Cardinal Ethanol Sued by GS Cleantech for Patent Infringement


Indianapolis, Indiana – Patent attorneys for GS Cleantech Corporation of New York, NY, filed an infringement suit alleging Cardinal Ethanol, LLC of Union City, IN, has infringed Patent No. 7,601,858, titled METHOD OF PROCESSING ETHANOL BYPRODUCTS AND RELATED SUBSYSTEMS, as issued by the U.S. Patent Office.

The ‘858 patent is directed to the recovery of corn oil from the byproducts produced during ethanol manufacture, and the defendant is generally alleged to be practicing one or more of the claimed methods.

This case has been assigned to Senior Judge Larry J. McKinney and Magistrate Judge Debra McVicker Lynch in the Southern District of Indiana, and assigned case no. 1:10-cv-00180-LJM-DML.

Practice Tip: As is the case with the patent asserted in this case, a utility patent may cover a method or process of using a device, not just the device itself, and this subject matter extends to more esoteric processes such as certain methods of doing business.Complaint – GS v. Cardinal

Further information about this case is as follows:

Filed: February 11, 2010 as 1:2010cv00180 Updated: April 8, 2010 18:04:51

Presiding Judge:Judge Larry J. McKinney

Referring Judge:Magistrate Judge Debra McVicker Lynch

Cause Of Action: Patent Infringement


Seventh Circuit > Indiana > Southern District Court

Type:Intellectual Property > Patent

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