Patent Office Issues 210 Patents to Indiana Citizens in May 2022

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 210 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in May 2022, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

Patent No. Title
D953,493 Faucet
D953,488 Faucet
D953,180 Differential pressure transmitter
D953,143 Pull
D953,142 Pull

D953,141 Pull
D953,139 Pull
11349419 Motor drive system including removable bypass circuit and/or cooling features
11349308 Automatic generation control enhancement for fast-ramping resources
11348778 Precursor and neutral loss scan in an ion trap
11348705 Coaxial cable system for gas turbine engine
11348696 Environmental matching techniques
11347291 Electrochromic film indicator for a battery powered device
11346852 Method and system for quality evaluation of a handheld analytical device
11346555 Combustor for a gas turbine engine with ceramic matrix composite heat shield
11346353 Fluid pump assembly
11346341 Portable fuel pump
11346284 Gas turbine engine with pyrotechnic air starter
11346264 Systems and methods for controlling exhaust gas aftertreatment sensor systems
11346251 Turbine shroud assembly with radially biased ceramic matrix composite shroud segments
11346237 Turbine shroud assembly with axially biased ceramic matrix composite shroud segment
11346232 Turbine blade with abradable tip
11346139 Ligature-resistant hinge cap
11346124 Fence corner support
11345414 Vehicle accessory clamp
11345393 Dual bushing steering rack
11345081 Method of producing patterns, molds, and related products
11345050 Articulating gripper tooling
11344669 Rotary plunger pump subsystems
11344623 Cholecystokinin B receptor targeting for imaging and therapy
11344464 Funerary display arrangement with removable cloth assembly
11344435 Patient specific reconstructive glenoid systems and methods
11344433 Spinal implant system and method
11344431 Intervertebral spacer for tlif implant procedure
11344429 Spinal implant system and method
11344354 Surgical instrument and method
11344345 Orthopaedic fixation device, system and method
11344338 Spinal implant system and method
11344336 Spinal implant system and methods of use
11344109 Makeup brush for cosmetic application with a concave profile
11344047 Methods and formulations for reducing bovine emissions
11343960 Agitation units and systems, and dispensing equipment equipped therewith
D952,899 Bone material dispensing tray
D952,857 Respiratory assisting device with an expandable bag
D952,801 Faucet spout
D952,798 Faucet
D952,734 Guitar strap with tortoiseshell tri-glide adjuster
D952,439 Pull
D952,438 Pull
11342719 Freestanding electrical receptacle
11342056 Method and apparatus for characteristic monitoring in conjunction with a mode of continuously measured blood glucose values and computer program product
11341777 System architecture and method of authenticating a user
11340097 Sensor fusion for fire detection and air quality monitoring
11340019 Evaporative cooling systems and methods of using
11339845 Total-internal reflection elastic metasurfaces: design and application
11339745 Dual flowpath exhaust for fuel cooling in a hypersonic propulsion system
11339744 Pressure equalization in a dual flow path exhaust of a hypersonic propulsion system
11339714 Gas turbine engine
11339698 Multiple heater exhaust aftertreatment system architecture and methods of control thereof
11339674 Blade retainer for gas turbine engine
11339595 Removable door and hinge system therefor
11339589 Electro-mechanical lock core
11339583 Door-illuminating handle
11339262 Epoxy based reinforcing patches having improved damping loss factor
11339104 Process for upgrading natural gas liquids from shale gas without front-end demethanizer
11338926 Aircraft with electric propulsor
11338901 Nacelle for a boundary layer ingestion propulsor
11338889 Drive mechanism for bimini top system
11338862 Low-profile slide rail assembly with embedded or laminated hardpoint connectors
11338709 Seat base assembly of a vehicle
11338396 Techniques and assemblies for joining components
11338231 Oil management structures in crankcase ventilation
11338229 Intake bypass flow management systems and methods
11338026 Identification of immunologically protective neo-epitopes for the treatment of cancers
11337891 Reservoir for storing a liquid medicament and method of producing a reservoir
11337732 Point and click alignment method for orthopedic surgeons, and surgical and clinical accessories and devices
11337723 Apparatus and methods for maintaining a force upon tissue using a loop member
11337629 Renal function analysis method and apparatus
11337424 Fungicidal compounds and mixtures for fungal control in cereals
PP34,234 Floribunda rose plant named `WEKcaspetono`
PP34,233 Floribunda rose plant named `WEKcrypeplos`
PP34,232 Floribunda rose plant named `WEKwibscryper`
D952,106 Faucet spout
D952,105 Faucet
D952,104 Faucet
D952,103 Faucet body
D952,102 Faucet body
D952,101 Faucet
D951,935 Communication console
D951,875 Connector
D951,871 Electrical receptacle
D951,870 Power tap electrical receptacle
11336151 Fluid cooling of grease-packed bearings
11336065 Network jack with secure connector and magnetics
11335924 Integrated fuel cell systems
11335446 Method of optimizing healthcare services consumption
11335147 Dynamic power management for electronic locksets
11334986 System and method for processing images of agricultural fields for remote phenotype measurement
11334955 Enhanced combined cycle
11334198 Flexible touch sensing system and method
11333615 Vehicle surface scanning system
11333468 Shot shell with projectile
11333116 Water drain mechanism for filter assemblies
11333080 System and method of transferring power in a gas turbine engine
11333054 Crossflow PNA-SCR aftertreatment device
11332961 Motorized latch retraction with return boost
11332956 Embellishment attachment for a door lock
11332577 Binders
11332452 Pesticidal compositions and methods
11332216 Inflatable shuttle boat
11332206 Final drive disconnect mechanism via transmission
11332074 Vehicle body protector
11332060 Conversion system for asphalt bolster dump truck
11331991 Motor configurations for multiple motor mixed-speed continuous power transmission
11331839 Shaped or sized encapsulated reactant and method of making
11331624 Article of manufacture for securing a catalyst substrate
11331608 Systems and methods for attaching and retaining a filter element on a rotating shaft
11331606 Torsional no filter no run system and method
11331473 Methods of treating disease using auricular peripheral nerve field stimulation
11331409 Bioactive glass-polymer composite bone scaffolds
11331294 Benzoquinone derivative E3330 in combination with chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of bladder cancer
11331227 Apparatus for the detection of moisture
11331208 Inner catheter with a pusher band
11331178 Stent-graft
11331134 Orthopedic device holder
11331123 Spinal implant
D951,398 Faucet
D951,281 Electronic device with graphical user interface for continuous blood glucose values and associated data
D951,202 Connector
D951,042 Post hole digger
D951,041 Post hole digger
D951,039 Lawn striper
11329532 High torque eccentric electric motor
11327931 Structured testing method for diagnostic or therapy support of a patient with a chronic disease and devices thereof
11327077 Pretreatment method for rapid detection of HCV core antigen
11326909 System and method for monitoring environmental conditions within shipping containers
11326715 Snap-on faucet handle
11326677 Torque converter lockup clutch structure
11326551 Exhaust nozzle having a compliant shell for a gas turbine engine
11326532 Optimizing combustion recipes to improve engine performance and emissions for variable displacement engines
11326490 Variable restriction valve for vehicle exhaust system
11326474 Turbine shroud assembly with pinned attachment supplements for ceramic matrix composite component mounting
11326469 CMCs with luminescence environmental barrier coatings
11326464 Gas turbine engine vane end devices
11326367 Knob assembly with free-spinning ring
11326365 Portable barrier
11325578 Systems and methods of energy management and control of vehicle accessories
11325462 Capless closure assembly for fuel-tank filler pipe
11325460 Single shot injection molded article
11325059 No filter no run fluid filter with integration of low pressure fluid system
11324902 Oxygen delivery pillow
11324883 Ambulatory infusion system initialization
11324806 Sustained delivery of a growth differentiation factor
11324759 Oxysterol-statin compounds for bone growth
11324663 Method and apparatus for transferring a liquid drug to a collapsible reservoir
11324650 Patient repositioning apparatus
11324618 Delivery system for a preloaded fenestrated device having a ratcheted wire release
11324609 Spinal implant insertion tool
11324599 Femoral prostheses with upsizing and downsizing capabilities
11324598 Method for optimizing implant designs
11324597 Implantable composite containing carbonated hydroxyapatite
11324563 Protective coverings for hand-held medical devices
11324538 Active bone plate
11324522 Patient specific alignment guide with cutting surface and laser indicator
11324497 Step staple for fracture fixation
11324398 Ophthalmoscopy method
11324212 Hot water steam cover for protecting plants while spraying
D950,502 Connector
D950,500 Connector
D950,499 Connector
D950,498 Connector
11322258 Adverse condition detection, assessment, and response systems, methods and devices
11322002 System for an alternative version of poker with redraw
11321929 System and method for spatially registering multiple augmented reality devices
11320423 Method for reduction of interferences in immunoassays
11320189 Quick freeze pallet racks with variable louvered doors
11320074 No contact connectors
11319880 Electrical controller for engine-driven electric machine
11319860 Systems and methods for equalizing backpressure in engine cylinders
11319853 Automotive exhaust aftertreatment system with doser
11319832 Single movement convergent and convergent-divergent nozzle
11319828 Turbine shroud assembly with separable pin attachment
11319822 Hybrid vane segment with ceramic matrix composite airfoils
11319729 Transverse concealed latch system
11319704 Fire resistant panel member and method for producing a fire resistant panel member
11319640 Solar thermoplasmonic nanofurnaces and method for making and using same
11319606 Metallic components with enhanced mechanical strength through surface mechanical grinding
11319370 CD200R agonist antibodies and uses thereof
11319351 Soluble and immunoreactive flaviviral NS1 polypeptides comprising the wing domain
11318828 Axle assembly for frame rail vehicles
11318810 High flow rate ductwork for a recreational vehicle
11318787 Adjustable portal plate
11318756 Positioning system for object processing
11318639 Molding apparatus and process
11318556 Method of operating a linear friction welding system with phase change assembly
11318493 Multi-reagent slot die coating process and useful devices
11318403 Auto drain system for vacuum and pressure side fuel water separator
11318140 Use of TRPV4 antagonists to ameliorate hydrocephalus and related materials and methods
11318121 PSMA binding ligand-linker conjugates and methods for using
11317948 Fusion systems and methods of assembly and use
11317907 Method and apparatus for forming a self-locking adjustable loop
11317901 Vascular closure with multiple connections
11317892 Over-the-wire ultrasound system with torque-cable driven rotary transducer
11317797 Identification of contact lens wearers predisposed to contact lens discomfort
11317789 Endoscope with control for tip deflection
11317758 Coffee machine
11317757 Beverage dispenser with reduced drip and splatter diffuser tip
11317752 Shower/tub wall including a bracketless curtain rod
11317638 Cold brew coffee beverage and method of making the same
11317575 Methods and compositions for identifying verticillium wilt resistant sunflower plants
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