Upholding Quality and Protecting Brands: Tempur Sealy v. Luxury Mattress & Furniture

In the competitive world of mattresses and bedding, brand recognition and trust are paramount. Companies invest years in building their reputation, and protecting their intellectual property is crucial. Plaintiff Tempur Sealy International Inc. recently filed a lawsuit against Defendant Luxury Mattress & Furniture LLC, a suit highlighting the significance of safeguarding trademarks and brand integrity.

Tempur-Pedic-300x136According to the complaint, Tempur Sealy is a renowned name in the realm of premium mattresses. Known for its TEMPUR-PEDIC products, Tempur Sealy claims distinctiveness based on their high-quality materials and unparalleled comfort. The company states that they meticulously develop, manufacture, and market products under various trademarks such as TEMPUR, TEMPUR-PEDIC, and TEMPUR SEALY. In addition, they describe exhaustive efforts to maintain their brand’s integrity, from stringent quality control measures to an authorized network of retailers, attempting to ensure that customers receive authentic products and services.

The Plaintiff claims that on February 2, 2023, it notified the Defendant that it was terminating Luxury Mattress’s authorization to sell Tempur Sealy products.  The Plaintiff then alleges that Luxury Mattress continued to use the TEMPUR-PEDIC Marks in its Valparaiso, Indiana, retail location and on its website. Furthermore, Tempur Sealy asserts that the Defendant was using the TEMPUR-PEDIC Marks to advertise different products that were not associated with the Plaintiff’s product.

Therefore, the Plaintiff is accusing Luxury Mattress of willfully infringing Tempur Sealy’s trademarks, misleading consumers, unfair competition, false advertising, and dilution under the Lanham Act. Tempur Sealy is asking the Court to order an injunction preventing the Defendant from continuing to use or market the allegedly infringed Marks, to return all TEMPUR-PEDIC products to the Plaintiff, to order the Defendant to write an oath verifying it complied with the injunction, to pay a monetary sum to Tempur Sealy for its actual damages, and to pay the Plaintiff three times the amount of the Defendant’s profits made as a result of their alleged infringement.

The case has been assigned to Judge Philip P Simon and Magistrate Judge Andrew P Rodovich, in the U.S. District Court of Northern Indiana , and assigned Case No. 2:23-cv-00383.


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