Patent Office Issues 168 Patents To Indiana Citizens in November, 2013

The US Patent Office issued the following 168 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in November, 2013, based on applications filed by Indiana Patent Attorneys:

Patent No. Title
8,594,760 In vivo analyte monitor with malfunction detection 
8,593,627 Apparatus and method for inspecting the inner surface of a tubular structure for contamination 
8,593,284 System and method for reporting status of a bed 
8,593,021 Coolant drainage system and method for electric machines 
8,592,859 Methods and apparatus for antimonide-based backward diode millimeter-wave detectors 
8,592,775 Radiation detector having a ribbed scintillator 
8,592,756 Systems and methods for transfer of ions for analysis 
8,592,653 Corn event DAS-59122-7 and methods for detection thereof 
8,592,645 Engineered zinc finger proteins targeting plant genes involved in fatty acid biosynthesis 
8,592,617 Redox mediators 

8,592,590 Tetrahydrotriazolopyridine compounds as selective MGLU5 receptor potentiators useful for the treatment of schizophrenia 
8,592,564 Immunoassays for lamotrigine 
8,592,184 Nucleic acid amplification in the presence of modified randomers 
8,591,935 Methods and compositions for treating pain comprising a statin 
8,591,930 Growth factor modified extracellular matrix material preparation and methods for preparation and use thereof 
8,591,926 Formulation and method for treating plants to control or suppress a plant pathogen 
8,591,894 Humanized antibodies that sequester amyloid beta peptide 
8,591,865 Renal function analysis method and apparatus 
8,591,837 Method for producing a magazine by injection molding, and a magazine for an analysis device 
8,591,827 Stack of test strips and method for the production thereof 
8,591,594 Motion facilitating tibial components for a knee prosthesis 
8,591,593 Pivoting tibial tray 
8,591,591 Spring base glenosphere 
8,591,589 Interbody fusion device 
8,591,563 Catheter with splittable wall shaft and peel tool 
8,591,555 System with integral locking mechanism 
8,591,553 Spinal disc prosthesis and associated methods 
8,591,551 Linked spinal stabilization elements for spinal fixation 
8,591,549 Variable durometer lumbar-sacral implant 
8,591,548 Spinous process fusion plate assembly 
8,591,546 Interspinous process implant having a thread-shaped wing and method of implantation 
8,591,530 Suture guide clip and laparoscopic techniques 
8,591,519 Surgical instrument with cycloidal gear system 
8,591,518 Method and apparatus for implanting a modular femoral hip 
8,591,516 Patient-specific orthopedic instruments 
8,591,461 Weeping balloon catheter 
8,591,436 Lancets for bodily fluid sampling supplied on a tape 
8,591,415 Child-friendly analyte measurement instrument 
8,591,391 Method and apparatus for separating a material 
8,591,369 Asynchronous boost assist system for a motor vehicle 
8,591,166 Axial compressor vane 
8,591,032 Opthalmic apparatuses, systems and methods 
8,590,851 Projector lift 
8,590,572 Spout tip retention method 
8,590,313 Precision counter-swirl combustor 
8,590,290 Methods, systems, and apparatuses of SCR diagnostics 
8,590,074 Transport apparatus 
D693,702 Snow, ice and/or moisture sensor 
8,589,178 Extensible therapy delivery system and method thereof 
8,589,148 Natural language watermarking 
8,589,106 Calibration of a handheld diabetes managing device that receives data from a continuous glucose monitor 
8,589,043 Fail-to-neutral system and method for toroidal traction drive automatic transmission 
8,588,687 Coexistence of multiple radios in a medical device 
8,588,562 Transceiver and interface for IC package 
8,588,561 Transceiver and interface for IC package 
8,588,318 Method for demodulating signal and terminal and base station for executing the method 
8,586,838 Inbred corn line LLN55 
8,586,597 6-fluoro-3-phenyl-2-[1-(9H-purin-6-ylamino)ethyl]-3H-quinazolin-4-one as an inhibitor of human phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta 
8,586,595 Positron emission tomography imaging method 
8,586,527 Cerivastatin to treat pulmonary disorders 
8,586,377 Analytical test element and process for its production 
8,586,376 Method for producing an analysis element spreading layer 
8,586,373 System and method for determining the concentration of an analyte in a sample fluid 
8,586,324 Method and apparatus to create autologous clotting serum 
8,586,317 Methods of diagnosing hypophosphatemic disorders 
8,586,073 Methods and formulations for administration of resolvin anti-inflammatory compounds 
8,585,959 Balloon with integrally retained dilation element 
8,585,854 Polymeric cover for robots 
8,585,770 Implant sleeve for cement hip stems 
8,585,769 Acetabular liner system 
8,585,768 Elbow prosthesis 
8,585,748 Vacuum assist delivery system 
8,585,740 Automated growing rod device 
8,585,680 Endovascular device tip assembly incorporating a marker device and method for making the same 
8,585,652 Haemostatic valve assembly 
8,585,624 Dynamic stabilizing knee support system 
8,585,595 Method and apparatus for aligning bone screw holes 
8,585,453 Technical aid swimming hand paddles 
8,585,064 Pivoting axle suspension assembly for a crop sprayer 
8,585,019 Loading apparatus and system for expandable intraluminal medical devices 
8,585,004 Air ride seat pedestal with independent height adjustment 
8,584,875 Tamper-evident container closure with flip-top cap 
8,584,874 Tamper-evident closure with directional molded retention tabs 
8,584,768 Nozzle assembly 
8,584,605 Apparatus for burning pulverized solid fuels with oxygen 
8,584,549 Throttle twist grip controller with ring potentiometer assembly 
8,584,449 Manifold for a multicylinder internal combustion engine 
8,584,425 Mounting clip and wall panel assembly as well as kit and method 
8,584,282 Boost feature for a bed 
8,584,279 Pulmonary mattress 
8,584,275 Patient lifter 
RE44,599 Quinazolinones as inhibitors of human phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta 
RE44,595 Diagnostic device with display module and leveraged component connections 
D693,440 Faucet 
D693,151 Table 
8,583,528 Point of service third party financial management vehicle for the healthcare industry 
8,583,455 Patient diabetes data interchange with electronic medical records 
8,581,549 System and method for balancing a state of charge of series connected cells 
8,581,540 Method for installing actuation mechanism for extending and retracting retractable room for recreational vehicle 
8,581,082 Inbred sunflower (Helianthus annuus) line, designated OIN807A/B 
8,581,061 Inbred corn line 1AA001 
8,581,036 Plant peptide gamma-zein for delivery of biomolecules into plant cells 
8,580,975 Synthesis of macrocyclic cancer chemotherapy agents and methods of use 
8,580,949 Enzymatic synthesis of carba-NAD 
8,580,874 Polymer-modified asphalt compositions 
8,580,780 6 substituted 2, 3,4,5 tetrahydro-1H-benzo[d]azepines as 5-HT.sub.2C receptor agonist 
8,580,567 Method for the automated analysis of liquid samples using centrifugal force in a microfluidic structure 
8,580,196 Automatic analyzer 
8,580,195 Laboratory system for handling sample tube racks, an alignment element for sample tube racks and a rack tray receiver assembly 
8,580,140 Cyclopropene complex compositions 
8,580,125 Method and apparatus for control of a gas or chemical 
8,580,085 Systems and methods for water distillation 
8,579,982 Spinal implant having deployable bone engaging projections 
8,579,981 Expanding interbody implant and articulating inserter and method 
8,579,979 Expandable intervertebral spacers and methods of use 
8,579,959 Radiopaque reinforcing member 
8,579,949 Provisional fixation for a multi-axial screw assembly 
8,579,930 Surgical instrument and method of use for releasing soft tissue 
8,579,925 Medical clamp 
8,579,913 Drive assembly for facilitating deployment of an implantable medical device 
8,579,909 Methods and instrument for vertebral interbody fusion 
8,579,907 Spacer with height and angle adjustments for spacing vertebral members 
8,579,809 Radially expanding surgical retractor 
8,579,359 Side skirt system for a trailer 
8,579,158 Product-dispensing container with pressurizable and collapsible product-storage bag 
8,578,966 Mixing valve 
8,578,802 System and method for multiplexing gear engagement control and providing fault protection in a toroidal traction drive automatic transmission 
8,578,527 Localized microclimate management 
D692,893 Electronic device 
D692,732 Ice cream spoon 
8,577,894 Method and system for access to restricted resources 
8,577,557 Systems and methods for detecting jack contact with ground 
8,577,438 Sensor for in-vivo measurements 
8,577,437 System for in-vivo measurement of an analyte concentration 
8,577,095 System and method for non-cooperative iris recognition 
8,575,814 Conductor insulation arrangement for electric machine winding 
8,575,579 Multi-leaf collimator for proton beam therapy 
8,575,447 Soybean variety 20281R2Y 
8,575,435 Canola cultivar G069467 
8,575,424 Production of functionalized linear DNA cassette and quantum dot/nanoparticle mediated delivery in plants 
8,575,352 Benzyl sulfonamide derivatives useful as MOGAT-2 inhibitors 
8,575,311 Collagen peptide conjugates and uses therefor 
8,575,215 Treatment of neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disorders 
8,574,856 Methods for determining the efficiency of a therapeutic 
8,574,738 Battery pack assembly with integrated heater 
8,574,514 Test element for detecting an analyte in a sample 
8,574,496 Body fluid testing device 
8,574,470 Combustion synthesis to bond metal inserts to C-C composite surfaces 
8,574,304 Asymmetric tibial components for a knee prosthesis 
8,574,302 Bone augmentation device 
8,574,296 Dual tendon bundle 
8,574,288 Side branch stent graft construction 
8,574,285 Intraluminal device with improved tapered beams 
8,574,284 Low profile non-symmetrical bare alignment stents with graft 
8,574,275 Fixation device for delivery of biologic material between soft tissue and bone 
8,574,235 Method for trochanteric reattachment 
8,574,221 Tubular medical device 
8,574,218 Catheter, fluid conveying method, and percutaneous procedure 
8,574,169 Test device in particular for blood sugar tests 
8,573,922 Bearing support 
8,573,885 Road surface planar 
8,573,666 Retractable room actuation assembly for recreational vehicle 
8,573,157 Indexed feed dispensing mechanism 
8,572,947 Gas turbine engine with ejector 
8,572,860 Double-ended depth gage 
8,572,846 Hoop-stress controlled shrinking for exhaust component 
8,572,832 Apparatus for compressing an expandable medical device 
8,572,778 User interface for hospital bed 

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