CP Productions, Inc. Sues John Doe for copyright Infringement of Video: “GH Hustlers – Maryjane’s Second Visit”

Indianapolis IN – Copyright lawyers for CP Productions, Inc. of Phoenix, AZ filed a copyright infringement declaratory judgment suit in alleging John Doe, an alleged serial infringer known at this time only by an IP address, infringed the copyrighted work “GH Hustlers – Maryjane’s Second Visit” which has been registered by the US Copyright Office.

In the complaint filed by attorneys for CP Productions, John Doe and other un-named parties are believed to have infringed a copyrighted video belonging to CP Productions. CP Productions is a producer of adult entertainment and seeks judgment against John Doe and others for the alleged serial infringement of the video “GH Hustlers–Maryjane’s Second Visit” to which the Plaintiff owns the copyright. John Doe and the joint tortfeasers are not known by name but rather, through their IP address and attorneys for CP Productions will be filing a Motion for Leave to Take Discovery in order to ascertain the actual identities of the Defendants from their ISPs. CP Productions is seeking judgment from counts including copyright infringement, civil conspiracy, and contributory infringement. CP Productions claims to have observed John Doe’s infringing multiple copyrighted content through agents the Plaintiff has employed using the BitTorrent protocol because the Plaintiff employs P2P netword forensic software to provide real time monitoring of the BitTorrent swarm that distributes the video. This software allowed CP Productions to log John Doe and the joint tortfeasers unlawful activities. CP Productions further alleges that John Doe and the joint tortfeasers intentionally downloaded a torrent file particular to the Plaintiff’s video, purposefully uploaded the torrent into their BitTorrent clients and entered a BitTorrent swarm particular to the Plaintiff’s video and reproduced and distributed the copyrighted video among themselves and third parties thereby becoming both and uploader and downloader of the video. By doing so, CP Productions claims that this “ever growing swarm will jointly contribute to the complete download of the Video for all individuals that enter the swarm at any given moment.” CP Productions believes that this lawsuit is the only practical means by which to combat BitTorrent based infringement. Because the damage claimed by CP Prodcutions includes economic and reputation losses, to which Plaintiff asserts will continue, the Complaint sets out demand for actual or statutory damages allowed under the Copyright Law, compensatory damages for the counts of civil conspiracy and contributory infringement, and an order or impoundment for all copies of Plaintiff’s works, photographs or other materials in the Defendant’s possession or control.

Practice Tip: The BitTorrent protocol is a decentralized method that allows users to distribute data via the Internet, and has become an extremely popular method for unlawful copying, reproducing and distributing files in violation of the copyright laws. Where this market was once consumed by music copyright violations, the adult entertainment industry has seen an increase in litigation against infringers using BitTorrent-based technology. Although no concrete rules govern jurisdiction of the Internet, Indiana’s long arm statute (Indiana Rule of Trial Procedure 4.4) permit personal jurisdiction of Defendants if they either downloaded or uploaded the copyrighted material.

This case has been assigned to Judge Jane E. Magnus-Stinsonand Magistrate Judge Debra McVicker Lynch in the Southern District of Indiana, and assigned Case No. 1:2012cv00808.

Complaint: CP Productions Inc. v. John Does

Defendant: JOHN DOE
Case Number: 1:2012cv00808
Filed: June 12, 2012
Court: Indiana Southern District Court
Office: Indianapolis Office
Presiding Judge: Jane Magnus-Stinson
Referring Judge: Debra McVicker Lynch
Nature of Suit: Intellectual Property – Copyrights
Cause: 28:1331 Fed. Question
Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff

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