Department of Justice Launches Website to Educate about Criminal Intellectual Property Theft


Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Department of Justice and National Crime Prevention Council have launched a new website NCPC.jpgdesigned to educate the public about intellectual property theft. The site focuses on four types of criminal intellectual property theft: counterfeit drugs, pirated products, fake consumer goods, and gangs and organized crime. The site provides background on the extent of the intellectual property theft in the United States and the impact on the economy. For example the site states “More than 250,000 more people could be employed in the U.S. automotive industry if it weren’t for the trade in counterfeit parts.”

The website is part of a larger campaign by the Department of Justice to raise public awareness about intellectual property theft. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holdergave a speech earlier this week to launch the campaign. Attorney General Holder stated “For far too long, the sale of counterfeit, defective, and dangerous goods has been perceived as “business as usual.” But these and other IP crimes can destroy jobs, suppress innovation, and jeopardize the health and safety of consumers.”

Practice Tip: Intellectual property attorneys may find the new website’s links to resources as well as instructions on where to report intellectual property theft useful.

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