
US 11519279 B2 Ceramic matrix composite turbine vane and method for making
US 11519310 B2 Method and apparatus to enhance fractional efficiency of diesel and gasoline particulate filters
US 11519315 B1 Aftertreatment system, dual fuel system, and dual fuel apparatus
US 11519316 B2 Inlet cone and plate assembly for exhaust module
US 11519323 B1 Prechamber sparkplug assembly having sparkplug housing structured for liquid cooling
US 11519339 B2 System and methods for controlling surge margin in the compressor section of a gas turbine engine
US 11519348 B2 Spark plug configurations for dedicated-EGR engines
US 11519350 B2 Systems and methods for cold operation NOx burden reduction
US 11519394 B2 Buffered pump system
US 11519464 B2 Profiled wheel retainer
US 11519497 B2 Linear force solenoid valve body mounting
US 11519611 B2 Range hood installation system
US 11519733 B2 Autonomous mower navigation system and method
US 11520105 B2 Single photon source
US 11520136 B2 Hands-free adjustable magnifying lens holder and workstation
US 11520361 B2 Control for a target common bus voltage
US 11520362 B2 Control for a target common bus voltage
US 11520385 B2 Mobile device temperature-regulating case
US 11521052 B2 Hardware and neural architecture co-search
US 11522346 B2 Prechamber sparkplug having electrodes located for inhibiting flame kernel quenching
US 11522422 B2 Device for producing rotors or stators of electric machines
US 11522425 B2 Planar high torque electric motor
US 11522478 B2 Systems and methods for predictive load response
US 11522691 B2 Techniques for virtual cryptographic key ceremonies
US 11522900 B2 System and method for cyber security threat assessment
US 11523001 B2 Self-powered cloud-based wireless state-change notifier
US 11523511 B2 Assembling and handling edge interconnect packaging system
US 11523581 B1 Maize hybrid variety ICH13881
US 11523582 B1 Maize hybrid variety ICH72121
US 11523605 B2 Combination scent rolling applicator and storage container
US 11523623 B2 Plant-derived protein purification
US 11523687 B2 Portable barrel rack
US 11523855 B2 Spinal pain management system and method
US 11523896 B2 Ocular protection ring
US 11523924 B2 Medical cannulae, delivery systems and methods
US 11523949 B2 Interchangeable pump mount for a wheelchair lift
US 11523956 B2 Patient support apparatus transport handle
US 11523998 B2 Anti-inflammatory formulations and uses thereof including a combination of palmitoylethanolamide and plant-based polyphenols
US 11524082 B2 FBSA-based therapeutic and radioimaging conjugates targeting carbonic anhydrase positive cancers
US 11524117 B2 Medication delivery device
US 11524124 B2 Drug delivery device
US 11524161 B2 System for wireless recording and stimulating bioelectric events
US 11524183 B1 System, apparatus, and method for delivering ultrasound
US 11524279 B1 Transition metal carbides for catalytic methane activation
US 11524341 B2 Method and apparatus for retaining a tool in a tool holder with defined contact surfaces
US 11524446 B2 Systems and methods for monitoring a cured-in-place piping process
US 11524480 B2 Adaptive microtexturing of a composite material
US 11524521 B2 Glass mixing palette and magnetic attachment
US 11525063 B2 Fluorescent oxygen sensing ink
US 11525188 B1 Method and apparatus for removing electrically conductive coatings on metallic surfaces
US 11525226 B2 Thermally layered fire treated veneer panel
US 11525283 B2 Automatic sliding panel deadbolt lock assembly
US 11525380 B2 Aftertreatment system with multiple dosing modules
US 11525393 B2 Turbine engine with centrifugal compressor having impeller backplate offtake
US 11525416 B2 Apparatus, system and method for thermal management by deploying engine fueling on demand
US 11525502 B2 Circular wave drive
US 11525768 B2 Electric pulse generation system using capacitive coupling
US 11525926 B2 System and method for position fix estimation using two or more antennas
US 11526163 B2 Submersible inspection vehicle with navigation and mapping capabilities
US 11526442 B2 Metadata management for a cache
US 11526466 B2 Uniform growth for differently sized files
US 11526655 B2 Machine learning systems and methods for translating captured input images into an interactive demonstration presentation for an envisioned software product
US 11527177 B2 Tamper-evident tear away film
US 11527315 B2 Drug device configured for wireless communication
US 11527875 B2 Mounting bracket assembly for an electrical receptacle system
US 11527912 B2 Shaped coil for wireless power transmission system coupling
US 11528064 B2 Determination of sub-band allocation parameters for wireless networks
US 11528177 B2 Method and instrument for OFDM leakage detection via correlation of OFDM pilot spectral lines
US 11528580 B2 Social media systems and methods and mobile devices therefor
US 11528657 B1 Intelligent reflecting surface configuration
US 11528864 B1 Maize hybrid X15P097
US 11528873 B1 Maize hybrid X15P082
US 11528874 B1 Maize hybrid X15P092
US 11528877 B1 Maize hybrid X05P332
US 11528883 B2 Animal crate with swing or drop door assembly
US 11529150 B2 Drill guide for orthopedic device
US 11529275 B2 Combination respiratory therapy and mattress functionality system integrated into a patient bed
US 11529276 B2 Proning frame for a patient bed
US 11529413 B2 Virus and antigen purification and conjugation
US 11529470 B2 Dose detection module for a medication delivery device
US 11529528 B2 Multi-coil wireless power transfer assembly for wireless glaucoma therapy
US 11529572 B2 Integral flow structure within a containment cover
US 11529587 B2 Materials and methods for producing blood products
US 11529626 B2 Temperature controlled valves for paper-based microfluidic systems
US 11529676 B2 Method for altering casting roll profile with the alteration of localized temperature
US 11529689 B2 Methods and apparatus for forming an aperture in a composite component
US 11529697 B2 Additive manufacturing using aluminum-containing wire
US 11529853 B2 Modular containment system and method
US 11529855 B2 Removable roof vent
US 11529903 B2 Load bar guide and stop bracket for a truck trailer
US 11529941 B2 Electric engine accessory control
US 11530203 B2 Tetrazole azasydnone
US 11530222 B2 Substituted pyrrolopyrimidine and pyrazolopyrimidine as Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (BTK) degraders
US 11530417 B2 Drought and heat tolerance in plants
US 11530437 B2 Magnetic particles
US 11530524 B2 System and method for controlling hydraulic fluid flow within a work vehicle
US 11530633 B2 Efficient grounding of electrical connection with challenging bonding path
US 11530657 B2 Compressor surge control
US 11530659 B2 Systems and methods for selectively activating engine cylinders to maintain minimum cylinder pressure
US 11530742 B2 Transmission systems to control heat exchangers to manage transmission sump temperature
US 11530844 B2 System for supporting intermittent fast transient heat loads
US 11530893 B2 Rifle rest
US 11530937 B2 Directional probe for high temperature flows
US 11531005 B2 High-throughput label-free enzymatic bioassays using DESI-MS
US 11531024 B2 Mass tag analysis for rare cells and cell free molecules
US 11532271 B1 Method and system of profiling display power
US 11532355 B2 Non-volatile multi-level cell memory using a ferroelectric superlattice and related systems
US 11532392 B2 Meter having post-meal test-time alarm
US 11532471 B2 Instrument for separating ions including an interface for transporting generated ions thereto
US 11532826 B2 Apparatus and method for battery passivation compensation in a medical device
US 11532956 B2 Power capability detection with verification load in power level control systems for wireless power transmission
US 11533035 B2 Speaker with automatic volume control
US 11533311 B2 Automatically deployed information technology (IT) system and method
US 11533538 B2 Streaming event content based filtering
US 11533585 B2 Social media systems and methods and mobile devices therefor
US 11533878 B1 Maize hybrid X08P363
US 11533882 B1 Maize hybrid X13N200
US 11534000 B2 Foldable chair with springs
US 11534047 B2 Glasses rack for dishwasher
US 11534078 B2 Steerable guiding sheath with ring electrodes and related method of construction
US 11534157 B2 Method for coupling soft tissue to a bone
US 11534159 B2 Method and apparatus for coupling soft tissue to a bone
US 11534216 B2 Tensioner for a sternal closure strap device
US 11534311 B2 Adjustable interbody fusion device and method of use
US 11534313 B2 Patient-specific pre-operative planning
US 11534318 B2 Stent graft having an internal bidirectional branch
US 11534356 B2 Medical products storage device including access control
US 11534362 B2 Quantification of force during soft tissue massage for research and clinical use
US 11534434 B2 Xanomeline derivatives and methods for treating neurological disorders
US 11534513 B2 Docking ozone generator cartridge for ozonating water
US 11534514 B2 Aqueous ozone generator cartridge with a water treatment manifold
US 11534532 B2 Hydrophobically encased tungsten
US 11534533 B2 Apparatus and methods for processing blood
US 11534534 B2 Apparatus and methods for processing blood
US 11534584 B2 Microactuator systems, drainage devices equipped therewith, and methods of use
US 11534662 B2 Two layer recreational air-tight object having a patterned illuminated surface
US 11534718 B2 Polygonal substrate housings and assemblies
US 11534750 B2 Motion systems for loading tips
US 11534965 B2 Binder jetting additive manufacturing for veneer applications
US 11535009 B2 Recreational vehicle component with image and method of manufacturing
US 11535051 B2 Mounting system for animal trophies
US 11535083 B2 Inspection system
US 11535146 B2 Bunk bed/ storage shed arrangement
US 11535233 B2 Systems and methods of engine stop/start control of an electrified powertrain
US 11535352 B2 Tethered floatation device and retrieval system
US 11535388 B2 Aircraft engine adapter system
US 11535417 B2 Meat tray
US 11535484 B2 Hose reel
US 11535560 B2 Chromate-free ceramic coating compositions for hot corrosion protection of superalloy substrates
US 11535606 B2 Substituted quinoline-8-carbonitrile derivatives with androgen receptor degradation activity and uses thereof
US 11535855 B2 Nitrogen responsive transcription factors in plants
US 11535856 B2 Stilbenoid prenyltransferases from plants
US 11536011 B2 Reduced profile faucet handle assembly
US 11536029 B2 Adjustable electrical fixture mounting assembly
US 11536143 B1 Endwall cooling scheme
US 11536218 B1 Method and system for a cylinder liner
US 11536220 B1 Passive igniter cooling in cylinder head assembly
US 11536222 B2 Block ribs for reducing liner distortion
US 11536226 B2 Engine arrangements with EGR systems
US 11536239 B2 Variable energy ignition systems, methods, and apparatuses
US 11536479 B2 Utilizing home thermostat as a wireless gateway for communicating with HVAC equipment
US 11536548 B1 Transfer ring turnbuckle
US 11536663 B2 Portable plant health analysis system and method
US 11536665 B2 Absorbance-based colorimetric device system
US 11536745 B2 Electric meter installation issue detection based on orientation change
US 11536754 B2 Electricity meter with fault tolerant power supply
US 11536762 B2 System for detecting circuit anomalies in trailer wiring
US 11536855 B2 Path planning using forecasts of obscuration and multipath
US 11536906 B2 Modal-noise mitigator and associated method
US 11536917 B2 Rack-mountable equipment with a high-heat-dissipation module, and transceiver receptacle with increased cooling
US 11536918 B2 Rack-mountable equipment with a high-heat-dissipation module, and transceiver receptacle with increased cooling
US 11537119 B2 Voice controlled material handling mobile robotic system
US 11537363 B2 User interface migration using intermediate user interfaces
US 11537433 B2 Resource and asset lifecycle costing
US 11537632 B2 Method and system for real-time database monitoring
US 11537866 B2 Optical neuro-mimetic devices
US 11538109 B2 System and method for centralized clearing of over the counter foreign exchange instruments
US 11538153 B2 Non-invasive functional assessment technique for determining hemodynamic severity of an arterial stenosis
US 11538194 B2 Referencing system
US 11538360 B2 RFID tag in display adapter
US 11539040 B2 Method of producing amorphous carbon chips and anodes made therefrom for use in electrochemical cells
US 11539177 B2 Vital relay assembly for modular solid-state current-limiting
US 11539241 B2 Method and system of uniform wireless power distribution within a chamber
US 11539247 B2 Power capability detection in precision power level control systems for wireless power transmission
US 11539319 B2 Controller and drive circuit for electric motors
US 11539666 B2 Method and apparatus for secure communication and routing
US 11539861 B1 Color plane misregistration determinations
US 11540055 B1 Control leak implementation for headset speakers
US D971639 S Target stand
US D971733 S Container
US D972199 S Lighting structure
US D972252 S Headset supportive garment
US D972886 S Flatware holder
US D972898 S Storage container
US D972899 S Storage container
US D973599 S Contact wafer
US D973600 S Contact
US D973713 S Electronic device with graphical user interface
US D973772 S Tossing game

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