Patent Office Issues 197 Patents To Indiana Citizens in April 2014

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 197 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in April 2014, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

PAT. NO. Title
D703,500 Gas cap removal tool 
8,712,748 Medical diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis system for invoked events and methods thereof 
8,712,654 Acceleration based mode switch 
8,712,591 Constant low-flow air source control system and method 
8,710,950 Wireless control system for a patient support apparatus 
8,710,784 Vehicle seating system and method for reducing fatigue with changing actuator movement 
8,710,437 Ion generation using wetted porous material 
8,710,154 Non-aqueous solution process for the preparation of cross-linked polymers 
8,710,063 Purine compounds used as CB2 agonists 
8,709,797 Systems and methods for cryopreservation of cells 
8,709,648 Conductor-mixed active electrode material, electrode structure, rechargeable battery, and manufacturing method of conductor-mixed active electrode material 

8,709,565 Pre-primed roofing membrane 
8,709,458 Synergistic fungicidal interactions of 5-fluorocytosine and other fungicides 
8,709,064 Introducer assembly and dilator tip therefor 
8,709,063 Bifurcated stent introducer system 
8,709,061 Pre-loaded multiport delivery device 
8,709,060 Prosthesis deployment system 
8,709,022 Method and apparatus for passing a suture 
8,708,997 Introducer sheath 
8,708,238 Personal transaction card carrier 
8,707,963 Method for performing implant surgery 
8,707,956 Endotracheal tube having outer and inner cannulae 
8,707,807 Particulate filter diagnostics 
8,707,486 Lacing system to secure a limb in a surgical support apparatus 
8,707,483 Therapy enabler system 
D702,979 Stool seat 
8,707,392 Systems and methods for disease management 
8,706,691 System for managing insulin dosage data 
8,706,520 Metadata tagging system for a diabetes management system of devices 
8,706,209 Devices, systems, and methods for measuring parallel tissue conductance, luminal cross-sectional areas, fluid velocity, and/or determining plaque vulnerability using temperature 
8,704,167 Mass spectrometry analysis of microorganisms in samples 
8,703,947 Compounds for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease 
8,703,701 Glucagon/GLP-1 receptor co-agonists 
8,703,329 Redox shuttle for high voltage lithium battery 
8,703,215 Agents from Ficus hispida for the amelioration of metabolic syndrome and related diseases 
8,702,809 Demineralized cancellous bone scaffolds 
8,702,804 Variable prosthesis 
8,702,789 Endoprosthesis assemblies and methods for using the same 
8,702,786 Prosthesis having pivoting fenestration 
8,702,780 Endovascular deployment device 
8,702,767 Orthopaedic Screws 
8,702,747 Femoral removal vena cava filter 
8,702,746 Device and method for occlusion of fluid flow through a body vessel 
8,702,738 Tissue removal device for neurosurgical and spinal surgery applications 
8,702,724 Thrombus retrieval device 
8,702,720 Tassel tip wire guide 
8,702,713 Instruments and techniques for adjusting relative positioning of bones or bony tissues 
8,702,677 Device and method for directional delivery of a drug depot 
8,702,625 Steerable loop tip wire-guide 
8,702,613 Methods for determining fractional flow reserve 
8,702,609 Image-guided intravascular therapy catheters 
8,701,694 Mount for inlet check valve 
8,701,355 Collapsible roof curb 
8,701,246 Removable grommet device and method of using thereof 
8,701,230 Core instability system 
D702,823 Toilet tank 
D702,822 Toilet tank lid 
D702,821 Toilet tank 
D702,820 Toilet 
D702,819 Toilet 
D702,675 Digital guestbook registry 
D702,575 Yardstick growth chart 
D702,455 Soap dispenser 
D702,417 Food product 
8,700,615 Method and system for improvement of relevance of search results 
8,699,191 Power management arrangement and method in a utility meter 
8,698,041 Laser assisted machining apparatus with distributed lasers 
8,697,968 Inbred sunflower (Helianthus annuus) line, designated OIN809B 
8,697,967 Inbred corn line SRH55 
8,697,966 Inbred corn line SLM15 
8,697,965 Inbred corn line DES02 
8,697,959 Hybrid corn variety 980002 
8,697,952 Soybean variety 20877NR2Y 
8,697,849 Pyrazole compounds 
8,697,838 Ester-based insulin prodrugs 
8,697,801 Pallet with fire retardant and method of manufacture 
8,697,642 DIG-10 insecticidal cry toxins 
8,697,632 Amide based insulin prodrugs 
8,697,586 Fire retardant panel compositions 
8,697,107 Flowable implant with crosslinkable surface membrane 
8,696,757 Prosthetic hip device and associated method 
8,696,754 Revision patella prosthesis 
8,696,739 Barbed anchor 
8,696,688 Method and apparatus for passing a flexible strand 
8,696,668 Adjustable bone stabilizing frame system 
8,696,646 Treatment fluid delivery method, and turbulator for promoting uptake of a treatment agent 
8,696,629 Skin securable drug delivery device with a shock absorbing protective shield 
8,696,599 Medical systems, devices and methods for coupling wire guides 
8,696,596 Blood and interstitial fluid sampling device 
8,696,584 Devices, systems and methods for determining fractional flow reserve in the presence of a catheter 
8,696,570 Insertion device and method for inserting a subcutaneously insertable element into body 
8,696,550 Endoscope sheath 
8,696,545 System and method for minimally invasive disease therapy 
8,696,523 Multi-positioned angled step and risers 
8,696,511 Surgical instrument with plantary gear system 
8,696,273 Device and method for restraining cargo 
8,696,048 Fiber-reinforced floor system 
8,695,898 Spout including a stream straightener 
8,695,840 Closure assembly for a container 
8,695,821 Closure having improved performance 
8,695,625 Centerset faucet with mountable spout 
8,695,530 Medical device coating process 
D702,331 Toilet bowl 
D702,260 Cylinder block 
D702,137 Digital readout casing 
8,694,218 Acceleration based mode switch 
8,694,153 Method and laboratory system for handling sample tube racks 
8,694,133 Control systems and methods for machining operations 
8,692,884 Apparatus and method for assessing visual acuity 
8,692,544 Rotary position sensor 
8,692,425 Cooling combinations for electric machines 
8,692,119 Device for analysis of a sample on a test element 
8,692,097 Inbred corn line D036013 
8,692,096 Inbred corn line SLD14 
8,691,934 Binder compositions and associated methods 
8,691,856 Glucagon receptor antagonists, preparation and therapeutic uses 
8,691,797 Chlorination of carbohydrates and carbohydrate derivatives 
8,691,728 Cyclopropene compositions 
8,691,587 Use of SFRP-3 in the assessment of heart failure 
8,691,187 Imaging agents for detecting neurological disorders 
8,691,152 System and method for analyte measurement 
8,691,150 System for determining a number of unused consumable elements for testing a bodily fluid sample 
8,691,115 System and method for controlling char in biomass reactors 
8,691,075 Method for measuring analyte concentration in a liquid sample 
8,690,957 Bone graft composition, method and implant 
8,690,954 Tibial bearing component for a knee prosthesis with improved articular characteristics 
8,690,948 Interbody device and plate for spinal stabilization and instruments for positioning same 
8,690,919 Surgical spacer with shape control 
8,690,878 Flexible anchor extenders 
8,690,834 Medical device with multi-port inflatable hemostatic valve system
8,690,807 Surgical positioning system 
8,690,806 Surgical positioning system 
8,690,798 Methods and apparatus for sampling and analyzing body fluid 
8,690,797 Piercing system 
8,690,774 Analyzer for measuring blood gas parameters 
8,690,756 Advancing system and method of use thereof 
8,690,732 Electro-hydraulic control system diagnostics 
8,690,391 Multi-emitter lighting apparatus 
8,690,223 Actuation mechanism for a tarping system 
8,690,203 Mortise lock with lockable handles 
8,690,128 Hydraulic leveling cylinder 
8,690,099 Aircraft and propulsion system 
8,690,068 Miniaturized UHF RFID tag for implantable medical device 
8,689,895 Pilot valve, method of using, and fluid system equipped therewith
8,689,818 Widespread faucet 
8,689,542 Emissions reductions through reagent release control 
8,689,411 Casket and display base 
8,689,372 Siderail handle 
D701,941 Showerhead 
D701,940 Showerhead 
D701,885 Cylinder head 
D701,879 Display screen of a sales system toolkit with a graphical user interface 
D701,743 Door lock 
D701,672 Food product 
D701,671 Food product 
D701,670 Food product 
8,689,104 Method for providing remote control device descriptions from a communication node 
8,688,302 Hybrid power system braking control 
8,688,284 Method for switching electrical consumers in a building comprising an elevator system 
8,688,198 Surgical site marker delivery system 
8,687,811 Diabetes care kit that is preconfigured to establish a secure bidirectional communication link between a blood glucose meter and insulin pump 
8,686,351 Systems and methods for transfer of ions for analysis 
8,686,324 Hermetic packages with laser scored vent systems 
8,686,222 Use of dendrimer nanotechnology for delivery of biomolecules into plant cells 
8,686,202 Renewable engine fuel and method of producing same 
8,686,172 Activation of porous MOF materials 
8,686,146 Azaindenoisoquinoline topoisomerase I inhibitors 
8,686,064 Coupling agents for orthopedic biomaterials 
8,685,752 Ex vivo flow cytometry method and device 
8,685,677 Detection of AAD-12 soybean event 416 
8,685,423 Controlling mealybugs 
8,685,229 Biosensor with predetermined dose response curve and method of manufacturing 
8,685,227 Sample fluid testing device and method for analyzing a sample fluid 
8,685,222 Silver cathode activation 
8,685,102 Osteogenic fusion device 
8,685,099 Multiple component osteoimplant 
8,685,095 Expandable implant system and methods of use 
8,685,093 Methods and systems for diagnosing, treating, or tracking spinal disorders 
8,685,054 Valvuloplasty balloon catheter 
8,685,032 Pressure sensing vertebroplasty extension tube 
8,685,026 Devices and methods for releasing tension on a surgical tether 
8,684,951 Blood acquisition suspension system 
8,684,949 Analysis apparatus and analysis method for body fluids 
8,684,696 Gas turbine engine and main engine rotor assembly and disassembly
8,684,463 Apparatus and method for selectively reclining a vehicle seat back 
8,684,327 Temporary support 
8,684,304 Aircraft, propulsion system, and system for taxiing an aircraft 
8,684,219 Tank with internal baffle 
8,684,167 Load pallet sleeve dispensing apparatus 
8,684,135 Sound barriers made from scrap and waste materials 
8,684,124 Monoshock gas suspension system 
8,683,907 Electrical discharge system and method for neutralizing explosive devices and electronics 
8,683,821 Sediment trap system and method 
8,683,789 Exhaust valve assembly with intermediate position 
8,683,750 Architectural headwall cabinet for storing a lift device 
8,683,666 Restraint system buckle components having tactile surfaces, and associated methods of use and manufacture 
8,683,627 Mattress and bed deck cover 

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