Angela Ethel Brooks-Ngwenya sues Indianapolis Public Schools for Copyright Infringement of the program “TIRS.”


Indianapolis, IN – Pro se plaintiff Angela Ethel Brooks-Ngwenya of Fort Wayne, Indiana filed a copyright infringement suit alleging Indianapolis Public Schools (I.P.S.) infringed the copyrighted work “TIRS”-Transitioning Into Responsible Students, which has been registered by the US Copyright Office, Registration Number TX0006628223 / 2006-05-26.

Ms. Brook-Ngwenya has previously sued I.P.S. over alleged copyright infringement of TIRS, which Ms. Brooks-Ngwenya claims is an educational program she developed while working at I.P.S. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, however, dismissed the case two years ago, after determining that Ms. Brook-Ngwenya had not filed a notice to the Register of Copyrights. The Seventh Circuit Court opinion can be found here: In her present lawsuit, Ms. Brooks-Ngwenya alleges copyright infringement and that an attorney involved committed misconduct in the prior case.

This case has been assigned to Judge Sarah Evans Barker and Magistrate Judge Mark J. Dinsmore in the Southern District of Indianaand assigned case no. 1:11-cv-00483-SEB-MJD.

Practice Tip: The plaintiff here has filed the copyright infringement lawsuit pro se, meaning she is not represented by an attorney. It is not required that a plaintiff have an attorney before filing a lawsuit. The Southern District Court of Indianahas several resources for pro se litigants on its website.Complaint – Brooks-Ngwenya v IPS

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