Patent Office Issues 119 Patents To Indiana Citizens in January 2016

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 119 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in January 2016, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

Pat No. Title
1 D748,181 Jib
2 D748,069 Set top box
3 D747,901 Periodical stand with monitor
4 9,246,370 Electric motor stator housing interference gap reducing method and apparatus
5 9,246,207 Antenna aiming system and method for broadband wireless access
6 9,245,503 Musical percussion support stands and related devices and methods
7 9,245,438 Water leak detector for a pipe having a retention reservoir
8 9,244,481 Vehicle pedal assembly with hysteresis assembly
9 9,244,077 Method system and device for assessing insulin sensitivity
10 9,244,060 Site localization and methods for monitoring treatment of disturbed blood vessels

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11 9,243,874 Electrical discharge system and method for neutralizing explosive devices and electronics
12 9,243,756 Capacitive user interface for a faucet and method of forming
13 9,243,690 Multispeed drive unit
14 9,243,541 Control of aftertreatment regeneration in a hybrid powered vehicle
15 9,243,538 Reduced emissions internal combustion engine systems
16 9,243,392 Resistive coupling for an automatic faucet
17 9,243,391 Multi-mode hands free automatic faucet
18 9,243,390 Capacitive sensing faucet including a conductive polymer
19 9,243,389 Integrated kitchen faucet side spray and diverter
20 9,243,287 Endpoint TaqMan methods for determining zygosity of cotton comprising Cry1Ac event 3006-210-23
21 9,243,046 Variants of human GDNF
22 9,242,872 Preparation of green colorant from mixed rare earth and molybdenum compounds and process of surface coatings thereof
23 9,242,591 Insert for logistics slot in logistics strip assembly
24 9,242,262 Body spray with extending sprayhead
25 9,242,076 Ultrasonically visible scoring balloon
26 9,242,004 Methods for preparing polymers having low residual monomer content
27 9,241,964 Composition from Sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana for the control of metabolic syndrome
28 9,241,862 Therapy apparatus
29 9,241,818 Delivery device having a variable diameter introducer sheath
30 9,241,811 Method and apparatus for implanting a prosthesis
31 9,241,803 Shoulder prosthesis
32 9,241,797 Bone delivery systems including holding and filling devices and methods
33 9,241,754 Nerve and soft tissue ablation device
34 9,241,745 Patient-specific femoral version guide
35 9,241,743 Bone screw extender reattachment system and methods
36 9,241,722 Surgical pin guide and methods of use
37 9,241,502 Animal feed compositions capable of reducing the incidence of fescue toxicosis in mammals
38 D747,797 Injection device
39 9,241,067 System and method for self-service callback modification
40 9,241,007 System, method, and computer program for providing a vulnerability assessment of a network of industrial automation devices
41 9,240,120 Caregiver rounding with real time locating system tracking
42 9,239,335 Laboratory sample distribution system, laboratory system and method of operating
43 9,239,276 Apparatus and method for separating and concentrating fluids containing multiple components
44 9,239,006 Gas turbine engine and system for modulating secondary air flow
45 9,238,973 Gas turbine engine and foil bearing system
46 9,238,843 Compositions and methods for identifying and differentiating viral components of multivalent shipping fever vaccines
47 9,237,979 Gas distribution assembly
48 9,237,960 Apparatus for curving an implantable medical device in a lumen
49 9,237,959 Stent and barb
50 9,237,950 Implant with patient-specific porous structure
51 9,237,907 Spinal correction system and method
52 9,237,896 Ghost ring guide for assistance in percutaneous insertions
53 9,237,887 Tissue engaging member
54 9,237,883 Full core biopsy device
55 9,237,747 Herbicidal compositions comprising 4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluoro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)
pyridine-2-carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof and insecticides
56 9,237,700 Soybean variety SCH24258
57 D747,490 Blood glucose meter
58 D747,489 Glucose meter
59 9,235,979 User station for healthcare communication system
60 9,235,744 Devices for transmitting items of information of optical barcodes, optical barcodes having phase-shifted clock and reference tracks, and methods for capturing or transmitting information of such optical barcodes
61 9,234,805 Temperature compensation for particulate matter sensor regeneration
62 9,234,597 Flow control valve
63 9,234,557 Flexible spring member as well as gas spring assembly and method of manufacture
64 9,234,445 Systems and techniques for nozzle cooling of diesel exhaust fluid injection systems
65 9,234,335 Two piece moveable hose retractor for a faucet
66 9,234,208 DIG-13 insecticidal cry toxins
67 9,233,501 Apparatus for linear friction welding
68 9,233,405 Methods and apparatuses for digesting tissue
69 9,233,329 Gas-liquid separation method and separator therefor
70 9,233,267 Adjustable rebound device and exercise machine including adjustable rebound device
71 9,233,175 Methods of imaging inflammatory diseases by ligands conjugated to fluorescent compounds
72 9,233,038 Patient support with a microclimate system and a graphical user interface
73 9,232,991 Apparatus and method for retrieving an implanted device from a body vessel
74 9,232,969 Directional control for a multi-axial screw assembly
75 9,232,962 Apparatus for single port access
76 9,232,946 Bone plate positioning scaffold
77 9,232,939 Flexible planar member for tissue fixation
78 9,232,803 Control of AAD dicot volunteers in monocot crops
79 9,232,796 Herbicidal compositions comprising 4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluoro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)
pyridine-2-carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof and acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACCase) inhibitors
80 9,232,795 Herbicidal compositions comprising 4-amino-3-chloro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)
pyridine-2-carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof and flurtamone
81 9,232,715 Soybean variety SCH2378
82 9,230,792 Ion generation using modified wetted porous materials
83 9,230,421 System for monitoring caregivers and equipment
84 9,228,958 Protocol-based inspection system
85 9,228,935 Device for detecting an analyte in a bodily fluid
86 9,228,885 Patient support systems and methods of use
87 9,228,812 Bowfishing arrow slide arrangement
88 9,228,761 Electromagnetic wave concentrator and absorber
89 9,228,703 Soft flashlight
90 9,228,680 Conduit identification system
91 9,228,654 System and method for automatic neutral and automatic return-to-range for use with an automatic transmission
92 9,228,650 Gear scheme for infinitely variable transmission
93 9,228,536 Load shedding techniques for dual fuel engines
94 9,228,511 Engine feedback control system and method
95 9,228,510 Engine control systems and methods
96 9,228,497 Gas turbine engine with secondary air flow circuit
97 9,228,468 Targeted regeneration of a catalyst in an aftertreatment system
98 9,228,460 Systems and methods for thermal management of aftertreatment system components
99 9,228,329 Pull-out wand
100 9,228,175 Genes encoding a novel type of lysophophatidylcholine acyltransferases and their use to increase triacylglycerol production and/or modify fatty acid composition
101 9,228,154 Method of lowering the cloud point of fatty acid esters
102 9,227,957 Pesticidal pyrimidine compounds
103 9,227,936 Methods of producing sulfilimine compounds
104 9,227,883 Mechanically activated metal fuels for energetic material applications
105 9,227,511 Positionable shifter system
106 9,227,279 Protective device and method of use for a lift station water level sensor
107 9,227,010 Fluid dispensing device with a flow detector
108 9,226,814 Stent graft and introducer assembly
109 9,226,813 Low profile non-symmetrical stent
110 9,226,753 Intestinal bypass using magnets
111 9,226,736 Volumetric grafts for treatment of fistulae and related methods and systems
112 9,226,734 Closed side-sampling biopsy device
113 9,226,704 Device and method for positioning a body part for fluid analysis
114 9,226,702 Communication protocol improvement to recover data from a continuous glucose monitor
115 9,226,623 Multi-piece bathing structure surround and method
116 9,226,506 Methods of weed control in chicory
117 9,226,501 Pesticidal compositions and processes related thereto
118 9,226,500 Pesticidal compositions and processes related thereto
119 9,226,498 Safening of 4-amino-3-chloro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)pyridine-2-carboxyl- ic acid and derviatives thereof on cereal crops
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