Patent Office Issues 175 Patents To Indiana Citizens in November 2015

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 175 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in November 2015, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

PAT. NO. Title
9198301 Printed circuit assembly for a solenoid module for an automatic transmission
9198280 Via structure for transmitting differential signals
9198236 System and method for controlling a multiple-color lighting device
9197115 Electric machine cooling
9194852 Method and apparatus for accelerating the equilibration of a fluid
9194760 Capacitive pressure sensor with reduced parasitic capacitance
9194453 Gas spring assembly and method

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9194439 Variator bypass clutch
9194307 Multi-fuel flow systems and methods with dedicated exhaust gas recirculation
9194273 Apparatus, system, and method for aftertreatment control and diagnostics
9194271 Method and apparatus for providing good thermal contact between an exhaust component and heat extraction component
9194265 Rotating separator with housing preventing separated liquid carryover
9194243 Substrate features for mitigating stress
9194242 Thermal barrier coatings including CMAS-resistant thermal barrier coating layers
9194183 Methods and systems for drilling boreholes
9194107 Regenerative hydraulic systems and methods of use
9193959 T7 RNA polymerase variants with enhanced thermostability
9193763 PSMA binding ligand-linker conjugates and methods for using
9193750 Process for the preparation of certain triaryl rhamnose carbamates
9193715 Regulation of cholesterol homeostasis
9193700 Quinone compounds for treating Ape1 mediated diseases
9193683 Process for preparing dihalopyridines
9193311 Aircraft and system for supplying electrical power to an aircraft electrical load
9193291 Retractable room actuation assembly for recreational vehicle
9193086 Apparatus for cutting food products
9192892 Selective dosing module control system
9192747 Balloon catheter with dilating elements
9192746 Reperfusion catheter system
9192724 Refill module for an injection device
9192714 Carrier for an infusion system
9192713 Manually operable portable infusion device
9192710 Multi-lumen catheter
9192632 Methods of producing stem cell conditioned media to treat mammalian injuries or insults
9192499 Inner catheter for a self-expanding medical device delivery system with a closed coil wire
9192497 Apparatus and methods for improved stent deployment
9192480 Asymmetric tibial components for a knee prosthesis
9192476 Pyrolytic carbon implants with porous fixation component and methods of making the same
9192473 Valve frame
9192463 Blood perfusion device
9192460 Hollow fiber ureteral stent and filter
9192401 Dual-plane femoral guide assembly
9192389 Occluding device and method of manufacturing occluding devices
9192371 Knotless suture anchor and method of using same
9192362 Device and method for closure of vessel access site
9192094 Adaptable spreader
D743,521 Zone damper
9191610 Systems and methods for creating logical media streams for media storage and playback
9191109 Transporting data and auxiliary signals over an optical link
9190702 Ganged circulator device
9190600 Large-deflection microactuators
9190269 Silicon-on-insulator high power amplifiers
9190135 Organic ferroelectric material based random access memory
9190099 Higher order structured dyes with enhanced optical features
9188563 Perforated MOS structure for single biomolecule detection
9188293 Lighting device embedded in vehicle panel and method for making the same
9188260 Crimp evident seal
9188097 Starter with speed sensor assembly
9187884 Faucet including a capacitance based sensor
9187824 Rapid synthesis of graphene and formation of graphene structures
9187758 Optimized non-canonical zinc finger proteins
9187755 Nanoparticle mediated delivery of sequence specific nucleases
9187645 Polymer-modified asphalt compositions
9187521 Tubulysins and processes for preparing
9187474 Raf inhibitor compounds
9187411 Leukotriene B.sub.4 antagonist compound
9187268 Laboratory sample distribution system and corresponding method of operation
9187100 Hybrid power train flexible control integration
9187093 Systems and methods of cruise droop control
9187032 Exclusive OR (XOR) lamp driver and lamp
9187020 Vehicle seating system and method for reducing fatigue with dynamic actuator movement
9186671 Microfluidic test carrier for apportioning a liquid quantity into subquantities
9186602 Filter element with automatic air bleeding
9186531 Fire fighting monitor
9186435 Extracellular matrix composite materials, and manufacture and use thereof
9186430 Apparatus and method for accessing a biological indicator within a container
9186402 Method for preparing largazole analogs and uses thereof
9186269 Ankle brace including a snap-together pivoting upper extension shell
9186255 Tibial bearing component for a knee prosthesis with improved articular characteristics
9186197 Nerve and soft tissue ablation device for treating pain
9186179 Revolving lock for external fixation clamps
9186175 Surgical access assembly and method of using same
9186154 Patient-specific instruments for total ankle arthroplasty
9186140 Medical devices and methods useful for applying bolster material
9186104 Instruments and system for producing a sample of a body fluid and for analysis thereof
9186097 Body fluid lancing, acquiring,
and testing cartridge design
9185905 Stabilized oil-in-water emulsions including agriculturally active ingredients
9185889 CD4 T-cells and CD8zeta cells involved in mammalian host response to epithelial cell infections and uses thereof
9185877 Collapsible and/or assembled filter housing and filter used therewith
D742,756 Jar
D742,755 Jar
D742,682 Canning appliance
D742,621 Legging with a control layer
9185197 Accessory for mobile devices
9184038 Ion focusing
9184036 Synchronization of ion generation with cycling of a discontinuous atmospheric interface
9183692 Secure storage apparatus
9183466 Correlating videos and sentences
9182764 Apparatus and method for grouping vehicles for cooperative driving
9182418 Non-precipitating bodily fluid analysis system
9182034 Modulation control system and method for a hybrid transmission
9181905 System for controlling an air handling system including an electric pump-assisted exhaust gas recirculation
9181888 Selectively trapping and storing SO.sub.3 in an exhaust gas effluent
9181848 Turbocharger exhaust manifold system
9181739 Adjustable door mounting system
9181106 Systems and methods for control of a gas or chemical
9180455 Vent configuration for a blood sampler
9180226 Compositions and devices incorporating water-insoluble therapeutic agents and methods of the use thereof
9180215 Positron emission tomography imaging method
9180033 Intravascular shunt for traumatized arteries
9180030 Low profile non-symmetrical stent
9180020 System for stabilizing a portion of the spine
9180019 Interbody device and plate for spinal stabilization and instruments for positioning same
9179998 Device and method for treating vascular dissections
9179983 Method of determining a contour of an anatomical structure and selecting an orthopaedic implant to replicate the anatomical structure
9179969 Sphincterotome orientation
9179948 Instruments and methods for stabilization of bony structures
9179872 Lancets for bodily fluid sampling supplied on a tape
9179831 Visualization instrument
9179681 Pesticidal compositions
9179679 Synergistic herbicidal composition containing penoxsulam and flazasulfuron
9179674 Macrocyclic picolinamide compounds with fungicidal activity
9179645 Dispenser
9179640 Individual room duct and ventilation system for livestock production building
9179588 Vehicle and method for working top dressing material into grass blades
9178342 Wire trough
9177466 Advanced battery early warning and monitoring system
9177465 Bed status system for a patient support apparatus
9177342 Method and apparatus for generating an order for purchase
9175970 Online optimal refueling management
9175937 Gasless ignition system and method for making same
9175820 System for lighting apparatus utilizing light active sheet material with integrated light emitting diode,
window with lighting apparatus, conveyance with lighting apparatus, and method of providing lighting apparatus
9175605 Gas turbine engine surge margin bleed power recuperation
9175502 Resettable combination lock mechanism
9175481 Awning motor override
9175458 Faucet including a pullout wand with a capacitive sensing
9175435 Apparatus and method for folding fitted bedding articles
9175427 Electrospun patterned stent graft covering
9175002 Synthesis and use of dual tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase I (Tdp1)–topoisomerase I (Top1) inhibitors
9174970 5-fluoro pyrimidine derivatives
9174962 Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds
9174801 Conveyor system
9174525 Hybrid electric vehicle
9174503 Environment activated automatic shut-off switch system and method
9174420 Breathable film with internal viral and alcohol barrier layer
9174297 Resistance welding a porous metal layer to a metal substrate
9174030 Weeping balloon catheter
9173994 Touch-actuated micropump for transdermal drug delivery and method of use
9173993 Fluid delivery device
9173991 Device for drug delivery
9173983 Surface structure of a component of a medical device and a method of forming the surface structure
9173923 Modulating innate immune cell activity by lunasin and selected cytokines
9173919 Collagen-targeted nanoparticles
9173798 Patient repositioning system with hand crank capability
9173797 Siderail assembly for patient support apparatus
9173796 Bed with a powered width expansion wing with manual release
9173795 Brake pedal mechanism for hospital bed
9173756 Systems and methods for deploying a portion of a stent using at least one coiled member
9173701 RF enabled inflatable bone tamp
9173690 Orthopedic plate assembly for a distal radius having re-contouring features and method for using same
9173689 Retaining mechanism
9173666 Patient-specific-bone-cutting guidance instruments and methods
9173665 Patient-specific surgical guide for intra-operative production of patient-specific augment
9173664 Intramedullary nail holding device
9173663 Adapter for a surgical reamer driver
9173661 Patient specific alignment guide with cutting surface and laser indicator
9173660 Methods and devices to reduce the likelihood of injury from concussive or blast forces
9173659 Vascular plug
9173651 Soft tissue repair device and associated methods
9173649 Low profile distractor apparatuses
9173608 Space-saving magazining of analytical aids
9173502 Tri-fold sofa
9173376 Sow lactation feeder
9173365 Canola G73875R
9173364 Canola I2X0066A/B
9173341 Positioning equipment
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