Patent Office Issued 204 Patents to Indiana Entities in February 2023

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 204 patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in February 2023:

Patent No.  Patent Title
US 11589674 B2 Side rail mounted organizer
US 11591937 B2 Remotely mounted idler gear
US 11591003 B2 Stowable steering column
US 11591574 B2 Optical-quality surface that imparts spatial control of macrophage fusion
US 11594682 B2 Semiconducting polymer blends for high temperature organic electronics

US 11592201 B2 Space conditioning control and monitoring method and system
US 11595430 B2 Security system using pseudonyms to anonymously identify entities and corresponding security risk related behaviors
US 11594408 B2 Systems and methods for conducting reactions and screening for reaction products
US 11591779 B2 Manifold with insert for waterway assembly
US 11591447 B2 Epoxy based reinforcing patches having improved damping loss factor
US 11590609 B2 Laser shock peening apparatuses and methods
US 11590042 B2 Lightweight dome-shaped casket lid and method of manufacture
US 11589859 B2 Method and apparatus for coupling soft tissue to bone
US 11589857 B2 Orthopedic surgical instrument for knee surgery
US 11591838 B2 Panel seal systems
US 11589903 B2 Spinal fixation device
US 11591847 B2 Lock device having position sensor
US 11589994 B2 Augments, systems and methods for acetabular implants
US 11595710 B2 Upstream sweep test with sweep server signaling
US 11591944 B2 Methods and systems for removing deposits in an aftertreatment system
US 11592236 B2 Continuous roll-to-roll freeze-drying system and process
US 11595522 B2 Techniques for workforce management in a contact center system
US 11592391 B2 Photothermal imaging device and system
US 11594405 B2 Charge detection mass spectrometer including gain drift compensation
US 11591387 B2 Compounds and methods targeting interleukin-19
US 11589878 B2 Customized patient-specific surgical instrument systems and methods
US 11590044 B2 Dorsiflexion/plantarflexion extension above the knee brace
US 11591740 B2 Dispensing system for a laundry treating appliance
US 11595718 B2 Integrating real-time text with video services
US 11590623 B2 Machine integrated positioning system
US 11592215 B2 Integrated demand water heating using a capacity modulated heat pump with desuperheater
US 11593097 B2 Guided safety analysis for cyber physical systems
US 11590522 B2 Spraying systems, kits, vehicles, and methods of use
US 11590382 B2 Wearable resistance training device
US 11589908 B2 Orthopaedic trauma devices with porous regions and therapeutic agent delivery
US 11591413 B2 Swelling of starch suspensions
US 11591140 B2 Drink cup lid
US 11592646 B2 Mechanically tunable reflective metamirror optical device
US 11591968 B2 System and method for shimming a bevel gear in an IGB on a gas turbine without removal of the bevel gear
US 11590471 B2 Device and method for loading pellets into reactor tubes
US 11591943 B2 Serviceable catalyst and mixer unit for vehicle exhaust system
US 11592244 B2 Multiport fluid distributor and microchannel heat exchanger having the same
US 11590671 B2 Knife holders, cutting heads and slicing machines equipped therewith, and processes of manufacture
US 11592068 B2 Clutch assembly brake
US 11592163 B2 Frame with clip and locking wire
US 11594088 B2 Access control for emergency responders
US 11591102 B2 Aircraft with thermal energy storage system for multiple heat loads
US 11591949 B2 Aftertreatment system with gas sensor downstream of a heater
US 11592962 B2 Online tool graphical user interface with tiles
US 11590444 B2 Honeycomb filter
US 11590286 B2 Devices, systems and methods for medicament delivery
US 11589531 B1 Maize hybrid X13P468
US 11589533 B1 Maize inbred SLHS06
US 11590513 B1 System and method for processing scrap material
US 11591927 B1 Turbine engine fan track liner with outer flange case mounting
US 11593132 B1 Snapshot capture of computing device user interfaces
US D979178 S Food product
US D979718 S Tub spout
US D979348 S Storage container
US D979462 S Modular stroller
US D979428 S Dosing cup
US 11588613 B1 Systems and methods for synchronization of photons over quantum channels with co-propagating clock pulses
US 11583417 B2 Removable inclination guide for an implant insertion tool and associated surgical method
US 11584628 B2 System and method for independently routing vehicles and delivering containers and closures to unit operation systems
US 11583812 B2 Mixer assembly for vehicle exhaust system
US 11584945 B2 Method and apparatus for implementing threshold based correction functions for biosensors
US 11587420 B2 Systems and methods of combining RFID and VMS for people tracking and intrusion detection
US 11588335 B2 Power systems and methods of using the same to deliver power
US 11584766 B2 Nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase inhibitors and methods for use of the same
US 11587148 B2 Item level data determination device, method, and non-transitory computer-readable media
US 11583790 B2 Filter with electrical signature anti-counterfeiting feature
US 11584291 B2 Device and method of communicating
US 11585387 B2 Rotor drive key assembly
US 11588322 B2 Fault detection for a solid state power converter
US 11587143 B2 Neural contextual bandit based computational recommendation method and apparatus
US 11586220 B2 Vehicle platoon controls providing improved fuel efficiency and vehicle collision mitigation
US 11588661 B2 Battery management system with dual can messaging
US 11585632 B2 Pistol arm brace
US 11584480 B2 Lightscape display system
US 11588230 B2 System for transmitting radio frequency signals from a vehicle
US 11585031 B2 Washing machine appliance having a retractable agitation element
US 11586557 B2 Dynamic allocation of buffers for eviction procedures
US 11585120 B2 Electric strike with selectable channel location
US 11585397 B2 Piston cap
US 11588262 B2 Cable connector systems
US 11587633 B2 Direct testing of in-package memory
US 11584461 B2 System and method for reporting on vehicle characteristics determined by transmission control circuit
US 11583419 B2 Steerable implant, installer, and method of installation
US 11585297 B2 Fuel module system
US 11584155 B2 Composite bicycle rim
US 11585239 B2 Multi-function oil tank
US 11585123 B2 Exit device with over-travel mechanism
US 11583437 B2 Reusable warming blanket with phase change material
US 11583276 B2 Medical devices and methods useful for applying bolster material
US 11583449 B2 Systems for recognizing temperature as a sign of surgical infection and methods of using the same
US 11583794 B2 Filtration monitoring system data transmission
US 11585235 B2 Magnetic shaft mode control
US 11587385 B2 Security revolving door assembly
US 11588097 B2 Piezoelectric transducers based on vertically aligned PZT and graphene nanoplatelets
US 11585808 B2 Devices, methods, and kits for multiplexing a fluid sample via fluid sample reuse
US 11587083 B2 Transaction validation service
US 11583262 B2 Retractor
US 11587798 B2 High heat flux power electronics cooling design
US 11583414 B2 Bone fusion device
US 11584104 B2 Shiplap bonding system and method
US 11588090 B2 Integrated thermoelectric film based woven power generator
US 11585137 B2 Modified door operation for a motorized vehicle
US 11585637 B2 System for aiming down a sighting apparatus in a virtual reality environment
US 11585358 B2 Attachment device and related methods
US 11585045 B2 Deflecting member for making fibrous structures
US 11583281 B2 Introducer for uterine tamponade assembly with echogenic element and methods of using the same
US 11589286 B2 Systems and methods for compressed sensing in wireless sensor networks
US 11584404 B2 Selective cushion unit yoke with integral draft gear housing
US 11584564 B2 Pallet with printed images
US 11585255 B2 Crowned inlet baffle for high efficiency mixer
US 11582903 B1 Vision based guidance system and method for lawn mowing devices
US 11585518 B1 Traversable lighting apparatus for illuminating a viewing surface
US 11585288 B1 Cylinder head assembly and axially located igniter sleeve for same
US D978518 S Sock
US D979097 S Foldable step stool
US D978917 S Filter base
US D979070 S Medical diagnostic device
US D978676 S Toothpaste tube
US 11576817 B1 Selective information provision and indoor navigation assistance for the visually impaired
US PP34984 P2 <i>Hosta </i>plant named ‘Twin Cities’
US 11577446 B2 Molded gas barrier parts for vacuum insulated structure
US 11577769 B2 Battery powered workstation cart for order fulfillment
US 11578672 B2 Friction mitigation in cylinder deactivation
US 11578338 B2 Hemipteran active insecticidal protein
US 11578675 B2 Internal combustion engine cylinder air-fuel ratio imbalance detection and controls
US 11577304 B2 Process for making an erosion and wear resistant shot chamber for die casting application
US 11576689 B2 Patient-specific knee alignment guide and associated method
US 11576792 B2 Quick connect thread locking mechanism and cam
US 11578520 B2 Keyless access for commercial vehicles
US 11578894 B2 Wood-based solar thermal devices, and methods for fabrication and use thereof
US 11577415 B2 Hair clipper with blade angle adjustment
US 11578654 B2 Centrifical compressor assembly for a gas turbine engine
US 11576921 B2 Pharmaceutical compositions and methods
US 11579651 B2 Low drop real-time-clock battery voltage control circuit for application specific integrated circuit in an engine control module
US 11581175 B2 Cartridges, systems, and methods for mass spectrometry
US 11576563 B2 Endoscope with separable, disposable shaft
US 11581940 B2 Communication method and system that uses low latency/low data bandwidth and high latency/high data bandwidth pathways
US 11576950 B2 Methods of using and compositions containing dulaglutide
US 11581718 B2 Electrical box support
US 11578337 B2 Drought and heat tolerance in plants
US 11578019 B2 Electrically heated dehydrogenation process
US 11578633 B2 Exhaust fluid filter including hydrocarbon detection witness media
US 11578955 B2 Lightweight ammunition articles comprising a polymer cartridge case
US 11579698 B2 Coherent phase switching and modulation of a linear actuator array
US 11578680 B2 Insert with sealing groove for engine block and systems, assemblies, components, and methods thereof
US 11577498 B2 Composite structures with embedded electrical grids
US 11579610 B2 System and method for interception and countering unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS)
US 11578667 B2 Efficiency-based machine control
US 11581830 B2 Door closer system
US 11578743 B2 Multi-layer encapsulation system for joint sealing of vacuum insulated cabinets
US 11577333 B2 Indirect laser brazing of SiC/SiC CMCs for manufacturing and repair
US 11582489 B2 Techniques for video compression
US 11576787 B2 Patient specific femoral prosthesis
US 11578111 B2 Porcine G-CSF variants and their uses
US 11578378 B2 Method for the manufacture of a galvannealed steel sheet
US 11580862 B2 Interfaces for engine controller and platooning controller
US 11578825 B2 Pipe joint seal for polymer piping
US 11582432 B2 Systems and methods for local dimming in multi-modulation displays
US 11576486 B2 Multidirectional wall mounted storage panel
US 11578673 B2 Transmission control with cylinder deactivation
US 11577571 B2 Gas spring end member assemblies as well as gas spring assemblies including same
US 11577581 B2 Apparatus and system for controlling power to an air conditioning compressor for a vehicle
US 11576709 B2 Bone fixation system and methods of use
US 11582308 B2 System for monitoring machinery and work areas of a facility
US 11581746 B2 Battery life of battery powered wireless devices
US 11577575 B2 Adjustable hydraulic suspension damper
US 11577629 B2 Vehicle seat management system
US 11576330 B1 Maize hybrid X08P361
US D978288 S Spray wand
US D978289 S Spray wand
US D978161 S Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US D978162 S Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US 11574366 B1 Method and system for early identification and settlement of total loss claims
US 11572923 B2 Ramp-on-ramp overriding clutch arrangement
US 11572742 B2 Automatic handheld shovel with auger
US 11572007 B2 Mobile platform systems and methods
US 11571309 B2 Orthopaedic surgical instrument system and a method of trialing an orthopaedic prosthetic assembly
US 11571762 B2 Printing method to selectively deposit braze powders at one or more predetermined locations on a surface
US 11572969 B2 Connection arrangement for a fluid transfer interface
US 11571221 B2 Combined bone tap and rasp
US 11574735 B2 Authentication of medication delivery vehicle to facilitate medication release
US 11575430 B2 Method and system of preconditioning transmitted signals
US 11572727 B2 Door closer adjustment mechanism
US 11573828 B2 Efficient and scalable enclave protection for machine learning programs
US 11574563 B2 Ultrasound guided training simulators for cryoneurolysis pain blocks
US 11572822 B2 Water drainage assemblies for aftertreatment systems
US 11572707 B2 Deadbolt assembly
US 11572141 B2 Lift bag with automatic gas volume regulation
US 11575713 B2 Decoupling hardware and software components of network security devices to provide security software as a service in a distributed computing environment
US 11573202 B2 Evaluation of gaseous and solid byproducts from chemical reactions
US 11572111 B2 Track-module apparatus
US 11571224 B2 Tibial cut guide
US 11572019 B2 Extending and retracting step assembly
US 11574736 B2 Wireless bed and surface locating system
US 11571862 B2 Surface feature transfer media and methods of use
US 11572218 B2 Blank and paperboard envelope formed therefrom
US 11572933 B2 Sandwiched gear train arrangement for multiple electric motor mixed-speed continuous power transmission
US 11574466 B2 Machine learning methods and systems for variety profile index crop characterization
US 11571063 B2 Adjustable organizer shelf system

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