Patent Office Issues 141 Patents to Indiana Citizens in September 2021

Patent No. Title
D931,713 Wire support
11,134,333 Multi-range speaker containing multiple diaphragms
11,134,031 Computer remote indirect memory access system
11,133,694 Methods and system for add-on battery
11,133,170 Atmospheric-pressure ionization and fragmentation of molecules for structural elucidation

11,132,753 Method, system and computer-readable medium for managing and collecting receivables
11,131,631 Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy by stepwise optical saturation
11,131,403 Reversible ball valve
11,131,259 Optimizing combustion recipes to improve engine performance and emissions for variable displacement engines
11,131,215 Turbine shroud cartridge assembly with sealing features
11,131,208 Embedded electric generator in turbine engine
11,131,203 Turbine wheel assembly with offloaded platforms and ceramic matrix composite blades
11,131,092 Lath and drainage
11,130,886 Adhesives
11,130,865 Rhodamine dyes and conjugates
11,130,582 Systems and methods of optimizing cooling and providing useful heating from single phase and two phase heat management in propulsion systems
11,130,479 Axle sensor mounting
11,130,456 Low pressure generator for gas turbine engine
11,129,932 Fluid drug cartridge type identification
11,129,924 Anti-microbial device and method for its manufacture
11,129,912 Radiopharmaceutical and methods
11,129,731 Pivoting wedge expanding spinal implant and method of implanting same
11,129,658 Bone stent and port
11,129,652 Adjustable-height bone plate system
11,129,651 Pop-on-cap assemblies having opposing splay-resisting features and opposing anti-rotation features for spinal surgery
11,129,626 Flexible drive shaft assembly and methods
11,129,624 Medical devices with detachable pivotable jaws
11,129,482 Person support apparatus with ingress/egress assist
D931,418 Faucet
D931,417 Faucet
D931,415 Faucet
D931,010 Towel bar
D931,003 Inflatable lounger
11,127,943 Rechargeable alkaline metal and alkaline earth electrodes having controlled dendritic growth and methods for making and using same
11,127,581 Logical operations in mass spectrometry
11,126,914 Image generation using machine learning
11,125,956 Optical transceiver with versatile positioning
11,125,712 Method and device for determining a concentration of at least one analyte
11,125,601 Laboratory automation system including improved processing of a laboratory sample by optical and tip position sensing
11,125,539 Ruggedized holder
11,125,439 Hot surface igniters for cooktops
11,125,227 Pressure compensated external gear machine
11,125,146 Systems and methods for diagnosing a thermostat
11,125,139 Waste heat recovery vehicle cooling optimization
11,125,100 Turbine shroud segment with side perimeter seal
11,124,997 Door closer communication
11,124,996 Quiet trim assembly
11,124,990 Electronic deadbolt lock
11,124,761 Stabilization of enzyme-immobilized hydrogels for extended hypoxic cell culture
11,124,500 Disubstituted pyrazole compounds
11,124,496 Imidazolidine compounds
11,124,152 Buckle assemblies for use with child seats and other personal restraint systems
11,123,488 Status sensing systems within an injection device assembly
11,123,428 Inactivating bacteria with electric pulses and antibiotics
11,123,406 Rapid-acting insulin compositions
11,123,326 CHK1/2 inhibitors and irinotecan for use in the treatment of rhabdomyosarcoma
11,123,122 Anatomy buttressing adaptor
11,123,106 Bone segment attachment system and method
11,123,088 Pressure activated surgical tool for use in spinal decompression procedures and methods of using the same
11,122,962 Flexible endoscopic support system
11,122,908 Apparatus for graduated lateral rotation of a sleep surface
D930,792 Faucet
D930,747 Collapsible billiards table
D930,591 Electrical receptacle
D930,516 Drop hitch
11,121,896 Low-resolution, low-power, radio frequency receiver
11,121,542 Protection coordination technique for power converters
11,121,382 Solid oxide fuel cell stacks having a barrier layer and associated methods thereof
11,120,984 Ion traps that apply an inverse Mathieu q scan
11,120,553 Methods and devices for performing an analytical measurement
11,119,525 Fail-safe release mechanism for use with patient positioning support apparati
11,119,081 Ion generation using modified wetted porous materials
11,119,042 All-optical write/read scheme for magnetic nanostructures
11,118,784 Heat exchanger integrated with fuel nozzle
11,118,718 Speed control devices for a smart pipeline inspection gauge
11,118,681 Piston-type positive displacement machine with a pressure-adaptive piston-cylinder interface
11,118,555 Apparatus and system for dual ignition sources for a vehicle
11,118,377 Dual function security/fire locking mechanism for fire rated devices
11,118,355 Skylight assembly and method of installing same
11,117,902 Selective estrogen receptor degraders
11,117,891 Isoquinolin and naphthydrin compounds
11,117,605 Cargo dolly with synchronous steering and accessible surface castors and method of manufacture
11,117,313 Near net shape additive manufacturing
11,117,285 Knife replacement tools and methods of using the same to remove knives from machines
11,117,254 Robotic navigation system and method
11,117,010 Strength and endurance training system
11,116,881 Filtration system and process for peritoneal dialysis
11,116,848 Selective UV crosslinking of peptides and functional moieties to immunoglobulins
11,116,693 Pediatric dosing dispenser
11,116,681 Patient support systems and methods of use
11,116,653 Orthopedic brace securing and tensioning system
11,116,583 Surgical tracking device and instrument
11,116,559 Surgical instrument and method
11,116,550 Spinal implant system and method
11,116,545 Spinal correction system and method
11,116,495 Soft tissue repair assembly and associated method
11,116,493 Knotless lateral row implant
11,116,445 Methods for locating discontinuities in tissue using optical imaging, surgical procedures, and devices for use during surgical procedures
11,116,206 Cryocontainer
11,116,203 Pest control system and method of operating same
D930,285 Pet balance beam
D930,136 Filter element
D930,120 Faucet handle
D930,118 Faucet
D930,117 Faucet
D929,883 Item of jewelry
11,115,424 Computerized system for complying with certain critical infrastructure protection requirements
11,113,815 Video processing methods and software architectures for analyzing transformation in objects
11,113,774 System, method, and apparatus for individual innovator marketing and recognition
11,113,682 Cloud-based transaction processing
11,113,681 Cloud-based transaction processing
11,113,344 Automated discovery of network camera in heterogeneous web pages
11,112,761 Methods and apparatuses for controlling angular orientations of a person support apparatus
11,112,421 Laboratory sample distribution system and laboratory automation system
11,112,419 Laboratory distribution system
11,112,376 Systems and methods for electrochemical triglycerides assays
11,112,365 Increasing the usable dynamic range in photometry
11,112,179 Steelmaking and ironmaking scrap segregation and packaging system and method thereof
11,112,101 Lighting fixture system for adjustably mounting lighting devices
11,112,009 Low heat transfer piston via binder jet technology
11,112,004 Transmission control systems to adjust clutch pressure and torque based on grade
11,111,999 Transmission systems to control heat exchangers to manage transmission sump temperature
11,111,987 Counterforce drive-belt system
11,111,872 System and method for control of volumetric efficiency in a direct injection engine
11,111,855 Inlet particle separator
11,111,796 Turbine shroud assembly with dovetail retention system
11,111,716 Anti-float systems and methods
11,111,571 Ni-free beta Ti alloys with shape memory and super-elastic properties
11,111,050 Pillar-shaped container
11,110,980 Lock mounting assemblies for transportation devices
11,110,973 Floor assembly and floor securing apparatus
11,110,692 Braze material for ceramic matrix composite articles
11,110,464 Sample container carrier, laboratory sample distribution system and laboratory automation system
11,110,463 Sample container carrier, laboratory sample distribution system and laboratory automation system
11,110,134 Direct-fed microbials
11,110,085 Co-spray drying of ciprofloxacin and colistin and the uses thereof
11,110,022 Patient positioning support structure with trunk translator
11,109,895 Spinal construct
11,109,857 Soft tissue repair device and method
11,109,799 Modular turn assist apparatus and method therefor
11,109,592 Selective weed control methods

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