Patent Office Issues 162 Patents To Indiana Citizens in May 2015

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 162 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in May 2015, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

PAT. NO. Title
D730,410 Spreader output tray
D730,298 Electrical connector
9043840 Method and a system for television display of web feed content
9043061 Methods, systems, and apparatuses for driveline load management
9043060 Methods, systems, and apparatuses for driveline load management
9042964 System and method for fiducial deployment via slotted needle
9041546 System and method for position detection
9041440 Graphene-based frequency tripler
9041260 Cooling system and method for an electronic machine
9040824 Twinaxial cable and twinaxial cable ribbon

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9040652 Binders and materials made therewith
9040579 Combination therapy using coenzyme Q10 and a caffeic acid-derived ester
9040505 Benzoquinone derivative E3330 in combination with chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer and angiogenesis
9040459 Herbicidal compositions comprising aminopyralid and propanil
9040458 Safening composition of 6-(trisubstituded phenyl)-4-amino-2-pyridinecarboxylate herbicides and cloquintocet-mexyl for cereal crops
9039876 Test strip ejector for medical device
9039827 Binders
9039779 Adjustable lateral articulating condyle
9039777 Modular junction seal of an orthopedic implant
9039765 Implant system and method for stabilization of a sacro-iliac joint
9039750 Handle control system for a stent delivery system
9039745 One-piece variable angle locking washer
9039710 Prosthetic inserter
9039679 Systems and methods for sustained medical infusion and devices related thereto
9039638 Test unit for carrying out a one-time testing of a body fluid
9039637 Flexible cytology coil
9039480 Action figures with slide devices and methods of use
9039328 Pipe float
9039280 Highly-reliable micro-electromechanical system temperature sensor
9039020 End member and gas spring assembly including same
9038601 Flow limiter assembly for a fuel system of an internal combustion engine
9038408 Wastewater effluent to geothermal heating
9038373 Ammonia sensor control of an SCR aftertreatment system
9038369 Systems and methods for aftertreatment system diagnostics
9038355 Method and apparatus for unfolding folded plastic film for use in forming a packaging tube
9038322 Adjustable resilient seal with bendable bulb portions
9038239 Removable grommet device and method of using thereof
9038218 Person support apparatuses with selectively coupled foot sections
9038208 Swim spa with plenum arrangement at head end
D729,906 Shower handle
D729,893 Firearm
D729,850 Spreader output tray
D729,849 Spreader output tray
D729,701 Saddlebag lid
D729,696 Race car
D729,695 Race car
9037414 Methods and apparatus for electromagnetic signal polarimetry sensing
9037370 Multi-plexing clutch logic control of a multi-mode transmission
9035239 Mass spectrometry analysis of microorganisms in samples
9035077 Total synthesis of artemisinin
9035051 Ghrelin O-acyl transferase inhibitor
9034870 Azaindenoisoquinoline topoisomerase I inhibitors
9034864 Azetidinyloxyphenylpyrrolidine compounds
9034358 Bone matrix compositions and methods
9034356 Porous osteoimplant
9034353 Meso-sized capsules useful for the delivery of agricultural chemicals
9034349 Compositions and methods for treating a damaged cardiovascular element
9034285 Use of ferrous sulfide suspension for the removal of mercury from flue gases
9034250 Dynamic integrated lancing test strip with sterility cover
9034231 Cup lid
9034068 Box filter with orientation device
9034052 Delivery systems containing bioactive materials
9034050 Elbow prosthesis
9034042 Method of using an anti-growth matrix as a barrier for cell attachment and osteo-inductive factors
9034030 Helical arm tie down
9034027 Paraplegia prevention stent graft
9033966 Nerve and soft tissue ablation device
9033956 Electrically charged medical device
9033915 Systems, devices and methods for fluid/drug delivery
9033912 Drug delivery system
9033877 Device and method for determining blood glucose characteristics
9033778 Barometric relief air zone damper
9033654 Variable geometry vane system for gas turbine engines
9033648 Cooled gas turbine engine member
9033268 Material reduction apparatus and methods of use
9033108 Lubricant flow suppressor
9032944 Rotating arrow rest
9032940 Systems and methods for dedicated exhaust gas recirculation and control
9032869 Method for applying a strap around a load
9032737 Combustor added to a gas turbine engine to increase thrust
9032698 Package with lid sealing system
9032673 System for mounting solar modules
9032668 Seal with primary and secondary sealing lobes for use in roll-up door applications
9032629 Monofilament line cutting tool
9032564 Integrated electronic shower system
D729,355 Flange
D729,354 Flange
D729,351 Shower handle
D729,350 Faucet handle
D729,131 Saddlebag lid
D729,130 Saddlebag lid
D729,129 Saddlebag lid
D728,983 Lounge end
D728,947 Lounge with table
9030331 Fluid supply control for patient support surface
9030318 Wireless tandem alarm
9030279 Dielectric waveguide filter with direct coupling and alternative cross-coupling
9030278 Tuned dielectric waveguide filter and method of tuning the same
9030276 RF monoblock filter with a dielectric core and with a second filter disposed in a side surface of the dielectric core
9030275 RF monoblock filter with recessed top pattern and cavity providing improved attenuation
9030272 Duplex filter with recessed top pattern and cavity
9029629 Altered FAD2 and FAD3 genes in Brassica and the molecular marker-assisted detection thereof
9029560 Molecules having certain pesticidal utilities, and intermediates, compositions, and processes related thereto
9029556 Process for the preparation of 3-(3-chloro-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine
9029555 Process for the preparation of 3-(3-chloro-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine
9029554 Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds
9029367 BACE inhibitors
9029294 Penoxsulam as a turfgrass,
vineyard and orchard floor herbicide
9029159 Method for operating an automated sample workcell
9028908 Method for applying fluid to wire
9028594 Self service kiosk incorporating moisture repellant filter
9028530 Suture having antimicrobial properties
9028523 Systems, devices and methods for accessing a bodily opening
9028518 Tissue removal device for neurosurgical and spinal surgery applications
9028516 Surgical instrument and method of use for releasing soft tissue
9028505 Method and apparatus for driving a member
9028497 Cable button
9028487 Expandable probe
9028457 Method and apparatus for application of a fluid
9028443 Weeping balloon catheter with drug delivery balloon in fluid communication with combination lumen
9028426 Device and method for withdrawing body fluid
9028415 Blood flow monitor with visual display
9028409 Fluid delivery with in vivo electrochemical analyte sensing
9028224 Air operated double diaphragm pump
9028196 Traveler roller
9028188 Retention pin and method of forming
9027470 Food condition maintaining device
9027436 Rotor/shaft pin coupling assembly for pedal assembly
9027373 Hybrid lock cylinder
9027372 Lock assembly having secured setscrew configuration to prevent unauthorized handle removal
9027324 Engine and combustion system
D728,760 Tub
D728,535 Sound deflector
D728,378 Container
D728,301 Automatic canning appliance
9026421 Method of modeling cloud point of a mixture of fatty acid methyl esters using a modified UNIFAC model and a system therefor
9026329 Control for managing actuator output pressure applied to a torque transmitting mechanism of a multi-speed transmission
9024756 Immediate detection system and method thereof
9024709 Tunable evanescent-mode cavity filter
9024254 Enclosed desorption electrospray ionization probes and method of use thereof
9024038 Compunds and methods for treating HIV
9024031 Process for the preparation of 3-(3-chloro-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine
9023373 Functionalized calcium phosphate hybrid systems for the remineralization of teeth and a method for producing the same
9023358 Antibodies that bind to IL-23
9023115 Transdermal intraosseous device
9023109 Implant for transforaminal intracorporeal fusion
9023093 Tapered inner compression member and tapered inner guide channel member for medical device delivery systems
9023074 Multi-stage occlusion devices
9023053 Instrumentation for knee resection
9023023 Nerve and soft tissue ablation device
9023022 Nerve and soft tissue ablation device having release instrument
9022952 Body fluid sampling device
9022789 Sialendoscopy demonstration apparatus
9022689 Pumpable mine ventilation structure
9022483 Seatbelt buckle tongue assembly
9022194 System and method for actuating a mechanical diode clutch assembly
9022053 Mount for inlet check valve
9021843 Hybrid lock cylinder
9021808 Rankine cycle waste heat recovery system
9021794 Decomposition chamber
9021780 Energy extraction and transfer system for a gas turbine engine
9021746 Bleacher system
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