Indianapolis-Based Software Firm Aprimo to Be Sold

 Aprimo, Inc., Indiana’s second largest software firm, has agreed to be sold to Teradata Corp., an Atlanta, Georgia data-storage company for $525 million. The closing is projected for the first quarter 2011.

With about 400 employees, Aprimo had revenues of $69 million in 2009, up 32 percent over 2007. Teradata is a public company focusing on analytics and data storage. After acquiring Aprimo, Teradata will be able to offer both Web based services and software programs installed on servers. Many Fortune 500 companies have purchased Aprimo’s software, such as Merrill Lynch, Warner Brothers, International Speedway Corp., and Target.

Paul Overhauser of Overhauser Law Offices, the publisher of this site, incorporated Aprimo (formerly known as Attune) in 1998 on behalf of the founders, William Godfrey and Rob McLaughlin, and provided patent and other intellectual property counsel to Aprimo.

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