Patent Office Issues 160 Patents To Indiana Citizens in November 2014

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 160 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in November 2014, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

PAT. NO. Title
D718,427 Faucet 
D718,072 Toothbrush tumbler holder 
8897977 Variator control with torque protection 
8897544 System and method for segmentation of three-dimensional image data 
8895918 Ion generation using modified wetted porous materials 
8895747 Method and substances for preparation of N-substituted pyridinium compounds 

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8895645 Polymer-modified asphalt compositions 
8895568 Compositions comprising substituted pteridines as agrochemicals 
8895470 Herbicidal compositions comprising 4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluoro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)
pyridine-2-carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof and glyphosate or glufosinate 
8895316 Transferring blood glucose measures seamlessly from a handheld glucose meter 
8895315 Displaying status of a blood glucose measure being transferred wirelessly from a handheld glucose meter 
8895046 Orthopaedic implant for supporting tissue growth and methods of forming the implant and tissue 
8894933 Portable handheld medical diagnostic devices 
8894928 Junction, device and process for transporting sample racks 
8894831 Printed memory on strip 
8894715 Knee prosthesis 
8894701 Hybrid balloon-expandable/self-expanding prosthesis for deployment in a body vessel and method of making 
8894686 Interspinous process implants and methods of use 
8894632 Manually operable portable infusion device 
8894546 Electro-hydraulic control including blocking features for mulit-speed automatic transmission 
8894423 Contact with anti-rotation elements and solder flow abatement 
8894262 Blood glucose test strip illumination device and method 
8894203 Multifocal correction providing improved quality of vision 
8894122 Interior deck system for a trailer or other storage container 
8894118 Gripper with cable synchronized jaw movement 
8894029 Retractor ring holder 
8893883 Medical device packaging 
8893872 Concrete roller 
8893689 Crankcase ventilation self-cleaning coalescer with intermittent rotation 
8893597 Sheet lifting device 
8893596 Osteochondral plug graft trimming device and method 
8893475 Control system for doser compensation in an SCR system 
8893467 Direct injection of a discrete quantity of fuel into channels of a wave rotor engine 
8893333 Surgical head support apparatus 
D717,916 Faucet 
D717,915 Faucet 
D717,589 Combination bowl and lid 
D717,516 Food product 
8893109 Software distribution amongst medical devices taking into account dependencies between devices 
8892332 System and method for estimating turbocharger operating speed 
8890706 Orientation identification label, reagent container carrier structure, analyzer device and reader module 
8890063 Ion generation using wetted porous material 
8889969 Hybrid corn variety 1374594 
8889880 Processes for preparing tubulysins 
8889856 Tetrahydropyrrolothiazine compounds 
8889710 Parasiticidal dihydroisoxazole compounds 
8889694 N-alkoxyamides of 6-(substituted phenyl)-4-aminopicolinates and 2-(substituted phenyl)-6-amino-4-pyrimidinecarboxylates and their use as selective herbicides for crops 
8889591 Herbicidal compositions comprising 4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluoro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)pyridine-2-
-carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof and bromobutide, daimuron,
oxaziclomefone or pyributicarb 
8889419 Methods for enhanced virus-mediated DNA transfer using molecules with virus- and cell-binding domains 
8889390 Engineered zinc finger proteins targeting 5-enolpyruvyl shikimate-3-phosphate synthase genes 
8889263 Composite structure 
8889173 Alpha adrenergic receptor agonists for treatment of pain and/or inflammation 
8888973 Encoded biosensors and methods of manufacture and use thereof 
8888942 Production of tape goods having diagnostic aid 
8888921 Catalytic converter, a kit for servicing a catalytic converter, and methods for servicing a catalytic converter 
8888858 Femoral trochlea prostheses 
8888857 Constrained prosthetic knee with rotating bearing 
8888856 Total knee implant 
8888841 Bioabsorbable implants 
8888839 Bioabsorbable stent and implantable medical device 
8888835 Method of loading a medical device into a delivery system 
8888834 Deployment assembly and introducer 
8888821 Spinal implant measuring system and method 
8888817 Systems and methods for spinal stabilization with flexible elements 
8888816 Distractible interspinous process implant and method of implantation 
8888803 Tissue removal device for neurosurgical and spinal surgery applications 
8888782 Robotic guided femoral head reshaping 
8888780 Method for using retractable stylet and cannula combination to form an opening in bone 
8888777 Articulation apparatus for external fixation device 
8888715 Analysis system and method for determining an analyte in a body fluid with a magazine comprising integrated sample acquisition and analyzing elements 
8888652 System, method, and apparatus for controlling power output distribution in a hybrid power train 
8888455 Gas turbine engine and blade for gas turbine engine 
8888165 Trailer roof with removable panels 
8888064 Coil retainer and method of use 
8888017 System, method, and apparatus for delivering highly atomized diesel exhaust fluid to an exhaust aftertreatment system 
8887913 Grommet matrix 
8887775 Spill avoidance system and method 
8887693 System and method for estimating turbocharger compressor inlet air flow rate 
8887670 Remote animal training system using voltage-to-frequency conversion 
8887651 Agricultural fumigation using a multilayer film including a PVDC vapor barrier 
8887611 Method for neutralizing explosives and electronics 
8887542 Motor drive mechanism for an electronic deadbolt lock 
8887499 Electronic high hydraulic pressure cutoff to improve system efficiency 
8887485 Three spool gas turbine engine having a clutch and compressor bypass 
8887461 Structural tube 
D717,403 Faucet 
D717,402 Faucet 
D717,401 Faucet 
8886619 Structured test adherence management for manual data entry systems 
8886295 Method and apparatus for motility contrast imaging 
8885975 Method and apparatus for iterative reconstruction 
8884618 Method of generating a patient-specific bone shell 
8884608 AFM-coupled microscale radiofrequency probe for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy 
8884125 Cotton variety 99M-548 
8883811 Synergistic fungicidal mixtures for fungal control in cereals 
8883768 Fluocinolone implants to protect against undesirable bone and cartilage destruction 
8883726 Fibroblast growth factor 21 variants 
8883688 Arylalkyl esters of 4-amino-6-(substituted phenyl)-picolinates and 6-amino-2-(substituted phenyl)-pyrimidinecarboxylates and their use as selective herbicides for crops 
8883682 Herbicidal compositions comprising 4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluoro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)pyridine-2-
-carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof and auxin transport inhibitors 
8883472 Process for removing water from aqueous solutions of proteins 
8883342 Battery assembly with temperature control device 
8883280 Polymeric material for an insulated container 
8883181 Compositions for treating plant pathogens 
8882977 Microbiosensors based on DNA modified single-walled carbon nanotube and PT black nanocomposites 
8882951 Method for producing a tape product having diagnostic aids 
8882850 Multi-formed collagenous biomaterial medical device 
8882843 Interbody spinal fusion implant having a trailing end with at least one stabilization element 
8882835 Interbody spinal fusion implant having an anatomically conformed trailing end 
8882821 Cartridge delivery system for delivery of medical devices 
8882815 Flexible plate fixation of bone fractures 
8882811 Spinal implant system and method 
8882777 Indicator device for use with a surgical guide instrument 
8882774 Instrumentation for the preparation and transplantation of osteochondral allografts 
8882751 Wire guided thrombectomy device 
8882681 Through-cradle soft tissue biopsy device 
8882664 Animal symptom visual analytics 
8882603 Playground safety surface 
8882506 Implant repair system and method 
8882432 Robotic automated storage and retrieval system mixed pallet build system 
8882264 Simultaneous vision lenses,
design strategies, apparatuses, methods, and systems 
8882172 Tensioning bow assembly for a flexible cover system 
8882065 Two piece track assembly 
8881900 Instrument case 
8881755 Valve assembly for a two handle faucet 
8881718 Fuel-fired combustor 
8881686 Remote animal training system using voltage-to-frequency conversion 
8881566 Disc alignment mechanism 
8881534 Gas turbine engine shaft coupler 
8881533 Turbine engine 
8881526 Laser for steam turbine system 
8881508 SCR control system utilizing a differential NH.sub.3 and NO.sub.x measurement using an exhaust gas sensor coupled with a micro SCR catalyst 
8881365 Implantable graft device having treated yarn and method for making same 
D716,523 Food product 
D716,522 Food product 
8880380 Crashworthiness design methodology using a hybrid cellular automata algorithm for the synthesis of topologies for structures subject to nonlinear transient loading 
8879662 High level IBOC combining method and apparatus for single input antenna systems 
8878406 Stator including conductors provided with a composite sleeve 
8878384 Central wind turbine power generation 
8877925 2,6-dihalo-5-alkoxy-4-substituted-pyrimidines,
pyrimidine-carbaldehydes, and methods of formation and use 
8877233 Porous sponge matrix medical devices and methods 
8877226 Dexamethasone formulations in a biodegradable material 
8877221 Osteoconductive matrices comprising calcium phosphate particles and statins and methods of using the same 
8877045 Water treatment apparatus 
8876909 Implant sleeve for orthopedic implants 
8876908 Shoulder prosthesis 
8876879 Introducer 
8876854 Implant release mechanism 
8876852 Occluding device for occlusion of a body vessel and method for making the same 
8876849 False lumen occluder 
8876837 Method and apparatus for implanting a modular femoral hip 
8876830 Virtual implant placement in the OR 
8876701 Medical systems, devices and methods for endoscopically suturing perforations 
8876352 Method and system for flexible illuminated devices having edge lighting utilizing light active sheet material with integrated light emitting diode 
8876193 Inner wall liner for a refrigerated trailer wall panel 
8876142 Adapter with S-cam 
8875610 Die lock for die retaining board 
8875520 Gas turbine engine device 
8875490 System and method to control selective catalytic reduction systems in feedback 
8875453 System for mounting solar modules 
8875372 Braided helical wire stent 
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