Southern District Court of Indiana Dismisses Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against California Company for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction


Indianapolis, Indiana – The Southern District Court of Indiana has dismissed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Haycco LLC, a California limited liability company, finding a lack of personal jurisdiction. Traveler’s Joy, a Delaware Corporation, Haycco had been sued for trademark infringement, unfair competition, and dilution of trademark. Both companies provide a gift registry service that allows wedding guests to make monetary contributions to the bride and groom’s honeymoon. The complaint alleged infringement of US trademark registration nos. 3,560,502 and 3,718,357, which are for stylized logos of the word TRAVELER’S JOY for gift registration services. The plaintiff operates the website and defendant runs Traveler’s Joy alleged that the marks were sufficiently confusing to cause economic harm to Traveler’s Joy. Indiana Intellectual Property Blog has previously blogged about this case.

Traveler’s Joy had claimed that Indiana’s Southern District Court should have personal jurisdiction over Haycco because the website operated by Haycco would allow customers in Indiana to complete transactions. The court, however, noted that no Indiana customers had never had any customers from Indiana and had blocked web transactions from Indiana. The court also noted that Haycco had no employees, property, or bank accounts in Indiana and had not directly targeted Indiana in its marketing efforts. The court, therefore, concluded that Haycco does not have the “minimum contacts” necessary to establish personal jurisdiction. The court dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice.

The publisher of this blog represented Haycco, who prevailed in the motion to dismiss.

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