Indiana Patent Attorneys Obtain 161 Patents for Indiana Companies in October, 2012

Indiana patent attorneys obtained issuance of the following 161 patents from the US Patent Office to persons and businesses in Indiana in October, 2012:


PAT. NO. Title
8,301,651 Method and system for improving utilization of human searchers 
8,301,470 Method and computer-readable medium for administering an insurance policy premium payment deferral plan 
8,301,347 Control for managing actuator output pressure applied to a torque transmitting mechanism of a multi-speed transmission 
8,301,325 System and method for autonomous vehicle localization 
8,301,221 Apparatus and method for monitoring the position of an orthopaedic prosthesis 

8,300,871 Earphone for wideband communication 
8,299,388 Finned resistance spot welding electrode 
8,299,267 (3-hydroxy-4-amino-butan-2-yl) -3- (2-thiazol-2-yl-pyrrolidine-1-carbonyl) benzamide derivatives and related compounds as beta-secretase inhibitors for treating 
8,299,061 Inhibitors of diacylglycerol acyltransferase 
8,299,060 Trans-4-[[(5S)-5-[[[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]methyl] (2-methyl-2H-tetrazol-5-yl)amino]-2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-7,9-dimethyl-1H-1-be- nzazepin-1-yl]methyl]-cyclohexanecarboxylic acid 
8,299,059 Crystalline compound and a process for its preparation 
8,299,024 Methods to restore glycemic control 
8,298,990 Stabilized agricultural oil dispersions 
8,298,831 Differentially encoded biological analyzer planar array apparatus and methods 
8,298,828 System and method for determining the concentration of an analyte in a sample fluid 
8,298,583 Film delivery system for tetrahydrolipstatin 
8,298,472 System, apparatus, and method for resin level maintenance in a stereo-lithography device 
8,298,401 Determination of blood glucose in a small volume and in a short test time 
8,298,286 Non-linear vertebral mesh 
8,298,275 Direct control spinal implant 
8,298,274 Multi-axial bone screw assembly 
8,298,272 Self-locking surgical fastener 
8,298,270 Pivoting joints for spinal implants including designed resistance to motion and methods of use 
8,298,269 Orthopedic revision connector 
8,298,266 Connectors for elongated surgical members and methods of use 
8,298,264 Systems and methods for use in spinal support 
8,298,262 Method for tissue fixation 
8,298,242 Systems, devices and methods for bending an elongate member 
8,298,237 Patient-specific alignment guide for multiple incisions 
8,298,211 Push button pull back device 
8,298,187 Fluid injection device 
8,298,159 Disposable diagnostic article 
8,297,496 Encoding method for encoding medical items 
8,297,208 Tilting tabletop mechanism 
8,297,101 Apparatus and method for forming wire loops for a dynamoelectric machine 
8,297,048 Apparatus and method for mounting a close-coupled catalyst 
8,296,999 Bleacher system 
8,296,884 Siderail gap filler 
8,296,883 Bed and vertically compact side barrier therefor 
D669,464 Kiosk system 
D669,313 Food container 
8,295,940 System for recharging medical instruments 
8,294,532 Duplex filter comprised of dielectric cores having at least one wall extending above a top surface thereof for isolating through hole resonators 
8,294,526 Ovenized crystal oscillator assembly 
8,294,316 Electrical power generation apparatus for contra-rotating open-rotor aircraft propulsion system 
8,294,001 Inbred corn line 036153 
8,293,904 Electrochemical affinity biosensor system and methods 
8,293,813 Cohesive and compression resistant demineralized bone carrier matrix 
8,293,539 Analysis system with coding recognition 
8,293,538 System and method for coding information on a biosensor test strip 
8,293,264 Nutritional composition to promote healthy development and growth 
8,293,232 Flowable carrier matrix and methods for delivering to a patient 
8,293,028 Method for carburizing steel components 
8,292,967 Method and apparatus for use of porous implants 
8,292,963 Expandable implant for supporting skeletal structures 
8,292,962 Spinal nucleus replacement implants 
8,292,957 Bone hemi-lumbar arcuate interbody spinal fusion implant having an asymmetrical leading end 
8,292,934 Dynamic anchor assembly for connecting elements in spinal surgical procedures 
8,292,930 Tethering devices and methods to treat a spinal deformity 
8,292,927 Flexible articulating spinal rod 
8,292,921 Soft tissue repair device and associated methods 
8,292,912 Balloon catheter that resists curving 
8,292,907 Balloon assisted occlusion device 
8,292,872 Distal wire stop having adjustable handle 
8,292,600 Control system for an air operated diaphragm pump 
8,292,174 Medical device tracking system with capsule and method 
8,292,133 Vented closure assembly for a container 
8,291,993 Soil stabilizer with track apparatus 
8,291,577 Apparatus for loading stator windings into a stator core 
8,291,555 Multi-pivot latch assemblies 
8,291,532 Canister lift for a patient support apparatus 
D669,172 Visualization instrument 
D669,100 Rinse tank for an agricultural machine 
D669,099 Product tank for an agricultural machine 
D668,892 Lounge end 
8,291,366 Routing system and method using a routing tree rip-up 
8,290,683 Apparatus and method for reducing aircraft fuel consumption 
8,288,992 Cell management system 
8,288,719 Analytical instruments, assemblies, and methods 
8,288,675 Method and apparatus for fabricating an orthopaedic prosthetic component 
8,288,589 Pesticides and uses thereof 
8,288,557 Bivalent linkers and conjugates thereof 
8,288,548 Oxazolo[5-4-b]pyridin-5-yl compounds 
8,288,544 Electrochemical affinity biosensor system and methods 
8,288,422 Insecticidal N-substituted (6-halooalkylpyridin-3-yl)-alkyl sulfoximines 
8,288,392 Pesticidal compositions 
8,288,318 2-(poly-substituted aryl)-6-amino-5-halo-4-pyrimidinecarboxylic acids and their use as herbicides 
8,287,932 Nutritional composition to promote healthy development and growth 
8,287,931 Nutritional composition to promote healthy development and growth 
8,287,703 Biosensor and method of making 
8,287,696 Multipurpose coke plant for synthetic fuel production 
8,287,601 Femoral component of a knee prosthesis having an angled cement pocket 
8,287,586 Flareable branch vessel prosthesis and method 
8,287,570 Spinous process anchoring systems and methods 
8,287,558 Inside out T-fastener system 
8,287,547 Adjustable drill guide 
8,287,544 Method and apparatus for performing ACL reconstruction 
8,287,519 Self-cleansing bladder drainage catheter 
8,287,488 Holographic occlusion detection system for infusion pumps 
8,287,467 Puncturing system 
8,287,465 Disposable automated tissue excision and collection device 
8,287,009 Latch for a medical instrument sterilization container 
8,286,857 Soil sample tracking system and method 
8,286,658 Roll-over valve with shared overfill protection and vacuum relief 
8,286,426 Digital hydraulic system 
8,286,394 Integral catwalk support 
8,286,282 Bed frame and mattress synchronous control 
D668,695 Hood for an agricultural machine 
D668,693 Cab for an agricultural machine 
D668,657 Tablet computer cradle 
D668,479 Table leg 
8,284,082 Dynamic encode setting adjustment 
8,284,047 Wireless bed connectivity 
8,284,039 Vehicle monitoring system with power consumption management 
8,283,522 Herbicide resistance genes 
8,283,175 Test device for determining an analyte concentration 
8,282,953 Malleable implants containing demineralized bone matrix 
8,282,893 Test tape unit and test tape device 
8,282,797 Electrode preconditioning 
8,282,649 Extended articulation orthopaedic implant 
8,282,648 Bone cement needle 
8,282,646 Patient specific knee alignment guide and associated method 
8,281,916 Clutch tooth index and step for multiple cast clutches in one housing 
8,281,481 Method for loading stator windings into a stator core 
8,281,436 Inflatable body support with dog-bone-shaped hand wells 
8,281,434 Localized patient support 
8,281,433 Apparatuses for supporting and monitoring a person 
D668,397 Divider panel for an animal cage 
D668,357 Wall panel 
D668,356 Wall panel 
D668,354 Wall panel 
D668,353 Wall panel 
8,281,299 Map-closure: a general purpose mechanism for nonstandard interpretation 
8,280,921 Anonymous search system using human searchers 
8,280,849 Method and system for enhanced data transfer 
8,280,748 Bed management 
8,280,642 Analysis system for determining an analyte in a body fluid 
8,280,558 Computerized light control system with light level profiling and method 
8,280,486 Site marker visable under multiple modalities 
8,279,433 Haemolysator 
8,278,505 Herbicide resistance genes for resistance to aryloxyalkanoate herbicides 
8,278,441 BACE inhibitors 
8,278,278 Cell proliferation reducing cancer specific PCNA peptides 
8,278,086 Enhancement of vanadium-containing phosphatase inhibitors 
8,277,863 Method for simulating the functional attributes of human milk oligosaccharides in formula-fed infants 
8,277,854 Nutritional compositions containing punicalagins 
8,277,512 Extended articular surface resurfacing head 
8,277,508 Hybrid intervertebral disc system 
8,277,499 Prosthesis coupling device and method 
8,277,493 Anterior cervical plating system 
8,277,482 Closure device with string retractable umbrella and method for closing a body opening with the same 
8,277,458 Apparatus and method for arthroscopic transhumeral rotator cuff repair
8,277,453 Instruments and systems for vertebral column manipulation 
8,277,393 Biopsy apparatus 
8,277,392 Biopsy collection device 
8,277,352 Power split transmission with energy recovery 
8,277,279 Method for processing a work-piece 
8,277,062 Lamp assembly and housing therefor 
8,276,739 Three-dimensional automated pick module 
8,276,563 Internal combustion engine piston 
8,276,248 Throw assembly for casket 


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