Patent Office Issued 243 Patents to Indiana Entities in March 2024

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 243 patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in March 2024:

Patent Number                                      Title
US 11943517 B2 Method and apparatus for remotely tuning channels using DLNA DMS service
US 11938065 B2 Table top to bracket coupling apparatus for spine surgery table
US 11938997 B1 Vehicle having electric drive and operator platform
US 11937998 B2 Hearing protection device and method of forming same
US 11940980 B2 Methods and systems for predictive clinical planning and design
US 11937564 B2 Plant growing apparatus and method
US 11939291 B2 GRP94 selective inhibitors and uses thereof

US 11938573 B2 Welding systems for cooling welding contact tips
US 11938920 B2 Systems and methods for controlling energy generation in a hybrid powertrain
US 11941650 B2 Explainable machine learning financial credit approval model for protected classes of borrowers
US 11937889 B2 Robotic spine surgery system and methods
US 11939313 B2 Molecule having pesticidal utility, and compositions, and processes, related thereto
US 11939336 B2 Aryl triazole cages
US 11940477 B2 Methods and apparatus for determining electromagnetic exposure compliance of multi-antenna devices
US 11942195 B2 System for providing a data market for health data and for providing rewards to data market participants
US 11939381 B2 Bispecific antibodies targeting immune checkpoints
US 11942837 B2 Axial flux rotor preparation process
US 11938089 B2 Medication delivery systems and methods
US 11939760 B2 Vacuum sewage system with monitoring system and variable speed pump and methods of use
US 11939801 B2 Hinge bracket
US 11942317 B2 Identification of sample subspecies based on particle mass and charge over a range of sample temperatures
US 11938764 B2 Tire inflation device
US 11938299 B2 Infusion and blood collection devices
US 11938033 B2 Injection molded prosthetic component with planarized bone-contacting surfaces
US 11939800 B2 Interchangeable functional rose insert
US 11938121 B2 Treatment of infections and biofilm formation using a cellulose synthase inhibitor
US 11938894 B2 System for controlling one or more locking web retractors in a motor vehicle occupant restraint system
US 11939481 B2 Nanosurfactant formulations and use therefor
US 11938452 B2 Water and wastewater conditioning apparatus
US 11940133 B2 Frame with clip and locking wire
US 11941111 B2 Exploiting fine-grained structured weight sparsity in systolic arrays
US 11942799 B2 False notification suppression in wireless power transfer system
US 11943903 B2 Systems and methods for cooling electronic components of a vehicle
US 11943321 B2 Techniques for cross-platform communication process flow object posting
US 11939751 B2 Faucet spout mounting assembly
US 11940964 B2 System for annotating input data using graphs via a user interface
US 11943254 B2 Adaptive security architecture based on state of posture
US 11939107 B2 Pallet with impact resistant and strengthened composite legs
US 11940050 B2 Seal for an axle shaft assembly
US 11939734 B1 Half barrel traffic barricade
US 11939920 B1 Ultra high temperature speed sensor system in a gas turbine engine
US 11941655 B1 Machine learning technologies for identifying category purchases and generating digital product offers
US D1019470 S Trailer front
US D1019983 S Display booth
US D1019095 S Footwear sole
US D1019759 S Holder for ink pads
US D1019904 S Faucet spout
US D1020160 S Waste receptacle
US D1020154 S Cleaning device
US D1019109 S Footwear upper
US D1019789 S LED hanging ring toss board
US D1019790 S LED hanging ring toss board
US D1019066 S Infant onesie
US 11931049 B2 Apparatus and method for fabricating a customized patient-specific orthopaedic instrument
US 11932685 B2 Fc variants with altered binding to FcRn
US 11932995 B2 Embossed fibrous structures
US 11936957 B2 Method and system for trending media programs for a user
US 11931819 B2 Methods for manufacturing ceramic and ceramic composite components and components made thereby
US 11933076 B2 Electro-mechanical lock core
US 11937023 B2 System and method for displaying high quality images in a dual modulation projection system
US 11931264 B2 Modular humeral head
US 11931312 B2 User interface for a patient support apparatus with integrated patient therapy device
US 11931046 B2 Simplified field use junctional tourniquets
US 11933649 B2 Measuring device with self-powering annular turbine
US 11935111 B2 Voice-based transaction terminal ordering
US 11931676 B2 Sealing systems and methods for a filtration system
US 11933344 B2 Door knob screw alignment sleeve
US 11932981 B2 Counterweight assembly and method of manufacturing the same
US 11933062 B2 Vibration damping anchoring system
US 11930825 B2 Dynamic cooking with limited control authority conveyor compensation
US 11933100 B2 Metallic fenestration systems with improved thermal performance and methods of manufacturing same
US 11931869 B2 Powered and cordless box wrench device to ease difficulty in turning hard-to-reach fasteners
US 11936264 B2 Busbar for electric machine
US 11931250 B2 Voice prosthesis with connecting feature
US 11933202 B2 Dynamic cylinder deactivation life factor to modify cylinder deactivation strategy
US 11931932 B2 Systems and methods for producing parts at elevated temperatures
US 11931679 B2 Filter interconnect utilizing a magnetic repulsion force
US 11936539 B2 Network packet capture manager
US 11932337 B2 Locking device and method for locking a bicycle therewith
US 11933250 B2 Gaseous fuel-air mixer with higher mixture uniformity
US 11936255 B2 Power distribution within an electric machine
US 11934044 B2 WS12-releasing contact lens
US 11933424 B2 Gas admission valve including seal redundancy, and method of sealing a gas admission valve
US 11933568 B2 Interchangeable modular chamber system for a firearm
US 11936213 B2 Power capability detection with verification load in power level control systems for wireless power transmission
US 11931815 B2 Guide bar for narrow belt saw
US 11930757 B2 Wheat variety 6PLJW60B
US 11930762 B2 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH011197
US 11934801 B2 Multi-modal program inference
US 11933390 B2 Multi-speed adder assembly in a multi-speed transmission
US 11933237 B2 Systems and methods for particulate filter regeneration with cylinder deactivation
US 11932116 B1 Operating an electric drive system with low efficiency
US 11930733 B1 Nitrogen loss prediction and mitigation methods and systems
US 11933332 B1 Isolated cylinder systems for load sensing architecture planter
US 11931196 B1 Medical imaging systems for reducing radiation exposure
US 11931356 B1 Compositions and methods for treating human papilloma virus infections
US 11934196 B1 Visual identifiers for docking and zoning an autonomous mower
US 11936748 B1 Continuous scanning engine with automatic protocol detection
US D1018297 S Tray insert
US D1018844 S Endoscope handle
US D1018783 S Faucet
US D1018268 S Wheelchair coupling mechanism
US D1018485 S Electronic device display system
US D1018193 S Mouth portion for a cup
US D1017952 S Food product
US D1018785 S Faucet
US D1018788 S Faucet
US D1018789 S Faucet handle
US D1018431 S Contoured vehicle storage enclosure
US D1018771 S Filtration system
US 11928625 B2 System and method for performing a computer assisted orthopaedic surgical procedure
US 11925365 B2 Patella drill guide and trial surgical instrument
US 11925587 B2 Removable customizable casket panel
US 11927377 B2 Air conditioning system with vapor injection compressor
US 11926124 B2 Multi-layer film
US 11925294 B2 Cooking systems with washing elements and spreader bar
US 11925696 B2 Carbonic anhydrase IX targeting agents and methods
US 11926733 B2 Polycarbonate copolymer blends, articles formed therefrom, and methods of manufacture
US 11925790 B2 Processes and devices for delivery of fluid by chemical reaction
US 11925563 B2 Modular humeral head and related methods
US 11925960 B2 Systems and methods for winnowing food products
US 11926093 B2 Methods and apparatus for embedding heating circuits into articles made by additive manufacturing and articles made therefrom
US 11926803 B2 Solid lubricant and method of making the same
US 11926331 B2 Dynamic accelerator response management for a vehicle
US 11928814 B2 Method and system for determining concentration of an analyte in a sample of a bodily fluid, and method and system for generating a software-implemented module
US 11925466 B2 Implantable devices using 2D metal carbides and nitrides (MXenes)
US 11927118 B2 Remotely mounted idler gear
US 11929690 B2 Microgrid controller with one or more sources
US 11929160 B2 Medicament delivery devices with wireless connectivity and compliance detection
US 11929246 B2 Phase locked Fourier transform linear ion trap mass spectrometry
US 11926236 B2 Power charging control systems and methods for electric vehicles
US 11926545 B2 Catalytic hydrogel membrane reactor for treatment of aqueous contaminants
US 11929829 B2 Low-latency, low-overhead data framing method for capacity-limited delay-sensitive long distance communication
US 11929636 B2 Hybrid generator system and method of operation and control
US 11926301 B2 Axle weight sensing device
US 11930106 B2 Quantum communication system that switches between quantum key distribution (QKD) protocols and associated methods
US 11926451 B2 Flip-top closure
US 11926208 B2 Reserve fuel system
US 11929253 B2 SAG nanowire growth with a planarization process
US 11925472 B2 Transvaginal fast-scanning optical-resolution photoacoustic endoscopy
US 11928806 B2 Systems and methods for evaluating part density, contamination and defects using computed tomography scanning
US 11926929 B2 Melt blown nonwoven materials and fibers including starch-based polymeric materials
US 11926940 B2 Spunbond nonwoven materials and fibers including starch-based polymeric materials
US 11925588 B2 Method of modifying a motorized vehicle for wheelchair accessibility and system thereof
US 11925397 B2 System and method for bone fixation
US 11925537 B2 Beamed elastomeric laminate structure, fit, and texture
US 11928304 B2 Smart digital computer platform to display fugitive emissions of a facility
US 11926006 B2 Component manufacture and external inspection
US 11930153 B2 Feature extractions to optimize scanned images
US 11927170 B2 Cycloturbine modular river current energy converter and method and apparatus for deploying marine hydrokinetic turbine assembly to harvest riverine and ocean tidal current energy
US 11926367 B2 Bulkhead door bearing assembly
US 11928722 B2 Item level data determination device, method, and non-transitory computer-readable media
US 11925878 B2 Illuminating bubble producing toy with attachable inflatable balloon
US 11926827 B2 MAPT RNA interference agents
US 11926634 B2 Processes for the preparation of selective estrogen receptor degraders
US 11929675 B2 Power efficiency and power performance embedded recognition
US 11927124 B2 Aftertreatment system, dual fuel system, and methods therefor
US 11929141 B2 Sparsity-aware reconfigurable compute-in-memory (CIM) static random access memory (SRAM)
US 11927607 B2 Current sensor
US 11927662 B2 Determination of diagnostic plausibility of phase current measurements
US 11927422 B2 Adjustable archery bow cam
US 11926669 B2 Anti-FcRn antibody or antigen binding fragment thereof with improved stability
US 11926479 B2 Rod belt for agricultural machines
US D1017814 S Handheld shock wave device
US D1017178 S Food product
US D1017179 S Food product
US D1017180 S Food product
US 11918389 B2 Breast biopsy and needle localization using tomosynthesis systems
US 11922100 B2 System and method for energy usage accounting in software applications
US 11921751 B2 Technologies for data capture and data analysis
US 11919941 B2 Cell-collagen-silica composites and methods of making and using the same
US 11919207 B2 Ultra-stretchable electrical and heat conductive arrangement
US 11917997 B2 Volatile applications against pathogens
US 11918473 B2 Surgical instrumentation assembly, set and surgical shoulder repair method
US 11923640 B2 Overmolded lead frame providing contact support and impedance matching properties
US 11918792 B2 Dose detection module for a medication delivery device
US 11918692 B2 Pharmaceutical compositions
US 11918239 B2 Guides and instruments for improving accuracy of glenoid implant placement
US 11925118 B2 Light activated photoreaction via genetic hybridization of far-red fluorescent protein and silk
US 11918201 B2 Knotless lateral row implant
US 11921321 B2 Elastomeric lightguide coupling for continuous position localization in 1,2, and 3D
US 11918135 B2 Body-mountable cushion structure for post- surgical support and protection and method of use
US 11918623 B2 GIP/GLP1 agonist compositions
US 11918223 B2 Sutureless graft anastomotic quick connect system
US 11919823 B2 Compositions for improved concrete performance
US 11918513 B2 Drainage devices having self-clearing and flow resistance control capabilities, and microactuators for use therewith
US 11920371 B2 Adjustable decorative lockset rose assembly
US 11918478 B2 Adjusted stiffness orthopaedic implants and method of manufacture
US 11918527 B2 Adjustable sling bars for subject lifting systems and methods for operating the same
US 11920537 B2 System and method for determining and adjusting fuel injection control parameters
US 11923972 B2 Communication system and method where message length is assigned based on message preference
US 11922950 B2 Audio-based access control
US 11920378 B2 Electronic lock
US 11920179 B2 Virus-assisted algal cell disruption for cost-effective biofuel production
US 11918108 B2 Shelving system
US 11918331 B2 Micro-movement and gesture detection using radar
US 11918661 B2 Thermally-modulated ultrasound contrast agents
US 11920530 B2 Delaying cylinder reactivation
US 11920803 B2 Systems and methods for providing a fixture supporting different levels of permanence
US 11919012 B2 High pressure fluid tool
US 11923578 B2 Reversible fuel cell system architecture
US 11920509 B2 Bypass system for engine startup
US 11921046 B2 Filter media and system using the same
US 11918358 B2 Test strip ejector for medical device
US 11920506 B2 Multiple heater exhaust aftertreatment system architecture and methods of control thereof
US 11920538 B2 Anti-polish ring for an engine cylinder
US 11920533 B2 Systems and methods for coordination of skip-fire and aftertreatment heater operation to maintain exhaust gas temperature
US 11918405 B2 Medical imaging system
US 11918526 B2 Sheet assemblies having a plurality of adjustable straps
US 11921339 B2 Optical distribution and splice frame including vertical cable managers
US 11920845 B2 Flow rate control method for an ice making assembly
US 11918475 B2 Modular acetabular surgical implant assembly
US 11920871 B2 Methods and systems for measuring state of charge of a phase change material thermal battery
US 11918931 B2 Microbubble-producing device
US 11920597 B2 Boundary layer powered circulatory assist device
US 11920375 B2 Modular bidirectional spring cage
US 11919130 B2 Tool for installation and/or removal of a pitot tube cover
US 11920347 B2 Joist table systems and methods
US 11921532 B2 Controlling pulsed operation of a power supply during a power outage
US 11920847 B2 Icemaking appliance having a replaceable filter
US 11919342 B1 Gooseneck puck extender
US 11920848 B2 Sensor assembly for detecting ice level in a water jacket cooled ice storage chamber
US 11919132 B2 Shower base installation system
US 11919082 B2 Method for making turbine engine components using metal injection molding
US 11920820 B2 Variable speed airflow zone board
US 11919627 B2 Commonly manufactured rotor blade
US 11923892 B2 Method and architecture for positive identification and verification of multi-mode frequency hopping signals
US 11919088 B1 Pressure assisted melt infiltration
US 11919718 B1 Deployable conveyor mat assembly
US 11922444 B1 Systems, methods, and media for classifying electronic voice of the customer data using emotion profiles generated for a plurality of clusters
US D1016594 S Exit device cover
US D1017032 S Spacer block
US D1017034 S Osteotomy wedge
US D1017035 S Osteotomy wedge
US D1016866 S Kitchen appliance with two-dimensional applied surface graphic
US D1016921 S Floating table
US D1016985 S Faucet handle
US D1016980 S Faucet
US D1016987 S Faucet spout
US D1016979 S Faucet
US D1016503 S Furniture for marine vessel

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