Patent Office Issued 204 Patents to Indiana Entities in July 2023

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 204 patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in July 2023:

US 11708610 B2 Genetic polymorphisms associated with cardiovascular disorders and drug response, methods of detection and uses thereof
US 11708582 B2 Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics
US 11707391 B2 Hospital bed having rounding checklist
US 11710149 B2 System and method for activity summary and product promotion
US RE49586 E Methods and techniques for spinal surgery

US 11707210 B2 Acoustically probed over-the-ear hearing assessment devices and methods
US 11708715 B2 Networked door closer
US 11710557 B2 Method for configuring diabetes management device by healthcare provider
US 11707445 B2 Composition for blocking angiogenesis
US 11709331 B2 Modular fiber optic tray
US 11707333 B2 Soft tissue balancing in articular surgery
US 11708668 B2 Multi-ply fibrous structures
US 11707485 B2 ECM hydrogel for treating esophageal inflammation
US 11707388 B2 Method of manufacturing RFID tags
US 11708922 B2 Piping connections and connection sockets
US 11710626 B2 Systems and methods for sample analysis using swabs
US 11708482 B2 Rubber articles with improved fire properties
US 11707308 B2 Implant positioner and sternal plating system
US 11708659 B2 Lid hinge for a laundry treating appliance
US 11707919 B2 Electro-polymeric shade for use at elevated temperature and/or methods of making the same
US 11707719 B2 Fabricating structured particles through rapid hardening and tailored collection methods
US 11708360 B2 N-substituted-dioxocyclobutenylamino-3-hydroxy-picolinamides useful as CCR6 inhibitors
US 11709825 B2 Access control with multiple security ecosystems
US 11707548 B2 Absorbent article comprising a lotion resistant polymeric filler composition
US 11709006 B2 System and method of controlling temperature of a medium by refrigerant vaporization
US 11708775 B2 Systems and methods for dynamic control of filtration efficiency and fuel economy
US 11707974 B2 Tonneau cover tie-down assembly
US 11708779 B2 Systems and methods for dry chemical reductant insertion in aftertreatment systems
US 11708777 B2 Liquid only lance injector
US 11709977 B2 High-fidelity radar simulator
US 11707393 B2 Methods of preparing a subject for rotation and rotating a subject using an overhead lift
US 11709089 B2 Monitoring with a radially magnetized magnet and hall effect sensor
US 11708491 B2 Polymeric insulating films
US 11707788 B2 Fused filament fabrication of vacuum insulator
US 11709016 B2 Support assembly for an appliance
US 11711853 B2 Systems and methods for dynamic prioritized transmission and receipt of data packets to and from a radio access network during an attach procedure
US 11707786 B2 Apparatus and method for internal surface densification of powder metal articles
US 11707395 B2 Knee positioning system with cleanout channel
US 11707060 B2 Mobile blind
US 11708533 B2 Solid inert residue (SIR) dryer and extractor system
US 11707924 B2 Multilayer film with increased surface roughness and method of making the same
US 11708020 B2 Lighting unit with electronically modulated beam configuration
US 11707387 B2 Incontinence detection method
US 11707705 B2 Multi-function hydraulic separator
US 11708689 B2 Toilet flap valve assembly
US D993165 S Battery
US D993136 S Boat bench console
US D993364 S Faucet
US D993024 S Flip top cap
US D992893 S Footwear sole component
US D993385 S Diffuser head for an air conditioning system
US D993357 S Handheld shower
US 11700967 B2 Method and apparatus for filling a steam chamber
US 11700832 B2 Animal bed assembly
US 11701177 B2 Surgical planning and method
US 11701788 B2 Food processor with adjustable blade assembly
US 11702800 B2 Railroad spike remover
US 11704955 B2 Radio frequency antenna and system for presence sensing and monitoring
US 11701358 B2 Methods of inhibiting serum glucocorticoid induced kinase 1 (SGKI) as a treatment for salt and water balance diseases
US 11702258 B2 Drink cup lid
US 11702447 B2 Methods for producing collagen
US 11702296 B2 Conveying system for conveyable and non-conveyable articles
US 11703513 B2 Systems and methods for enzymatic A1C detection and quantification
US 11706559 B2 Replaceable sound attenuating device detection
US 11700992 B2 Encapsulated components of medical devices, and methods therefor
US 11701243 B2 Apparatuses and methods for milling bone
US 11701650 B2 Pipette tip containing one or more barriers
US 11702331 B2 Beverage dispensing machines with dispensing valves
US 11702728 B2 Post deposition heat treatment of coating on ceramic or ceramic matrix composite substrate
US 11701388 B2 Thrombosomes as an antiplatelet agent reversal agent
US 11702059 B2 Systems and methods for online power management for hybrid powertrains
US 11702805 B2 Surrogate for concrete curb
US 11703082 B2 Multi-ball thrust bearing arrangement
US 11703116 B2 Dampened gear system
US 11703528 B2 Power cords that measure and report electrical energy consumption, and related hardwired apparatuses and methods
US 11702976 B2 Vapor leak pressure relief and diversion system
US 11703548 B2 Methods and systems for accelerated determining of state of health using incremental capacity analysis
US 11705771 B2 Electric machines having insulation formed on laminated structures
US 11700974 B2 Bathing wall system
US 11700811 B2 Wheat variety 6PWGL11B
US 11700812 B2 Wheat variety 6PUMH97B
US 11705677 B2 Water-in-fuel sensor and method of assembly thereof
US 11702724 B2 Cobalt-chromium alloy resistant to high speed/self-coupled sliding wear
US 11702949 B2 Turbine shroud assembly with forward and aft pin shroud attachment
US 11701818 B2 Method of producing patterns, molds, and related products
US 11705676 B2 Method and apparatus for tracking a life cycle of turbocharger
US 11702353 B2 Floating water treatment apparatus
US 11702990 B2 Redundant electrically driven fuel and oil pumping system for gas turbine with bidirectional pump motor
US 11702443 B2 Therapeutic agents and methods
US 11702098 B2 Roadmanship systems and methods
US 11702810 B2 Barrier for hazardous liquids
US 11704783 B2 Method of cleaning and identifying defects in wearable attenuation equipment
US 11703535 B2 Insulation and fault monitoring for enhanced fault detection
US 11703536 B2 Insulation and fault monitoring for enhanced fault detection
US 11703091 B2 Cone clutch system
US 11702945 B2 Turbine engine fan case with tip injection air recirculation passage
US 11703013 B1 Engine head gasket having anti-preignition wrap and method of making same
US 11705786 B1 Power and control assembly for an electric drive apparatus
US D992560 S Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US D992561 S Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US D992489 S Motorcycle carrier
US D992718 S Range hood
US D992840 S Litter box assembly
US 11696749 B2 Fistula grafts and related methods and systems for treating fistulae
US 11696768 B2 Apparatus and method for fabricating a customized patient-specific orthopaedic instrument
US 11699580 B2 Synchronization of ion generation with cycling of a discontinuous atmospheric interface
US 11696993 B2 System and method for use of acoustic reflectometry information in ventilation devices
US 11697220 B2 Barrel hoop driving apparatus and electric drive
US 11697260 B2 Methods for treating inner liners, inner liners resulting therefrom and tires containing such inner liners
US 11697945 B2 Filter assembly having an outer filter element and an inner filter element removably installed within the outer filter element
US 11697306 B2 Sealant-containing tire and related processes
US 11698460 B2 Ultrafast laser beam steering using frequency-arrayed optics
US 11697225 B2 Packaging tray and method of manufacture
US 11699083 B2 Swarm system including an operator control section enabling operator input of mission objectives and responses to advice requests from a heterogeneous multi-agent population including information fusion, control diffusion, and operator infusion agents that controls platforms, effectors, and sensors
US 11698121 B2 Wire attachment
US 11698042 B2 Unique block rib geometry for reducing liner distortion
US 11697500 B2 Emergency egress in a blended wing body aircraft
US 11699528 B2 Falls risk management
US 11696834 B2 Orthopaedic prosthetic system for a rotating hinged-knee prosthesis
US 11697799 B2 System and method for extraction and cryopreservation of bone marrow
US 11698011 B2 Systems and methods for desulfation of catalysts included in aftertreatment systems
US 11697314 B2 Cable system for a truck trailer
US 11698033 B2 Valve train system for extended duration intake valve opening
US 11696948 B2 Vaccines formed by virus and antigen conjugation
US 11698891 B2 Database systems and related multichannel communication methods
US 11699989 B2 In-plane and out-of-plane disk resonator
US 11699517 B2 Ultra-wideband locating systems and methods
US 11697243 B2 Fused filament fabrication method using filaments that include a binder configured to release a secondary material
US 11697460 B2 Interlocking frame system and components therefor
US 11697702 B2 Flame retardant resin
US 11699197 B2 System and method for energy forecasting based on indoor and outdoor weather data
US 11696541 B2 Wheat variety 6PKJH92B
US 11697985 B2 Automated hydraulic fracturing operation
US 11700328 B2 System and method for improvements to pre-processing of data for forecasting
US 11699537 B2 Automobile wiring harness system and kit for same
US 11700066 B2 Method and system for sharing quantum entanglement between distant nodes without quantum memories
US 11699998 B2 Switch assembly with feedback signal for fault detection
US 11698210 B1 Thermal management systems
US 11697466 B1 Motorcycle integrated safety system
US D991754 S Digging tool
US 11694265 B2 System and method for centralized clearing of over the counter foreign exchange instruments
US 11692112 B2 Low temperature vibration damping pressure sensitive adhesives and constructions
US 11690722 B2 Partial joint resurfacing implant, instrumentation, and method
US 11690836 B2 Solid forms of {[5-(3-chlorophenyl)-3-hydroxypyridine-2-carbonyl]amino}acetic acid, compositions, and uses thereof
US 11694697 B2 System and method to correct for packet loss in ASR systems
US 11694828 B2 Electrical steel processing without a post cold-rolling intermediate anneal
US 11694209 B2 Notifying a user about relevant data for opportunities
US 11691318 B2 Method for preparing a densified insulation material for use in appliance insulated structure
US 11691467 B2 Autonomous dock
US 11690731 B2 Spinal interbody with compressive fusion features
US 11694430 B2 Brake light detection
US 11692062 B2 Methods of manufacture for polyetherimide
US 11692373 B2 Dual function security/fire locking mechanism for fire rated devices
US 11691605 B2 Electric drive vehicle with low speed creep
US 11692472 B2 Increase aftertreatment temperature during light load operation
US 11691099 B2 Soy based filtration system
US 11690423 B2 Helmet with external flexible cage
US 11691961 B2 Molecule having pesticidal utility, and compositions, and processes, related thereto
US 11692922 B2 Filter testing apparatus and method
US 11691016 B2 Methods for neurostimulator pulse overlap control
US 11692321 B2 Salt spreader attachable to earth moving equipment
US 11690311 B2 Systems and methods for spreading particulate material
US 11693016 B2 Systems and methods for electrochemical point-of-care detection of hemoglobin
US 11694332 B2 Active bleeding measurement
US 11694561 B2 Dynamic vertiport configuration
US 11691504 B2 Prime mover systems with a power take-off system and a transmission
US 11690705 B2 Graft having a pocket for receiving a stent and woven graft material, forming a pocket
US 11691794 B2 Selectively openable closure for a container
US 11692391 B2 Idle end assemby
US 11693872 B2 Display tool
US 11691765 B2 Tracking neighboring quasi-satellite orbits around Mars’s moon Phobos
US 11690783 B2 Enclosed emergency wash cabinets
US 11691827 B2 Robotic surgical tool with pivotable transmission linkage on translating carriage
US 11692271 B2 Immersion cooling with water-based fluid using nano-structured coating
US 11690844 B2 Pyrazolyl pyrimidinone compounds and the uses thereof
US 11691229 B2 Modular pallet rack repair kit
US 11693199 B2 12 fiber MPO to 16 fiber MPO conversion module
US 11692669 B2 Oil tank filler cap integrated into the de-aerator
US 11690907 B2 Vaccines formed by virus and antigen conjugation
US 11692855 B2 Very large scale integration for fibers (VLSI-Fi)
US 11694545 B2 System and method for dilemma zone mitigation at signalized intersections
US 11692877 B2 Method and system for axially-offset differential interference contrast correlation spectroscopy
US 11694584 B2 Retractable stanchion barrier with flexible RGB display matrix
US 11692064 B2 Conjugated azopolymers made from aromatic azides and methods for making same
US 11693078 B2 Hybrid spatial and circuit optimization for targeted performance of MRI coils
US 11691230 B1 Tool holder with stress fit rods
US 11691104 B2 System and methods for carbon dioxide capture and recovery
US 11691591 B2 Motor vehicle and occupant seat combination
US 11692446 B2 Airfoil with sintered powder components
US 11691120 B1 Exhaust gas aftertreatment systems
US 11690342 B1 Maize inbred PH46NM
US 11692742 B1 Thermal management systems
US 11695727 B1 Techniques for bidirectional cross-platform communications
US D991451 S Patella clamp
US D991268 S Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US D991411 S Faucet spout
US D991135 S Furniture for marine vessel
US D991274 S Display screen with a graphical user interface for a computer-assisted orthopaedic surgical system
US D991413 S Fluid height restriction device
US D991409 S Faucet spout
US D990976 S Food processing attachment
US D991096 S Travel trailer

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