USPTO News: USPTO Seeks Comments on Year-Old Standard Protective Order

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has opened for comments and suggestions on the Trademark Trial and Appeal Boards Standard Protective Order.  The new order went into effect in June of 2016.  Submit comments or suggestions on the Standard Protective Order to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Boards website.2017-11-16-BlogPhoto-300x49

The USPTO is considering changes to the Standard Protective Order, which is used to protect confidential information that is disclosed during the course of a Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceeding. The standard order is modifiable on a case-by-case basis by order of the Board or agreement of the parties involved. It provides a number of standard terms to bind parties and witnesses and prevent disclosure of confidential information they may have learned.

In June 2016 the Standard Protective Order was updated to its current form. Changes made at the time included making the order automatically imposed in Board proceedings, and recommending the parties execute a binding agreement.

The period for comments is open until January 31, 2018.

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