Patent Office Issues 143 Patents To Indiana Citizens in July 2015

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 143 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in July 2015, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

D735,327 Transitional handle
D735,298 Faucet
D735,293 Filter element
D735,287 Golf green divot repair tool
D735,055 Multi-pocket hotdog package
D735,049 Container
D735,015 Pull
D735,014 Wave lever
9,093,190 Synthesis of multinary chalcogenide nanoparticles comprising Cu, Zn, Sn, S, and Se
9,092,553 Method and system for calculating daily weighted averages of glucose measurements (or derived quantities) with time based-weights

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9,092,299 Remote management of electronic products
9,091,229 Aircraft powerplant
9,091,172 Rotor with cooling passage
9,090,977 Silver cathode activation
9,090,773 Method for preparing silicon–sulfur compounds and their use in bitiminous compositions
9,090,563 Bivalent linkers and conjugates thereof
9,090,250 System, method, and apparatus for battery pack thermal management
9,090,029 Pultrusion process for preparing composites having low percentage of fibers and articles made from same
9,089,761 Wrestling headgear with integrated headphones
9,089,672 Introducer placement system
9,089,663 Percutaneous access device
9,089,631 Irrigation devices adapted to be used with a light source for the identification and treatment of bodily passages
9,089,626 Radiopaque implantable collagenous biomaterial device
9,089,605 Quinone derivatives,
pharmaceutical compositions, and uses thereof
9,089,539 Ester-based insulin prodrugs
9,089,467 Casket assembly with nesting lids
9,089,447 Introducer assembly
9,089,445 Stent with protected barbs
9,089,413 Emergency vascular repair prosthesis
9,089,377 Bone screw
9,089,359 Endoscopic systems and methods for resection of tissue
9,089,321 Wheeled suture passer
9,089,293 Test element for analyzing a body fluid
9,089,262 Medical systems, devices and methods for suturing perforations
9,089,142 Impinging air ovens having high mass flow orifices
9,089,140 Cleaning and sanitizing film
D734,675 Bottle
9,088,846 Oval variable wall earbud
9,087,973 Egress and/or flicker-free lighting device with persistent luminescence
9,087,947 Clamp for mounting solar modules
9,087,149 Handheld diabetes management device having testing in pairs blood glucose test
9,086,499 Clustering protocol for directional sensor networks
9,086,358 Test cell
9,086,025 Systems and methods for correcting mass airflow sensor drift
9,085,988 Gas turbine engine flow path member
9,085,571 Nonpeptide HIV-1 protease inhibitors
9,085,564 Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds
9,085,552 Process for the preparation of 3-(3-chloro-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine
9,085,535 Method and substances for the preparation of N-substituted pyridinium compounds
9,085,395 Plastic closure with enhanced performance
9,085,271 Slide out room seal assembly
9,085,126 Method and apparatus for non-contact joining of web fed materials
9,085,097 Reinforced catheter or sheath with reduced friction surface
9,085,054 Method of texturing an inner surface of a self-expanding implant delivery system outer sheath
9,084,875 Single piece double wall dilation balloon catheter
9,084,839 Adhesive for use on skin
9,084,680 Multiple bearing humeral prosthesis
9,084,675 Vocal fold movement translation device and method of using same
9,084,642 Spinal implant system and method
9,084,631 Method and clamping apparatus for external fixation and stabilization
9,084,630 Method and clamping apparatus for external fixation and stabilization
9,084,618 Drill guides for confirming alignment of patient-specific alignment guides
9,084,596 Suture clamp and gastrointestinal suture anchor set device using same
9,084,570 Electrochemical sensor having symmetrically distributed analyte sensitive areas
9,084,418 Pesticide compositions of meso-sized particles with enhanced activity
9,084,417 Delivery of ethylene blocking and/or promoting agents
D734,295 Oval shaped in-ear headphone
D734,152 Jar lid
D733,995 Garment top with a control layer
9,083,700 Systems and methods for authorization of information access
9,082,923 Method and apparatus for enhancing vortex pinning by conformal crystal arrays
9,081,016 Assay for measurement of antibodies binding to a therapeutic monoclonal antibody
9,081,003 Systems and methods for testing drugs and drug delivery systems
9,080,597 Crankpin including cams,
connecting rod including followers, and internal combustion engine including crankpin and connecting rod
9,080,540 Engine with injector mounting and cooling arrangement
9,080,524 System, method, and apparatus for sulfur recovery on an SCR catalyst
9,080,457 Edge seal for gas turbine engine ceramic matrix composite component
9,080,448 Gas turbine engine vanes
9,080,117 Biofuel production method and system
9,079,983 Chemoselective enrichment for compound isolation
9,079,545 Gear shift mounted accessory holder
9,079,493 Adjustable control of power take-off subsystem damping and system thereof
9,079,207 Adhesive applicator for threaded devices and process for applying adhesive to threaded devices
9,078,979 Corkscrew injection needle
9,078,944 System and method of labeling and identifying the contents within a sterilization case
9,078,808 Device to deliver magnesium in PEG formulation
9,078,780 Balloon flareable branch vessel prosthesis and method
9,078,770 Method and apparatus for implanting a modular femoral hip
9,078,768 Arcuate interbody spinal fusion implant having a reduced width and an anatomically conformed trailing end
9,078,755 Ethnic-specific orthopaedic implants and custom cutting jigs
9,078,748 Low profile support frame and related intraluminal medical devices
9,078,746 Implantable vascular device
9,078,712 Preformed drug-eluting device to be affixed to an anterior spinal plate
9,078,709 Spinal implant system and method
9,078,671 Surgical tool
9,078,644 Fracture fixation device
9,078,639 Bone marrow aspiration needle
9,078,613 Intra-occular pressure sensor
9,078,605 Method for fluid collection from animals
9,078,393 Activated-release fertilizer, pesticides, and other granules, germination-activated seeds, and methods of making and using same
D733,575 Bottle
D733,393 Garment top with a control layer
9,078,328 Vehicle lighting outage detection circuit
9,078,067 Sounder assembly for explosive environment
9,077,221 Gas turbine engine
9,077,218 Alternator brush holder
9,076,415 Musical percussion support stands having three supporting contact points and related systems and methods
9,076,120 System and method for locating sample vessels
9,075,140 GNSS ephemeris with graceful degradation and measurement fusion
9,075,056 Reagents and methods for phosphorylation/dephosphorylation analyses
9,075,055 Device and associated methods for performing luminescence and fluorescence measurements of a sample
9,075,033 Reagent cartridge
9,074,549 Aftertreatment thermal management strategies for internal combustion engines having multiple cylinder banks
9,074,540 Exhaust gas recirculation systems with variable venturi devices
9,074,503 Clean exhaust system and method for diesel engines of marine vessels
9,074,357 Mounting bracket for electronic kitchen faucet
9,074,274 Nickel-titanium-rare earth alloy and method of processing the alloy
9,074,240 Symmetrical test element for detecting an analyte
9,073,991 CGRP antibodies
9,073,979 Vaccination against host cell-associated herpes viruses
9,073,920 Substituted dibenzonaphthyridines, pharmaceutical uses thereof and processes therfor
9,073,901 DGAT2 inhibitors
9,073,856 Phenyl methanesulfonamide derivatives useful as MGAT-2 inhibitors
9,073,832 Class II HMG-COA reductase inhibitors and methods of use
9,073,564 Collapsible wagon and method of collapsing a wagon
9,073,535 Utility vehicle
9,073,516 Leveling jack for vehicle
9,073,416 Adjustable bail arm coupling
9,073,414 Removable bow end for a cover system
9,073,294 Method for sealing a water-soluble film by applying a sealing solution
9,073,008 Use of ferrous sulfide suspension for the removal of mercury from flue gases
9,072,727 Alpha adrenergic receptor agonists for treatment of degenerative disc disease
9,072,646 Lateral surgical platform with rotation
9,072,638 Transition assist siderail and article employing the same
9,072,621 Fenestrated stent grafts
9,072,607 Tibial bearing component for a knee prosthesis with improved articular characteristics
9,072,605 Knee arthroplasty prosthesis
9,072,560 Implant removal aid for use with implants utilizing a data carrier
9,072,556 Clavicle bending templates
9,072,550 Spinal fixation system and method
9,072,546 Spinal constructs with improved load-sharing
9,072,542 System and method for fiducial deployment
9,072,434 Methods, systems and apparatuses for night and day corrective ophthalmic prescription
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