Legal Jab: Lawsuit Over Alleged Boxing Broadcast Interception Packs a Punch

Plaintiff, G & G Closed Circuit Events, LLC, a California-based company, has filed a lawsuit against Defendant, Pilot Pursuit LLP, along with Lynn A. Pittman, identified as its General Partner,Picture-300x169 operating the Recovery Room Lounge in Indianapolis, Indiana. The lawsuit centers on allegations of unauthorized interception, receipt, and broadcast of a televised sporting event known as the Gervonta Davis v. Ryan Garcia Championship Fight Program, which G & G Closed Circuit events, LLC holds exclusive nationwide commercial distribution rights to.

The suit alleges that Lynn A. Pittman, with her roles within Pilot Pursuit LLP and Recovery Room Lounge, had the authority and responsibility to supervise the establishment’s activities, including ensuring lawful operations. Despite this, the Plaintiff claims that Pittman either directed or permitted the interception and broadcast of the Program, leading to increased profits for the Lounge.

The defendants are accused of violating both Title 47 U.S.C. Section 605 and Title 47 U.S.C. Section 553, which prohibit the unauthorized interception, receipt, and publication of communications, including television broadcasts. These statutes aim to protect the exclusive rights of content distributors and prevent unauthorized commercial use.

G & G Closed Circuit Events, LLC seeks statutory damages, punitive damages, and legal fees. They argue that the defendants’ actions deprived them of rightful commercial license fees and caused severe economic distress.

The case has been assigned to Judge James Patrick Hanlon and Magistrate Judge Crystal S. Wildeman in the U.S. District Court of Southern Indiana, and assigned Case No. 1:24-cv-00647.


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