Patent Office Issued 192 Patents to Indiana Entities in May 2024

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 192 patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in May 2024:

PATENT NUMBER                                               PATENT TITLE
US 11995034 B2 Hierarchical tags with community-based ratings
US 11992228 B2 Reciprocating rasps for use in an orthopaedic surgical procedure
US 11993124 B2 Side-by-side vehicle
US 11993954 B2 Mortise and multipoint latching assembly
US 11992611 B2 Respiratory therapy apparatus control
US 11996582 B2 Separators for VRLA batteries and methods relating thereto

US 11995222 B2 Secure logic chip for resisting hardware trojan induced leakage in combinational logics
US 11993830 B2 Wires formed from improved 8000-series aluminum alloy
US 11997094 B2 Automatically deployed information technology (IT) system and method
US 11993608 B2 Selective estrogen receptor degraders
US 11993275 B2 Engine friction monitor
US 11994235 B2 Angle stop assembly
US 11993675 B2 Lewis acid polymerization catalyst
US 11993957 B2 Locking assembly for sliding doors
US 11993012 B2 Apparatus and method for thermal compensation during additive manufacturing
US 11993114 B2 Cable system for a truck trailer
US 11995137 B2 Generalizing a segment from user data attributes
US 11992958 B2 Adaptive fixturing system
US 11994866 B2 Collision avoidance perception system
US 11993347 B2 Multiple chine pontoon boat
US 11993315 B2 Vehicle underbelly structure
US 11994503 B2 Computer systems and methods for estimating changes in fugitive emissions
US 11994336 B2 Vacuum insulated structure with thermal bridge breaker with heat loop
US 11992154 B2 Griddle with improved upper platen
US 11995841 B2 Four-dimensional crane rail measurement systems
US 11993319 B2 Work vehicle operator station with swivel arm raise avoidance system
US 11992577 B2 Adhesive for surgical staple line reinforcement
US 11992131 B2 Adjustable seat for a boat
US 11994517 B2 Analytical assay reaction cartridge containing magnetic capture beads and methods of production and use thereof
US 11992487 B2 Quinolines that modulate SERCA and their use for treating disease
US 11995011 B2 Efficient turnaround policy for a bus
US 11993428 B2 Closeable carton
US 11993423 B2 Tamper-evident bag seal
US 11995931 B2 Universal credential
US 11994054 B2 Reductant tank assembly with multiple connection tank header
US 11994473 B2 Pulse picking apparatuses and methods for nonlinear optical microscopy
US 11991967 B2 Wheat variety 6PTAR09B
US 11993876 B2 Synthetic fiber ball
US 11996623 B2 UWB antenna solutions for increased accuracy for intent detection in access control systems
US 11994058 B2 Ignition charge formation stabilization in gaseous fuel engine system
US 11993421 B2 Information preservation and conveyance system and method of use
US 11994220 B1 Wear surface sleeve press fit onto a shaft in a high temperature air valve application
US 11993185 B2 Vehicle seat having integrate child carrier
US D1028950 S Television antenna
US D1029189 S Spring retainer for a vacuum breaker
US D1028687 S Mounting bracket
US D1029152 S Rosin bag
US D1029192 S Faucet body
US D1029112 S Twenty-sided die
US D1029197 S Faucet
US D1029198 S Faucet spout
US D1029195 S Faucet body
US D1029254 S Menstrual applicator
US D1028904 S Electrical contact arrangement
US 11988626 B2 Residual compensation including underfill error
US 11986394 B2 Anterior cruciate ligament substituting knee implants
US 11989195 B2 Systems and methods for displaying estimated relevance indicators for result sets of documents and for displaying query visualizations
US 11986690 B2 Fire fighting systems and methods
US 11986398 B2 Expandable implant assembly
US 11986381 B2 Side-specific orthopaedic surgical instrument systems and associated methods of use
US 11986841 B2 Centrifuge rotor and container arrangement
US 11986434 B2 Medical walker
US 11990215 B2 System for providing a data market for health data and for providing rewards to data market participants
US 11988223 B2 Impeller assemblies and method of making
US 11986753 B2 Sealing systems and methods for a filtration system
US 11987093 B2 Mobile air conditioner
US 11990050 B2 Dynamic vertiport configuration
US 11987986 B2 Multi-layered thermoplastic roofing membranes
US 11987025 B2 Thermoplastic roofing membranes for fully-adhered roofing systems
US 11986296 B2 Omniphobic paper-based smart bandage devices
US 11986762 B2 Fiberglass product for a filter apparatus
US 11988406 B2 Return air grille air purifier
US 11988481 B2 Firearm shell casing catching system
US 11988741 B2 Vehicle routing based on availability of radar-localization objects
US 11989977 B2 System and method for authoring human-involved context-aware applications
US 11986109 B2 Cake protector assembly and kit
US 11986357 B2 Surgical instrument handle with implant sizing feature and method of using
US 11990388 B2 Pump-motor assembly for an energy storage system
US 11991414 B2 Method and apparatus providing out of band validation by content analysis in a cable TV network
US 11990819 B2 Electric and hydraulic machine
US 11988762 B2 Systems and methods for identifying a source of radio frequency interference in a wireless network
US 11987334 B2 Outboard motor support device
US 11990199 B2 Centralized error correction circuit
US 11986085 B2 Paintbrush with adjustable bristles and removable handle
US 11988471 B2 Devices and methods for fabrication of components of a multiscale porous high-temperature heat exchanger
US 11987624 B2 Human monocarboxylate transporter 1 antibodies and uses thereof
US 11988434 B2 Heat transfer system for warehoused goods
US 11987332 B2 Control system for boat lift
US 11987440 B2 Fan blade shipping and storage box
US 11986911 B2 Wire feedstock control during additive manufacturing
US 11987971 B2 Systems and methods for underground storage of storm and other water sources
US 11985941 B2 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH011191
US 11985937 B2 Wheat variety 6PDKD09B
US 11985936 B2 Wheat variety 6PWEN66B
US 11986090 B2 Telescoping slide system with a toolless release feature
US 11986540 B2 Compositions including pafolacianine for the identification of malignant lesions
US 11988274 B2 Passive gearbox lubrication system with a secondary sump
US 11989417 B1 Column repair in a memory system using a repair cache
US 11986594 B2 Method and system for treating central sleep apnea
US 11986100 B2 Folding chair
US 11985935 B1 Wheat variety 6PZUD06B
US 11986913 B1 Tool and method for straightening condenser fins
US 11989152 B1 Self-configuring UART interface and method of operation
US 11991512 B1 Audio and musical instrument amplification and crossover system
US 11988151 B1 Embedded electric machine of gas turbine engine
US 11988119 B1 Internal combustion engine with ventilation system for crankcase dilution
US 11987565 B1 Method and apparatus for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) removal from hemp extracts via oxidation
US D1028178 S Faucet
US D1028165 S Insect bait device
US D1028151 S Basketball
US D1028101 S Multiple level chess board system
US D1028004 S Display screen with animated graphical user interface
US D1028005 S Display screen with an icon
US D1028006 S Display screen with an icon
US D1028007 S Display screen with an icon
US D1027862 S Electrical connector
US D1027637 S Closeable container
US D1028282 S Container assembly
US 11981374 B2 Drag reducing device
US 11980551 B2 Implant insertion tool for use in a surgical procedure to implant a stemless humeral component
US 11982109 B2 Exit device force adjustment mechanisms
US 11980759 B2 System for wireless recording and stimulating bioelectric events
US 11981826 B2 Coating compositions and methods, and articles coated with same
US 11980376 B2 Osteotomy guide
US 11980540 B2 Side branch aortic repair graft with wire lumen
US 11982011 B2 Plasma electrolytic polished diesel engine components
US 11980613 B2 Methods for reversing HIV latency using BAF complex modulating compounds
US 11984311 B2 Mass spectrometry via frequency tagging
US 11982105 B2 Electric latch mechanism
US 11980321 B2 Cooking appliance with cooked food holding apparatus
US 11981319 B2 Method and system for improving fuel economy of a hybrid powertrain in a vehicle
US 11984763 B2 Electric machines having a radially embedded permanent magnet rotor and methods thereof
US 11984210 B2 Methods and systems for tailing collection
US 11982120 B2 Overhead door lift assembly and tensioner
US 11981400 B2 Suctioning watercraft fender
US 11984820 B2 Systems and methods for increasing efficiency of a power converter
US 11980938 B2 Bladed disk repair process with shield
US 11980799 B2 Systems and methods for testing a bicycle training apparatus
US 11982041 B2 Spring-loaded side swing hinge with feedback elimination
US 11981046 B2 Apparatus for facilitating crosscutting wood logs on sawmill beds
US 11981253 B2 Vehicle light with dual projection film
US 11980936 B2 Synthesis of nanoscale metal feedstock for additive manufacturing
US 11984838 B2 Direct current load identification system
US 11982569 B2 Spectrographic system that compresses fourier transform spectral data and associated methods
US 11980152 B2 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH011196
US 11982239 B2 Gas turbine engine system with mixed flow auxiliary power unit
US 11980291 B2 Accessories for a standing desk
US 11984850 B2 Oscillator with active inductor
US 11984564 B1 Systems and methods for minimizing and preventing dendrite formation in electrochemical cells
US 11980257 B2 Center release buckle with symmetric locking features
US 11982193 B1 Systems and methods for multi-dimensional variable vane stage rigging utilizing adjustable inclined mechanisms
US D1026557 S Jug
US D1027095 S AR lower parts holding template
US D1027143 S Housing shroud for an air conditioner
US D1027099 S Gun sight
US D1026835 S Control interface
US 11974922 B2 Implantable valve device
US 11974932 B2 Loading apparatus and system for expandable intraluminal medical devices
US 11976467 B2 Thermoplastic membranes containing expandable graphite
US 11976068 B2 7-benzyl-4-(2-methylbenzyl)-2,4,6,7,8,9-hexahydroimidazo [1,2-a]pyrido[3,4-e]pyrimidin-5(1H)-one, analogs thereof, and salts thereof and methods for their use in therapy
US 11974889 B2 Variable rigidity, conformable apparatus for non-invasively affixing surgical fiducials and surgical tools to patients
US 11976089 B2 Methods for the purification of L-glufosinate
US 11974999 B2 Bruton’s tyrosine kinase inhibitors
US 11974925 B2 Patient specific stemless prosthesis anchor components
US 11976346 B2 Solar tower system containing molten chloride salts
US 11976013 B2 Composite coating layer for ceramic matrix composite substrate
US 11974964 B2 Patient support apparatus with integrated patient therapy device
US 11976907 B2 Projectile with pyrotechnically timed release of a secondary payload
US 11976569 B2 Fused filament fabrication of abradable coatings
US 11976251 B2 Method for controlling lubrication of a rotary shaft seal
US 11975768 B2 Work vehicle operator station with swivel arm swing avoidance system
US 11976195 B2 Polycarbonate copolymer and associated film extrusion composition, extruded film, and capacitor
US 11974667 B2 Modular storage system for barrels
US 11975899 B2 Selectively openable closure for a container
US 11974566 B2 Boom section for an agricultural machine
US 11976926 B2 World geodetic system to cartesian coordinate conversion for driving
US 11977131 B2 Fault detection for a solid state power converter
US 11975759 B2 Self-learning-based interpretation of driver’s intent for evasive steering
US 11978080 B2 Method and system for selecting payment option for transaction
US 11976114 B2 Compounds and methods targeting interleukin-34
US 11976075 B2 Inhibitors of the MYST family of lysine acetyl transferases
US 11974539 B2 Plants and seeds of corn variety CV518630
US 11974532 B2 Wheat variety 6PBTL06B
US 11974542 B2 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH011232
US 11975274 B2 Blood plasma product
US 11978368 B2 Magnetized decorative fence assembly
US 11976969 B2 Gyro stabilized modular laser measurement device
US 11975047 B1 Methods for storing and warming purified corticotropin compositions
US 11976564 B1 Splined balance weight for rotating components in gas turbine engines
US D1025545 S Food product
US D1025712 S Cup
US D1026226 S Endobronchial blocker

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