Indiana Trademark Litigation: Eco Elettrocomponenti Alleges Sale of Counterfeit Lights by National Supply


South Bend, Indiana – An Indiana trademark lawyer for Eco Elettrocomponenti SRL of Reggio Emilia, Italy (“Eco”) filed a trademark-infringement lawsuit in the Northern District of Indiana alleging that National Supply of Green Bay, Wisconsin sold counterfeit Eco products.

Plaintiff Eco is a manufacturer and supplier of components for lighting attractions. Among its products are cabochon lenses commonly referred to as “Star Lights.” Eco claims that its Star Light cabochon lenses have a distinct physical appearance and configuration. Eco indicates that it owns a trademark, Registration Number 4,401,967, for this distinct configuration.

Defendant National Supply sells specialty lighting and electrical products, including cabochon lenses. National Supply has been accused of having purchased counterfeit Star Lights for resale to consumers. In January 2015, a U.S.-based distributor of Eco’s Star Light contacted National Supply to discuss National Supply’s Internet sales of lenses advertised as Star Light lenses. Eco indicates that, in response to this discussion, National Supply voluntarily agreed not to sell Star Lights.

Eco contends that the sale of such lights by National Supply is nonetheless ongoing, stating that “National Supply offers for sale counterfeit ECO products.” Eco, via its Indiana trademark attorney, has sued National Supply, asserting that National Supply intentionally, knowingly, and willfully purchased and redistributed counterfeit Eco products. This trademark lawsuit asks the Indiana court for actual and/or statutory damages; a finding that this is an exceptional case meriting an award of costs, including attorneys’ fees and enhanced damages; and for injunctive relief.

The case was assigned Case No. 3:15-cv-00246.


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