Patent Office Issued 225 Patents to Indiana Entities in September 2023

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 225 patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in September 2023:

Patent Number                             Patent Title
US 11766015 B1 Maize hybrid X13R074
US 11767804 B1 Cast engine block having a hybrid threaded insert
US 11767641 B2 Sanitary tissue products
US 11766208 B2 Device for electrophysiological recording from the eye
US 11767405 B2 Water soluble film, packets employing the film, and methods of making and using same

US 11766335 B2 Stemless prosthesis anchor component
US 11769596 B2 Plasma based protein profiling for early stage lung cancer diagnosis
US 11769111 B2 Probabilistic language models for identifying sequential reading order of discontinuous text segments
US 11767920 B2 Sliding gate valve comprising a carriage
US 11767700 B2 Automatic bed cover door systems for a truck
US 11766333 B2 Radial head orthopedic implant apparatus and method of using same
US 11766336 B2 Guides and instruments for improving accuracy of glenoid implant placement
US 11766374 B2 Funerary viewing system and method
US 11767782 B2 Reductant dosing system with calibration value determined based on data from pressure sensor assembly and method of calibrating a reductant dosing system
US 11767632 B2 Laundry treating appliance having a spray arm assembly
US 11767011 B2 Autonomous vehicle maneuvering based upon risk associated with occluded regions
US 11768926 B2 Method of textured contact lens detection
US 11769969 B2 Hybrid electrical connector for high-frequency signals
US 11767511 B2 Platelets as delivery agents
US 11769103 B2 Product quality during shipping by generating lane temperature and product temperature from models
US 11770681 B2 Communications hub for crash event detection, response, and reporting system
US 11768089 B2 Adaptive magnetic field cancellation
US 11766963 B2 Reconfigurable recreational vehicle
US 11767673 B2 Composite membrane for building applications
US 11767198 B2 Sling bars, methods for attaching a subject sling to sling bars, and lift systems using sling bars
US 11770764 B2 Wireless device power optimization utilizing artificial intelligence and/or machine learning
US 11767837 B2 Compressor control systems and air compressor systems and vehicles equipped therewith
US 11766675 B2 Special improvement package to heavy duty grinders for processing thick wastes and slick wipes in commercial and residential applications and use called a gorilla grinder
US 11767161 B2 Adjustable lift bar system
US 11768981 B2 System architecture and methods of determining device behavior
US 11770882 B2 Microwave cooking appliance with user interface display
US 11767028 B2 Change detection criteria for updating sensor-based reference maps
US 11769082 B2 Systems and methods for live event management and remote integration
US 11767797 B2 Systems and methods for controlling cylinder deactivation operation in electrified powertrains
US 11768812 B2 Declarative entity segmentation
US 11770475 B2 Computerized system and method for robocall steering
US 11767979 B2 Injection manifold with tesla valves for rotating detonation engines
US 11767201 B2 Crawl space winch system
US 11767087 B2 Automated method for nose cone manufacturing
US 11769381 B2 Autonomous management and notification on building pathways
US 11768734 B2 Post error correction code registers for cache metadata
US D999627 S Closeable container
US 11759744 B2 Air filter arrangement; assembly; and, methods
US 11761013 B2 Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics in response to cold
US 11759259 B2 Tissue removal device with adjustable delivery sleeve for neurosurgical and spinal surgery applications
US 11761947 B2 Handheld diabetes management device with bolus calculator
US 11764831 B2 Wireless bed power
US 11759242 B2 Orthopaedic fixation device, system and method
US 11761151 B2 Seamless unitary deflection member for making fibrous structures having increased surface area and process for making same
US 11765026 B2 Method of wireless discovery and networking of medical devices in care environments
US 11761703 B2 Parallel loop intermodal container
US 11764046 B2 Precursor and neutral loss scan in an ion trap
US 11759787 B2 Modular roller grinding mill
US 11759694 B2 Athletic hand grips
US 11761958 B2 Devices, systems, and methods for the detection of a target analyte using magnetic focus lateral flow immunoassay techniques
US 11761015 B2 Binary insecticidal Cry toxins
US 11759533 B2 Methods and compositions for modulating gene expression
US 11759795 B2 Blood washing and separation system
US 11759480 B2 Compositions and methods for CAR T cell therapy
US 11760878 B2 Transparent and flexible blends of PMMA and polycarbonate-siloxane copolymer
US 11758918 B2 Methods and apparatus for processing chocolate
US 11761184 B2 Faucet including a wireless control module
US 11760749 B2 Enantiomerically purified GPER agonist for use in treating disease states and conditions
US 11761196 B2 Building system and method thereof
US 11761665 B2 Motor controller for electric blowers
US 11761234 B2 Internet of things lock module
US 11763832 B2 Audio enhancement through supervised latent variable representation of target speech and noise
US 11760158 B2 Vent covers for recreational vehicle ductwork
US 11761378 B2 Bleed air charged cooling system with turbo-generator
US 11759378 B2 Wheelchair docking system and method thereof
US 11762960 B2 Secure file distribution
US 11761469 B2 Curved prong fastener
US 11762687 B2 Processing of messages and documents carrying business transactions
US 11760254 B2 System and method for adaptive driving beam headlamp
US 11762626 B2 System and method for verifying audible and/or visual notifications
US 11763456 B2 Systems and methods for processing echocardiogram images
US 11765796 B2 Microwave cooking appliance with leak detection
US 11761617 B2 Electrical device having a maintained on off switch
US 11761602 B2 Automotive lamp optical system with light diffusive projection lens
US 11760532 B2 Tamper evident carton
US 11761351 B2 Turbine shroud assembly with radially located ceramic matrix composite shroud segments
US 11761712 B2 Method of controlling thermal energy storage in a thermal energy management system
US 11764748 B2 Modular electromagnetic interference filter inductor core
US 11763423 B1 Luminance-guided image de-mosaicing and de-noising
US 11761687 B2 Refrigeration or two phase pump loop cooling system
US 11761942 B2 System and method for environmental sampling and analysis
US 11760248 B2 Recreational vehicle with reconfigurable table
US 11763742 B2 Method and system of profiling display power
US 11759380 B2 Hospital bed with foot egress
US 11761685 B1 Open cycle thermal management system with a vapor pump device and recuperative heat exchanger
US 11763075 B1 Method and system of discovering templates for documents
US 11760145 B1 Ball joint
US 11759268 B2 Apparatus and methods relating to intravascular positioning of distal end of catheter
US 11760116 B1 Methods of making surface materials with embedded images
US 11763097 B1 Intelligent dialogue recovery for virtual assistant communication sessions
US D999140 S Boat bench console
US D999057 S Food carton
US D999123 S Mounting bracket
US 11754369 B1 Weapon light
US 11757923 B1 Apparatus and method for intelligent processing of cyber security risk data
US 11757560 B2 Integration of cellular phone detection and reporting into a prison telephone system
US 11757142 B2 Battery assembly with temperature control device
US 11758184 B2 Line-based compression for digital image data
US 11753222 B2 Powdered pouch and method of making same
US 11751568 B2 Picolinamide compounds with fungicidal activity
US 11752296 B2 Self-clearing catheters and methods of use thereof
US 11753445 B2 Therapeutic peptides
US 11756318 B2 Convolutional neural networks for locating objects of interest in images of biological samples
US 11752015 B2 Failsafe device for prosthetic limb
US 11755885 B2 Joint learning of local and global features for entity linking via neural networks
US 11758810 B2 Fluorescent protein activated silk used in photoelectric conversion
US 11752055 B2 Rotation lockout for surgical support
US 11753557 B2 Continuous roll-to-roll fabrication of cellulose nanocrystal (CNC) coatings
US 11752495 B2 Zeolite catalyst
US 11754008 B2 Techniques for improving fuel economy in dedicated EGR engines
US 11751999 B2 Trial radial head implant
US 11755586 B2 Generating enriched events using enriched data and extracted features
US 11752739 B2 Printable film
US 11751986 B2 Packaging system for ureteral stent
US 11751797 B2 System for spatial and temporal mapping of neurons in brain tissue
US 11754475 B2 Personal sampler for bioaerosol
US 11753015 B2 Systems and methods for controlling overtake maneuver in vehicles
US 11753975 B2 Method and apparatus to enhance fractional efficiency of diesel and gasoline particulate filters
US 11752468 B2 Materials and methods for producing blood products
US 11753868 B2 Step stool with moveable handrail
US 11753979 B2 Systems and methods for generating ammonia
US 11753862 B2 Pocket door frame
US 11757097 B2 Methods for producing functionalized carbon nanosheets and electrochemical energy storage cells with electrodes formed thereof
US 11755842 B2 Natural language processing for descriptive language analysis including n-gram analysis of narrative information
US 11752598 B2 Optical qualifier for clamping tool
US 11752580 B2 Bonding system for dual walled turbine components
US 11758396 B2 Bluetooth device authentication over Bluetooth advertisements
US 11757313 B2 Operating frequency based power level altering in extended range wireless power transmitters
US 11757166 B2 Surface-mount waveguide for vertical transitions of a printed circuit board
US 11753027 B2 Vehicle lateral-control system with adjustable parameters
US 11754370 B2 Electronic archery sights
US 11754666 B2 Radar detection prioritization based on downstream feedback
US 11753256 B2 Conveyor system with multiple robot singulators
US 11751749 B2 Dishwasher and silverware basket thereof
US 11757338 B2 Power distribution within an electric machine
US 11752605 B2 Connecting tool
US 11753125 B2 Shape memory alloy actuator for inflation device
US 11754186 B2 Grounding brush seals
US 11752961 B2 Trailer with rear impact guard
US 11752054 B2 Lift systems with strain gauges incorporated in load beams and methods for operating the same
US 11752924 B2 Latching device and method for automatic securement of a container to a container chassis
US 11754007 B2 Systems and methods for exhaust gas recirculation
US 11754239 B2 Apparatus for a solar light
US 11751504 B2 Weed trimming head assembly
US 11753117 B2 Collapsable anchor
US 11757824 B2 Techniques for cross platform communication process flow event posting
US 11752231 B2 Scent dispersal device
US 11753967 B2 Fan case assembly for a gas turbine engine
US 11753911 B1 Controlling fluid pressure at a well head based on an operation schedule
US 11752837 B1 Processing vapor exhausted by thermal management systems
US 11754750 B1 Method and system for short to long-term flood forecasting
US 11757275 B1 Detachable snap-in fitting
US D998464 S Closure
US D998463 S Closure
US D998634 S Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US 11746516 B2 Toilet with overflow protection
US 11750953 B2 Draft beer supply chain systems and methods
US 11744244 B2 Compositions and methods for improving the compatibility of water soluble herbicide salts
US 11749814 B2 Seal configuration for electrochemical cell
US 11744726 B2 Tissue adjustment implant
US 11744199 B2 Selection based on optimal haploid value to create elite lines
US 11744706 B2 Spinal spacing implant, spinal spacer assembly, expander and insertion instrument, kit and methods of assembly and use
US 11750419 B2 Systems and methods for providing a global virtual network (GVN)
US 11745616 B2 Systems and methods of battery management and control for a vehicle
US 11744255 B2 Insulated pocket bun
US 11746250 B2 Compositions and coatings formed thereof with reduced ice adherence and accumulation
US 11747028 B2 Cooling device operation
US 11744718 B2 Method of trialing an orthopaedic prosthetic assembly
US 11744985 B2 Steerable catheter system with hub
US 11748091 B2 Virtualization platform for creating, deploying, modifying, and relocating applications
US 11744620 B2 Facet plate for implant expulsion prevention
US 11744983 B2 Catheter lock solution comprising sodium citrate and benzyl alcohol
US 11745975 B2 Material tracking system and method
US 11746068 B2 Three part mixing process for energetic materials and epoxy binder
US 11745289 B2 Additive manufacturing systems and methods including rotating build platform
US 11746843 B2 Brake disc assembly
US 11746393 B2 Metallic components with enhanced mechanical strength through surface mechanical grinding
US 11745922 B2 Selectively openable closure for a container
US 11746701 B2 Bleed expander cooling with turbine
US 11747116 B2 Counter UAV drone system using electromagnetic pulse
US 11744418 B2 Wet/dry vacuum device
US 11746388 B2 Systems and method for electrophoretic fractionation of the microbiome
US 11744739 B1 Adaptive signal routing in a personal protective equipment network
US 11745554 B2 Taillight enhancement harness for a towed vehicle
US 11746877 B2 High strength vibration damping components
US 11746695 B2 Turbine engine with centrifugal compressor having impeller backplate offtake
US 11745356 B2 Autonomous robotic system for placing and fastening paneling material for building construction operations
US 11745259 B2 Methods for fabricating refractory complex concentrated alloys and composites containing such alloys, and bodies containing the same
US 11745264 B2 Fused filament fabrication of thermal management article
US 11744170 B2 Handheld spreader with removable sifter
US 11747992 B2 Memory wear management
US 11748033 B2 Transaction management using metadata
US 11744603 B2 Multi-axis pivot joints for surgical instruments and methods for manufacturing same
US 11745799 B2 Spring hanger for trailer frame
US 11746658 B2 Turbine shroud with containment features
US 11744243 B2 Systems and methods for extraction and cryopreservation of bone marrow
US 11744844 B2 Selective estrogen receptor degraders
US 11766015 B1 Intelligent monitoring of backup, recovery and anomalous user activity in data storage systems
US 11767804 B1 Solid forms of 7-[[(1S)-1-[4-[(1S)-2-cyclopropyl-1-(4-prop-2-enoylpiperazin-1-yl)ethyl]phenyl]ethyl]amino]-1-ethyl-4H-pyrimido[4,5-d][1,3]oxazin-2-one
US 11767641 B2 Silicon-based vacuum transistors and integrated circuits
US 11766208 B2 Steelmaking taphole slag retardant device
US 11767405 B2 Nanocomposite-seeded epitaxial growth of single-domain lithium niobate thin films for surface acoustic wave devices
US 11766335 B2 Devices and methods for hanging items
US 11769596 B2 Method of converting a serial vector format (SVF) file to a vector compatible with a semiconductor testing system
US 11769111 B2 Vane ring assembly for a gas turbine engine with dedicated through-flow vanes
US 11767920 B2 Detection and control of motor drive during an AC side ground fault
US 11767700 B2 Obtaining software updates from neighboring hosts in a virtualized computing system
US 11766333 B2 Fan blade with internal shear-thickening fluid damping
US 11766336 B2 Optimizing fuel consumption and emissions of a multi-rig hydraulic fracturing system
US 11766374 B2 Quick install banana plug
US 11767782 B2 Maize hybrid X08P389
US 11767632 B2 Polycaprolactone-based fibers and implants including same
US 11767011 B2 Optimizing operations of a hydraulic fracturing system
US 11768926 B2 Systems and methods for signal-based point cloud representation
US 11769969 B2 Apparatus and method for determining a recommended cyber-attack risk remediation action
US 11767511 B2 Handrail support system
US 11769103 B2 Pull
US 11770681 B2 Soap pump
US 11768089 B2 Concave head thumb pin
US 11766963 B2 Safety railing having buoy holder

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