Patent Office Issued 251 Patents to Indiana Entities in February 2024

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 251 patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in February 2024:

Patent Number                                    Patent Title
US 11911276 B2 Rotatable collar for a prosthesis
US 11911270 B2 Stent structures for use with valve replacements
US 11913924 B2 Ion generation using modified wetted porous materials
US 11911295 B2 Orthopaedic surgical saw assembly for removing an implanted glenoid component and method of using the same
US 11911487 B2 Hydrodynamic methods for delivering fluids to kidney tissues and related materials and methods
US 11913898 B2 System error compensation of analyte concentration determinations based on pseudo-reference concentration and signal-based anchor parameters

US 11911721 B2 Fuel filtration system
US 11913262 B2 Single axis adjustment feature for flush door handles
US 11915101 B2 Numerical quantum experimentation
US 11912689 B2 Method for isolation of an aromatic dianhydride and aromatic dianhydrides prepared by the method
US 11911953 B2 Methods and apparatus for compressing material during additive manufacturing
US 11911297 B2 Foot prosthesis with dynamic variable keel resistance
US 11913222 B2 Polyisocyanurate coverboards with improved fire resistance
US 11912468 B2 Closure
US 11912864 B2 High heat polycarbonate compositions including recycled thermoplastic content
US 11913254 B2 Electro-mechanical lock core
US 11911279 B2 Posterior stabilized prosthesis system
US 11913004 B2 Plant promoter for transgene expression
US 11915550 B2 System, chip tray, and method
US 11917345 B2 Modular assembly for providing telecommunications and internet services and method of installation thereof
US 11916706 B2 Gear shifting in a Skywave system
US 11912476 B2 Lightweight, child resistant closure with tamper evident, combus-tion resistant, and/or strip-torque resistant features
US 11913701 B2 Solid production systems, devices, and methods utilizing oleophilic surfaces
US 11911535 B2 Implantable medical device with thermoplastic composite body and method for forming thermoplastic composite body
US 11912655 B2 Process for upgrading natural gas liquids from shale gas without front-end demethanizer
US 11914852 B1 Technologies for generating visualizations of electronic communications
US 11915674 B2 Resonance podium for musical instruments
US 11913392 B2 Method, apparatus, and system for controlling natural gas engine operation based on fuel properties
US 11911321 B2 Ramp assembly with raised ramp position
US 11914048 B2 System and method for determining vehicle location
US 11911534 B2 Implant assembly and method of making
US 11916441 B2 Rotor for an electric machine
US 11913267 B2 Overtravel hinge
US 11911303 B2 Universal adapter for graft attachment to delivery systems
US 11914260 B2 Vanadium oxide with a formula of VO.SUB.x .as charge balancing material for electrochromic devices
US 11914679 B2 Multispectral object-detection with thermal imaging
US 11910967 B2 Toilet seat lifting and lowering apparatus
US 11912249 B2 Powered jacking mechanism for semi-trailer landing gear
US 11911067 B2 Circumcision apparatuses and methods
US 11917094 B2 Automatic control of smartphone driver mode using ultra-wideband communication
US 11912268 B2 Velocity regression safety system
US 11915585 B2 Method of identifying vehicle turning movements at intersections from trajectory data and reallocating green time therefor
US 11910854 B2 Hospital gown with slit
US 11916382 B2 Optimized operation plan for a power system
US 11910773 B2 Wheat variety 6PCMK57B
US 11913979 B2 Compact combination electrical panel safety monitor and test point
US 11912474 B2 Box insert and corresponding box assembly
US 11913723 B1 Baffle plate used in a disposable for a spray drying system
US 11917000 B2 Message queue routing system
US 11910744 B2 Differential speed stalk rolls
US 11910775 B1 Maize inbred 7SSMM2111
US 11912301 B1 Top-down scenario exposure modeling
US 11913569 B1 Serviceable ball check valve
US 11915807 B1 Machine learning extraction of clinical variable values for subjects from clinical record data
US D1015707 S Shoe
US D1016302 S Sling bar
US D1015894 S Smoke and carbon monoxide detector
US D1016242 S Faucet handle
US D1016238 S Faucet
US D1016243 S Faucet handle
US D1016247 S Faucet spout
US D1016240 S Faucet
US D1016244 S Faucet handle
US D1016249 S Faucet spout
US D1015758 S Stool
US D1016233 S Faucet
US D1016234 S Faucet handle
US D1016235 S Faucet body
US 11905206 B2 Binders and materials made therewith
US 11907180 B2 Structured testing method for diagnostic or therapy support of a patient with a chronic disease and devices thereof
US 11903651 B2 System and method for pre-operatively determining desired alignment of a knee joint
US 11903594 B2 Method using a combination reamer/drill bit for shoulder arthroplasty
US 11903707 B2 Enclosed desorption electrospray ionization probes and method of use thereof
US 11905505 B2 Reservoir for food waste recycling appliance
US 11903654 B2 Augmented reality supported knee surgery
US 11905874 B2 Real-time control of reductant droplet spray momentum and in-exhaust spray distribution
US 11906134 B2 Apparatus for a solar pathway light
US 11906729 B2 High-precision, high-accuracy, single-hub laser scanner
US 11909757 B2 System and method for assessing cybersecurity risk of computer network
US 11905005 B2 Unmanned vehicles capable of environmental interaction
US 11903795 B2 Method and apparatus for treating a malformed Eustachian tube
US 11903999 B2 Combination of AS1411 and SAPC-DOPS for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme
US 11905384 B2 Epoxy based reinforcing patches having improved damping loss factor
US 11908581 B2 Patient risk assessment based on data from multiple sources in a healthcare facility
US 11905255 B1 Solid state forms of (S)-2-(((S)-6,8-difluoro-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalen-2-yl)amino)-N-(1-(2-methyl-1-(neopentylamino)propan-2-yl)-1H-imidazol-4-yl)pentanamide and uses thereof
US 11904125 B2 Manuka honey microneedle
US 11905638 B2 Laundry treating appliance for drying laundry
US 11905692 B2 Metered dispense pot filler
US 11905867 B2 Systems and methods for controlling exhaust gas aftertreatment sensor systems
US 11903971 B2 Treatment of von Willebrand disease
US 11906174 B2 Load based hot water temperature control
US 11908225 B2 Ultrasonic sensing
US 11906225 B2 Method and system for controlling compressor temperature
US 11905904 B2 Systems and methods for ultra-low NOx cold start warmup control and fault diagnosis
US 11903598 B2 Bone displacement system and method
US 11906021 B2 Clutch configurations for a multiple motor mixed-speed continuous power transmission
US 11906341 B2 Meter box having adjustable length meter couplings
US 11907352 B2 Biometric override for incorrect failed authorization
US 11903746 B2 Incontinence prediction systems and methods
US 11906614 B2 Slow-time modulation for multiple radar channels
US 11905917 B2 Fuel-water separator filter assembly with axial sealing member
US 11903377 B2 Breakaway system for agricultural machine boom
US 11905908 B2 Fuel system management during cylinder deactivation operation
US 11904213 B2 Basketball and related manufacturing methods
US 11904226 B2 Open field game arrangement including glowing and responsive targets
US 11910561 B2 Cooled wireless mobile device charger
US 11905026 B2 Hybrid propulsion system cockpit interface
US 11909078 B2 Systems and methods to utilize water output of fuel cell systems for evaporative cooling of radiators
US 11905695 B2 Waste collection and disposal system for toilets
US 11907504 B2 Navigating building plans
US 11904341 B2 Oil dispensing spray nozzle
US 11906260 B2 Compressed gas rocket dart for personal protection
US 11906239 B2 Systems for heat leak prevention in refrigerator appliances
US 11905079 B1 Dispensing package for a floor treatment composition
US 11904392 B1 Ratcheting anti-lock chuck guard for lathe
US 11906255 B1 Weapon energy harvesting by gas turbine electric generator
US 11904645 B1 Adjustable hitches for coupling surface conditioning tools and work machines
US 11905125 B1 Parcel cart loading system
US D1015140 S Closeable container
US D1015378 S Pump components
US D1015538 S Controller for a compression device
US D1015146 S Toothpaste carton
US D1015172 S Smoke and carbon monoxide detector
US D1015173 S Smoke and carbon monoxide detector
US D1015174 S Smoke and carbon monoxide detector
US D1015134 S Spool head thumb screw
US D1015494 S Faucet spout
US D1015507 S Faucet spout
US D1015508 S Valve
US D1015509 S Faucet
US D1015510 S Faucet handle
US D1015511 S Faucet spout
US D1015495 S Tub spout
US D1014998 S Furniture for marine vessel
US 11902227 B2 E-mail containing live content
US 11896210 B2 Method and apparatus for coupling soft tissue to a bone
US 11899052 B2 Trailer lighting outage detection circuit
US 11895981 B2 Pet waste paper markings
US 11898374 B2 Motorized electric strike
US 11896406 B2 Patient support apparatus having vital signs monitoring and alerting
US 11896017 B2 Protein-rich food product and method of making a protein-rich food product
US 11897909 B2 Methods for the purification of L-glufosinate
US 11896026 B2 Systems and methods for distributing and dispensing chocolate
US 11898181 B2 Genetically modified isopropylmalate isomerase enzyme complexes and processes to prepare elongated 2-ketoacids and C5-C10 compounds therewith
US 11898480 B2 Methods and systems for removing deposits in an aftertreatment system to minimize visible smoke emissions
US 11900020 B2 System for on-site tracking, managing, planning and staging construction projects
US 11901060 B2 Closed loop control of physiological glucose
US 11897683 B2 Insulated multi-layer sheet and method of making the same
US 11897523 B2 Universal track derailer assembly
US 11897282 B2 Bicycle rim and wheel
US 11899786 B2 Detecting security-violation-associated event data
US 11898800 B2 Flame analytics system
US 11897926 B2 GIPR-agonist compounds
US 11898288 B2 Household appliance with luminary communication interface
US 11901505 B2 Ion-conducting structures, devices including ion-conducting structures, and methods for use and fabrication thereof
US 11897299 B2 Mounting bracket assemblies as well as suspension assemblies, kits and methods including same
US 11897245 B2 Laminated fabrics and protective covers with post-industrial and/or post-consumer content and methods of making laminated fabrics and protective covers with post-industrial and/or post consumer content
US 11898483 B2 Systems and methods for operating passive nitrogen oxide adsorbers in exhaust aftertreatment systems
US 11899069 B2 SOC and SOH co-estimation systems and methods for electric vehicles
US 11898719 B2 Deicing system for an automotive lamp
US 11898481 B2 Systems and methods for coordinated exhaust temperature control with electric heater and engine
US 11898373 B2 Assembly for exit device
US 11901965 B2 Method and system for mapping potential net service impairments
US 11896005 B2 Warming cryopreserved bone
US 11897028 B2 Controlled nozzle cooling (CNC) casting
US 11895965 B2 Wheat variety 6PWML76B
US 11895966 B2 Wheat variety 6PGNQ06B
US 11895969 B2 Wheat variety 6PFRE16B
US 11895967 B2 Wheat variety 6PNZR33B
US 11895968 B2 Wheat variety 6PJEF74B
US 11900514 B2 Digital content editing using a procedural model
US 11897158 B2 Impellers for cutting machines and cutting machines equipped therewith
US 11896507 B2 Self expanding stent and method of loading same into a catheter
US 11901533 B2 Sealed battery module with cooling and heating
US 11901793 B1 Electric actuator and vibration damping apparatus for drive apparatus
US 11898892 B2 Devices, systems, and methods for measuring fluid level using radio-frequency (RF) localization
US 11899944 B2 Strategic power mode transition in a multi-memory device
US 11901574 B2 Apparatus for compressing battery cells in a battery module
US 11897562 B2 Methods and systems for controlling a steering system of a vehicle
US 11898488 B2 Piston bowl geometry, cuff and top land interaction for reduced hydrocarbons, improved combustion efficiency, and piston temperature
US 11898367 B2 Portable barrier
US 11898291 B2 Appliance having a user interface with programmable light emitting diodes
US 11895973 B2 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH011188
US 11898931 B2 Systems and methods for detecting bearing failures for tool assemblies of agricultural implements
US 11896329 B1 Robotic arthroscopic surgery with machine learning
US 11896328 B1 Robotic arthroscopic surgery for joint repair
US 11898643 B1 Dual union ball drain valve with T-flow adjustability
US 11901712 B1 Panel mounted power-cable system for an appliance
US D1014560 S Pump components
US D1014241 S Shaving razor package
US D1014841 S Peg system for humidor
US D1014639 S Floating game table
US D1014395 S Boat fender
US D1014297 S Smoke and carbon monoxide detector
US D1014706 S Faucet
US D1014707 S Faucet handle
US 11890903 B2 Pin box assembly with gooseneck coupler
US 11890904 B2 Safety chain tie down apparatus
US 11892482 B2 System and method for improving a battery management system
US 11891373 B2 Crystalline forms of 1-((2R,4R)-2-(1H-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)-1-methylpiperidin-4-yl)-3-(4-cyanophenyl)urea maleate
US 11891839 B2 Exit device systems and methods
US 11891938 B2 Systems and methods for optimizing engine-aftertreatment system operation
US 11891391 B2 Inhibitors of kinase networks and uses thereof
US 11890041 B2 Flexible construct for femoral reconstruction
US 11894736 B2 Planar high torque electric motor
US 11890200 B2 Surface textures for three-dimensional porous structures for bone ingrowth and methods for producing
US 11894680 B2 Integrated solution techniques for security constrained unit commitment problem
US 11891400 B2 Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine-3-carboxamide derivatives useful in the treatment of psoriasis and systemic lupus erythematosus
US 11894591 B2 Electrochemical cells
US 11890282 B2 Method of reducing pulmonary exacerbations in respiratory disease patients
US 11890325 B2 Therapeutic uses of dulaglutide
US 11891937 B2 Body mixing decomposition reactor
US 11892199 B2 Energy efficient water heater
US 11890357 B2 Fibroblast activation protein (FAP) targeted imaging and therapy in fibrosis
US D1013675 S Adjustable stand assembly
US 11891488 B2 Polypropylene sheets and articles
US 11890933 B2 Vehicle occupancy-monitoring system
US 11891343 B2 Methods, materials systems, and devices for inhibiting infiltration and penetration of molten salts into solid materials
US 11892319 B2 System and method for self-test of inertial measurement unit (IMU)
US 11891944 B2 Systems and methods for engine coolant temperature control
US 11890837 B2 Flame retardant veneer panel
US 11890415 B2 Airway management systems for pulmonary disorder treatment
US 11890682 B2 Semi-compliant fasteners for mechanical locking
US 11890238 B2 Armboard assemblies for supporting and positioning a limb relative to a mounting structure
US 11893322 B2 Method and system for predicting wear in a rail system
US 11890279 B2 Quinolines that modulate SERCA and their use for treating disease
US 11889786 B2 Mower with manual lifting mechanism for wing deck
US 11894716 B2 Energy harvesting for a bicycle
US 11891441 B2 Human interleukin-4 receptor alpha antibodies
US 11891791 B2 Concrete panel residential structure system and method
US 11892226 B2 Refrigeration unit and method of assembling
US 11895061 B2 Dynamic prioritization of collaboration between human and virtual agents
US 11892379 B2 Thermal and/or optical signature simulating systems and methods of making and using such systems
US 11892408 B2 Portable plant health analysis system and method
US 11892202 B2 Thermal management systems
US D1013769 S Animal-themed goggles
US 11895270 B2 Phone tree traversal system and method
US 11894630 B2 Quick install pluggable terminal block
US 11893684 B1 Systems and methods for signal-based point cloud representation
US 11891961 B1 Gaseous fuel engine system and operating strategy for limiting crankcase fuel accumulation
US 11893121 B1 Apparatus and method for providing cyber security defense in digital environments
US 11892002 B1 Fan with a translucent blade support
US 11891964 B1 Method of manufacture of plug nozzle with thrust reverser
US 11895141 B1 Apparatus and method for analyzing organization digital security
US D1013837 S Faucet
US D1013345 S Footwear sole
US D1013598 S Vehicle dashboard
US D1013499 S Concave head thumb screw
US D1013865 S Automatic injection device
US D1013870 S Menstrual cup
US D1013480 S Magneto safety guard

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