Patent Office Issues 162 Patents to Indiana Citizens in April 2022

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 162 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in April 2022

Patent No. Title
D950,163 Clip for a door assembly of an animal enclosure
D950,162 Clip for a door assembly of an animal enclosure
D950,020 Faucet handle
D950,018 Faucet
D949,798 Connector

D949,661 Pull
11,317,246 Flexible mesh network for locating assets in a clinical environment
11,317,078 Method and system for automatic exposure determination for high- resolution structured light 3D imaging
11,316,456 Systems and methods for optimizing engine operations in gensets
11,315,780 Charge detection mass spectrometry with real time analysis and signal optimization
11,314,159 Projection screen system and method for mounting the same
11,313,905 Device and method for data preservation and power loss recovery in an electric meter
11,313,870 Method of operating an analytical laboratory
11,313,757 Methods and apparatus for detecting a position of liquid
11,313,753 Contamination test rig
11,313,740 Gearbox temperature measurement device
11,313,640 Crossbow assembly
11,313,434 Shock absorption bracket
11,313,324 Systems and methods of acoustic dampening in a gas turbine engine
11,313,320 Exhaust nozzle with centerbody support structure for a gas turbine engine
11,313,295 Cylinder deactivation and variable geometry turbocharger control
11,313,294 Early intake valve closing and intake manifold pressure control
11,313,266 Compact mixer with flow diverter
11,313,263 Systems and methods for heating an aftertreatment system
11,313,261 Systems and methods for hole detection in crankcase ventilation tubing
11,313,243 Non-continuous abradable coatings
11,313,233 Turbine vane assembly with ceramic matrix composite parts and platform sealing features
11,313,151 Sensor for rim latch roller strike
11,313,136 Shower pan including molded rib structure having varying thickness
11,312,763 Anti-N3pGlu amyloid beta peptide antibodies and uses thereof
11,312,750 Soluble and immunoreactive Zika virus NS1 polypeptides comprising the wing domain
11,312,493 Unmanned aerial vehicle with non-lethal neuromuscular incapacitation system
11,312,323 Front grille light assembly for emergency vehicles
11,312,289 Bed lift mounting member
11,312,022 Autonomously encapsulating gripper tooling
11,311,844 Continuous compounding systems and methods of use
11,311,735 Implantable pouch with segmental lamination structure, and related methods of manufacture and use
11,311,647 Implantable calcium phosphate compositions and methods
11,311,643 Fibrin and/or dialdehyde starch hydrolysate materials, and preparation and use thereof
11,311,443 Casket assembly method
11,311,436 Method and apparatus for indicating continence state of a patient on a bed
11,311,383 Spinal implant system and method
11,311,351 Patient-specific tray for orthodontic vibrational force management
11,311,316 Spinal implant system and methods of use
11,311,315 Multi-plate capacitive assembly for a spinal implant
11,311,301 Flexible bone reamer
11,311,287 Method for tissue fixation
11,311,034 Synergistic sweetening compositions
D949,205 Fluid pump
D949,063 Trailer hitch tow plug and chain holder
D948,989 Knob
D948,988 Knob
D948,987 Knob
D948,986 Knob
D948,985 Knob
11,310,043 Frequency encryption for communication signals
11,309,172 Reaction monitoring
11,309,084 Intelligent location estimation for assets in clinical environments
11,308,768 System for an alternative version of poker
11,308,433 Point-of-care testing system
11,307,148 Sensor system for multi-component fluids
11,306,845 Snap-on faucet handle
11,306,642 Exhaust sensor baffle
11,306,639 Systems and methods for increasing reductant insertion accuracy
11,306,614 Sump auxiliary vent system
11,306,512 Exit device with remote trim input
11,306,506 Status-indicating cylindrical lock assembly
11,306,114 Process for separation, isolation and characterization of steviol glycosides
11,306,042 Processes for an improvement to gasoline octane for long-chain paraffin feed streams
11,306,015 Treatment of sludges and flocculants using insoluble mineral colloidal suspensions
11,305,977 Container-filling system
11,305,972 Vehicle lift with locally stored energy source
11,305,923 Closure for a package
11,305,687 Safety brake light module and method of engaging a safety brake light
11,305,619 Three-in-one windshield
11,305,482 Continuous and scalable 3D nanoprinting
11,305,363 Repair of through-hole damage using braze sintered preform
11,305,287 Water testing apparatus and methods of using the same
11,304,867 Lift and method for use of a lift for positioning a patient relative to a surgical frame
11,304,866 Head of bed access
11,304,731 Anti-splay head and set screw for spinal fixation
11,304,730 Tethered restraint of vertebral bodies
11,304,693 Staples and staple delivery and drill guides
11,304,637 Enclosed desorption electrospray ionization probes and method of use thereof
11,304,416 Cyclopentasiloxane and cationic biocide as a formulation additive to enhance persistent sanitizing and miscibility
D948,670 Faucet
D948,669 Faucet
D948,668 Faucet
D948,666 Faucet sprayhead
D948,665 Sprayer
D948,662 Showerhead
D948,447 Desktop receptacle
D948,446 Desktop receptacle
D948,445 Desktop receptacle
D948,306 Knob
D948,259 Table leg
11,303,510 Method for a wireless data communication between a sensor system and a receiver, and a system for a wireless data communication
11,303,347 Low-power, self-referenced receiver
11,302,336 Audio-based access control
11,301,349 Method and process of cyber security via software imaging
11,300,555 Methods of analyzing crude oil
11,300,548 Liquid chromatography systems
11,300,180 Vertical cable railing assembly
11,300,152 Spindle nut retainer
11,300,056 Starting alternatives for gas turbine engines
11,300,049 Inlet guide vane draw heat exchanger system
11,300,030 Decomposition chamber for aftertreatment systems
11,300,025 Systems and methods for reducing reductant deposit formation in a decomposition reactor of an exhaust gas aftertreatment system for an internal combustion engine
11,300,008 Lubrication scavenge system for a turbine engine with counter-rotating shafts
11,299,878 Vacuum sewage system with sump breather apparatus
11,299,745 Herbicide resistance genes
11,299,213 Joining a rail member to a composite trailer structure
11,299,106 Mounting system for a mobile microphone
11,299,042 Assembly for mounting a wheel to a portal gear box of an off-road vehicle
11,299,021 Multi-panel tonneau cover
11,298,873 Near net shape additive manufacturing
11,298,849 Modular units, clamping assemblies, and slicing machines equipped therewith
11,298,768 Method of preparing a surface for diffusion bonding and method of diffusion bonding
11,298,640 Expandable threaded adaptor for threadless shell
11,298,462 Automatic injection system
11,298,362 Combination therapy with Notch and CDK4/6 inhibitors for the treatment of cancer
11,298,341 PSMA binding ligand-linker conjugates and methods for using
11,298,236 Devices and methods for cementing insert bearing liner into acetabular cup component
11,298,234 Shoulder arthroplasty system
11,298,188 Methods for patient-specific shoulder arthroplasty
11,298,170 Spinal implant system and methods of use
11,298,163 Internal breakoff set screw and driver
11,298,162 Load sensing assembly for a spinal implant
11,297,838 Pesticidal compositions and methods
D948,050 Spinal implant
D948,048 Surgical implant
D948,000 Faucet handle
D947,999 Faucet handle
D947,995 Faucet
D947,978 Single shot protection device
D947,977 Single shot protection device
D947,698 Housing for water monitoring device
11,296,742 Ultra-low-power millimeter-wave to baseband receiver module for scalable massive MIMO
11,296,224 Non-volatile polarization induced strain coupled 2D FET memory
11,295,298 Control system and method
11,294,407 Device and method for insulin dosing
11,293,934 Automatic analyzer
11,293,931 Quantitative profiling of progesterone metabolites for the prediction of spontaneous preterm delivery
11,293,682 Method of modifying temperatures of multiple objects and apparatus therefor
11,293,339 Engine system for emission reduction without aftertreatment
11,293,330 Exhaust coolant system and method
11,293,329 Integrated bellows gasket
11,293,328 Mixer baffle with integrated sensor
11,293,327 Sampling device for an exhaust gas sensor
11,293,323 Systems and methods for reductant delivery in aftertreatment systems for internal combustion engines
11,293,057 AC electrosprayed droplets for digital and emulsion PCR
11,293,006 Endophytes for organic nitrogen use for sustainable agriculture
11,292,948 Heat transfer/storage fluids and systems that utilize such fluids
11,292,806 Processes for preparing sorbose from glucose
11,292,332 Axle assembly for low floor vehicle
11,291,573 Delivery system for a self-expanding medical device
11,291,570 Hybrid stent and delivery system
11,291,556 Interbody bone implant device
11,291,486 Half pins for external fixators
11,291,477 Dorsal adjusting implant and methods of use
11,291,466 Device and method for scar subcision
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