Patent Office Issued 172 Patents to Indiana Entities in March 2023

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 172 patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in March 2023:

Patent Number Patent Title
US 11612598 B2 Compounds and methods for the treatment of cancer
US 11613705 B2 Method and system for gasification of biomass
US 11615871 B2 Patient-specific medication management system
US 11612522 B2 Absorbent article with selectively positioned waist containment member
US 11612652 B2 Lipids as synthetic vectors to enhance antigen processing and presentation ex-vivo in dendritic cell therapy

US 11612698 B2 Dose detection with piezoelectric sensing for a medication delivery device
US 11613610 B2 Process for the manufacture of thermoplastic polymer particles, thermoplastic polymer particles prepared thereby, and articles prepared therefrom
US 11614027 B2 Combustion pre-chamber assemblies for an internal combustion engine
US 11612474 B2 Packaging for medical device
US 11614366 B2 Tire temperature optimization system and method for use
US 11613404 B2 Carton with tab
US 11616268 B2 Adapter for battery compartment
US 11612391 B2 Soft tissue repair device and associated methods
US 11612471 B2 Wing protector for winged capsule and method of using same
US 11612488 B2 Adjustable tibial trial instrument and orthopaedic surgical method of using the same
US 11615914 B2 Magnet wire with thermoplastic insulation
US 11612986 B2 Abrasive coating including metal matrix and ceramic particles
US 11614301 B2 Quick acting modular rifle interface
US 11613168 B2 Windshield quick attach and release system
US 11612947 B2 Method of diffusion bonding utilizing vapor deposition
US 11616432 B2 Controlled active snubber in converter power stage
US 11613368 B2 Aircraft with electrical energy storage in nacelles
US 11614765 B2 Vehicle pedal including redundant dual output inductive position sensor with reduced coupling coil circuits
US 11616306 B2 Apparatus, method and system comprising an air waveguide antenna having a single layer material with air channels therein which is interfaced with a circuit board
US 11612159 B2 Multi-breakaway boom for agricultural machine
US 11613149 B2 Monobar hitch system
US 11615510 B2 Kernel-aware super resolution
US 11616282 B2 Transition between a single-ended port and differential ports having stubs that match with input impedances of the single-ended and differential ports
US 11614823 B2 Macro-mini actuation of pneumatic pouches for soft wearable haptic displays with independent control of force and contact area
US 11614101 B1 System and method for controlling hydraulic valve operation within a work vehicle
US 11612399 B2 Implantable nerve guidance conduits having polymer fiber guidance channel
US 11612867 B1 Vortex spirit bottle
US D981911 S Travel trailer front portion
US D981753 S Towel bar
US D981844 S Beverage capsule cup
US D981752 S Soap dispenser
US D981754 S Towel bar
US D981932 S Railing for a marine vessel
US D981803 S Sealable spoon
US D981817 S Pair of pulls
US 11611299 B2 Methods and systems for automatic rotation direction determination of electronically commutated motor
US 11607304 B2 Endoluminal prosthesis having multiple branches or fenestrations and methods of deployment
US 11609160 B2 System and method of taking and collecting tissue cores for treatment
US 11607314 B2 Method and apparatus for bone fixation
US 11610769 B2 Systems and methods for separating ions at about or above atmospheric pressure
US 11608094 B2 Articulated rail coupler
US 11607546 B2 Cochlear implant
US 11607928 B2 Method and apparatus for cooling an air conditioning system controller
US 11611727 B2 System and method for displaying high quality images in a dual modulation projection system
US 11608532 B2 Precision medicine for treating and preventing suicidality
US 11611578 B2 System and method for assessing cybersecurity risk of computer network
US 11607580 B2 VARRI, a vertical running machine, vertical, anti-gravity, rehabilitation, recovery, impact resistant
US 11607348 B2 Methods and apparatuses for making elastomeric laminates
US 11607845 B2 Methods and apparatus for processing and dispensing material during additive manufacturing
US 11608893 B2 Light weight hole plug
US 11608436 B2 Soil biodegradable blown film bag formulation
US 11609489 B2 Inkjet and direct thermal printable media
US 11609471 B2 Minimally color changing n-type ion storage layers, electrochromic devices made therewith, and related methods
US 11610879 B2 Power on die discovery in 3D stacked die architectures with varying number of stacked die
US 11611838 B2 System and method for individualized hearing air prescription
US 11607476 B2 Implantable medical device with thermoplastic composite body and method for forming thermoplastic composite body
US 11610337 B2 Calibration of cameras and scanners on UAV and mobile platforms
US 11608051 B2 Method and system for a hybrid power control in a vehicle
US 11607567 B2 Modular multi-room proton therapy system
US 11608036 B2 Method and apparatus for stabilizing vehicular jack bases
US 11607891 B2 Method of roll-to-roll digital printing, cutting, and punching of medical device surfaces
US 11607233 B2 Acetabular guide
US 11609027 B2 Control method for vapor compression cycle
US 11607725 B2 Siphon delivery method for consistent melt infiltration
US 11607358 B2 Patient positioning and turning sheet
US 11607020 B2 Pendant system with pendant generating haptic feedback
US 11611740 B2 Signal leakage monitoring based quality control
US 11610138 B2 Machine learning-based inference of granular font properties
US 11608760 B2 Stem seal for valve assembly of machine engine
US 11609112 B2 Meter box having adjustable length meter couplings
US 11610584 B2 Methods and systems for determining characteristics of a dialog between a computer and a user
US 11609954 B2 Segment creation in a database system
US 11609714 B2 Transaction management based on metadata
US 11611091 B2 Air tank and variable geometry air handling in hydrogen fuel cells
US 11607579 B2 Fitness slider
US 11608615 B1 System and method for controlling hydraulic valve operation within a work vehicle
US 11607104 B1 Quick-wash feature for dishwasher appliance
US 11607035 B1 Tray system
US 11610157 B1 Machine learning methods and systems for characterizing corn growth efficiency
US D981451 S Display screen with a graphical user interface
US D981249 S Lip gloss tube
US D981234 S Closure
US 11602428 B2 Stent structures for use with valve replacements
US 11602360 B2 Patient specific glenoid guide
US 11603535 B2 Plant transactivation interaction motifs and uses thereof
US 11606679 B2 Mine WiFi and method
US 11603218 B2 Pod launch and landing system for vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS)
US 11602797 B2 Wood cutting band saw blade having reduced kerf dust
US 11602798 B2 Electrical discharge machining method for generating variable spray-hole geometry
US 11605461 B2 Risk-based control-to-range blood glucose diabetes management device
US 11602987 B2 Methods and systems for alternative fuel container support
US 11606869 B2 Adapters for electronic control unit
US 11602364 B2 Surgical instrument with removable end effector components
US 11602226 B2 Pillow system
US 11603581 B2 High-strength aluminum alloy coatings, deformation layers and methods of making the same
US 11603500 B2 Natural gas liquids upgrading process: two-step catalytic process for alkane dehydrogenation and oligomerization
US 11603209 B2 Aviation hydraulic propulsion system utilizing secondary controlled drives
US 11602706 B2 Filter with inner container arrangement
US 11603974 B2 Configurable lighting system with shared lens and first and second internal optics forming a first and second module configuration for providing two different lighting functions
US 11603880 B2 Turbocharger shaft with cladding
US 11605480 B2 Electrical cable with dielectric foam
US 11603113 B2 Telemetry predictive control for vehicle operations
US 11605993 B2 Rotary motors incorporating flexible printed circuit boards
US 11603237 B2 Flip-top closure
US 11603717 B2 Inverted direct drive feed system
US 11603945 B2 Actuator and compact EGR valve
US 11605756 B2 Light emitting device and method of making the same
US 11606270 B2 Monitoring user experience using data blocks for secure data access
US 11605989 B2 Stator winding with alternating winding pitches
US 11603781 B2 Exhaust system component
US 11602359 B2 Rasp handle adapter
US 11605846 B2 Liquid cooled thermal management system and related method of controlling the liquid cooled thermal management system
US 11602342 B2 Surgical stapling device with laser probe
US 11602471 B2 Rotating assembly for electrically coupling a lift unit to a power source
US 11603701 B2 Door for mobile living quarters
US 11603872 B2 Sheet metal corner hem interlock
US 11602144 B2 System and method for retrofitting rodent traps for remote monitoring
US 11606272 B1 Techniques for cross platform communication process flow anomaly detection and display
US D980743 S Flag holder
US D980801 S Electrical connector
US D980869 S Liner for an engine block
US D981036 S Humidor
US 11598567 B2 Twist harvest ice geometry
US 11598277 B2 System and method for reducing engine knock
US 11596420 B2 Femoral surgical instrument and method of assembling same
US 11597756 B2 Designer collagens and use thereof
US 11601197 B2 Optical transceiver with variable data rate and sensitivity control
US 11598123 B2 Multi-point exit device
US 11601583 B2 System and method for controlling surveillance cameras
US 11600087 B2 Convolutional neural networks for locating objects of interest in images of biological samples
US 11598239 B2 Crossflow PNA-SCR aftertreatment device
US 11598087 B2 Sound damping wallboard and method of constructing a sound damping wallboard
US 11596831 B2 System and method for providing indirect movement feedback during sensorimotor function rehabilitation and enhancement
US 11597846 B2 Methods and compositions for inhibiting corrosion on metal surfaces
US 11596547 B2 Hydrodissection and posterior capsule opacification prevention during capsulotomy procedure
US 11596783 B2 Blood pressure powered auxiliary pump
US 11597249 B2 Internal damper sensors as well as damper assemblies and suspension systems including same
US 11597386 B2 System and method for regenerative braking torque scheduling
US 11598838 B2 Detection device
US 11597101 B2 3D-architected soft machines with topologically encoded actuation
US 11601304 B2 Blockchain based vehicle control
US 11601578 B2 IR illuminator to avoid camera field-of-view
US 11598055 B2 Mobile rubber applicator with wide-area ceramic blanket heater
US 11599798 B2 Methods of operating a graphics processing unit (GPU) to train a deep neural network using a GPU local memory and related articles of manufacture
US 11599994 B2 System and methods for clear optimally matched panoramic channel technique for deep brain photonic interface
US 11596528 B2 Technologies for determining seating of an orthopaedic implant during an orthopaedic surgical procedure
US 11599125 B2 Apparatus and methods for monitoring autonomous vehicles
US 11599526 B2 Selectively publishing an event responsive to an operation on a database in a transaction which is rolled back or committed
US 11598305 B2 Engine idling reduction system
US 11597408 B2 Vehicle control system
US 11601717 B2 Method and apparatus providing optimized MPEG validation in a cable TV network
US 11598061 B2 Ice-clearing shovel
US 11597567 B2 Package
US 11599616 B2 Biometric override for incorrect failed authorization
US 11599102 B2 Burner health monitoring using vibration sensing
US 11597008 B2 Method for reducing local defects in a casting
US 11597833 B2 Thermoplastic resin composition for laser welding, molded article made of same, and composite molded article
US 11598888 B2 System and method of measuring an environmental contaminant, and radon monitor for use with the same
US 11596828 B1 Gait trainer attachment
US 11599180 B1 Battery management systems and methods to use the same to obtain battery shock and/or rollover data
US 11598215 B1 Coolant transfer system and method for a dual-wall airfoil
US D980057 S Toothpaste carton
US D980145 S Door for a vehicle
US D980285 S Liner for an engine block
US D980389 S Faucet
US D980516 S Humidor
US D980517 S Humidor

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