Patent Office Issues 173 Patents To Indiana Citizens in April 2015

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 173 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in April 2015, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

Patent No.  Title
D728,184 Bag holder 
D727,732 Baked goods box 
D727,713 Clip for an animal housing 
9021539 Leakage location methods 
9020878 Intelligent airfoil component surface inspection 
9020669 Hybrid vehicle driver coach 
9020262 Symbol compression using conditional entropy estimation 

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9020230 Method and apparatus for iterative reconstruction 
9020155 Electrolarynx 
9018441 Hairless NOD scid mouse 
9018433 Methods and apparatuses for digesting tissue 
9018388 Pesticidal compositions and processes related thereto 
9018363 Pesticidal compositions 
9018227 Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonists 
9018173 Materials and methods for suppressing inflammatory and neuropathic pain 
9018164 Glucagon analogs exhibiting physiological solubility and stability 
9018136 Pesticidal compositions and processes related thereto 
9017711 Soft tissue wrap 
9017620 Combination drive for a sampling system for collecting a liquid sample 
9017590 Solid state deformation processing of crosslinked high molecular weight polymeric materials 
9017544 Determining blood glucose in a small volume sample receiving cavity and in a short time period 
9017543 Method for determining the concentration of an analyte in a liquid sample using small volume samples and fast test times 
9017397 Valve device with inflatable chamber 
9017393 Releasable top cap assembly 
9017388 Methods for correcting spinal deformities 
9017386 Iliac connectors 
9017381 Adjustable knotless loops 
9017365 Polarizable delivery mechanism for medical device deployment
9017363 Blood filter 
9017362 Occluding device 
9017352 Helical fibrin removal tool 
9017333 Surgical tool 
9017298 Bone marrow aspiration needle 
9017055 Device for coating intramedullary rods with cement 
9017018 Annular seal 
9017003 Loading device 
9016967 Applicators 
9016793 Adjustable armrest device 
9016641 Appliance bracket 
9016563 Optical detector at point of care 
9016258 Crankpin including cams,
connecting rod including followers, and internal combustion engine including crankpin and connecting rod 
9016014 Methods and apparatuses for positioning and securing safing insulation 
9015958 Method and system to selectively dry grain in a grain bin 
9015207 Mobile sales tracking system 
9014971 Ground location of work truck 
9014918 Health monitoring systems and techniques for vehicle systems
9013315 Sensor control for apparatuses for supporting and monitoring a person 
9012735 Cotton variety 98M-2983 
9012722 Nucleic acid molecules that target the RHO1 small GTP-binding protein and confer resistance to coleopteran pests 
9012654 Insecticidal N-substituted (6-haloalkylpyridin-3-yl)-alkyl sulfoximines 
9012612 Insecticidal composition and processes related thereto 
9012530 Bioadhesive for periodontal gingival and/or bone tissues 
9012515 Oil formulations with thickeners 
9011897 Catheter lock solution comprising citrate and a paraben 
9011846 Thrombin isolated from blood and blood fractions 
9011800 Method and apparatus for separating biological materials 
9011687 Method and apparatus for producing autologous clotting components 
9011683 Filter cartridge centering device 
9011548 Prosthetic device with damper 
9011543 Methods for augmenting or repairing intervertebral discs with allogenic/xenogenic implants 
9011541 Systems and techniques for restoring and maintaining intervertebral anatomy 
9011539 Spinal nucleus replacement implant 
9011538 Methods of spinal nucleus replacemennt 
9011537 Delivery system cartridge 
9011534 Apparatus and method for tibial fixation of soft tissue 
9011517 Side branch stent graft 
9011514 Emergency vessel repair prosthesis deployment system 
9011498 Devices and methods for correcting spinal deformities 
9011494 Composite vertebral rod system and methods of use 
9011490 Suture retention device 
9011481 Vascular occlusion device having a jelly fish 
9011459 Provisional tibial prosthesis system 
9011453 Bone preserving intraoperative downsizing system for orthopaedic implants 
9011408 Functionally-closed, sterile blood processing solution system and method 
9011374 Balloon catheter with three lumens 
9010975 Multi-colored vehicle rear lamp 
9010794 Universal fit fifth wheel trailer safety device 
9010717 Mounting interface for a housing of a filtration module 
9010664 Adjustable smooth bore nozzle 
9010584 Dispensers 
9010473 Motorized retractable step apparatus 
9010117 Multi-stage turbocharger system with intercooling and aftercooling 
9010043 System for mounting solar modules 
9010033 Wall rail system 
9010018 Growth chamber carousel 
9009972 Method for manufacturing exhaust connection member with preformed braided cover 
9009895 Articulable bed with a translatable and orientation adjustable deck section and volumetrically adjustable compensatory element 
9009893 Hospital bed 
9009892 Occupant support and topper assembly with liquid removal and microclimate control capabilities 
9009891 Automatic patient weight measurement for determining pressure relief set points 
9009888 Health care bed with variably sized bed frame and method of use thereof 
D726,972 Panel for an animal crate 
D726,461 Table 
9009530 Interactive, constraint-network prognostics and diagnostics to control errors and conflicts (IPDN) 
9007173 System and method for accessing a structure using directional antennas and a wireless token 
9007012 Retractable room actuation assembly for recreational vehicle
9006943 Electro-dynamic machine with coolant chargeable bladder 
9006520 DIG-3 insecticidal Cry toxins 
9006468 Pesticidal compositions 
9006446 Pesticidal compositions 
9006305 Biocompatible material 
9006259 N1-sulfonyl-5-fluoropyrimidinone derivatives 
9006250 4-amino-6-(heterocyclic)picolinates and 6-amino-2-(heterocyclic)pyrimidine-4-carboxylates and their use as herbicides 
9005981 Assays utilizing nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunits 
9005354 Filterless material separator 
9005305 Methods and apparatuses for attaching tissue to orthopaedic implants 
9005297 Patient-specific elbow guides and associated methods 
9005287 Method for bone reattachment 
9005271 Stent graft with integral side arm 
9005268 Thoracic stent graft 
9005234 Occlusion device 
9005197 Medical instrument for ablating tissue 
9005187 Method and apparatus for improving local hypoxicity for enhanced therapy 
9005164 Low-profile one-way valve 
9005138 Wire guide having distal coupling tip 
9004873 Airfoil, turbomachine and gas turbine engine 
9004586 Vehicle seat assembly 
9004563 Pick up device with telescoping tube 
9004450 Fluid valve 
9004430 Articulating mount for a display 
9004384 Osteobiologic milling machine 
9004098 Pressure regulator for watering system 
9003578 Patient positioning device 
D726,293 Tub 
D726,292 Tub 
D726,291 Tub 
9003538 Method and system for associating database content for security enhancement 
9000706 Actuator control system 
9000648 Asymmetrical reluctance machine 
9000644 Concentric motor power generation and drive system 
9000276 Inbred corn line 3HK232 
9000263 Inositol polyphosphate 2-kinase genes and uses thereof 
9000180 Processes for the production of N-substituted sulfoximine pyridine N-oxides 
9000162 5,8-difluoro-4-(2-(4-(heteroaryloxy)-phenyl)ethylamino)quinazolines and their use as agrochemicals 
9000160 Process for the preparation of 2-amino-5,8-dimethoxy[1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-c]pyrimidine from 4-chloro-2,5-dimethoxypyrimidine 
9000043 Phenoxyethoxy compounds 
9000023 Disubstituted phthalazine hedgehog pathway antagonists 
9000002 N1-substituted-5-fluoro-2-oxopyrimidinone-1(2H)-carboxamide derivatives 
8999937 Glucocorticoid induced leucine zipper mimetics as therapeutic agents in multiple sclerosis 
8999928 Methods for treating diseases using a bone morphogenetic protein 
8999893 Stabilized oil-in-water emulsions including meptyl dinocap 
8999891 Method for controlling weeds in turf 
8999368 Medical devices and methods including polymers having biologically active agents therein 
8999268 Sample input device for inputting liquid samples 
8999254 Cadaver disposal systems 
8999235 Method and sterilizing device for sterilizing an implantable sensor 
8999140 Glucose oxidase mutants,
compositions, devices, kits and uses thereof 
8999000 Orthopedic implant with bone interface anchoring 
8998995 Elbow prosthesis 
8998994 Humeral implant having a floating bearing 
8998987 Orthopedic implant with porous polymer bone contacting surface 
8998974 Woven fabric with carbon nanotube strands 
8998949 Soft tissue conduit device 
8998940 Lancet gripper for use in a lancet device 
8998907 System and method for a modular resection guide 
8998905 Methods and instruments for use in vertebral treatment 
8998897 Ablation cap 
8998854 Catheter devices and drainage systems for delivering therapeutic agents 
8998807 Retractor extensions and methods of use 
8998558 Vehicle wheelchair lift 
8998326 Vehicle seat assembly 
8998175 Rail crossover 
8998121 Reel stand brake system 
8998030 Package with lid sealing system 
8997842 User selectable heat exchange apparatus and method of use 
8997782 Inlet control valves for use with fuel delivery systems 
8997749 Surgical assembly 
8997656 Vehicle sling bag rail system 
8997534 Privacy override function for a door lock 
8997461 Aftertreatment system having two SCR catalysts 
8997330 Layered sensor for determining an analyte concentration 
8997287 Method and apparatus for removing moisture from a mattress topper 
8997282 Bed with a powered width expansion wing 
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