Patent Office Issues 129 Patents To Indiana Citizens in December 2018

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The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 129 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in December 2018, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

Patent No. Title
1 D0836557 Electrical connector housing
2 D0836505 Compression relief brake assembly
3 10,164,708 Methods for determining receiver coupling efficiency, link margin, and link topology in active optical cables
4 10,164,394 Direct-attach connector
5 10,163,367 Refreshable tactile display

6 10,163,322 Wireless communication between patient beds and equipment for checking compatibility
7 10,163,277 Idle engine operation based on vehicle cabin temperature
8 10,163,232 Tomographic reconstruction system
9 10,163,194 Method of processing an image
10 10,162,942 System and method of extending the linear dynamic range of event counting
11 10,162,937 Method and analysis system for processing biological samples
12 10,162,623 Remote management of electronic products
13 10,162,372 Interface and monitoring system and method for a vehicle idling control system
14 10,162,331 Removal of material from a surface of a dual walled component
15 10,161,983 Method and system for hot socket detection in a utility meter
16 10,161,949 Method and device for transferring sample tubes between a laboratory automation system and a sample archiving system
17 10,161,818 Microelectromechanical gas sensor based on knudsen thermal force
18 10,161,807 Thin-film thermocouple for measuring the temperature of a ceramic matrix composite (CMC) component
19 10,161,797 Sub-millimeter real-time circular dichroism spectrometer with metasurfaces
20 10,161,635 Combustor with spring-loaded crossover tubes
21 10,161,486 Multi-speed planetary transmission
22 10,161,484 Multi-speed planetary transmission
23 10,161,483 Automatic transmission with improved gear arrangement
24 10,161,325 Thermal management control using limited bank operation
25 10,161,284 On-board diagnostic methods for partial filtration filters
26 10,161,124 Sewer overflow discharge monitoring system and method
27 10,160,993 Tyrosine kinase biosensors and methods of use
28 10,160,975 Engineered landing pads for gene targeting in plants
29 10,160,609 Laboratory sample distribution system and laboratory automation system
30 10,160,143 Method and apparatus for molding columns
31 10,159,822 Catheter and treatment methods for lower leg ischemia
32 10,159,784 Initialization of a dosing unit for drug infusion
33 10,159,769 Medical devices for delivering a bioactive to a point of treatment and methods of making medical devices
34 10,159,750 Immunogenic compositions and reagents for preparing
35 10,159,618 Patient positioning support structure with trunk translator
36 10,159,607 Incontinence detection apparatus
37 10,159,572 Threaded augmentable acetabular shell with augments
38 10,159,560 Prosthesis having pivoting fenestration
39 10,159,558 Pararenal stent graft
40 10,159,540 Securement for a surgical site marker and deployment device for same
41 10,159,498 Method and apparatus for manufacturing an implant
42 10,159,496 Method, implant and instruments for percutaneous expansion of the spinal canal
43 10,159,493 Revision joint replacement device and method
44 10,159,489 Systems and methods for delivering multiple embolization coils
45 10,159,361 Retail display tray and knockdown
46 10,159,219 Animal training apparatus and system using plurality of vibration motors
47 10,159,216 Collapsible animal crate assembly
48 D0835972 Sensor mounting table
49 D0835969 T-latch handle assembly
50 10,158,408 Apparatus and method for channel information feedback in wireless communication system
51 10,157,711 Covalently-grafted polyaniline on graphene oxide sheets and its application in electrochemical supercapacitors
52 10,157,156 Computing architecture with co-processor
53 10,156,544 Method and system for hydrating and calibrating an electrochemical sensor
54 10,156,397 Condensed water collector
55 10,156,283 Multi-speed planetary transmission
56 10,156,244 Fan assembly
57 10,156,177 Sensor table for single unit aftertreatment system
58 10,156,176 NOx sensor diagnostic for an exhaust aftertreatment system
59 10,156,173 Systems and methods for compensating a reductant delivery system in an aftertreatment system of an internal combustion engine
60 10,156,171 Mounting aftertreatment systems from service joints
61 10,156,162 Camshaft with low lift dwell profile and methods for operating the same
62 10,156,151 Composite annulus filler
63 10,155,550 Deployable trim panels for repair/maintenance access to an articulated harvesting combine
64 10,155,435 Side-to-side cover system
65 10,155,102 System and method for external percutaneous connections
66 10,155,099 Method for infusing stem cells
67 10,155,085 Therapeutic system with an adaptor for an infusion set
68 10,155,035 Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome vaccine virus
69 10,154,973 Quinone compounds for treating APE1 mediated diseases
70 10,154,919 Pull wire and spool for vascular intervention device delivery system
71 10,154,918 Endoluminal prosthesis with fiber matrix
72 10,154,860 Interspinous process fusion device and method of use
73 10,154,837 Method and apparatus for coupling soft tissue to a bone
74 10,154,830 3D catheter-based ultrasound assembly with gimbal-mount transducer and single coil drive
75 10,154,761 Cover for food items placed on a cooking surface
76 10,154,667 Broadleaf crop control with 6-arylpicoline carboxylic acids, 2-arylpyrimidine carboxylic acids, or salts or esters thereof
77 10,154,644 Low lignin non-transgenic alfalfa varieties and methods for producing the same
78 10,154,639 Inbred corn line SLD34BM
79 10,154,638 Inbred corn line 8MMDE1039
80 10,152,704 Cloud-based transaction processing
81 10,151,784 Trailer lighting outage detection circuit
82 10,151,765 System for processing closed sample tubes
83 10,151,620 System for weighing individual micro- and nano-sized particles
84 10,151,290 Protecting an engine in automatic stop/start applications
85 10,151,257 Systems and methods to reduce torsional conditions in an internal combustion engine
86 10,151,243 Cooled cooling air taken directly from combustor dome
87 10,151,219 Gas turbine engine and frame
88 10,151,207 High strength joints in ceramic matrix composite preforms
89 10,151,043 Methods of producing coated locator pins and locator pins made therefrom
90 10,151,027 Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition methods for graphene deposition
91 10,150,969 Methods and compositions to regulate plant transformation susceptibility
92 10,150,931 Grease compositions comprising estolide base oils
93 10,150,791 Diarylsulfide backbone containing photolabile protecting groups
94 10,150,607 Adhesive packaging system with membrane
95 10,150,579 Aerial drone power supply and power supply housing
96 10,150,369 Bi-directional overrunning clutch
97 10,150,114 Test elements for detecting at least one analyte in a body fluid, as well as methods of manufacturing the same
98 10,149,965 Shape memory guide wire
99 10,149,792 Countertraction surgical assembly
100 10,149,777 Orientation marker on pusher for deployment of endoluminal prostheses
101 10,149,775 Barbed anchors for attachment to endoluminal prosthesis
102 10,149,771 B-shaped interbody implant
103 10,149,767 Method of implanting knee prosthesis assembly with ligament link
104 10,149,695 Microsurgical instruments
105 10,149,440 Edging tools for work machines
106 D0835242 Flushometer cover
107 D0835233 Filter
108 10,148,999 Automatic sensing RF combiner
109 10,146,946 Method of restoring settings of an instrument for processing a sample or a reagent and a system for processing a sample or reagent
110 10,145,968 Linear fitting of multi-threshold counting data
111 10,145,854 Systems and methods for test strips with extended dynamic ranges
112 10,145,840 Systems and methods for blood sample preservation and hematocrit separation
113 10,145,471 Variator bypass clutch
114 10,145,383 Gas turbine engine airfoil shaped component
115 10,145,343 Systems and methods for regeneration of a diesel oxidation catalyst in a dual-fuel engine
116 10,145,317 System and method for dual fuel engines
117 10,145,143 Lever return mechanism using magnets
118 10,144,949 Systems and methods for electrochemical aspartate transaminase (AST) and alanine transaminase (ALT) detection and quantification
119 10,144,728 Alkylation of picolinamides with substituted chloroacylals utilizing a crown ether catalyst
120 10,144,700 Adenylyl cyclase inhibitors for neuropathic and inflammatory pain
121 10,144,157 In-mold-coated automotive interior and other products, and methods for manufacturing same
122 10,143,955 Corrugated filter media with modulated corrugations
123 10,143,709 Use of ASC and ASC-CM to treat ARDS, SARS, and MERS
124 10,143,576 Twin bifurcated stent graft
125 10,143,565 Unidirectional dynamic interbody fusion device and method of use
126 10,143,544 Low profile intraluminal medical devices
127 10,143,457 Fistula plugs having increased column strength and fistula plug delivery apparatuses and methods
128 10,143,366 Surgical access assembly and method of using same
129 10,143,150 Cotton variety PX8431RF-CB
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