Patent Office Issued 232 Patents to Indiana Entities in November 2023

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following xxx patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in November 2023:

US 11826689 B2 Air filter arrangement; assembly; and, methods
US 11830717 B2 Ion focusing
US 11826832 B2 Passivation and alloying element retention in gas atomized powders
US 11830716 B2 Mass spectrometry analysis of microorganisms in samples
US 11828908 B2 Rack-mountable equipment with a high-heat-dissipation module, and transceiver receptacle with increased cooling

US 11825986 B2 Grill system and method for detecting movement when motor is “off”
US 11826513 B2 Breathing circuit systems and devices
US 11826317 B2 Combination therapy with notch and PD-1 or PD-L1 inhibitors
US 11831097 B2 UV-curable contact stabilization coating material for electrical contact surfaces
US 11828252 B2 Engine intake air system including CAC bypass and separate bypass heater, and high-efficiency spark-ignited direct injection liquid propane engine architectures including same
US 11827515 B2 Substrate-free 2D tellurene
US 11827951 B2 Steelmaking furnace with humidity control device
US 11827986 B2 Coating system including nucleating agent
US 11830468 B2 Acoustic system and method
US 11827122 B2 Vehicle seating arrangements
US 11831199 B2 Electric motors having flux shields for motor poles
US 11826185 B2 Mattress having selectable patient weight valve, inductive power, and a digital x-ray cassette
US 11829916 B2 Systems and methods for performing load optimization of medications in an electronic medication storage cabinet
US 11827808 B2 Erosion and corrosion resistant overlay coating systems for protection of metal components
US 11827618 B2 Processes and intermediate for the large-scale preparation of 2,4,6-trifluoro-n-[6-(1-methyl-piperidine-4-carbonyl)-pyridin-2-yl]-benzamide hemisuccinate, and preparation of 2,4,6-trifluoro-n-[6-(1-methyl-piperidine-4-carbonyl)-pyridin-2-yl]-benzamide acetate
US 11828484 B2 Condensate receptor with heat shield for vertical mounted v-coil heat exchanger
US 11826038 B2 Suture anchor construct
US 11827626 B2 Quinolines that modulate SERCA and their use for treating disease
US 11828822 B2 Simultaneous multi-slice MRSI using density weighted concentric ring acquisition
US 11828218 B2 Systems and methods for measuring exhaust gas species and SCR catalyst NOx storage for SCR-related controls and diagnostics
US 11827795 B2 Cellulose nanomaterial (CN) based waterborne polyurethane coating
US 11826769 B2 Shower system including magnetic handshower docking
US 11830609 B1 System and method for decedent management tracking
US 11828743 B2 Systems and methods for reliably detecting wear metal particles in lubrication systems to avoid progressive damage
US 11826266 B2 Bone wedge device and method
US 11828069 B2 Cable tensioning system for railings and barriers
US 11828214 B2 Configurable aftertreatment systems including a housing
US 11826295 B2 Port for an internal air distribution system of a patient support surface
US 11826256 B2 Forming a pilot hole
US 11825981 B2 Single serve beverage dispenser for an appliance
US 11828492 B2 Identification of premature heat exchanger failure
US 11832518 B2 Woven thermoelectric ribbon
US 11827179 B2 Gesture recognition system for hands-free vehicle access using ultra-wideband communication
US 11831720 B2 Test results transfer protocol
US 11831808 B2 Contact center system
US 11828597 B2 Folding Sagnac inertia measurement unit
US 11831267 B2 Systems and methods for controlling inverter active discharge using power device switching losses
US 11827600 B2 Crystalline forms of trofinetide
US 11830353 B2 Portable and rapid communication or signaling systems with tactile identification
US 11826610 B2 Leg exercise assembly
US 11826062 B2 Bone align and joint preparation device and method
US 11828197 B2 Outlet guide vane mounting assembly for turbine engines
US 11832390 B2 Multilayer copper bus bars with soldered through hole components
US 11828351 B1 Three-speed transmission for an electric drive system
US 11827442 B1 Cap assembly for a medication container
US D1005964 S Electrical connector
US D1005867 S Light shroud
US D1005962 S Electrical outlet enclosure
US D1005821 S Interior escutcheon
US D1005840 S Closeable carton
US D1005841 S Closeable carton
US 11819022 B2 Stacked herbicide tolerance event 8264.44.06.1, related transgenic soybean lines, and detection thereof
US 11819205 B2 Soft tissue repair device and associated methods
US 11819946 B2 Laser shock peening apparatuses and methods
US 11821415 B2 Liquid product dispensing system and method
US 11820830 B2 Optimized Fc variants
US 11823209 B2 Notifying a user about relevant data for opportunities
US 11819417 B2 Patient-specific augmented glenoid systems and methods
US 11820767 B2 Benzyl amine-containing heterocyclic compounds and compositions useful against mycobacterial infection
US 11825587 B2 Transparent electromagnetic shielding panels and assemblies containing the same
US 11823446 B2 Method of using genetic architecture of phenomic-enabled canopy coverage in <i>Glycine max</i>
US 11821892 B2 Nanobubbles
US 11820924 B2 Adhesive compositions made from plant protein and phenolics
US 11821231 B2 Rolling cover for a spa
US 11821355 B2 Supplement thermal management system cooling using thermoelectric cooling
US 11820566 B2 Lid and scoop for a container
US 11820359 B2 Waste heat recovery hybrid power drive
US 11820803 B2 Protein tyrosine-tyrosine analogs and methods of using the same
US 11819160 B2 Modular griddle with searing device
US 11824994 B2 Validating and securing caller identification to prevent identity spoofing
US 11820748 B2 Solid state forms of (S)-2-(((S)-6,8-difluoro-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalen-2-yl)amino)-N-(1-(2-methyl-1-(neopentylamino)propan-2-yl)-1H-imidazol-4-yl)pentanamide and uses thereof
US 11820716 B2 Method of fabricating cooling features on a ceramic matrix composite (CMC) component
US 11819471 B2 Physical therapy tools
US 11820988 B2 Nanoparticles and biotemplates with tunable length and methods of manufacturing the same
US 11819066 B2 Baby wrap and method of use
US 11821598 B2 Apparatus and method for masking residual visible light from an infrared emission source
US 11822529 B2 Clustered database reconfiguration system for time-varying workloads
US 11821181 B2 Hot flushing of building water system
US 11821397 B2 Modular and scalable rail fuel system architecture
US 11820279 B2 Light system, method of forming tunnels of light, a mobile 360° light system, and a method of cleaning the mobile 360° light system
US 11820070 B2 Fused filament fabrication of high entropy alloys
US 11821668 B2 Systems and methods for implementing ejector refrigeration cycles with cascaded evaporation stages
US 11819750 B2 System and process for installing basketball goals
US 11823885 B2 Pressure sensitive adhesive coated paper for paper spray mass spectrometry
US 11820677 B2 Multi-sequence water softener system and method
US 11819032 B2 Protein-based flour substitute
US 11819869 B2 Carrier liquid composition control for suspension plasma spraying
US 11821820 B2 Specimen collector including multiple specimen wells
US 11821663 B2 In-situ oil circulation ratio measurement system for vapor compression cycle systems
US 11820360 B2 Systems and methods for adjusting engine operating points based on emissions sensor feedback
US 11820754 B2 Polymorphs of an SSAO inhibitor
US 11819280 B2 Customized patient-specific orthopaedic surgical instrument using patient-specific contacting bodies and parametric fixed geometry
US 11821237 B2 Cylindrical lever locking system
US 11823124 B2 Inventory management and delivery through image and data integration
US 11823802 B2 System and method to retrofit a room for virtual sitting
US 11820463 B2 Pontoon boat with one-way transparent rail and gate panel
US 11823402 B2 Method and apparatus for correcting error in depth information estimated from 2D image
US 11825593 B2 Through board via heat sink
US 11823688 B2 Audio signal encoding and decoding method, and encoder and decoder performing the methods
US 11821950 B2 Switch assembly with separate independent fault detection
US 11819192 B2 In-vivo visualization system
US 11821618 B2 Rotatable shelf illumination system
US 11820163 B1 Methods of making surface materials with embedded images
US 11819081 B1 Shower cap assembly
US 11818986 B1 Growing device
US 11820209 B1 Watertight structures and methods of making the same
US 11820543 B1 Pharmaceutical order processing systems and methods
US 11821839 B1 Passive characterization of high power optical fiber average power and LP01 and LP11 modes by detecting MIE scattered light
US 11821210 B1 Peel-and-stick roofing membranes and methods for forming fully-adhered roofing systems
US 11824888 B1 Apparatus and method for assessing security risk for digital resources
US D1005098 S Closeable carton
US 11814481 B2 Carbohydrate polyamine binders and materials made therewith
US 11814720 B2 Methods for directed irradiation synthesis with ion and thermal beams
US 11813208 B2 Casket hardware attachment structure
US 11813035 B2 Use of a progressive compression encoding of physiologic waveform data in an implantable device to support discontinuing transmission of low-value data
US 11814376 B2 Hepatitis b core protein modulators
US 11812943 B2 Repair device and method for deploying anchors
US 11813448 B2 Auricular nerve field stimulation device and methods for using the same
US 11815435 B2 Beta glucan immunopharmacodynamics
US 11813003 B2 Implant with intramedullary portion and offset extramedullary portion
US 11813642 B2 Phononic system and method of making the same
US 11814633 B2 Plant terminator for transgene expression
US 11812851 B2 Storage device with drawer retainer and stabilizer
US 11814498 B2 Polylactone foams and methods of making the same
US 11813166 B2 Trial radial head implant
US 11814396 B2 Sesquiterpenoid analogs
US 11817211 B2 Patient request method
US 11818291 B2 Combination of real-time analytics and automation
US 11816822 B2 Technologies for determining the accuracy of three-dimensional models for use in an orthopaedic surgical procedure
US 11813572 B2 Materials and methods for producing blood products
US 11818452 B2 Camera with phased metalens
US 11814995 B2 Engine aftertreatment recycling apparatus, and system and method using same
US 11816834 B2 Unmanned aerial system genotype analysis using machine learning routines
US 11813671 B2 Microtextured nozzle for directed energy deposition with greater than 100 features per square millimeter
US 11814873 B2 Cylindrical lock status indicator
US 11815106 B1 Gas turbine engine with active clearance control
US 11815279 B2 Environmental control systems including electric motor assemblies and methods of operation
US 11815047 B2 Centrifugal compressor assembly for a gas turbine engine with deswirler having sealing features
US 11813107 B2 Medical imaging system
US 11814109 B2 Trailer including insulated floor
US 11814971 B2 Probe placement optimization in gas turbine engines
US 11815456 B2 Line scanning mechanical streak systems and methods for phosphorescence lifetime imaging
US 11813936 B2 Diverter system and methods for vehicle engine compartment
US 11814026 B2 Compression wheel chock system
US 11816965 B2 Cannabis tracking assembly
US 11813594 B2 Heterogeneous catalysts for substrate-directed hydrogenation and methods of producing such catalysts
US 11813799 B2 Control systems and methods for additive manufacturing
US 11816308 B2 Web browser tab navigation during video conference session
US 11817814 B2 Ground mounted solar power assembly
US 11815788 B2 Phenotyping imaging system with automatic leaf-handling mechanism
US 11818332 B2 Using multiple target distances to determine long-term quality and/or performance over a temperature range
US 11815461 B2 Portable plant health analysis system and method
US 11813102 B2 Interferometer for x-ray phase contrast imaging
US 11816770 B2 System for ontological graph creation via a user interface
US 11816420 B2 Automatic template and logic generation from a codified user experience design
US 11813807 B1 Glass reinforced polymer composite and method of manufacture
US 11816223 B1 Apparatus and method for updating cyber security support based on real-time changes
US 11814251 B1 Speed reducer and speed reducer system for a conveyor
US 11815044 B1 Systems and methods for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) multipoint diagnosis
US D1004518 S Railing for a marine vessel
US D1004347 S Wire shelf
US D1004736 S Mouse trap bracket
US D1004348 S Watch stand
US D1004555 S Power terminal
US 11806023 B2 Orthopedic reamer for bone preparation, particularly glenoid preparation
US 11807928 B2 Copper-based casting products and processes
US 11806252 B2 Surgical instruments for preparing a patient’s tibia to receive an implant
US 11807771 B2 Cationic-stabilized dispersions, hybridized cationic-stabilized dispersions, in-mold coated articles prepared utilizing such stabilized dispersions, and methods for manufacturing same
US 11807079 B2 Recreational vehicle and trailer window treatment adjustment system
US 11808955 B2 Plasmonic metal nitride and transparent conductive oxide nanostructures for plasmon assisted catalysis
US 11806970 B2 Multilayer sheets including polyphenylene and polypropylene and methods of making the same (as amended)
US 11808771 B2 Methods and systems for selective quantitation and detection of allergens including Gly m 7
US 11805805 B2 Purification of tobacco-derived protein compositions
US 11808727 B2 Systems and methods for an electrochemical total cholesterol test
US 11807936 B2 Method of enhancing electrical conduction in gallium-doped zinc oxide films and films made therefrom
US 11807296 B1 Electric transaxle with integral power generating device
US 11807631 B2 Herboxidiene derivatives and uses thereof
US 11806239 B2 Methods for attaching acetabular augments together or to acetabular shells
US 11808762 B2 Material and method to screen proteasome stimulators
US 11805898 B2 Undercounter refrigerator with access control
US 11806439 B2 Medical sterilization and storage cabinet with multidirectional access
US 11806284 B2 Patient transport apparatus having powered drive system utilizing dual mode user input control
US 11805764 B2 System and method for delivering nutrients to recently hatched chicks
US 11806407 B2 Refillable drug delivery by affinity homing
US 11806934 B2 Methods and apparatus for additive manufacturing utilizing multifunctional composite materials, and articles made therefrom
US 11811431 B2 Enhanced frequency compression for overhead reduction for CSI reporting and usage
US 11806096 B2 Mounting system with sterile barrier assembly for use in coupling surgical components
US 11810012 B2 Identifying event distributions using interrelated events
US 11809670 B2 Flexible touch sensing system and method with deformable material
US 11805780 B2 Synergistic effect of isoxaben and cellulosin as an herbicide
US 11807950 B2 Solar thermoplasmonic nanofurnaces and method for making and using same
US 11808683 B2 Systems and methods for inspecting particulate filters
US 11811294 B2 Integrated stator cooling jacket system
US 11807199 B2 Portal braking system
US 11810443 B2 Vehicle-occupant alert system
US 11807385 B2 Turreted sensor installation and removal fixture
US 11808192 B2 Exhaust gas aftertreatment system
US 11806955 B2 Method for testing additively manufactured orthopaedic prosthetic components
US 11806342 B2 Diiodohydroxyquinoline for the treatment of clostridium difficile infection
US 11811273 B2 Motor protection device and method for protecting a motor
US 11808181 B2 Exhaust valve opening system
US 11810259 B2 System and method for generating asynchronous augmented reality instructions
US 11805795 B2 Chia seed derived products and the process thereof
US 11810303 B2 System architecture and method of processing images
US 11811918 B2 Key broker for a network monitoring device, and applications thereof
US 11811377 B2 Transversely-excited film bulk acoustic resonator matrix filters
US 11807147 B2 Accessory mounting to a recreational vehicle
US 11808538 B2 Firearm barrel and internals saver and method of use
US 11807089 B2 Tonneau cover clamp shim and clamp support
US 11808311 B2 Electrically insulated shaft coupling
US 11806648 B1 Filter assembly
US 11808530 B2 Louvered fin
US 11810459 B1 Vehicle localization based on radar detections in garages
US 11808505 B2 Machine readable ice cube mold and maker
US 11807341 B2 Reinforced articulated top
US 11808342 B2 Differential carrier
US 11807051 B1 Tire bead seating device
US 11808216 B1 Air-provisioning system with ejectors
US 11811818 B1 Apparatus and method for determining a risk associated with a cyberattack
US D1004023 S Pitching device
US D1003716 S Bottle lid with blister package
US D1004195 S Combined razor cartridge and connector
US D1004234 S Fabric care appliance
US D1003691 S Mounting bracket
US D1003711 S Tamper-evident bag seal
US D1003615 S Work lounge
US D1003802 S Railing for a marine vessel

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