203 Patent Registrations Issued to Indiana Companies and Persons in August 2022

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued the following 203 patent registrations to businesses and individuals in Indiana during August 2022, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys.

Patent No. Title
D0962397 Faucet spout
D0962393 Faucet body
D0962391 Faucet
11,432,407 Electrical component package with reinforced molded pins
11,431,040 Arrangement for lithium-ion battery thermal events prediction, prevention, and control

11,430,056 System and method for managing restrictions on collection activities
11,429,764 System and method for energy usage accounting in software applications
11,428,701 Arrangement for an invitro-diagnostics system and method for operating
11,428,519 Systems and methods for measuring and adjusting gate openings of slicing machines
11,428,500 Archery release aid
11,428,497 Bow stabilizers with magnetic damping
11,428,410 Combustor for a gas turbine engine with ceramic matrix composite heat shield and seal retainer
11,428,311 Transmission control systems to adjust clutch pressure and torque based on grade
11,428,310 Stepped spindle
11,428,275 Wet clutch lubrication evacuation
11,428,181 Systems and methods for ultra-low NOx cold start warmup control and fault diagnosis
11,428,169 Abradable sealing element
11,428,164 Gas turbine engine with scalable pumping system
11,428,155 Two point fuel system for gas power generation
11,428,140 Mixer assembly for vehicle exhaust system
11,428,133 Systems and methods for managing catalyst temperature based on location
11,428,107 Preforms system for CMC blades
11,427,891 Low silicon copper alloy piping components and articles
11,427,111 Latch for sliding vehicle seat adjustment
11,427,053 Reversible refrigeration cycle system with re-heat capability for use with vehicles
11,426,886 Protective robot wrap
11,426,798 Additive manufactured alloy components
11,426,794 Composite structures including multiple materials formed using cold spraying
11,426,692 Radial seal air filter
11,426,527 Dose detection for a medication delivery device
11,426,518 Drug delivery system and a method for operating a drug delivery system
11,426,472 Fibroblast activation protein (FAP) targeted imaging and therapy in fibrosis
11,426,314 Hospital bed having turn assist panels
11,426,292 Spinal implant system and method
11,426,291 Orthopaedic implant with porous structural member
11,426,288 Unitarily formed expandable spinal implant and method of manufacturing and implanting same
11,426,282 Implants for adding joint inclination to a knee arthroplasty
11,426,280 Implantable compositions having fibers and methods of making and using them
11,426,248 Functional medical package and medical device for inserting at least one subsystem into a host
11,426,223 Bone screw and method of manufacture
11,426,215 Surgical instrument and method
11,426,212 Motion control and vertebral fixation device
11,426,209 Spinal implant system and methods of use
11,426,119 Assessment of spinal column integrity
11,426,034 Reduced force, sealing vent for squeeze foamer
11,425,906 Stacked herbicide tolerance event 8264.44.06.1, related transgenic soybean lines, and detection thereof
D0961611 Electronic device with graphical user interface
11,425,546 System and method for using an electronic lock with a smartphone
11,424,713 Method to control an inverter and inverter with improved controls
11,423,309 System and method for latency reduction in an optical imaging system
11,422,021 Oil quantity measurement apparatus and method
11,421,810 Double vented transition elbow
11,421,791 Tee union ball drain valve
11,421,761 Motor stop for a through-frame slide out system
11,421,759 Output gearing for a dual motor mixed-speed continuous power transmission
11,421,637 High pressure diesel fuel pump pumping element
11,421,572 Exhaust gas aftertreatment system with a selective catalytic reduction catalyst member upstream of a particulate filter
11,421,538 Composite aerofoils
11,421,084 Dispersible antimicrobial complex and coatings therefrom
11,420,629 Engine brake ramping
11,420,609 System and method for controlling engine stop-start events
11,420,589 Systems and methods to localize a recreational trailer
11,420,514 Multispeed transaxle with sprung powertrain mounting and methods therefor
11,420,433 Composite panel having perforated foam core and method of making the same
11,420,387 Methods and apparatus for 3d printing of highly viscous materials
11,420,279 Method of selectively bonding braze powders to a surface
11,420,249 Aluminum wheels and methods of manufacture
11,420,205 Instrument and method for energizing molecules in charged droplets
11,420,197 Apparatus and method for mixing fluid or media by vibrating a pipette using nonconcentric masses
11,420,141 Fuel filter cartridge with keyed profile
11,420,010 Bag and valve for advanced respiratory support
11,419,985 Medication injection device
11,419,790 Automatic device for transferring fluid
11,419,748 Apparatus and system for external orthopedic devices
11,419,725 Implants including a monolithic layer of biocompatible metallic material
11,419,652 Thread form for bone screw
11,419,646 Hammertoe implant promoting bony in-growth
11,419,640 Spinal implant system and method
11,419,618 Patient-specific glenoid guides
D0961002 Projectile loader
D0960935 Impeller
11,417,834 Apparatus for spin injection enhancement and method of making the same
11,416,742 Audio signal encoding method and apparatus and audio signal decoding method and apparatus using psychoacoustic-based weighted error function
11,416,483 Machine learned scheduling of data retrieval to avoid security restriction flagging
11,415,576 Method for measurement of vitamin D
11,415,483 Diagnostic system and method for detecting internal combustion engine faults using exhaust pressure readings
11,415,482 Water intrusion cover for sensor probe
11,415,370 Cooling systems comprising passively and actively expandable vapor chambers for cooling power semiconductor devices
11,415,225 Seal assembly with deflecting runner mount assembly
11,415,179 Impact resistant tie rod boot
11,415,163 Expanding retention locking plug
11,415,139 Compressor stall warning using nonlinear feature extraction algorithms
11,415,075 Port shapes for enhanced engine breathing
11,415,026 Pass through timing pin system
11,415,016 Turbine section assembly with ceramic matrix composite components and interstage sealing features
11,415,014 Turbine vane assembly with reinforced end wall joints
11,414,892 Exit device trim locking
11,414,884 Portable barrier
11,414,703 Markers to predict macrocyclic lactone drug resistance in Dirofilaria immitis, the causative agent of heartworm disease
11,414,445 Carbon capture, storage, and recycling compositions
11,414,389 (trifluoromethyl)pyrimidine-2-amine compounds
11,414,139 Container sidewall and roof connector
11,414,092 Maintenance and repair system for advanced driver assistance features
11,414,001 Motorized vehicles for transporting material, and methods relating thereto
11,413,442 Drug delivery device and methods having a retaining member
11,413,198 Ramp assembly with raised ramp position
11,413,175 Tube and suture stent introducer system
11,413,165 Bearing trial system
11,413,130 Intravascular filter cut from sheet metal
11,413,083 Spring loaded microfracture impactor
11,413,066 Selectively lockable holding arrangement for a surgical access system
11,413,024 Surgical retractor and method
11,412,923 Surgical access assembly and method of using same
11,412,855 Furniture and methods of storage
11,412,768 Method of improving tolerance to hypoallergenic infant formulas
D0960330 Shower alert
D0960306 Faucet sprayhead
D0960107 Electrical connector
D0960069 Wheel
D0960068 Wheel
D0959953 Knob
11,411,514 Electric machine with torque control
11,409,526 System and method for divide-and-conquer checkpointing
11,409,063 Optical interposer
11,408,902 Method to store sample tubes in a laboratory storage and retrieval system
11,408,881 Test meter and method for detecting undue pressure applied to an inserated test strip
11,408,865 Sample injector
11,408,639 Tankless water heaters and related methods for recreational vehicles
11,408,574 Card edge connector for a lighting module
11,408,489 Belt drive system
11,408,368 Reconfigurable exhaust nozzle for a gas turbine engine
11,408,345 Oil tank for geared turbofan engine
11,408,321 Reductant injection in exhaust manifold
11,408,316 Dedicated thermal management for an SCR system
11,408,206 Indicator lever
11,408,203 Access control device
11,408,153 Multi-port transition tee drain valve
11,407,951 Aviation gasolines containing mesitylene and isopentane
11,407,949 Process for converting C2-C5 hydrocarbons to gasoline and diesel fuel blendstocks
11,407,457 Shock absorbing pin box system
11,407,339 Bed support mechanism for a bed lift
11,407,270 Adjustable spring mounting assembly for vehicle
11,407,057 Bonding system for dual walled turbine components
11,406,979 Rotatable cartridge for processing and analyzing a biological sample and dispensing method therewith
11,406,970 Phosphate-promoted nickel catalyst for high temperature oligomerization
11,406,759 Method and devices for pressure determination in an insulin pump
11,406,758 Connector device
11,406,757 Controller and method for refilling a dosing unit
11,406,548 Obstacle detection IR beam filter
11,406,543 Multifunctional disposable absorbent article
11,406,495 Expandable support frame and medical device
11,406,466 Surgical draping system and method
11,406,436 Bone material mixing and dispensing devices and methods
11,406,433 Flexible plate fixation of bone fractures
11,406,431 Systems and methods of use and modular instruments with a lateral reducer
11,406,428 Spinal implant connector and methods
11,406,425 Tethers for use with fastener assemblies and method for using tethers with fastener assemblies
11,406,400 Tibial cut guide
11,406,398 Patient-specific femoroacetabular impingement instruments and methods
11,406,296 System and method for assessing risk associated with a glucose state
11,406,178 Table with expanding top surface
D0959613 Faucet handle
D0959239 Pocket door frame stud
D0959234 Door pull
11,405,405 Aggregation of network access to tenant spaces of multi-tenant structures
11,404,710 Assembled portion of a solid oxide fuel cell and methods for inspecting the same
11,404,149 Systems and methods for EMR vitals charting
11,402,547 Methods of forming particulate films and films and devices made therefrom
11,402,381 Methods of identifying an individual to be treated by chemotherapy based on cytokeratin-19 fragments (CYFRA 21-1) and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) marker molecules and related uses
11,402,153 Systems and processes for upgrading natural gas liquids from shale gas
11,402,096 Combustor dome via additive layer manufacturing
11,402,045 Press fitting assembly
11,402,020 Piston with multiaxial bearing and piston bowl
11,401,938 Motor drive system and method
11,401,854 Systems and methods for optimizing engine-aftertreatment system operation
11,401,734 Bolt mechanism with door position sensor
11,401,274 [1,2,4]Triazolo derivatives as PDE1 inhibitors for the treatment of diabetes
11,401,242 Preparation of halogen analogs of picloram
11,401,209 Binders and materials made therewith
11,401,204 Uncured articles with improved shelf-life
11,401,173 Wastewater processing at atmospheric pressure
11,401,086 Container
11,401,085 Selectively openable closure for a container
11,400,987 Slide rail assembly and landing gear assembly with embedded hardpoint connectors
11,400,912 Coasting management control of a vehicle with a road speed governor
11,400,885 Compact, lightweight and reusable local energy absorbers
11,400,852 RV shell and method of manufacture
11,400,846 Foot rest assembly for a seat of a motorized vehicle
11,400,807 Electric axle assembly
11,400,755 Axle assembly for frame rail vehicles
11,400,551 Bonding system for dual walled turbine components
11,400,405 Filter element with tapered perimeter
11,400,130 Inhibitors for proliferating cell nuclear antigen and uses
11,400,079 Antibacterial monobactams
11,400,001 Method and apparatus for upgrading a bed to include moveable components
11,399,996 Automatic patient turning and lifting method, system, and apparatus
11,399,965 Spinal implant system and methods of use
11,399,955 Systems and techniques for restoring and maintaining intervertebral anatomy
11,399,844 Medical device holding and delivery assembly and kit therefor
11,399,754 Medical device for transcutaneously inserting an insertable element into a body tissue
11,399,753 Electrochemical sensor and method for producing thereof
11,399,558 Rebaudioside-D containing sweetener compositions
11,399,540 Molecules having pesticidal utility, and intermediates, compositions, and processes, related thereto
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