Indiana Copyright Litigation: Design Basics Files Additional Indiana Lawsuit


Indianapolis, Indiana – Indiana intellectual property attorneys for Design Basics LLC, Plan Pros, Inc. and Carmichael & Dame Designs, Inc., all of Omaha, Nebraska, sued in the Southern District of Indiana alleging copyright infringement. This lawsuit follows the recent filing by Design Basics of six similar copyright lawsuits in the Northern District of Indiana.

Plaintiffs Design Basics, Plan Pros and Carmichael & Dame are engaged in the business of creating, marketing, publishing and licensing the use of architectural works and technical drawings of those works.

The Defendant in this lawsuit is Michael Shrader. Plaintiffs contend that Shrader does business as Palladian Home Design, Palladian Home Designs, Palladian Blueprints, Palladian Drafting & Design Services, Palladian Architectural Drafting & Design Services and Palladian Design/Build. Shrader is alleged to have infringed the copyrights of multiple home designs that have been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and to which Plaintiffs claim ownership.

Defendant’s accused activities include, but may not be limited to, reproductions of one or more of the following:

• Design Basics’ Plan No. 1380 – Paterson (U.S. Copyright Registration Nos. 314-024 & 694-094)
• Design Basics’ Plan No. 1752 – Lancaster (U.S. Copyright Registration Nos. 371-204, 694-094 & 756-041)
• Design Basics’ Plan No. 2332 – Corinth (U.S. Copyright Registration Nos. 485-066, 694-088 & 710-606)
• Carmichael & Dame’s Plan No. 9169 – Kempton Court (U.S. Copyright Registration Nos. 867-084 & 867-087) and

• Plan Pros’ Plan No. 29303 – Bloom (U.S. Copyright Registration Nos. 1-397-448 & 1-412-560) (the “Copyrighted Works”).

Plaintiffs seek equitable relief along with damages, costs and attorney fees.

The case was assigned to Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson and Magistrate Judge Mark J. Dinsmore, in the Southern District of Indiana and assigned Case No. 1:16-cv-00364-JMS-MJD.


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