Patent Office Issued 245 Patents to Indiana Entities in May 2023

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 245 patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in May 2023:

US 11662147 B2 Heat exchange system and method
US 11660952 B2 Energy storage system for electric vehicles
US 11660212 B2 Method and apparatus for implanting a knee prosthesis
US 11660209 B2 Acetabular cup prosthesis alignment system and method
US 11660927 B2 Side-by-side vehicle

US 11660773 B2 Weight material cutting, dispensing and applying systems
US 11661903 B2 Forming near-net shape single-piece piston blanks
US 11661991 B2 Gas spring and gas damper assemblies as well as suspension systems and methods of assembly
US 11660200 B2 Stemless shoulder implant with fixation components
US 11661286 B2 Vacuum holder with extensible skirt gasket
US 11661416 B2 Method for isolation of a dianhydride and dianhydrides prepared by the method
US 11661713 B2 Thermoplastic composition for sealing roadway joints
US 11660270 B2 Nanoparticle compositions
US 11665022 B2 Sequential node identification in multiple-compartment dispensing enclosures
US 11659784 B1 Method of generating a three-dimensional map of a lawn and its use to improve mowing efficiency
US 11660806 B2 3D printed fluoropolymer-based energetic compositions
US 11665151 B2 Utilizing caveats for wireless credential access
US 11660162 B2 Arthroscopic shaver and cleaning device and method of cleaning an arthroscopic shaver
US 11663001 B2 Family of lossy sparse load SIMD instructions
US 11661775 B2 Latchbolt damping module
US 11660202 B2 Joint arthroplasty device and method
US 11660655 B2 Hydraulic crimp pressure feedback methods
US 11660133 B2 Bone coupling device and method
US 11661246 B2 Carton with removable lid
US 11664122 B2 Patient support apparatus tracking system
US 11660727 B2 Handheld skate blade sharpener
US 11660242 B2 Portable patient turning device
US 11661123 B2 Shock absorbing pin box system
US 11661782 B2 Door control armature assemblies
US 11661876 B2 Aftertreatment system including preheating oxidation catalyst
US 11661148 B2 Multiple chine pontoon boat
US 11663864 B2 Ultra-wideband technologies for seamless access control
US 11660909 B2 Tire retaining feature for a bicycle rim
US 11660407 B2 Nasal delivery device with safety rod
US 11659788 B2 Vehicle automated unloading
US 11661754 B2 Universal vibratory handle for cementitious surface floats
US 11661746 B2 Membrane installation methods
US 11661951 B2 Methods and systems for manufacturing an impeller wheel assembly
US 11664989 B2 Commissioning an access control device with a programmable card
US 11661868 B2 Systems and methods for hole detection in crankcase ventilation tubing
US 11664037 B2 Methods of encoding and decoding speech signal using neural network model recognizing sound sources, and encoding and decoding apparatuses for performing the same
US 11662256 B2 Thermocouple pre-aging and temperature drift compensation
US 11661786 B2 Powered opening module for a door closer
US 11660579 B2 Air lance for removing pellets from tubes
US 11661001 B2 Lighting system and method
US 11664840 B2 Ultra-low-power millimeter-wave to baseband receiver module for scalable massive MIMO
US 11660504 B2 Fitness based control of communication device
US 11665396 B2 Method and apparatus providing out of band validation by content analysis in a cable TV network
US 11661290 B2 Stacking system and method
US 11663320 B2 System and methods for automated software analysis and classification
US 11662224 B2 Systems and methods for fail-safe resolver excitation
US 11661856 B2 Gas turbine engine with embedded generator
US 11661729 B2 Electronic faucet including capacitive sensitivity control
US 11662129 B2 Method and apparatus for making clear ice
US 11661905 B1 2D variable-area plug nozzle
US D987348 S Lounge
US D987782 S Faucet body
US 11654082 B2 Auricular peripheral nerve field stimulator and method of operating same
US 11655609 B2 High capacity filter element end cap
US 11655375 B2 Curable two-part coatings for conductors
US 11655372 B2 Pigment dispersion
US 11655657 B2 Vehicle door latch security tether
US 11657660 B2 System for diagnosing errors and defects of components of a machine and detecting and diagnosing environmental conditions in a hazardous workspace surrounding the machine
US 11654009 B2 Helical hollow strand ureteral stent
US 11654385 B2 Utilizing a mechanical seal between a filter media and an endcap of a rotating filter cartridge
US 11655214 B2 Phenyl-2-hydroxy-acetylamino-2-methyl-phenyl compounds for the treatment of pancreatic cancer
US 11654653 B2 Method for the manufacturing of liquid metal embrittlement resistant galvannealed steel sheet
US 11654229 B2 Wound irrigation device
US 11654159 B2 Therapeutic use of electroacupuncture-induced mesenchymal stem cells
US 11654087 B2 Acoustic reflectometry device in catheters
US 11655664 B2 Door kits and related methods
US 11655519 B2 Thermal cycling for austenite grain refinement
US 11659146 B2 Temporal modeling of phase modulators in multi-modulation projection
US 11655543 B2 CMAS-resistant barrier coatings
US 11653933 B2 Method of designing and manufacturing low-profile customized patient-specific orthopaedic surgical instruments
US 11659689 B2 Heatsink assembly for an electronic device
US 11655717 B2 Turbine blade squealer tip including internal squealer tip cooling channel
US 11658284 B2 Sodium powders for use as electrode additives and methods of making and using the same
US 11655743 B2 Systems and methods for reductant delivery in aftertreatment systems for internal combustion engines
US 11655461 B2 Antigen purification
US 11656286 B2 Health monitor for an electric machine
US 11653721 B2 Seat belt apparatus and buckle
US 11654075 B2 Method and apparatus for upgrading a patient support apparatus to include an integrated patient therapy device
US 11654064 B2 Method and apparatus for indicating continence state of a patient on a bed
US 11657662 B2 Ripple network access control system
US 11655242 B2 Glucagon-like peptide1 receptor agonists
US 11658350 B2 Smart battery management systems
US 11655870 B2 Method for manufacturing composite fiber preform for disc brakes
US 11655970 B2 Methods for configuring light fixtures with programmable drivers
US 11656302 B2 Expandable apparatus for detecting RF signals and related method
US 11654608 B2 Brim-forming machine and method of use
US 11657496 B2 Inspection support apparatus
US 11655192 B2 Barrier coatings
US 11654012 B2 Connective tissue to bone interface scaffolds
US 11654340 B2 Hitting practice device
US 11658547 B2 Method of calibrating a variable-speed blower motor
US 11657694 B2 Mobile device usage monitoring for commercial vehicle fleet management
US 11657493 B2 Three-dimensional inspection of a workpiece for conformance to a specification
US 11654919 B2 Adaptive user-specific automated driver assistance system warnings
US 11654262 B2 Handle assembly for controlling a steerable catheter
US 11654814 B2 Truck trailer with deck-level and curb-level unloading capability and additional cubic capacity
US 11656386 B2 Tunable plasmonic color device and method of making the same
US 11654599 B2 Reclaiming and remanufacturing fiber reinforced polymer composite structures
US 11656164 B2 Axially-offset differential interference contrast correlation spectroscopy
US 11659425 B2 Systems and methods for detecting interference probability within a radio frequency band
US 11654383 B2 Filter assembly for ice making appliance
US 11655757 B2 Modular multistage compressor system for gas turbine engines
US 11659089 B1 Systems and methods relating to managing cross-channel interactions in contact centers
US D986828 S Back-to-back electrical outlet board
US 11648040 B2 Metatarsal fixation device, system and method
US 11648127 B2 Method and system including sleeves and broaches for surgically preparing the patient’s bone
US 11649051 B2 Rotary wing vehicle
US 11652847 B2 Decoupling hardware and software components of network security devices to provide security software as a service in a distributed computing environment
US 11648004 B2 Knotless soft tissue devices and techniques
US 11650383 B2 Rack-mountable equipment with a high-heat-dissipation module, and transceiver receptacle with increased cooling
US 11649995 B2 Devices, systems, and methods for the rapid transient cooling of pulsed heat sources
US 11651854 B2 Universal calibration system
US 11649522 B2 Zinc-coated steel sheet with high resistance spot weldability
US 11647857 B2 Drink cup
US 11649247 B2 7-phenylethylamino-4H-pyrimido[4,5-d][1,3]oxazin-2-one compounds as mutant IDH1 and IDH2 inhibitors
US 11653176 B2 Social media systems and methods and mobile devices therefor
US 11652260 B2 Composite layers or separators for lead acid batteries
US 11648226 B2 Use of APE1/Ref-1 inhibitors for treatment of retinal diseases
US 11648163 B2 Size adjustable sling
US 11649322 B2 Sulfur-stabilized copolycarbonates and articles formed therefrom
US 11647778 B2 Nutritional compositions containing milk-derived peptides and uses thereof
US 11648015 B2 Waterjet cutting system
US 11649562 B2 Rotary spinner apparatuses, methods and systems for producing fiber from molten material
US 11650266 B2 Systems and methods for detecting leakage in a cable network system
US 11652325 B2 Cable connector system
US 11647687 B2 System and method for controlling the direction of travel of an agricultural implement
US 11653426 B2 Methods of protecting furnace electrodes with cooling liquid that contains an additive
US 11652917 B2 Systems and methods for authentication and fraud detection
US 11648162 B2 Head extension and transport handle system
US 11648677 B2 Automatic wheel changer robot
US 11648688 B2 Modular articulating gripper
US 11648016 B2 Cannulated, modular femoral broach and surgical instrument handle
US 11649757 B2 Passive piston cooling nozzle control with low speed hot running protection
US 11649227 B2 Allosteric chromenone inhibitors of phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) for the treatment of disease
US 11648832 B2 Truck cap
US 11649280 B2 Antibodies to IL-34
US 11651211 B2 Training of neural network based natural language processing models using dense knowledge distillation
US 11650144 B2 Interdigitated capacitive sensor for real-time monitoring of sub-micron and nanoscale particulate matters
US 11649664 B2 Window
US 11652270 B2 Point to point radio alignment system
US 11652713 B2 Network packet capture manager
US 11652380 B2 Electric motor and a method of assembling same
US 11647716 B1 Maize hybrid variety ICH39956
US 11649808 B2 Multi-stable actuator
US 11649793 B1 Intake manifold assembly for internal combustion engine system
US 11648126 B1 Method and system for femoral condylar resection arthroplasty of the knee
US 11647779 B1 Wet food processing system and method of cleaning
US D986519 S Pet climbing platform
US D986287 S Pump component
US D986436 S Container assembly
US D986061 S Shipping cap
US D986086 S Stack light
US D986382 S Faucet
US D986387 S Faucet handle
US D986384 S Faucet
US D986385 S Faucet
US D986388 S Faucet handle
US D986389 S Faucet handle
US 11643665 B2 Nucleotide sequences encoding Fasciated EAR3 (FEA3) and methods of use thereof
US 11642260 B2 Variable width hospital bed
US 11643618 B2 Treatment compositions
US 11644434 B2 Biosensor system analyte measurement
US 11642263 B2 Person support apparatus barrier
US 11642269 B2 Person support apparatuses for subject repositioning
US 11642249 B2 Methods and apparatuses for making elastomeric laminates with elastic strands provided with a spin finish
US 11646246 B2 Method of fabricating a glass substrate with a plurality of vias
US 11643594 B2 Stable quantum dot compositions
US 11643961 B2 Reductant deposit detection using a radiofrequency sensor
US 11644527 B2 Lost-in-forest GPS-denied positioning system
US 11642503 B2 Treatment of skin and skin conditions using snails
US 11642947 B2 Rolling tonneau cover
US 11643946 B2 Cleaning method for jet engine
US 11644071 B2 Rotor drive key assembly
US 11642638 B2 Portable pump for high viscosity materials
US 11644424 B2 Interferometric method and apparatus for non-invasive assessment of oocyte maturity and competency
US 11642223 B2 Shoulder prosthesis components and assemblies
US 11644070 B2 Brake disc insert with retainer
US 11646693 B2 Orientation of photovoltaic modules to minimize intercepted radiation in photovoltaic aglectric systems
US 11643369 B2 Cool side coating for ceramic or ceramic matrix composite article
US 11642618 B2 Oil sump tube
US 11642458 B2 Infusion and blood collection devices and methods
US 11643066 B2 Systems and methods for power management using adaptive power split ratio
US 11643957 B2 Systems and methods for virtually determining fuel sulfur concentration
US 11644224 B2 Portable automatic refrigerant charging device and method
US 11642185 B2 Systems and methods for performing a surgical procedure
US 11642342 B2 Combinations of estrogen receptor degraders and cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors for treating cancer
US 11645948 B2 Capture plate assembly for braille display
US 11645769 B2 Pavement macrotexture determination using multi-view smartphone images
US 11644456 B2 Rapid testing mechanism and method for respiratory viral pathogens
US 11646189 B2 Mass spectrometers that utilize ionic wind and methods of use thereof
US 11644127 B2 Bracket for cable installations
US 11647293 B2 Suspended photobooth with retractable camera for imaging a vehicle
US 11643785 B2 Tie down ground anchor head
US 11642799 B2 Protective robot wrap
US 11644167 B2 Low profile light with an oversized light emission
US 11642719 B1 Hybrid casting process for structural castings
US 11644251 B2 Thermal management systems for extended operation
US 11646551 B2 Spark plug
US 11646536 B1 Stacking outlet enclosures
US 11641822 B1 Maize hybrid X18P234
US 11642709 B1 Optimized flux ERH electrode
US 11645190 B1 Compliance check code generation for implemented product code from a codified user experience design
US 11644221 B1 Open cycle thermal management system with a vapor pump device
US D985758 S End piece of a pneumatic patient circuit
US D985401 S Set of measuring spoons
US D985725 S Faucet
US D985726 S Faucet body
US D985727 S Faucet
US D985735 S Faucet handle
US D985357 S Magneto safety guard
US D985632 S Pump cap
US D985773 S Three dimensional mastopexy implant
US D985730 S Faucet
US D985737 S Faucet handle
US 11638807 B2 Low profile introducer apparatus
US 11638601 B2 Bone compression systems
US 11639417 B2 Method for the manufacture of poly(aliphatic ester-carbonate) compositions and articles thereof
US 11638763 B2 Nanoallergens and uses thereof
US 11638753 B2 Lipids as synthetic vectors to enhance antigen processing and presentation ex-vivo in dendritic cell therapy
US 11639693 B2 Internal combustion engine and method to increase the temperature of a liquid in the internal combustion engine
US 11639208 B2 Final drive disconnect mechanism via transmission
US 11638804 B2 Electronic sensory simulation system
US 11638785 B2 Medication delivery device with sensing system
US 11639174 B2 Automated speed control system
US 11638724 B2 Ocular applications of matrix bound vesicles (MBVs)
US 11639102 B2 Integrated power source and housing
US 11638434 B2 Feed additive compositions
US 11639752 B2 Transmission control systems to adjust clutch pressure and torque based on grade
US 11638654 B2 Detachable and retrievable stents for therapeutic agent delivery
US 11638768 B2 Aqueous ozone generator controller and methods
US 11639818 B2 Thermal management systems
US 11639139 B2 Vehicle camera attachment plate
US 11641701 B1 Electronic protection circuit
US D985101 S Molded connection panel
US D984894 S Drink cup lid
US D984953 S Safely railing having buoy holder
US D985125 S Humeral implant
US D985190 S Cigar holder
US D984873 S Rebar chair

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