Patent Office Issued 211 Patents to Indiana Entities in June 2023

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 211 patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in June 2023:

Patent Number                                         Patent Title
US 11684529 B2 Mattress cover sensor method
US 11687866 B2 Use of analytics methods for personalized guidance
US 11684479 B2 Tibial trial system for a knee prosthesis and method
US 11686446 B2 Thin aspect lighting system with cutoff
US 11684194 B2 Modular food processing and preparation device
US 11684291 B2 Monitoring of patient supports

US 11686074 B2 Pulldown kitchen faucet with spring spout
US 11686377 B2 Torque converter lockup clutch structure
US 11687093 B2 Autonomous mower navigation system and method
US 11686239 B2 Systems and methods for equalizing backpressure in engine cylinders
US 11687230 B2 Manipulating 3D virtual objects using hand-held controllers
US 11686057 B2 Four wheel drive, skid steer snow vehicle with snow plow blade
US 11686405 B2 Gas valve with emergency shutoff and mechanical timer
US 11689906 B2 Plug-in pod for electronic control unit
US 11684115 B2 Roofing membranes, compositions, and methods of making the same
US 11686738 B2 Methods, systems and solid compositions for reagent delivery
US 11685350 B2 Utilization of brakes and transmission system to affect steering of a vehicle and method thereof
US 11684169 B2 Rotary plate valve having seal anti-herniation structure
US 11688511 B2 Caregiver and staff information system
US 11684782 B2 Systems and methods for electro-therapy treatment
US 11689032 B2 Multi-cell battery management device
US 11687770 B2 Recurrent multimodal attention system based on expert gated networks
US 11687962 B2 Incentivizing sharing in social networks
US 11684899 B2 Cooler with powered mixer
US 11685056 B2 Autonomously encapsulating gripper tooling
US 11686417 B2 Apparatus for autonomous pipeline assessment
US 11684530 B2 Mattress retention assembly and radiofrequency weld in surface covers
US 11690114 B2 Wireless link pairing authentication
US 11684259 B2 Pupillometer for lesion location determination
US 11685653 B2 Substrate-free crystalline 2D nanomaterials
US 11688445 B2 Valley spin hall effect based non-volatile memory
US 11686267 B2 Vehicle controller with complementary capacitance for analog-to-digital converter (A/D) low pass filter
US 11685385 B2 Driver-monitoring system
US 11688248 B2 ATM security apparatus and method of use
US 11689572 B2 Systems and methods for inventory management using prime numbers
US 11686373 B2 Multi-speed transmission
US 11689500 B2 Systems and methods for IP mass host verification
US 11684139 B2 Strap arrangement for a portable collapsible chair
US 11686208 B2 Abrasive coating for high-temperature mechanical systems
US 11685017 B2 Storage shield for angle grinding disc
US 11688415 B2 System and methods for machine anomaly detection based on sound spectrogram images and neural networks
US 11685094 B2 Heat removal system and method for an injection molding machine
US 11685061 B2 Articulating gripper tooling
US 11688527 B2 Magnet wire with thermoplastic insulation
US 11686911 B2 Optical distribution and splice frame including enclosures
US 11685630 B2 Outdoor hose storage enclosure
US 11686094 B2 Bonding adhesive and adhered roofing systems prepared using the same
US 11685426 B2 Apparatus for use in turning steerable vehicle wheels
US 11685609 B2 Split drive sprocket assembly
US 11684519 B2 Medical dressing to treat sucking chest wound
US 11689137 B2 Controller and drive circuits for electric motors
US 11686562 B2 Archery vane
US 11685427 B2 Electric actuator steering system for forklifts
US 11688985 B2 Electrical interconnect system for an electric vehicle
US 11686211 B2 Variable outlet guide vanes
US 11686202 B1 Rotor damper with contact biasing feature for turbine engines
US 11686186 B1 Controlling a power demand of a hydraulic fracturing system
US 11689485 B1 Techniques for configuring communication process flow actions
US D990192 S Tissue holder
US D990659 S Needle hub
US D990319 S Jug
US D990138 S Footwear upper
US D990623 S Handheld shower
US D990176 S Lounge
US D990177 S Lounge
US D990178 S Lounge
US D990210 S Lounge
US 11678666 B2 High-strength, herbicidal compositions of glyphosate and 2,4-D salts
US 11679006 B2 Systems for shoulder prostheses
US 11679049 B2 Split drum for lift strap in ceiling strap
US 11680547 B2 Electronic filter detection feature for liquid filtration systems
US 11680925 B2 Systems and methods for electrochemical hematocrit determination by alternate current impedance phase angle determinations
US 11681998 B2 System and method for integrating data from a remote server with a client application
US 11682945 B2 High torque density electric motor/generator with rolling element
US 11680876 B2 Systems and methods for analyzing an analyte extracted from a sample using an adsorbent material
US 11681529 B2 Apparatuses, methods, and systems for access synchronization in a shared memory
US 11680673 B2 Structural cabinet for an appliance incorporating unitary metallic boxes
US 11678884 B2 Closing device for tissue openings
US 11680331 B2 Method for the manufacture of a coated steel sheet
US 11682545 B2 Charge detection mass spectrometry with real time analysis and signal optimization
US 11682546 B2 System for separating ions including an orbitrap for measuring ion mass and charge
US 11680545 B2 Propane fuel system temperature control systems and methods
US 11679004 B2 Sagittal balance systems and methods of use thereof
US 11682306 B2 Platoon system for vehicles
US 11679098 B2 Methods for treating diseases
US 11682749 B2 Semiconductor device and method of making the same
US 11679634 B2 Front header tube and pin box
US 11679542 B2 Process of forming polymeric material
US 11680866 B2 Bleeding air regulator control pneumatic circuit, and leakage detection system for testing a device under test
US 11678820 B2 Methods and apparatus for information gathering, error detection and analyte concentration determination during continuous analyte sensing
US 11680532 B2 Cyclical applications for internal combustion engines with cylinder deactivation control
US 11681200 B2 Optical quantum logic for use in large operational spaces
US 11678692 B2 System, method, apparatus and composition for enhancing cigars
US 11681862 B1 System and method for identifying location of content within an electronic document
US 11680753 B2 Fused filament fabrication of heat pipe
US 11680495 B2 Single movement convergent and convergent-divergent nozzle
US 11682501 B2 Hybrid high frequency separator with parametric control ratios of conductive components
US 11680995 B2 In-situ testing of electric double layer capacitors in electric meters
US 11680776 B2 Rail interface systems and methods of mounting accessories to a firearm
US 11679689 B2 Electric vehicle charging support system
US 11680485 B2 Systems and methods for non-contact boring
US 11680507 B2 Inlet flow for high efficiency mixers
US 11681067 B2 Separation assembly for handheld metal detectors
US 11679736 B2 Portable seatbelt systems, kits, and methods
US 11681003 B1 Generating simulated waveforms for an electric meter when operating in a simulation mode
US 11680711 B2 Vortex shield for a gas burner
US 11680524 B1 Turbine engine acoustic panel with outer flange case mounting
US 11678674 B1 Patty forming machine for forming heated food patties
US 11679424 B1 Disposal of biomass waste
US D989607 S Cable clip
US D989685 S Furniture for marine vessel
US D989505 S Furniture for marine vessel
US D989918 S Faucet
US D989919 S Faucet
US D989922 S Faucet handle
US D989920 S Faucet body
US 11673367 B2 Embossed fibrous structures and methods for making same
US 11672886 B2 Directional porous coating
US 11674331 B2 Portable barrier
US 11677635 B2 Hierarchical network analysis service
US 11672613 B2 Robotized system for femoroacetabular impingement resurfacing
US 11672378 B2 Oven based non-powered accessory system
US 11674033 B2 Core-shell graft copolymers with improved surface properties
US 11674492 B2 Control of engine-integrated electric machine
US 11674632 B2 Processes for making a super-insulating core material for a vacuum insulated structure
US 11672638 B2 Side-specific orthopaedic surgical instrument systems and associated methods of use
US 11672547 B2 Orthopaedic system and method for assembling prosthetic components
US 11676805 B2 Systems and methods for performing multiple precursor, neutral loss and product ion scans in a single ion trap
US 11672811 B2 Materials and methods for suppressing and/or treating bone related diseases and symptoms
US 11674754 B2 Steelmaking and ironmaking scrap segregation and packaging system and method thereof
US 11672470 B2 Systems and methods for determining an objective pressure injury score and altering a treatment plan based on the same
US 11672892 B2 Apparatus and methods for concentrating platelet-rich plasma
US 11677901 B2 Infrared toaster
US 11675104 B2 In-baggage object detection using commodity Wi-Fi
US 11673530 B2 Dual-web retractor arrangement
US 11673459 B2 Multi-panel tonneau cover
US 11672288 B2 Matter of manufacture of compression legging system and associated uses
US 11672628 B2 Modular mouthpiece
US 11673554 B2 Speed limiting of vehicles equipped with engine brakes
US 11675107 B2 See-through reflective metasurface
US 11674565 B2 Multi-speed planetary transmission
US 11674486 B2 Groove injector nozzle combustion shield
US 11672580 B2 Driven universal screw guide
US 11672545 B2 Rotationally balanced slot pattern for flexible shafts
US 11672716 B2 Overhead lift systems and methods
US 11678027 B2 Technologies for communicating an enhanced event experience
US 11674335 B2 Axial clutch mechanism
US 11673709 B2 Shipping containers with interchangeable feet
US 11674595 B2 Scraper ring for a piston
US 11677439 B2 Method and apparatus providing common path distortion (CPD) detection from a field instrument
US 11674485 B2 Fluid filtering devices and systems
US 11672527 B2 Method for implanting soft tissue
US 11674422 B2 System and method for controlling temperature of exhaust gas at inlet of selective catalytic reduction system
US 11676279 B2 Utilizing a segmentation neural network to process initial object segmentations and object user indicators within a digital image to generate improved object segmentations
US 11674491 B2 Systems and methods for providing ground fault protection on direct current power feeds of engine components
US 11674424 B2 Reductant tank assembly with multiple connection tank header
US D988860 S Toothpaste carton
US D989435 S Sling bar
US D989436 S Sling bar
US D989437 S Sling bar
US D989420 S Animal training clicker
US D988968 S Furniture for marine vessel
US D989186 S Casino game layout with proposition bet area
US 11672003 B2 Dynamic transmission control for a wireless network
US 11671334 B2 Avatar representation of users within proximity using approved avatars
US 11666039 B2 Double knockout (GT/CMAH-KO) pigs, organs and tissues
US 11666450 B2 Method for installing a stemless shoulder implant
US 11666224 B2 Intraoperative optoacoustic guide apparatus and method
US 11667460 B2 Pill dispenser
US 11666430 B2 Systems and methods for adjusting the diameter of an endoluminal prosthesis and an endoluminal prosthesis configured for the same
US 11668116 B2 Door handle set having a supplemental child-resistant lock
US 11666941 B2 Methods of nanoscale directional wetting and uses thereof
US 11668505 B2 HVAC heating system and method
US 11668719 B2 Methods for resolving lipoproteins with mass spectrometry
US 11667623 B2 Scaffold of adenylyl cyclase inhibitors for chronic pain and opioid dependence
US 11667090 B2 Method and apparatus for thermoforming an article
US 11668260 B2 Control logic circuit for connecting multiple high side loads in engine control module
US 11666974 B2 Method of making components with metal matrix composites and components made therefrom
US 11670797 B2 Metal-ion deposition regulator for suppressing dendrite formation in electrochemical cells
US 11666253 B2 Methods and apparatus for analyte concentration monitoring using harmonic relationships
US 11671342 B2 Link fault isolation using latencies
US 11667576 B2 Methods of enhancing the deformability of ceramic materials and ceramic materials made thereby
US 11668224 B2 Exhaust catalyst tracking and notification system
US 11668261 B2 Pump active inlet valve spilling residual pressure
US 11666164 B2 Soy protein straw and manufacturing process thereof
US 11667442 B2 Integrated lifting and pivoting device
US 11668532 B2 Tube sheets for evaporator coil
US 11669302 B2 In-memory bit-serial addition system
US 11672092 B2 Modular electrical distribution system for vehicles
US 11671989 B1 Dynamic assignment of wireless communication protocol to antenna elements of an antenna array
US 11668079 B2 Multiple function shower systems facilitating low actuation force mode switching
US 11667353 B2 Bimini arch
US 11671644 B2 Targeted preemption for digital ad insertion
US 11667330 B2 Evasive steering assist with a pre-active phase
US 11668078 B2 Adjustable pit extension assembly
US 11671694 B2 Device for determining an optical characteristic of a camera
US 11668230 B2 Annular disk for turbocharger speed control
US 11668251 B2 Actuator with thermal protection
US 11668515 B2 Appliance storage bin with an over-molded glass panel
US 11668220 B2 Flash boiling injection control
US 11667508 B2 Beverage dispenser with drip tray detection
US 11671430 B2 Secure communication session using encryption protocols and digitally segregated secure tunnels
US 11669489 B2 Sparse systolic array design
US 11666019 B1 Maize hybrid X13P547W
US 11666020 B1 Maize inbred 1PFHC43
US 11666022 B1 Maize inbred PH4C3V
US 11666023 B1 Maize inbred 1PVKQ48
US 11668387 B1 Damper pulley design
US 11670052 B1 Systems and methods for representing, accessing, and moving within a three-dimensional environment using a mutable tree data structure
US D988632 S Container
US D988276 S Remote control design for a bed

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