Patent Office Issues 194 Patents To Indiana Citizens in June 2014

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 194 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in June 2014, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

PAT. NO. Title
D707590 Race car 
D707483 Side rail 
D707480 Bed frame 
8762766 Distributed fault tolerant architecture for a healthcare communication system 
8762289 Method, apparatus, and computer readable storage for training human searchers 
8762018 Method and apparatus for clutch pressure control 
8761941 Method for displaying medical data by a medical device during display failure 
8761940 Time block manipulation for insulin infusion delivery 
8761898 Flexible neural probe for magnetic insertion 
8761787 Methods, systems and apparatus to facilitate ranked network priority 
8760521 Calibration of large camera networks 
8760303 Spray drift systems and methods including an input device 

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8760089 Variable speed drive system 
8759644 Inbred corn line SSH65 
8759643 Inbred corn line XHE06 
8759642 Inbred corn line D054245 
8759641 Inbred corn line D065125 
8759640 Inbred corn line SRD02BM 
8759465 Cross-linkable polymeric compositions 
8759403 Curcuminoids and its metabolites for the application in allergic ocular/nasal conditions 
8759360 Purine compounds 
8759356 Compounds and methods for controlling fungi 
8759112 Multifunctional reference system for analyte determinations by fluorescence 
8759081 Microfluidic element with multi-functional measuring chamber for the analysis of a fluid sample 
8758806 Human lubrication gel 
8758793 Therapeutic agent carrier and method of treating bone fractures 
8758792 Bone matrix compositions and methods 
8758791 Highly compression resistant matrix with porous skeleton 
8758446 Method and apparatus for protecting modular implant connection 
8758444 Tibial baseplate with asymmetric placement of fixation structures 
8758438 Implant for orthopedic applications 
8758428 Coated implantable medical device 
8758425 Thoracic deployment device and stent graft 
8758407 Methods for positioning a load-bearing orthopedic implant device in vivo 
8758382 Lancet magazine 
8758381 Lancet device with optionally reusable lancets stored in a magazine 
8758354 Flexible attachment for an extramedullary surgical instrument 
8758344 Spinal implant and instruments 
8758326 Embedded wire extrusion with continuous loop tip 
8758302 Hemostatic valve and splittable introducer 
8758295 Short wire cable catheter 
8758264 Expandable device for full thickness biopsy 
8758235 Foldable surgical retractor 
8758231 Access sheath with active deflection 
8757637 System for leveling recreational vehicles and the like 
8757458 Storage box with slide out storage tray 
8757440 Container 
8757425 Beverage container 
8757308 Powered transport system and control methods 
8757098 Remote animal training system using voltage-to-frequency conversion 
8757047 Low leakage plunger assembly for a high pressure fluid system 
8756910 Gas turbine engine and cooling system 
8756774 Casket and ornament therefore 
8756735 Patient helper with egress handle 
8756732 Method and apparatus for relieving shear induced by an occupant support 
8756726 User interface for power drive system of a patient support apparatus 
8756084 Method and apparatus for providing retirement income benefits 
8756078 System and method for collection and communication of data from multiple patient care devices 
8755938 Systems and methods for handling unacceptable values in structured collection protocols 
8754731 Solenoid with variable reluctance plunger 
8754630 Apparatus and method for measuring real time clock accuracy in an electric meter 
8754426 Lighting device utilizing light active sheet material with integrated light emitting diode, disposed in seam and/or in low profile application 
8754321 Laminated thin film metal-semiconductor multilayers for thermoelectrics 
8754313 Hands-free harmonica mounting system and method of use 
8754310 Inbred corn line SLD13BM 
8754309 Inbred corn line XHD02LY 
8754305 Inbred corn line BU007 
8754304 Inbred corn line XHN26 
8754302 Soybean cultivar 21096 
8754291 Hybrid corn variety 570111 
8754290 HO/LL canola with resistance to clubroot disease 
8754231 Process for the preparation of 4-amino-5-fluoro-3-halo-6-(substituted)picolinates 
8754229 3-alkoxy, thioalkyl and amino-4-amino-6-(substituted)picolinates and their use as herbicides 
8754215 Process for the preparation of praziquantel 
8754111 Method and substances for preparation of N-substituted pyridinium compounds 
8754110 Methods of producing methyl 4-amino-3-chloro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)pyridine-2-carboxyl- ate 
8753856 Stable biocatalysts of penicillin acylase as gel aggregates and the process of manufacture thereof 
8753690 Methods and compositions for delivering interleukin-1 receptor antagonist 
8753689 Method of making demineralized bone particles 
8753668 Production of beta-glucans and mannans 
8753658 Bait materials, pest monitoring devices and other pest control devices that include polyurethane foam 
8753498 Open optoelectrowetting droplet actuation device and method 
8753406 Osteochondral graft delivery device and uses thereof 
8753402 Modular humeral head resurfacing system 
8753385 Preloaded stent graft delivery device 
8753317 Hemostasis cannula 
8753289 Pricking system 
8753268 Access port 
8753090 Bladed disk assembly 
8753075 Fan case assembly and method 
8752803 Standoff adaptor for push pin 
8752610 System, method, and apparatus for directional divergence between part motion and crystallization 
8752606 Awning with support system having articulated mounting arm 
8752565 Portable recreational vehicle seasonal roll-up awning snap-room awning addition 
8752457 Pallet dismantler 
8752395 Combustor liner support and seal assembly 
8752394 Determining fan parameters through pressure monitoring 
8752393 Systems, apparatuses, and methods of gas turbine engine control 
8752364 Techniques for optimizing engine operations during aftertreatment regeneration 
8752220 Systems for patient support, monitoring and treatment 
8752219 Bath system 
D706,724 Connector 
D706,653 Gobbler gauge 
8750960 Process for selecting bone for transplantation 
8750502 System on chip and method for cryptography using a physically unclonable function 
8750385 Video data loss recovery using low bit rate stream in an IPTV system 
8749107 Spacer for supporting conductors in an electric machine 
8749103 Permanent magnet rotor for electric machine 
8748705 Soybean variety 20881NR2Y 
8748704 Soybean variety 20815NR2Y 
8748703 Soybean variety 75430NSTS 
8748700 Control of AAD-1 monocot volunteers in fields of dicot crops 
8748459 Pyridinoylpiperidines as 5-HT.sub.1F agonists 
8748340 Pesticidal compositions and processes related thereto 
8747770 Mobile UV sterilization unit for fields and method thereof 
8747714 Method of manufacturing mesh-reinforced thermoplastic membranes 
8747505 V-bank air filtration system such as for animal confinement 
8747474 Orthopedic support locating or centering feature and method 
8747471 Vertebral implants including asymmetric endplate contours and methods of use 
8747457 Medical device and method of manufacturing same 
8747449 Endoscopic delivery device 
8747410 Patellar resection instrument with variable depth guide 
8747359 Hollow curved superelastic medical needle and method 
8747348 Detachable portable infusion device 
8747335 Integrated spot monitoring device with fluid sensor 
8747038 Packaging clip 
8747014 Tapered retaining ring to reduce bearing race movement 
8746924 Illumination system with illumination shield 
8746815 Track-module apparatus and open lightweight drive wheel therefor 
8746387 Exhaust system outrigger assembly for a crop sprayer 
8746370 Horizontal drilling system 
8745990 Gas turbine engine with integrated electric starter/generator 
8745971 System, method, and apparatus for controlling an aftertreatment system having a particulate filter and a rich NO.sub.x conversion device 
8745891 Vacuum kiln apparatus and method of using same 
8745847 Method of P-forming a continuous conductor having a rectangular cross section and a stator including a stator winding formed from a P-formed conductor having a rectangular cross-section 
8745788 System and method for controlling an air mattress 
8745786 Siderail assembly for patient support apparatus 
8745785 Siderail mechanism 
D706,512 Jack mount 
D706,400 Toilet 
D706,017 Food product 
8745589 Automatic extraction of test case for a build in testing lifecycle 
8745563 Computationally efficient modeling and simulation of large scale systems 
8745298 Interoperability enhancement that supports connectivity of applications on a medical device 
8744697 Variator lockout valve system 
8743574 Efficient power conversion for ultra low voltage micro scale energy transducers 
8743340 System and method for imaging apparatus calibration 
8742701 System, method, and apparatus for integrated hybrid power system thermal management 
8742680 Lighting control system 
8742641 Concentric motor power generation and drive system 
8742238 Inbred corn line UTM31 
8742237 Haploid-inducer corn line designated AX6012 
8742229 Inbred corn line XHA21BM 
8742217 Soybean variety 20538R2Y 
8742125 Process for the preparation of 2-trifluoromethyl-5-(1-substituted)alkylpyridines 
8741911 Raf inhibitor compounds 
8741849 Kinase inhibitors and uses thereof 
8741841 Fibroblast growth factor 21 proteins 
8741805 Enhanced nitrification inhibitor composition 
8741603 Enhancing spinosyn production with oxygen binding proteins 
8741587 ARMET as a marker for cancer 
8741466 Conduction and convection cooled energy storage system 
8741354 Composite extracellular matrix materials and medical products formed therefrom 
8741352 Graft materials containing ECM components, and methods for their manufacture 
8741263 Method and apparatus for kidney function analysis 
8740987 Tissue-derived mesh for orthopedic regeneration 
8740980 Expandable medical implant 
8740972 Medical device with anchor members 
8740969 Apparatus for and method of fitting a stent-graft or similar device 
8740966 Low profile non-symmetrical stent 
8740964 Endoluminal delivery device 
8740955 Bone screw with multiple thread profiles for far cortical locking and flexible engagement to a bone 
8740947 Multiple lead bone fixation apparatus 
8740944 Vertebral stabilizer 
8740943 Spine distraction implant and method 
8740939 Method and apparatus for soft tissue fixation 
8740937 Suture lock 
8740913 Apparatus and method for arthroscopic transhumeral rotator cuff repair 
8740905 Bone fracture fixation system 
8740876 Device for external percutaneous connections 
8740843 Coated balloon catheter 
8740813 Methods and apparatus for expressing body fluid from an incision 
8740628 Lamp plugs providing enhanced functionality 
8740319 Recessed ganging lock and storage cabinet therewith 
8740298 Convertible chair 
8740102 Gas turbine engine valve 
8740002 Cap-installation signal system for filler neck cap 
8739923 Muffler for vehicle exhaust system 
8739826 Centerset faucet body and method of making same 
8739813 Waterway for a single supply faucet 
8739683 Gas spring piston with partial bellows support feature and gas spring assembly including same 
8739363 Removable grommet device with enlargeable slit and method thereof
8739332 Footboard with linen holder and transport shelf 
8739330 Tri-fold sofa 

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