Patent Office Issued 202 Patents to Indiana Entities in April 2023

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 202 patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in April 2023:

Patent Number             Patent Title
US 11634747 B2 Preservation of fetal nucleic acids in maternal plasma
US 11633286 B2 Glenoid implant anchor post
US 11635415 B2 Ion generation using modified wetted porous materials
US 11633285 B2 Modified glenoid components and methods of installing same
US 11634060 B2 Side-by-side utility vehicle

US 11636946 B2 Coordinating communications among healthcare providers
US 11632957 B2 Molecules having pesticidal utility, and intermediates, compositions, and processes, related thereto
US 11634828 B2 Ozone generator for a faucet
US 11636719 B2 Diagnostic data visualization methods
US 11633682 B2 Nanofiber filter media for high performance applications
US 11634721 B2 Reconstruction of site specific nuclease binding sites
US 11636716 B2 Wireless ECU configuration updating
US 11634442 B2 Methods for the purification of L-glufosinate
US 11634745 B2 Systems and methods for sample preparation for enzymatic A1C detection and quantification
US 11633730 B2 Cell sorter in a sealed system under controlled atmosphere
US 11633459 B2 GIP derivatives and uses thereof
US 11634426 B2 Selective estrogen receptor degraders
US 11633293 B2 Systems and methods for joint replacement
US 11636647 B2 System and method for localization of fluorescent targets in deep tissue for guiding surgery
US 11633297 B2 Total ankle external alignment footplate
US 11637404 B2 Cable connector system
US 11634184 B2 Composite flooring for recreational vehicles
US 11635610 B2 Systems and methods for imaging a sample
US 11634871 B2 Edge weather abatement using hyperlocal weather and train activity inputs
US 11634485 B2 Therapeutic antibody formulation
US 11635256 B2 Process monitoring and control for lyophilization using a wireless sensor network
US 11635264 B2 Heat exchanger assembly
US 11633294 B2 Orthopaedic surgical instrument system having an anterior-loading tibial bearing trial and associated surgical method of using the same
US 11633559 B2 Multi-mode respiratory therapy apparatus, system, and method
US 11635158 B2 Compression ferrule adapter
US 11634423 B2 Substituted pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines as inhibitors of interferon signaling
US 11637831 B2 Application programmer interface platform with direct data center access
US 11633197 B2 Bone cut guide apparatus and method
US 11635944 B2 Methods and systems for programmatic creation of an interactive demonstration presentation for an envisioned software product
US 11633152 B2 Method of monitoring respiratory rate in a health monitoring device
US 11638067 B2 Phased metalens for adjusting a focus of an image
US 11635418 B2 Methods and systems for characterizing clay
US 11634127 B2 Near-object detection using ultrasonic sensors
US 11635011 B2 Controller and method for controlling operation of an aftertreatment system based on short-term and long-term cumulative degradation estimates
US 11637481 B1 Power distribution within an electric machine with rectified rotor windings
US 11634999 B2 Probe placement optimization in gas turbine engines
US 11635402 B2 Subsoil moisture monitoring system including battery-less wireless chipless sensors
US 11633068 B2 Infant bathing apparatus
US 11635482 B2 Systems and methods for identifying a source of radio frequency interference in a wireless network
US 11637935 B2 Update and procurement of telecom lines using automated reconciliation of device information
US 11634909 B2 Adjustable height rebar chair
US 11633819 B1 O-ring installation tool and method of installing an O-ring in an inner diameter
US 11635000 B1 Endwall directional cooling
US 11635026 B1 Fan case assembly for a gas turbine engine
US 11635237 B1 Thermal management systems and methods for cooling a heat load with a refrigerant fluid managed with a closed-circuit cooling system
US D984213 S Beverage container
US D984615 S Grill for a cold storage system
US 11632388 B1 Real-time vulnerability monitoring
US 11630431 B2 Code replacement for irrigation controllers
US 11628969 B2 Container assembly having a heat-sealed metal end, a metal end therefor, and a method for making same
US 11629529 B2 Exit device assembly
US 11631577 B2 Ion focusing
US 11629462 B2 Mark and papermaking belt made therefrom
US 11628067 B2 Humeral implant anchor system
US 11628434 B2 Temperature controlled valves for paper-based microfluidic systems
US 11628975 B2 Closure
US 11629156 B2 7-phenylethylamino-4H-pyrimido[4,5-d][1,3]oxazin-2-one compounds as mutant IDH1 and IDH2 inhibitors
US 11628102 B2 Patient support apparatus adaptable to multiple modes of transport
US 11632527 B2 Projector light source dimming using metadata from future frames
US 11628682 B2 Composite bicycle rim
US 11628269 B2 Pressure safely device for bag valve mask
US 11628949 B2 Modular power units for aircraft
US 11628614 B2 Apparatus for near net shape additive manufacturing
US 11628264 B2 Endotracheal tube with resistant material, sleeve and cuff
US 11628983 B2 Soft chug lid for beverage container
US 11629325 B2 Trophowell
US 11629130 B2 Lymphoid-specific tyrosine phosphatase (LYP) inhibitors
US 11628158 B2 Small molecule antiviral drug treatment for human papillomavirus infections
US 11632372 B2 Provisioning resources for access by an untrusted computer network
US 11630781 B2 Cache metadata management
US 11631992 B2 Electric charging particle heater for thermal energy storage
US 11629607 B2 Turbine shroud assembly with radially and axially biased ceramic matrix composite shroud segments
US 11628341 B2 Golf-tee mount
US 11629412 B2 Cold spray deposited masking layer
US 11631105 B2 System and method to transmit call to action data from car radio to mobile application for user follow-up
US 11627713 B1 Maize hybrid variety ICH19849
US 11630031 B2 Engine-mounted instrumentation assembly
US 11629892 B1 Thermal management systems
US 11629640 B2 Oil pumping control for electrical oil pumping system
US 11629901 B1 Thermal management systems
US 11629807 B1 Drainage tile inspection system
US D983977 S Medical console
US 11624172 B2 Magnetic coupling for sprayheads
US 11623038 B2 Infusion and blood collection devices and methods
US 11624075 B2 Nucleotide sequences and corresponding polypeptides conferring modified phenotype characteristics in plants
US 11623557 B2 Bed lift mounting member
US 11624888 B2 High density fiber enclosure and method
US 11624359 B2 High pressure common rail fuel pump outlet check valve retainer
US 11623009 B2 Bone fracture repair by targeting of agents that promote bone healing
US 11626935 B2 Network test instrument with testing session analysis
US 11622809 B2 Surgical implant bending system and method
US 11623325 B2 Rotary brush
US 11622569 B2 Bacillus microbial terroir for pathogen control in swine
US 11626689 B2 Electrical connector having latch
US 11626765 B2 Electric drive module having motor with heat sink insert in rotor shaft
US 11623908 B2 Method for purification of a biphenol tetraacid composition and a biphenol tetraacid composition
US 11624531 B2 Oil control system and method for HVAC system
US 11623951 B2 Antibodies to R-spondin 3
US 11623366 B2 Tooling inserts for ceramic matrix composites
US 11624885 B2 Cassette adapter and method of installation
US 11624693 B2 System for estimating planar drop sizes
US 11624137 B2 Laundry treating appliance having a treating tool
US 11623873 B2 Substrate-free crystalline 2D bismuthene
US 11624720 B2 Salinity detection device
US 11624539 B2 Maintaining superheat conditions in a compressor
US 11624202 B2 Spring wire clip
US 11624189 B2 Fully-adhered roof system adhered and seamed with a common adhesive
US 11622898 B2 Multipurpose person relocation device
US 11626345 B2 Liquid cooled module with device heat spreader
US 11623549 B2 Infant carrier
US 11623474 B2 Rotor drive key and fastener assembly
US 11624208 B2 Door lock having a lighted display when in the locked position
US 11623956 B2 Anti-human CD19 antibodies
US 11626777 B2 Method of calibrating a variable-speed blower motor
US 11624341 B2 Exhaust gas recirculation control in an internal combustion engine
US 11624305 B2 Vortex generators and virtual mixers for aftertreatment systems
US 11623829 B2 Bin sweep system with contoured paddles
US 11624604 B2 Concentric probe
US 11624310 B2 Vehicle exhaust system mixer with flexible doser mount
US 11626688 B2 Field terminable cable and plug assembly
US 11626789 B2 Electricity meter primary energy holdup management
US 11625163 B2 Methods and user interfaces for generating level of detail calculations for data visualizations
US 11624145 B2 Modular laundry system
US 11624467 B2 Fusion outlet isolation valve with thermoplastic overmolding
US 11625291 B2 Intelligent alert reduction in a backup and recovery activity monitoring system
US 11624289 B2 Barrier layer and surface preparation thereof
US 11623560 B2 Replaceable vehicle light
US 11623155 B1 Swing seat assembly
US 11624161 B1 Roller attachments for work machines and operation thereof
US D983321 S Handshower
US D982965 S Beverage container lid
US D983055 S Portable detection device
US D983323 S Monitor cover
US D983031 S Tooth-whitening product carton
US D983379 S Medical device
US D983174 S System control unit
US D983120 S Railing for a marine vessel
US D983372 S Humeral implant
US D983373 S Humeral implant
US D983333 S Faucet handle
US D983332 S Faucet handle
US D983010 S Pull
US 11617698 B2 User module for a patient support apparatus
US 11620253 B2 Board portal subsidiary management system, method, and computer program product
US 11618825 B2 Rhodamine dyes and conjugates
US 11618910 B2 Methods and systems for the production of alcohols and/or acids
US 11617572 B2 Soft tissue repair device and associated methods
US 11617591 B2 Patient-specific glenoid guide with a reusable guide holder
US 11618931 B2 Method for producing a high strength steel sheet having improved strength, ductility and formability
US 11619387 B2 Liner for a combustor of a gas turbine engine with metallic corrugated member
US 11619360 B2 Hybrid headlamp systems and methods
US 11617662 B2 Orthopaedic surgical instrument system and method for detaching trial construct assemblies
US 11622417 B2 Enterprise content gateway
US 11617738 B2 6-amino-2,4-dihydropyrano [2,3-c] pyrazoles and methods of use
US 11621523 B2 Transceiver assembly array with fixed heatsink and floating transceivers
US 11618513 B2 Tank trailer wrap
US 11617362 B2 Pest control system and method of operating same
US 11619873 B2 Aperture sharing for highlight projection
US 11621884 B2 High resolution time domain reflectometry (TDR) in fault location measurement in a cable network
US 11621612 B2 Electric motors having flux barriers
US 11618824 B2 Composition comprising a concentrate of natural asphaltene in fluxing oil suitable for use in preparing asphalt blends
US 11619581 B2 Method of phase contrasting
US 11618235 B2 Encapsulated fragile insulation materials
US 11618130 B2 Double-stringer rotary brush
US 11617397 B2 Pant-type wearable article
US 11618612 B2 Vented pour spout
US 11620033 B2 Systems and methods for proactively identifying and providing an internet link on an electronic device
US 11620787 B2 Systems and methods for asset generation in immersive cognition assessments
US 11618043 B2 Flow restricting and diverting manifold for multiple function showerhead systems
US 11618537 B2 System and method for positioning an aquatic vessel
US 11621611 B2 Electric machine with baffle member for filtering air flow
US 11618218 B2 Methods and systems for increasing print speed during additive manufacturing
US 11619035 B2 Curb stop device
US 11621604 B2 Integrated electro-hydraulic machine
US 11619187 B2 Optimizing combustion recipes to improve engine performance and emissions for variable displacement engines
US 11620208 B2 Deployment of variants built from code
US 11618767 B2 Carboxy substituted glucocorticoid receptor agonists
US 11620267 B2 Entity classification using cleansed transactions
US 11619150 B2 Lubrication fluid storage system with venting
US 11618209 B1 Apparatus and method for depositing material during additive manufacturing
US 11618665 B1 Beverage-dispensing appliance having a signal shield
US 11619137 B1 CMAS traps for gas turbine engines
US 11619170 B1 Gas turbine engine with radial turbine having modulated fuel cooled cooling air
US 11620573 B1 Totally corrective boosting with cardinality penalization
US D982730 S Tube
US D982614 S Pump component
US D982406 S Faucet handle
US D982432 S Closeable carton
US D982722 S Soap dispenser
US D982433 S Closeable carton
US D982724 S Soap dispenser
US D982716 S Faucet
US D982717 S Faucet
US D982718 S Faucet
US D982723 S Faucet handle
US D982721 S Faucet
US D982434 S Dice storage container

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