Patent Office Issued 277 Patents to Indiana Entities in April 2024


The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 277 patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in April 2024:

Patent Number                                               Patent Title
US 11970448 B2 Monomers capable of dimerizing in an aqueous solution, and methods of using same
US 11970512 B2 Amphotericin B derivatives with improved therapeutic index
US 11974197 B2 Method and system for distributed management of remote transmitters interacting with mobile devices
US 11971407 B2 Detection of anti-p53 antibodies
US 11969353 B2 Directional locking reverse shoulder prostheses and systems
US 11969559 B2 Catheter hub with sealed access port

US 11971576 B2 Single photon source
US 11971208 B2 Double cabinet vacuum insulated refrigerator with a structural foamed mullion
US 11969100 B2 Dynamic foam mattress adapted for use with a variable length hospital bed
US 11970608 B2 Copolycarbonate compositions and articles
US 11971127 B2 Flow divider with internal vane
US 11969565 B2 Programmable medical wire system and method
US 11972886 B2 Magnetic nanoparticles embedded in polymer microparticles
US 11971415 B2 Microalbumin creatinine assay detection flag and methods of production and use related thereto
US 11970988 B2 Starting engine with generator to idle speed or higher without fueling
US 11972009 B2 Systems and methods of identifying and managing remotely piloted and piloted air traffic
US 11969384 B2 Wheelchair with actuator controlled tilting
US 11969936 B2 Near net shape additive manufacturing apparatus
US 11969687 B2 Curved lobed seal lock air filter system
US 11970895 B2 Hinge bracket assembly
US 11969059 B2 Electrically releasable buckle assembly for a motor vehicle restraint
US 11971184 B2 Air mover refrigerant leak detection and risk mitigation
US 11969335 B2 Woven graft having a taper with a re-engaged warp end
US 11969187 B2 Surgical access assembly and method of using same
US 11969352 B2 Orthopaedic knee implant system with controlled stiffness
US 11969175 B2 Shoulder prosthesis components and assemblies
US 11969698 B2 High capacity self-cleaning brine maker
US 11972862 B2 Blockchain-based technologies for tracking product lifecycle
US 11969360 B2 Surgical instrument system for total knee replacement with force sensor adapters and force sensor systems
US 11970991 B2 Systems and methods for cold operation NOx burden reduction
US 11970973 B2 Electric machine cooling of stator with tube
US 11970260 B2 Active and passive sail for improved communication networking at sea
US 11973268 B2 Multi-layered air waveguide antenna with layer-to-layer connections
US 11972684 B2 Lighting fixture data hubs and systems and methods to use the same
US 11969764 B2 Sorting of plastics
US 11970447 B2 Crystalline salts of psilocin
US 11971226 B2 High temperature thermal dual-barrier coating
US 11972145 B2 Opportunistic data movement
US 11968919 B2 Seed treater
US 11970813 B2 Mating interface assembly between a dispenser hose and wash unit tub of a washer and dryer combination appliance
US 11969127 B2 Automatic detection system for combination burnisher, polisher, and scrubber
US 11970319 B2 Anti-rotational and removal closure
US 11968955 B2 Litter housing assembly
US 11973444 B2 Determining rotor position offset for electrical machines
US 11973611 B2 Methods, systems, and program products for identifying location of problems of delivered audio
US 11968940 B1 Maize inbred 8SSIX6027
US 11969869 B1 Right-angle drill adapter
US 11970985 B1 Adjustable air flow plenum with pivoting vanes for a fan of a gas turbine engine
US D1025365 S Resuscitation system
US D1024750 S Self-adhesive picture hanger
US D1024967 S Connector
US D1024811 S Gyroscope
US D1024888 S Door assembly for a vehicle
US D1025470 S Roach clip with keychain
US D1025303 S Faucet spout
US D1025495 S Mouthguard
US D1024491 S Jogging suit
US 11964985 B2 Anti-cancer compounds targeting Ral GTPases and methods of using the same
US 11965851 B2 Grid coatings for capture of proteins and other compounds
US 11963687 B2 Customized patient-specific surgical instruments and method
US 11963691 B2 Surgical instrument with selectively actuated gap-setting features for end effector
US 11963875 B2 Orthopaedic prosthesis for an interphalangeal joint and associated method
US 11967422 B2 Robotically-assisted surgical procedure feedback techniques
US 11963877 B2 Orthopaedic prosthesis having support structure
US 11965470 B2 High efficiency turbocharger with EGR system
US 11964988 B2 Fused heterocyclic compounds as RET kinase inhibitors
US 11964687 B2 Battery powered workstation cart for order fulfillment
US 11967629 B2 Low noise and high-performance field effect transistors of 2-dimensional materials and methods to fabricate the same
US 11965251 B2 One-step methods for creating fluid-tight, fully dense coatings
US 11963886 B2 Implant insertion tool for implanting an acetabular component and associated surgical method
US 11965178 B2 Platelets loaded with anti-cancer agents
US 11963763 B2 Methods and apparatus information gathering, error detection and analyte concentration determination during continuous analyte sensing
US 11967854 B2 Battery-ultracapacitor hybrid energy storage system architecture for mild-hybrid power systems
US 11963849 B2 Dual hearing protection system
US 11966714 B2 Ternary in-memory accelerator
US 11963918 B2 Patient bed having active motion exercise
US 11964965 B2 Methods of manufacture and synthesis of fluorescent dye compounds and uses thereof
US 11965712 B2 Electronic archery sights
US 11963922 B2 Walking assistance devices and rehabilitation systems
US 11965168 B2 Leghemoglobin in soybean
US 11968327 B2 System and method for improvements to pre-processing of data for forecasting
US 11965449 B2 Venturi mixer with clamshell stamping
US 11964297 B2 Caulk gun with a set of shortened rods
US 11965280 B2 Door hinge for a laundry appliance having a sheet metal hinge and an integrated rotation limiting device
US 11963789 B2 Measuring and/or characterizing feeding behavior
US 11965380 B2 Idler bracket for roller shade
US 11963502 B2 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH011207
US 11963499 B2 Wheat variety 6PZDF21B
US 11965715 B2 Long distance shooting tool for target identification, communication, and ballistic data
US 11965686 B2 Blocked coil detection system
US 11968185 B2 On-device experimentation
US D1024333 S Nose guard
US 11965528 B1 Adjustable air flow plenum with circumferential movable closure for a fan of a gas turbine engine
US 11967217 B1 Risk of fall detection system and posture monitoring and correction system
US D1024133 S Cylinder head
US D1024134 S Injection manifold
US D1024325 S Distal cutting block
US D1024062 S Electronic module housing
US D1023851 S Hitch mountable flagpole
US D1023736 S Bolt
US 11957594 B2 Reverse shoulder orthopaedic implant having an elliptical glenosphere component
US 11957599 B2 Unilateral moveable interbody fusion device and method of use
US 11957733 B2 Treatment of collagen defects using protein solutions
US 11959229 B2 Sanitary tissue products
US 11957611 B2 External ankle brace
US 11957115 B2 Genetically modified mouse expressing human APOE4 and mouse Trem2 p.R47H and methods of use thereof
US 11957837 B2 Method to reduce slosh energy absorption and its damaging effects through the reduction of inelastic collisions in an organism
US 11957882 B2 Medical delivery device with axially expandable drive ribbon
US 11960981 B2 Systems and methods for providing machine learning model evaluation by using decomposition
US 11957564 B2 Graft having at least one woven taper
US 11958140 B2 Aluminum welding alloys with improved performance
US 11961347 B2 Seamless access control
US 11958592 B2 Tilting landing gear systems and methods
US 11959410 B2 Diesel exhaust fluid doser protection during cold ambient temperature conditions using cylinder cutout methods
US 11957591 B2 Orthopaedic knee prosthesis system and methods for using same
US 11959998 B2 Frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radar-based detection of living objects
US 11959679 B2 Drive circuit for a variable speed fan motor
US 11960102 B2 Pinpointing single molecule positions with in situ point spread function retrieval for three dimensional nanoscopy of whole cells and tissues
US 11957095 B2 Modular landscape border system
US 11958787 B2 Tape casting coating for ceramic matrix composite
US 11961615 B2 Patient support apparatuses with data retention management
US 11959506 B2 Spindle nut retainer system
US 11959447 B2 Injector nozzle spray hole with an aerated counterbore
US 11959590 B2 Method and device for clearing vehicle accidents
US 11962087 B2 Radar antenna system comprising an air waveguide antenna having a single layer material with air channels therein which is interfaced with a circuit board
US 11957395 B2 Orthopedic instrument adapters
US 11959784 B2 Bulk material sensing system
US 11962324 B1 Threshold-based min-sum algorithm to lower the error floors of quantized low-density parity-check decoders
US 11958099 B2 Electronic sensors, methods, and systems for pipe benders
US 11958250 B2 Reclamation system for additive manufacturing
US 11960037 B2 Sensor system and method for gamma radiation dose measurement
US 11958152 B2 Safety system for miter saw and method of use thereof
US 11959412 B2 Pistons and piston assemblies for internal combustion engines
US 11959669 B2 Bimodal cooling system
US 11961529 B2 Hybrid expansive frequency compression for enhancing speech perception for individuals with high-frequency hearing loss
US 11962817 B2 Machine learning techniques for advanced frequency management
US 11962912 B2 Object detection via comparison of synchronized pulsed illumination and camera imaging
US 11961344 B2 Ultra-wideband accessory devices for radio frequency intent detection in access control systems
US 11959414 B2 Gaseous fuel reciprocating engine and operating methodology for reduced hydrogen flame speed
US 11959507 B2 Taper pin for an appliance housing
US 11962594 B2 Blockchain for access control
US 11959942 B2 Current sensor
US 11959433 B2 Systems and methods for determining exhibited useful life of sensors in monitored systems
US 11959711 B1 Recoilless gun and ammunition
US D1022394 S Food product
US D1022391 S Food product
US D1022392 S Food product
US 11951429 B2 Air filter arrangement; assembly; and, methods
US 11952723 B2 Embossed toilet tissue
US 11951014 B2 Upper extremity fusion devices and methods
US 11952800 B2 Lock devices, systems and methods
US 11953459 B2 Multi-functional water quality sensor
US 11955106 B2 Acoustic system and method
US 11953141 B2 Processes for making a super-insulating core material for a vacuum insulated structure
US 11955645 B2 Catalyst
US 11953200 B2 Burner assembly having a baffle
US 11950786 B2 Customized patient-specific orthopaedic surgical instrument
US 11951285 B2 Connected injection devices with status sensing systems
US 11952317 B2 CMAS-resistant barrier coatings
US 11953748 B2 Fiber optic cassette
US 11952370 B2 Selective ligands for modulation of GIRK channels
US 11953239 B2 Integrated demand water heating using a capacity modulated heat pump with desuperheater
US 11952364 B2 TRK inhibitors useful as anticancer drugs
US 11952672 B2 Series of cells for use in an electrochemical device
US 11957058 B2 Piezoelectric transducers based on vertically aligned PZT and graphene nanoplatelets
US 11954629 B2 Activation policies for workflows
US 11950824 B2 Spinal pain management system and method
US 11951049 B2 Casket ornament attachment mechanism
US 11952926 B2 Rotating separator with single assembly orientation and integrated counterbalance
US 11952930 B2 Inverter-based exhaust aftertreatment thermal management apparatuses, methods, systems, and techniques
US 11950987 B2 Manufacturing method for incontinence detection pads having wireless communication capability
US 11954146 B2 Geographic population health information system
US 11955296 B2 Electrical switch contact sets
US 11953516 B2 System for ensuring failsafe operation of pitot tube covers for multiple types of pitot tubes
US 11950997 B2 Artificial cornea with double-side microtextured pHEMA hydrogel
US 11954905 B2 Landmark temporal smoothing
US 11951493 B2 Exposed secondary shower system
US 11954463 B2 User interface design update automation
US 11951411 B2 Marble actuated turntable
US 11952218 B2 Grain bin unload trough conveyor auger hanger assembly and method
US 11955848 B2 Method of calibrating a variable-speed blower motor
US 11953175 B2 Deicing system for an automotive lamp
US 11953707 B2 Smooth surface diffraction grating lens and method for manufacturing the same
US 11950848 B2 Fundus imaging for microvascular assessment
US 11955754 B2 Conductor for vehicle systems
US 11950904 B2 Non-steady-state determination of analyte concentration for continuous glucose monitoring by potential modulation
US 11950968 B2 Surgical augmented reality
US 11955254 B2 Hybrid high frequency separator with parametric control ratios of conductive components
US 11954400 B2 Transmitting messages to a display device based on detected audio output
US 11954358 B2 Cache management in a memory subsystem
US 11951798 B2 Mobile air conditioner
US 11953284 B2 Modular quiver system and method of use
US 11952801 B2 Electro-mechanical lock core with a cam member tailpiece
US 11951528 B2 Controlled microstructure for superalloy components
US 11952221 B2 Dynamic package sortation device
US 11953327 B2 Route provisioning through map matching for autonomous driving
US 11955820 B2 Power capability detection in precision power level control systems for wireless power transmission
US 11952139 B2 Voltage controlled aircraft electric propulsion system
US 11951679 B2 Additive manufacturing system
US 11953140 B2 Repair patch for pipes
US 11950558 B2 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH011192
US 11955216 B2 Medication storage and closure container, medication delivery station for delivery of medication from a replaceable pre-filled medication storage and closure container, automated and adaptable remote medication management system including a medication delivery station, and methods of operating and/or utilizing the same
US 11951054 B2 Hospital bed with foot egress
US 11956575 B2 Mapping ports in a passive optical network
US 11953105 B2 Valve cartridge assembly
US D1022197 S Endoscope
US D1021610 S Hook assembly
US D1021517 S Knock box
US D1021447 S Articulating bed with an extendable inset base
US D1021946 S Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US D1021618 S Food packaging container
US D1022132 S Faucet spout
US D1022140 S Faucet handle
US D1022133 S Faucet handle
US D1022260 S Roofing material
US D1022141 S Faucet
US D1022134 S Faucet handle
US D1022068 S Plush bear
US D1021528 S Grinder funnel
US D1021960 S Pump component
US D1021966 S Lawnmower basket
US 11946025 B2 Whitening agents for cellulosic substrates
US 11949600 B2 Dynamic market data filtering
US 11946060 B2 Drought and heat tolerance in plants
US 11946205 B2 Fibrous structures
US 11947485 B2 Board portal subsidiary management system, method, and computer program product
US 11944113 B2 Nutritionally enhanced isolate from stabilized rice bran and method of production
US 11945936 B2 Edible water-soluble film
US 11944099 B2 Molecules having pesticidal utility, and intermediates, compositions, and processes, related thereto
US 11944523 B2 Elastomeric laminate(s) for absorbent article donning
US 11944626 B2 Small molecule inhibitors of ALDH and uses thereof
US 11946689 B2 Thermal bridgebreaker and seal features in a thin-walled vacuum insulated structure
US 11947073 B2 Cast-moldable, high refractive index, rigid, gas permeable polymer formulations for an accommodating contact lens
US 11946988 B2 Vehicle battery current sensing system
US 11945484 B2 Shunt frequency check and transmit system
US 11945418 B2 Method for attaching a leveling system
US 11944524 B2 Methods and apparatuses for making elastomeric laminates
US 11949491 B2 Telecommunications system utilizing drones
US 11944817 B2 Variable amplitude signals for neurological therapy, and associated systems and methods
US 11950304 B2 Direct server-to-server wireless data center network and method thereof
US 11944656 B2 Microbials for feed
US 11946284 B2 Door lock capable of showing locking or unlocking state
US 11945269 B2 Adapter for selecting lamp function in a truck trailer
US 11946404 B2 Diesel fuel dosing module for regeneration of diesel particulate filters with continuous purging
US 11944773 B2 Tattoo machine rechargeable battery unit with voltage controller
US 11945703 B2 Intelligent vehicle lift with center of gravity sensor
US 11946027 B2 Systems and methods for monitoring behavior of cells and/or tissues in culturing media
US 11946511 B2 Ramp-on-ramp overriding clutch arrangement
US 11949289 B2 Electric motors
US 11946159 B2 Method of selectively controlling nucleation for crystalline compound formation by irradiating a precursor with a pulsed energy source
US 11945291 B2 Truck cap
US 11944502 B2 Torque limiting ratcheting handle for medical instrument
US 11946433 B2 Profiled cylinder liner for bore distortion control
US 11946871 B2 Systems and methods for measuring a temperature of a gas
US 11944924 B2 Filter interconnect using a magnetic shear force
US 11947881 B2 Method and system for performing and comparing financial analysis of different rail life scenarios in a rail system
US 11946423 B2 Recharging management for skipping cylinders
US 11946313 B2 Fenestration unit including slidable glass panels
US 11947178 B2 Optical distribution and splice frame including cassettes
US 11946235 B2 Faucet handle assembly
US 11944549 B2 3D printed monoblock orthopaedic surgical implant with customized patient-specific augment
US 11949145 B2 Transition formed of LTCC material and having stubs that match input impedances between a single-ended port and differential ports
US 11946428 B2 Systems and methods for reducing aftertreatment system NOx emissions
US 11950398 B2 Systems and methods for cooling electronic components of a vehicle
US 11946379 B2 Turbine engine fan case with manifolded tip injection air recirculation passages
US 11946414 B2 Manufacture methods and apparatus for turbine engine acoustic panels
US 11949727 B2 Organic conversations in a virtual group setting
US 11947441 B2 Visual testing of implemented product code from a codified user experience design
US 11947055 B2 Multilayer reflector for high efficiency and high spatial resolution pixelated x-ray scintillators and fabrication method
US 11945625 B2 Package with closure
US 11947718 B2 Content focus system
US 11946397 B1 Pre-heated crankcase ventilation system architecture
US D1020299 S Soap pump
US D1021035 S Faucet
US D1021009 S Valve
US D1021003 S Faucet body
US D1020409 S Cutting board

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