Patent Office Issues 194 Patents To Indiana Citizens in June 2015

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 194 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in June 2015, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

PAT. NO. Title
D733,329 Wall panel
D733,328 Wall panel
9071116 Apparatus for installing stator winding conductors
9070987 Connector with secure wafer retention
9070518 Starter system
9070023 System and method of alerting a driver that visual perception of pedestrian may be difficult
9068949 System and method for multiplex spectroscopic imaging
9068338 Lift station flow diverter and method of using same
9068123 Multipurpose coke plant for synthetic fuel production
9068038 Extrudable pressure sensitive adhesive composition and methods for preparing the same

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9067920 Compounds useful for inhibiting Chk1
9067890 Process for the preparation of 4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluoro-6-(substituted) picolinates
9067839 Vermicomposting device
9067705 Process for forming an insulated container having artwork
9067546 High voltage protection interlock system for serviceability
9067278 Pulse spread laser
9067214 Separation process for plastics materials
9067092 Compact fire fighting monitor
9067045 Balloon catheter and method for making same
9066994 Demineralized cancellous strip DBM graft
9066909 Methods for producing and using rejuvenated red blood cells
9066853 Clonidine compounds in a biodegradable fiber
9066816 Spinal nucleus replacement implants
9066806 Glenoid implant
9066798 Woven implantable device
9066770 Surgical delivery instrument and method
9066761 Spinal implant system and method
9066758 Spinal implant system and method
9066753 Dilating stylet and cannula
9066751 Instrumentation and method for mounting a surgical navigation reference device to a patient
9066749 Cutting or scoring balloon and apparatus therefor
9066734 Patient-specific sacroiliac guides and associated methods
9066698 Systems and methods for sample collection
9066689 Lancet wheel and method for producing a lancet wheel
9066523 Method and apparatus for directing steam distribution in a steam cooker
9066511 Crawling arthropod intercepting device and method
D732,789 Palletized product spacer
D732,701 Wall panel
D732,426 Race car
D732,340 Hydration bottle
D732,269 Dress with control layer
9065720 Medical device and external device coordination systems and methods
9064674 Low temperature plasma probe and methods of use thereof
9063146 System and method for display type detection of a handheld medical device
9063102 Consumable element magazine for a measuring system for determining an analyte concentration
9063038 Bent microstructures for sampling, transporting or dispensing a fluid media
9062935 Automatic pin adjustment for archery sights
9062834 Illuminated device for electrician snake or fishing system
9062796 Faucet handle assembly
9062745 Automatic transmission with improved gear arrangement
9062642 Fuel injector with variable spray
9062635 System and method for estimating engine exhaust manifold operating parameters
9062584 Hybrid engine aftertreatment thermal management strategy
9062565 Gas turbine engine containment device
9062284 Uses and detection of herbicide resistance genes for resistance to aryloxyalkanoate herbicides
9062124 GIP-based mixed agonists for treatment of metabolic disorders and obesity
9062057 CCR5 antagonists for treating HIV
9062050 Inhibitor of JAK1 and JAK2
9062049 Process for the preparation of paliperidone
9061333 Process for insitu treatment of soil and groundwater
9061224 System for monitoring and indicating filter life
9061116 Introducer assembly and sheath therefor
9061064 Implantable devices for chemonucleolysis of intervertebral discs
9061057 Synthesis and composition of amino acid linking groups conjugated to compounds used for the targeted imaging of tumors
9060978 Method for treating an intervertebral disc disorder by administering a dominant negative tumor necrosis factor antagonist
9060912 Casket and display base
9060908 Varying depth fluidized bed
9060895 Rotational controlled deployment device
9060887 Fenestrated stent grafts
9060868 Femoral component for a knee prosthesis with bone compacting ridge
9060853 Stent and stent-graft designs
9060852 Method for making a flexible stent-graft
9060817 Systems and methods for minimally invasive surgical procedures FO systems
9060788 Patient-specific acetabular guide for anterior approach
9060786 X-ray based cut block positioning jig
9060779 Clip devices and methods of delivery and deployment
9060759 Adjustable-throw biopsy needle
9060619 Variable height siderail
D732,162 Automatic injection device
D732,157 Fan assembly
D732,144 Faucet spout
D731,835 Lounge end
D731,827 Table
9059547 Lead system for electrical devices used in medical procedures
9058967 Discontinuous atmospheric pressure interface
9058706 Motor vehicle camera and monitoring system
9057633 In-line flow meter
9057312 System and apparatus for reducing reductant deposit formation in exhaust aftertreatment systems
9057309 System and apparatus for enhancing exhaust aftertreatment startup emissions control
9057184 Insulator base for electronic faucet
9056983 Dynamic load-absorbing materials and articles
9056844 4-substituted-3-benzyloxy-bicyclo[3.1.0]hexane compounds as mGluR 2/3 antagonists
9056795 Support for a fired article
9056607 System for selecting a transmission economy-based shift schedule
9056605 System for selecting a transmission economy-based shift schedule
9056541 Bow pivot assembly for a side roll tarping system
9056409 Process for molding a closure-support ring of a container lid
9056169 Communication protocol that supports pass-thru communication
9056161 Fluid delivery system with electrochemical sensing of analyte concentration levels
9056151 Methods for collagen processing and products using processed collagen
9056150 Compositions for treating bone defects
9056109 Compounds and methods for treating multiple sclerosis
9056105 Method for treatment of bone diseases and fractures
9056040 Cardboard cremation containers
9055982 Spinal implant system and methods of use
9055977 Porous metal device for regenerating soft tissue-to-bone interface
9055936 Over dilation
9055930 Device for preparing an implanted medical apparatus for extraction
9055907 Surgical access port
9055823 Lift bed with unified locking mechanism and multifunction bracket
9055742 Herbicide granules with built-in adjuvant
D731,630 Shower pan
9055035 Medical device with secure data transmission
9054806 Transporting data and auxiliary signals over an optical link
9054743 Auto-pairing wireless audio/visual system
9054625 Variable speed drive system
9054565 Electric machine cooling system and method
9054401 Pinned battery cell array for a hybrid electric vehicle
9053507 Component part search system with public and private communities
9052473 Pivoting latch for cable housing
9052293 Test method and test device for analysing a body fluid
9052281 Transistor-based particle detection systems and methods
9052095 Light guide fixture system
9051882 Seals for a gas turbine engine
9051881 Electrical power generation and windmill starting for turbine engine and aircraft
9051862 Diagnosis and treatment of selective catalytic reduction catalyst
9051736 Wall system
9051389 Expression conditions and methods of human recombinant growth and differentiation factor-5 (rhGDF-5)
9051126 Toothed belt drive system for augers
9051089 Drink cup and lid
9050628 Pulse-echo acoustic transducer
9050612 Shower device with independently operating valves
9050517 Ski training device and method
9050513 Temporary support
9050371 PEGylated insulin lispro compounds
9050363 Nucleic acid molecules that target the vacuolar atpase C subunit and confer resistance to coleopteran pests
9050274 Compositions and methods for treating an intervertebral disc using bulking agents or sealing agents
9050234 Casket head insert module
9050197 Knee sizing and balancing instrument
9050181 Ring stent
9050150 Trochanter attachment device
9050143 Spinal correction system
9050138 Vertebral rod connector and methods of use
9050067 Percutaneous nephrostomy plug delivery device
9049839 Filter system using plastic frames along structural wall of animal confinement building
9049838 Filter frame housing and filter for animal confinement building
9049822 Soybean markers linked to SCN resistance
D731,042 Shower mount
D731,029 Faucet handle
D731,026 Handshower
9049412 System and method for projecting video onto a screen
9048710 Electric machine module cooling system and method
9048595 Retaining clip for electrical connectors
9046497 Intelligent airfoil component grain defect inspection
9046272 Combustion liner assembly having a mount stake coupled to an upstream support
9046200 Heat-shrinkable tube covering
9046175 Acceleration based mode switch
9046130 Gas turbine engine and high speed rolling element bearing
9046126 Internal combustion engine with mechanically-affected stroke
9046056 Inlet particle separator system for a gas turbine engine
9045916 Disc alignment mechanism
9045904 Thermoplastic membranes containing expandable graphite
9045885 Integrated swivel spray aerator with diverter
9045767 Grapevine plant named JB05-22-3-27
9045766 Combined use of Vip3Ab and Cry1Ab for management of resistant insects
9045743 Stabilization of thermolysin in aqueous solution
9045645 Inorganic oxide powder
9045634 Thermoplastic polyester resin composition
9045502 Methods of isolating (4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-substituted-phenyl)boronates and methods of using the same
9045442 Antibacterial compounds and methods of using same
9045427 Fluoropicolinoyl fluorides and processes for their preparation
9045093 Trailer wiring over-current protection
9045039 Hydraulic reservoir assembly for a crop sprayer
9045027 Sealing system for slide out rooms
9044999 Method and apparatus for mounting and demounting large wheels
9044791 Fluid-powered liquid-dispenser apparatus
9044594 Laser generator for deep tissue laser treatments using low intensity laser therapy causing selective destruction of nociceptive nerves
9044581 Medical devices, methods, and kits for delivering medication to a bodily passage
9044553 Apparatus for injecting a pharmaceutical with automatic syringe retraction following injection
9044487 Hematopoietic neoplasm chemotherapy
9044455 Isolated extracellular matrix material including subserous fascia
9044361 Proxy caregiver interface
9044326 Femoral augments for use with knee joint prosthesis
9044325 Elbow prosthesis and method for use
9044311 Aortic graft device
9044305 Self cleaning devices, systems and methods of use
9044279 Device and method for expanding the spinal canal with spinal column stabilization and spinal deformity correction
9044266 Implant deployment device
9044204 Apparatuses for supporting and monitoring a condition of a person
9044158 Wearable microstrip antennas for skin placement for biomedical applications
9044024 Oven door
9044017 Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds
9043999 Bowfishing reel
9043965 Soybean variety 20885R2Y
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