Patent Office Issues 132 Patents To Indiana Citizens in September, 2013

The US Patent Office issued the following 132 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in September, 2013, based on applications filed by Indiana Patent Attorneys:

Patent No. Title
D690,474 Door frame with a split door for an animal enclosure 
D690,442 Wall panel 
D690,296 Tablet computer 
8,542,363 Self-aligning light source and detector assembly for absorbance measurement 
8,541,669 Inbred corn line MXD03 
8,541,658 Canola cultivar CL121460H 
8,541,657 Canola cultivar CL117235H 
8,541,656 Canola cultivar DN051465 
8,541,372 Isolated extracellular matrix material including subserous fascia 
8,541,369 Fibroblast growth factor 21 variants having improved pharmacological potency and/or improved pharmaceutical stability 
8,541,344 Compositions with cyclopropenes and metal-complexing agents 
8,541,183 Methods of identification, assessment, prevention and therapy of lung diseases and kits thereof 
8,540,935 System and method for coding information on a biosensor test strip 
8,540,760 Tubular devices having reversible components for deployment of endoluminal occluders and related methods and systems 

8,540,759 Stent delivery catheter with rapid exchange capabilities 
8,540,751 Spine distraction implant and method 
8,540,714 Pediatric intramedullary nail 
8,540,674 Devices, systems, and methods for transeptal atrial puncture using an engagement catheter platform 
8,540,647 Lancing device 
8,540,645 Needle biopsy device and related method 
8,540,481 Rotor blade assembly 
8,540,141 Encoding method for encoding medical items 
8,540,123 Apparatus and method for mixing and dispensing a bone cement mixture 
8,540,099 Container sidewall connector 
8,540,078 Liquid separation from adipose tissue 
8,540,034 Pneumatic drill device 
8,539,764 Configurations of a Stirling engine and heat pump 
8,539,728 Flooring apparatus and systems for improved reduction of impact forces during a fall 
D690,072 Square urn 
D689,986 Faucet 
D689,759 Oval key bow 
8,538,649 System and method for managing accumulator effects during engagement of a lockup clutch in a torque converter 
8,537,008 Bed status indicators 
8,536,990 Hospital bed with nurse call system interface unit 
8,536,331 N-alkoxyamides of 6-(trisubstituted phenyl)-4-aminopicolinates and their use as selective herbicides for crops 
8,536,303 Polypeptide inhibitors of HSP27 kinase and uses therefor 
8,536,142 Spinosyns for wound healing 
8,535,893 Resistance to auxinic herbicides 
8,535,693 Topical formulation(s) for the treatment of inflammation, skin and mucosal disorders and other diseases thereof 
8,535,608 Analytical system and method for its operation 
8,535,590 Spray system and method of making phase separated polymer membrane structures 
8,535,511 Methods for electrochemical analysis using matrix compositions with alkylphenazine quaternary salt and a nitrosoaniline 
8,535,404 Membrane-free filter and/or integral framing for filter 
8,535,387 Patient-specific tools and implants 
8,535,385 Prosthetic implant support structure 
8,535,384 Acetabular screw hole covers with porous coating 
8,535,382 Modular radial head prostheses 
8,535,357 Continuous phase compositions for ACL repair 
8,535,349 Fistula grafts having a deflectable graft body portion 
8,535,310 Sphincterotome 
8,535,260 Devices, systems, and methods for localized drug delivery 
8,535,127 Air distribution apparatus 
8,534,741 Locking mechanism for a flexible cover system 
8,534,735 Apparatus for configuring the interior space of a vehicle 
8,534,479 Container sidewall connector 
8,534,282 Flexible self-inflating resuscitator squeeze bag automation device, system, and method 
8,534,173 Paper pushing device 
8,534,074 Dual clutch arrangement and method 
D689,551 Hanging file holder 
D689,550 Supply organizer 
D689,352 Socket for a socket wrench 
D689,343 Universal nutcracker 
D689,295 Chair 
8,533,475 Method for pairing and authenticating one or more medical devices and one or more remote electronic devices 
8,532,933 Insulin optimization systems and testing methods with adjusted exit criterion accounting for system noise associated with biomarkers 
8,532,807 Pre-operative planning and manufacturing method for orthopedic procedure 
8,532,042 Codebook for multiple input multiple output communication and communication device using the codebook 
8,531,307 Patient support surface index control 
8,531,147 Electric machine having an integrated vibration sensor 
8,531,071 Turbine engine powered system with hybrid bearing 
8,530,731 Inbred sunflower (Helianthus annuus) line, designated ON2343A/B 
8,530,730 Hybrid corn variety 980007 
8,530,726 Canola cultivar G030994 
8,530,665 Crystalline (R)-(E)-2-(4-(2-(5-(1-(3,5-dichloropyridin-4-yl)ethoxy)-1H-indazol-3-yl)v- inyl)-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)ethanol 
8,530,414 Antibodies to PCSK9 and uses thereof 
8,530,383 Safening 6-(trisubstituted phenyl)-4-amino-2-pyridinecarboxylate herbicide injury on cereal crops 
8,529,962 Method of making demineralized bone particles 
8,529,933 Biphasic calcium phosphate cement for drug delivery 
8,529,847 Reagent kit for analyzing apparatus 
8,529,604 Multi-axial bone screw assembly 
8,529,569 Method and apparatus for preparing a proximal femur 
8,529,470 Lancets for bodily fluid sampling supplied on a tape 
8,529,468 Surgical system 
8,529,434 Endoscopic sheet delivery 
8,529,156 Bit adapter and tube return for vertizontal geothermal loop 
8,528,996 Expandable table arrangement and the like, especially suited for use in recreational vehicles 
8,528,990 Cutter with diamond bit tip 
8,528,795 Liquid dosing devices 
8,528,701 Lighting coupled to elevator system 
8,528,622 Overhead door assembly for a storage container 
8,528,579 Multi-mode hands free automatic faucet 
8,528,503 Heat exchange system and method 
8,528,443 Accelerator pedal for a vehicle and mounting rack therefor 
8,528,428 Method for cullet quality grading 
8,528,412 Pressure gage with removable seal member and diaphragm 
8,528,410 Pressure gage with flexible beam and clamping member 
8,528,207 Variable vane calibration method 
RE44,476 Constrained prosthetic knee with rotating bearing 
8,527,882 System and method for iconic software environment management 
8,527,751 Systems and methods for secure and certified electronic messaging 
8,527,169 Control for torque converter having multiple selectively engageable converter couplers 
8,527,024 Amperometric sensor and method for its manufacturing 
8,525,682 Hospital bed having alert light 
8,525,680 Apparatuses for supporting and monitoring a condition of a person 
8,525,679 Sensor control for apparatuses for supporting and monitoring a person 
8,525,625 Starter solenoid with spool for retaining coils 
8,525,005 Inbred sunflower (Helianthus annuus) line, designated ON7321R 
8,524,268 Cadaveric allogenic human juvenile cartilage implant 
8,524,267 Dexamethasone formulations in a biodegradable material 
8,524,265 Medical implant sheets useful for tissue regeneration 
8,524,253 Bone regeneration device 
8,523,937 Controlled drug delivery using a zein layer modified with levulinic acid 
8,523,934 Fenestrated intraluminal stent system 
8,523,933 Rotation operated delivery device 
8,523,932 Variable diameter trigger wire 
8,523,922 Dynamic multi-axial fastener 
8,523,920 System for stabilizing a portion of the spine 
8,523,915 Friction set screw for use with spinal implant systems 
8,523,914 Bone anchor with predetermined break point and removal features 
8,523,894 System for withdrawing body fluid 
8,523,876 Systems and methods for compressing and distracting vertebrae of the spinal column 
8,523,874 Instruments and techniques for separating bony structures 
8,523,873 Neural-monitoring enabled sleeves for surgical instruments 
8,523,864 Instrumentation for the preparation and transplantation of osteochondral allografts 
8,523,861 Method and apparatus for osteosynthesis 
8,523,805 Method and apparatus for containing, transporting, and providing a material 
8,523,784 Analytical device with lancet and test element 
8,523,767 Add-on retractor element for retractor system 
8,523,715 Basketball backboard and rim mounting system 
8,522,642 Mounting assembly and insert for a pedal or the like 
8,522,488 Headwall with integral wall panel interface 
8,522,379 Hospital bed foot section with caster cutouts 

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