Patent Office Issued 230 Patents to Indiana Entities in December 2023

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 230 patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in December 2023:

PATENT NUMBER                                    PATENT TITLE
US 11851685 B2 Zwitterion buffer containing compositions and uses in electroanalytical devices and methods
US 11850899 B2 Removable safety chain tie down apparatus
US 11856182 B2 Icon-based home certification, in-home leakage testing, and antenna matching pad
US 11851209 B2 Pod cover system for a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
US 11853284 B2 In-place updates with concurrent reads in a decomposed state

US 11849940 B2 Method of applying a buttress to a surgical stapler end effector
US 11850789 B2 Apparatus and methods for fabricating components
US 11854024 B2 Systems and methods for interactive annuity product services using machine learning modeling
US 11850524 B2 Fantasy sports system
US 11851441 B2 Anti-cancer agents and preparation thereof
US 11850196 B2 Flexible overhead arm
US 11852175 B2 Multi-layer encapsulation system for joint sealing of vacuum insulated cabinets
US 11850262 B2 Compositions and methods for CAR T cell therapy
US 11852131 B2 Pressure safety shutoff
US 11851803 B2 Fabric treating appliance comprising a scrubbing tool
US 11856214 B2 Video encoding with content adaptive resource allocation
US 11850136 B2 Packaging for medical device
US 11851770 B2 Thermal barrier coatings for components in high-temperature mechanical systems
US 11854781 B2 Electrophoretic mass spectrometry probes and systems and uses thereof
US 11851376 B2 Aqueous gelcasting method for ceramic products
US 11855711 B2 Method of encoding and decoding data transferred via a communications link
US 11854380 B2 Vehicle leveling assembly with mobile device
US 11851247 B2 Twist and flip closure
US 11850157 B2 Radial head orthopedic implant apparatus and method of using same
US 11851713 B2 Assessing colorectal cancer molecular subtype and uses thereof
US 11855563 B2 Motor controllers and methods for controlling drive circuit bypass signals
US 11851355 B2 Methods and systems for digesting biosolids and recovering phosphorus
US 11856046 B2 Endpoint URL generation and management
US 11851453 B2 Selective detection of bed bugs
US 11849705 B2 Systems and methods for measuring beehive strength
US 11852761 B2 Radiation source localization systems and methods
US 11851938 B2 Movable barrier operator with integrated camera module
US 11851242 B2 High-integrity opaque-inset panel envelope, and method for manufacturing the same
US 11852072 B2 Starter/generator
US 11853833 B2 Tracking and analysis devices and systems for tracking workflow assets
US 11850583 B2 Plasma separation and sample metering device and kits and methods of use related thereto
US 11852604 B2 Systems and methods for reduction of oxygen tension in electrochemical biosensors
US 11852152 B2 Pin vent assembly
US 11850887 B2 Manually-rotatable hubcap
US 11849961 B2 Patient-specific instrumentation and methods for ankle arthroplasty
US 11849918 B2 Coupling of medical device components
US 11854514 B2 Drumhead with reduced volume
US 11850172 B2 High retention drainage device
US 11853271 B2 Creating an extensible and scalable data mapping and modeling experience
US 11849933 B2 Bone align and joint preparation device and method
US 11850402 B2 Automatic injection device with reusable portion
US 11852874 B2 Optical communications connectors
US 11849951 B2 System and methods for supplying surgical staple line reinforcement
US 11851915 B2 Rotation converter
US 11851296 B2 Self-rotating grain spreader for a grain bin
US 11853953 B2 Methods and systems providing aerial transport network infrastructures for unmanned aerial vehicles
US 11851337 B2 MFI zeolites using DABCO and methylamine reagents
US 11853268 B2 Declarative segment attribute activation
US 11849891 B2 Infant bathing apparatus
US 11852353 B2 Gas cooking appliance with electromechanical valves and rotary burner controls
US 11855793 B2 Graphical user interfaces for grouping video conference participants
US 11851424 B2 Solid forms of a modulator of hemoglobin
US 11850603 B2 Aggregate washing systems, methods, and apparatus
US 11851032 B2 Sensor assembly with cleaning
US 11849668 B1 Autonomous vehicle navigation
US 11853609 B2 Power mode control in a multi-memory device based on queue length
US 11851293 B2 Trapdoor rejection subsystem for a conveyor system
US 11852240 B2 Followability enhancer for a rotational seal
US 11851198 B2 Electrically propelled aircraft with partially rated converter
US 11852537 B2 System and method for determining successive single molecular decay
US 11852161 B1 Turbomachine and method of assembly
US 11853525 B1 Systems and methods for presenting content areas on an electronic display
US 11851949 B2 Multipurpose ladder and method
US D1008781 S Post hole cover plate
US D1008707 S High wall tray extension
US D1009223 S Faucet body
US D1009225 S Faucet spout
US D1008796 S Closeable container
US D1009202 S Closed-toe swim fin
US 11845081 B2 Integrated apparatus for performing nucleic acid extraction and diagnostic testing on multiple biological samples
US 11846097 B2 Fiber products having temperature control additives
US 11848760 B2 Malware data clustering
US 11846442 B2 Aviary ventilation system and method
US 11844756 B2 Compositions and methods for treating anemia
US 11846073 B2 Layered fibrous structures
US 11844835 B2 Inactivating bacteria with electric pulses and antibiotics
US 11844535 B2 Dual coupling reamer handle
US 11845732 B2 Solid state forms of (S)-2-(((S)-6,8-difluoro-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalen-2-yl)amino)-N-(1-(2-methyl-1-(neopentylamino)propan-2-yl)-1H-imidazol-4-yl)pentanamide and uses thereof
US 11845516 B2 Pontoon boat
US 11848738 B2 Apparatus and method for diversity antenna selection
US 11845021 B2 Filter interconnect utilizing correlated magnetic actuation for downstream system function
US 11845373 B2 Geared ramp assembly with raised ramp position and side rails and method of use
US 11848695 B2 Systems and methods for mitigating multipath radio frequency interference
US 11845046 B2 Mixing system and method of using the same
US 11846599 B2 Cartridge and system for detecting an analyte in a bodily fluid sample at point-of-care biosensing
US 11846133 B2 Power boost module
US 11846222 B2 Systems and methods for conditioning an aftertreatment system using an electric machine to drive a combustion engine
US 11849526 B2 Microwave cooking appliance with increased visibility into the cavity
US 11846261 B2 Injector nozzle spray hole with Venturi and air entertainment feature
US 11845701 B2 EBC layer containing boron
US 11844464 B2 Contact toaster
US 11847114 B2 Machine learned scheduling of data retrieval to avoid security restriction flagging
US 11845419 B2 Apparatuses, methods and systems for controlling vehicles with engine start-stop, cylinder deactivation, and neutral-at-stop capabilities
US 11848457 B2 Small tactical universal battery and methods of interconnection
US 11848985 B2 Mass electronic mail sending system with flexible public sending network addresses
US 11845584 B2 Pallet reassembly system
US 11846817 B2 Armored coupling system for optical fibers
US 11847270 B2 Device menu controls connector
US 11846325 B2 Disconnect mechanisms, transmission systems incorporating the same, and methods associated therewith
US 11846094 B2 Systems and methods for underground storage of storm and other water sources
US 11849639 B2 Forming semiconductor-superconductor hybrid devices with a horizontally-confined channel
US 11844506 B2 Devices and methods for cutting, aligning, and joining bones
US 11845395 B2 Multi-point restraint system for an occupant seat mounted in a motor vehicle
US D1008283 S Display screen with transitional graphical user interface
US D1008458 S Posterior condyle cutting block
US D1008289 S Human machine interface display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface for industrial applications
US D1008420 S Faucet
US D1008025 S Compartmented carton insert
US 11840640 B2 UV curable coating compositions containing aliphatic urethane acrylate resins
US 11840142 B2 Side-by-side vehicle
US 11843591 B2 Multifunction wireless device
US 11842397 B2 Exchange feed for trade reporting having reduced redundancy
US 11839738 B2 Medication infusion device
US 11840971 B2 Systems, methods, and apparatus for operation of dual fuel engines
US 11840152 B2 Survey migration system for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
US 11839324 B2 Tea making appliance with filter assembly
US 11839365 B2 Full core biopsy device
US 11839838 B2 Method for separating mill scale from wastewater
US 11841193 B2 Heat exchanger for residential HVAC applications
US 11843126 B2 Separators for enhanced flooded batteries, batteries, and related methods
US 11841152 B2 System and method for operating an HVAC system controller
US 11839364 B2 Full core biopsy device
US 11843205 B2 Smart connector assembly
US 11839654 B2 Combination therapy
US 11843988 B2 System and method for detecting presence within a strictly defined wireless zone
US 11840021 B2 Methods and apparatus for additive manufacturing utilizing multifunctional composite materials, and articles made therefrom
US 11843291 B2 Component for an electric machine
US 11844191 B2 Apparatus for heat management in an electronic device
US 11840368 B2 Meat tray
US 11840996 B2 Variable energy ignition systems, methods, and apparatuses
US 11841139 B2 Resonance prevention using combustor damping rates
US 11840866 B2 Bolt mechanism with door position sensor
US 11840134 B2 Motor configurations for multiple motor mixed-speed continuous power transmission
US 11841022 B2 Control system for electric fluid moving apparatus
US 11839987 B2 Vacuum-based end effector with extendible vacuum cup
US 11840681 B2 Gut bioreactor and methods for making the same
US 11843328 B2 Materials and methods of manufacturing fluid resistant, breathable, and antibacterial triboelectric nanogenerators and electronic textiles
US 11841886 B2 Recommendation system for change management in a quality management system
US 11840319 B2 Actuator for inflation device
US 11841796 B2 Scratchpad memory in a cache
US 11840945 B2 Lubrication fluid storage system
US 11841215 B2 Modular scalable effect munition
US 11840823 B2 Backhoe camera assembly
US 11840560 B2 Prodrugs and uses thereof
US 11839340 B2 Dishwashing appliance clogged drain line prevention
US 11839339 B2 Pocket handle assembly for an appliance
US 11841965 B2 Automatically assigning data protection policies using anonymized analytics
US 11841769 B2 Leveraging asset metadata for policy assignment
US 11840983 B2 Low compression natural gas engine piston bowl for improved combustion stability
US 11839718 B2 Oral gas catheter and method of inducing gas in a patient
US 11839970 B2 System and method for preventing debris buildup in vacuum sensor lines
US 11840148 B2 Hybrid aircraft having rectifier with integrated protection
US 11841189 B1 Disposable for a spray drying system
US 11840979 B1 Gaseous fuel engine system and operating method for same
US 11842316 B1 Methods and systems for filling climate controlled medications
US 11840936 B1 Ceramic matrix composite blade track segment with pin-locating shim kit
US D1007209 S Chair body
US D1007654 S Faucet handle
US D1007630 S Golf training aid
US 11833090 B2 Multi-alert lights for hospital bed
US 11838692 B2 Systems and methods for local dimming in multi-modulation displays
US 11838290 B2 Hybrid data managed lock system
US 11837455 B2 Sample analysis systems and methods of use thereof
US 11833218 B2 Artificial antigen-presenting cells and methods for producing and using the same
US 11832819 B2 Method of applying a buttress to a surgical stapler
US 11835525 B2 Multi-spectral microparticle-fluorescence photon cytometry
US 11834769 B2 Laundry treating appliance with dispenser having a siphon cap
US 11835511 B2 Test element retention dividers
US 11833487 B2 Systems and methods for increasing reaction yield
US 11833051 B2 Acetabular spacer device comprising a pharmaceutical substance
US 11835524 B2 Machine learning for digital pathology
US 11833143 B2 Choline salt forms of an HIV capsid inhibitor
US 11834577 B2 Polycarbonate composition and associated article and method of additive manufacturing
US 11832832 B2 Drill bits and methods for preparing bone
US 11834486 B2 Incretin analogs and uses thereof
US 11835570 B2 System and method for power transmission line monitoring
US 11833053 B2 Orthopaedic prosthetic system for a hinged-knee prosthesis
US 11832610 B2 Rheological modifiers for spray drift control in agrochemical emulsions
US 11833902 B2 Waste heat recovery hybrid power drive
US 11833752 B2 Additive manufacturing system and method of servicing
US 11833740 B2 Additively manufactured polymeric components
US 11834137 B2 Folding stowable seat for a boat
US 11835231 B2 Thermogenic vortex combustor
US 11834230 B2 Tamper evident overcap for drums
US 11834979 B2 Liquid only lance injector
US 11835275 B2 Cooling system and method of operating a cooling system
US 11835244 B2 Evaporator with one or more leak mitigation dampers
US 11833095 B2 Attachment members for a slingbar component of a lift system
US 11837220 B2 Apparatus and method for speech processing using a densely connected hybrid neural network
US 11835351 B2 Optimal route planning for electric vehicles
US 11832964 B2 Technologies for monitoring bone ingrowth of an orthopaedic prosthesis
US 11833985 B1 Vehicle drive and control system
US 11834056 B2 Maintenance and repair system for advanced driver assistance features
US 11834821 B1 Water quality unit for flow-through manhole
US 11837383 B2 Cables with improved coverings to reduce shrinkback and methods of forming the same
US 11833074 B2 Men’s garment for recovery after urological procedures, genital surgery and genital injury
US 11837859 B2 Electrical box and conduit support plates
US 11835239 B2 Process and apparatus for cooking utilizing nebulized water particles and air
US 11833568 B2 Systems and methods to facilitate hose and fitting identification and assembly
US 11835004 B2 Method for determining pilot injection mass
US 11833541 B2 Process for powder coating of objects
US 11833956 B2 Cover system for open-topped containers
US 11837421 B2 Switch actuator adapter
US 11837363 B2 Remote management of patient environment
US 11837984 B2 Dual supply dual control architecture
US 11837347 B2 Product order dosing filler systems and related methods
US 11834987 B2 Electrical current converter/rectifier with integrated features
US 11834435 B2 SSTR4 agonist salts
US 11833113 B2 Cap assembly for a medication container
US 11834811 B2 System and method for controlling hydraulic pump operation within a work vehicle
US 11835088 B2 Thrust bearing for a rotating machine
US 11834408 B2 Compounds for the treatment of SARS
US 11836510 B2 Snapshot capture of computing device user interfaces
US 11834961 B2 Coolant transfer system and method for a dual-wall airfoil
US 11832793 B2 Vivo visualization system
US 11835271 B1 Thermal management systems
US 11835312 B1 Combat optimized ballistic remote armament
US 11835270 B1 Thermal management systems
US 11834966 B1 Systems and methods for multi-dimensional variable vane stage rigging utilizing adjustable alignment mechanisms
US 11834989 B1 Gas turbine engine inlet particle separators with coatings for rebound control
US 11834988 B1 Turbine engine inertial particle separator with particle rebound suppression
US 11835064 B1 Electric fan array for distortion tolerance of turbofan engines
US D1006615 S Closeable container
US D1006420 S Shoe
US D1006592 S Interior escutcheon

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