Patent Office Issued 270 Patents to Indiana Entities in January 2023

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 270 patent registrations to businesses and individuals in Indiana during January 2023, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

Patent Number Patent Title
US 11566569 B1 Method and system for identifying abnormal valve performance in an internal combustion engine
US 11566670 B1 Sensor bearing housing
US 11565353 B2 Axle welder
US 11564674 B2 Lateral access system and method of use
US 11569616 B2 Connector with top- and bottom-stitched contacts

US 11567915 B2 Maintaining a dataset based on periodic cleansing of raw source data
US 11566932 B2 Sonic monitor system for a tank
US 11567909 B2 Monitoring database management systems connected by a computer network
US 11566531 B2 CMAS-resistant abradable coatings
US 11566046 B2 CBX8 chromdomain inhibitors and the uses thereof
US 11569861 B2 Case with secondary well and annular ridge about apertures
US 11566405 B2 Integrated bathroom electronic system
US 11565823 B2 Systems and methods of retrofitting an aircraft engine to an aircraft
US 11566718 B2 Valves, valve assemblies and applications thereof
US 11567722 B2 Method and system for self addressed information display
US 11565400 B2 Robot base assemblies
US 11564802 B2 Shoulder implants and assembly
US 11568420 B2 Analysis of customer feedback surveys
US 11564491 B2 Storage rack guard drop-in bracket
US 11566385 B2 Crane mat and method of manufacture
US 11567002 B2 Organism identification
US 11565048 B2 Automatic injection devices having overmolded gripping surfaces
US 11565622 B2 Rear corner post for a truck trailer
US 11565436 B2 Methods of manufacturing knife holders of cutting wheels
US 11566787 B2 Tile attachment scheme for counter swirl doublet
US 11566562 B2 Gas turbine engine
US 11565750 B2 Differential traction drive and steering axis coordination system and method
US 11564351 B2 Lawn striping mechanism
US 11566806 B2 Humidity analytics
US 11565336 B2 Method of selectively bonding braze powders to a surface
US 11568249 B2 Automated decision making for neural architecture search
US 11566721 B2 Dielectric union ball valve
US 11569698 B2 Electric motor and stator cooling apparatus
US 11566968 B2 Control of particle delivery in contamination test rig
US 11566592 B2 Fluid supply system having shutoff valve with stabilized electrical valve actuator
US 11564922 B2 Methods of treating crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
US 11568980 B2 Systems and methods for assisting individuals in a behavioral-change program
US 11566900 B2 MEMS rotation rate sensor
US 11568032 B2 Natural language user interface
US 11569640 B2 Spark plug
US 11564929 B2 Combination therapy with Notch and PI3K/mTOR inhibitors for use in treating cancer
US 11568305 B2 System and method for customer journey event representation learning and outcome prediction using neural sequence models
US 11566588 B2 Internal combustion engine/generator with pressure boost
US 11565653 B2 Vehicle occupancy-monitoring system
US 11566006 B2 Solid state forms of (S)-2-(((S)-6,8-difluoro-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalen-2-yl)amino)-N-(1-(2-methyl-1-(neopentylamino)propan-2-yl)-1H-imidazol-4-yl)pentanamide and uses thereof
US 11564799 B2 Patellofemoral implant with porous ingrowth material and method of manufacturing same
US 11565352 B2 Techniques and assemblies for joining components using solid retainer materials
US 11566310 B2 Method for the manufacturing of liquid metal embrittlement resistant zinc coated steel sheet
US 11565022 B2 Therapy for post-traumatic osteoarthritis
US 11565139 B2 Activated carbon supported Ni0Fe0 nanoparticles for reductive transformation of perfluoroalkyl-containing compounds
US 11565342 B2 Linear friction welder system and method of operating
US 11566834 B2 Apparatus and method for cryostorage and manipulation of a plurality of container units
US 11566552 B2 Systems and methods for implementing corrections to a reductant delivery system in an exhaust aftertreatment system of an internal combustion engine
US 11565167 B2 System, method, and apparatus for managing miniature golf players
US 11568209 B2 Using deep learning models to obfuscate and optimize communications
US 11569639 B2 Spark plug
US 11567326 B1 Accommodation bifocal optical assembly and optical system including same
US D976553 S Boot
US D976801 S Truck cap
US D976651 S Soup bowl with spoon well
US 11561029 B1 Thermal management systems
US 11561033 B1 Thermal management systems
US 11560810 B1 Variable vane actuation system and method for gas turbine engine performance management
US 11560370 B1 5-membered heteroaryl carboxamide compounds for treatment of HBV
US 11559675 B1 Tattoo machine rechargeable battery unit with voltage controller
US 11559100 B2 Helmet with external shock wave dampening panels
US 11559514 B2 Compositions and methods of use of antibacterial drug combinations
US 11562896 B2 Apparatus and method for simultaneously analyzing multiple ions with an electrostatic linear ion trap
US 11561156 B2 Inkjet deposition of reagents for histological samples
US 11560701 B2 Conductive bonnet nut for an electronic faucet
US 11562448 B2 Device and method for performing validation and authentication of a physical structure or physical object
US 11561075 B2 Projectile with pyrotechnically timed release of a secondary payload
US 11563347 B2 Electric motors
US 11559008 B2 Hydration system for an indoor garden center and a method of operating the same
US 11560745 B2 Door closer diagnostics system
US 11560027 B2 Underbed hitch mounting system
US 11560821 B2 Decomposition chamber for aftertreatment systems
US 11562609 B2 Seamless access control
US 11559421 B2 Protective dressing with reusable phase-change material cooling insert
US 11559403 B2 Modular augment component
US 11560256 B2 Roto molded pallet
US 11561202 B2 Ultrasonic device
US 11559545 B2 Inhibition of UCHL1 in high-grade serous ovarian cancer
US 11559918 B2 Additively manufactured composite components
US 11560829 B2 Recirculation system for a power system that includes a plurality of turbochargers
US 11559469 B2 Systems and methods for controlling the process of compounding admixtures
US 11560187 B2 Fifth wheel hitch isolation system
US 11562608 B2 Wireless credential proximity control
US 11560930 B2 Brake disc insert with retainer
US 11559314 B2 Polymer cutting block including metallic protective bushings and method of using same
US 11559444 B2 Movable baseplate cover and inboard barrier gate of a lift system for a motorized vehicle
US 11559613 B2 Apparatus and methods for concentrating platelet-rich plasma
US 11560727 B2 Apparatus for screeding concrete
US 11563394 B2 Systems and method for optimizing engine operations in gensets
US 11561027 B2 Systems and methods for implementing ejector refrigeration cycles with cascaded evaporation stages
US 11559214 B2 Diagnostic and therapeutic device for compromised vascular hemodynamics analysis
US 11559013 B2 Expandable irrigation controller
US 11560477 B2 Material and method for powder bed fusion
US 11559860 B2 Welding wires formed from improved aluminum-magnesium alloys
US 11560570 B2 Plant promoter for transgene expression
US 11559717 B2 Exercise apparatus
US 11562489 B2 Pixel-wise hand segmentation of multi-modal hand activity video dataset
US 11563398 B1 Systems and methods for controlling inverter having shutoff circuit
US 11561153 B2 Dynamic instrumentation assembly to measure properties of an engine exhaust stream
US 11560801 B1 Fan blade with internal magnetorheological fluid damping
US 11561030 B1 Thermal management systems
US D976143 S Indicator light
US D976105 S Drink cup lid
US D976099 S Closeable carton
US D976100 S Closeable container
US D976209 S Power supply
US D976076 S Door handle
US D976273 S Electronic device with graphical user interface
US D976101 S Closeable carton
US D976104 S Closeable container
US D976091 S J-Channel siding device
US 11554722 B1 Mountable rapid access vehicular gun case
US 11553668 B1 Maize hybrid X05P308
US 11553666 B1 Maize hybrid X05P317
US 11554538 B1 Feed housing purge system
US 11553693 B2 Climbing apparatus for pet training and fitness
US 11554020 B2 Expandable implant with pivoting control assembly
US 11554883 B2 Liquid-fed pulsed plasma thruster for propelling nanosatellites
US 11554624 B2 Gas spring and gas damper assemblies as well as suspension systems and methods including the same
US 11555469 B2 Piston bowls
US 11553906 B2 Retractor blades for modular system and method of use
US 11556848 B2 Resolving conflicts between experts’ intuition and data-driven artificial intelligence models
US 11554781 B2 Driver alertness monitoring including a predictive sleep risk factor
US 11553930 B2 Glenoid reamer
US 11555954 B2 LED coupler for light reflection and leakage prevention
US 11554068 B2 Rotation lockout for surgical support
US 11553637 B2 Skid steer manure spreader attachment
US 11555299 B2 Faucet spout including a side outlet and flow control features
US 11555925 B2 Automotive level determination
US 11554118 B2 Bruton’s tyrosine kinase inhibitors
US 11554536 B2 Fused filament fabrication of shape memory alloys
US 11554221 B2 Dose detection module for a medication delivery device
US 11557934 B2 Interior bus bar for electric machine winding
US 11554019 B2 Method and apparatus for manufacturing an implant
US 11554011 B2 Stent structures for use with valve replacements
US 11555727 B2 Pesticide volume meter
US 11558132 B2 Systems and methods for identifying a source of radio frequency interference in a wireless network
US 11556395 B2 Data race detection with per-thread memory protection
US 11557933 B2 Electric machine with distributed winding having double cross end loops
US 11556600 B2 Generalizing a segment from user data attributes
US 11554708 B2 Composite refrigerated truck body and method of making the same
US 11558400 B2 Computerized system for complying with certain critical infrastructure protection requirements
US 11554662 B2 Assembly for mounting a wheel to a portal gear box of an off-road vehicle
US 11555600 B2 Components, systems, and methods for hanging strands of lights
US 11555821 B2 CA IX-NIR dyes and their uses
US 11553641 B2 Dual-impeller spreader with dual shut-off controls
US 11555508 B2 Fan shroud for an electric motor assembly
US 11554515 B2 Methods and compositions for preparing particle boards
US 11553934 B2 Customized patient-specific orthopaedic surgical instruments
US 11558123 B2 Quantum communications system having stabilized quantum communications channel and associated methods
US 11555226 B2 Method for producing a high strength steel sheet having improved strength and formability and obtained sheet
US 11556889 B2 Object recognition system for an appliance and method for managing household inventory of consumables
US 11555312 B2 Polyolefin thermoplastic roofing membranes with improved burn resistivity
US 11555436 B2 Exhaust species tracking and notification system
US 11555642 B2 Cold therapy cooler apparatus
US 11557992 B2 Systems and methods for phase-voltage based motor period measurement and controlled signal path fault detection
US 11556609 B1 Anticipatory loading of websites on user devices
US 11558412 B1 Interactive security visualization of network entity data
US D975594 S Hidden corner pantry for recreational vehicle
US D975619 S Tonneau cover
US D975618 S Wheel
US 11551179 B1 Assigning uncovered shipments to vehicle freight capacity for vehicles based on vehicle score and distance
US 11550445 B1 Software safety-locked controls to prevent inadvertent selection of user interface elements
US 11553008 B1 Electronic agent scribe and communication protections
US 11553520 B2 System and method for dynamically scheduling wireless transmissions without collision
US 11548391 B2 Systems and methods for plug-in electric vehicle accessory recharging during battery charge
US 11547292 B2 Vaginal speculum
US 11548895 B2 Process for making crystalline 2-(3-(4-(7H-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4-yl)-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)-1-(cyclopropylsulfonyl)azetidin-3-yl)acetonitrile
US 11548701 B2 Drink cup lid
US 11550842 B2 Geographic population health information system
US 11547675 B2 Methods and systems for depositing active ingredients on substrates
US 11549991 B2 Method of monitoring a state of charge of a battery
US 11547613 B2 Stretch laminate with beamed elastics and formed nonwoven layer
US 11551475 B2 System architecture and method of authenticating a 3-D object
US 11547135 B2 Mitigation of chronic infant malnutrition
US 11549959 B2 Automated pipetting apparatus having a combined liquid pump and pipette head system
US 11550562 B2 Virtualization platform for creating, deploying, modifying, and relocating applications
US 11547330 B2 Apparatus and methods for probing sensor operation of continuous analyte sensing and auto-calibration
US 11551443 B2 Augmented reality and wearable technology for vehicle service
US 11547571 B2 Tibial prosthesis with tibial bearing component securing feature
US 11548772 B2 Liquid transfer device and method of use
US 11549152 B2 Products for assessing colorectal cancer molecular subtype and risk of recurrence and for determining and administering treatment protocols based thereon
US 11549424 B2 System, apparatus, and method for protection and cleaning of exhaust gas sensors
US 11550440 B2 Flexible touch sensing system and method with deformable material
US 11547913 B2 Basketball rim assemblies
US 11549716 B2 Wastewater conditioning apparatus and method
US 11551499 B2 Secure container for package delivery
US 11549214 B2 Processes, methods, and systems for chemo-mechanical cellular explosion and solid and liquid products made by the same
US 11548107 B2 Methods of modifying material flow mode during machining and products formed thereby
US 11547092 B2 Special search dog pack and process for faster dog aided search, dog only search and rescue, and other dog aided uses
US 11547570 B2 Knee prosthesis system and method
US 11548690 B2 Tamper-evident bag seal with tabs and methods of use
US 11550167 B2 Ophthalmic device with blend zones and alignment sidewalls
US 11551353 B2 Content based image retrieval for lesion analysis
US 11548180 B2 Systems and methods for shaping and cutting materials
US 11549454 B2 Systems and methods for controlling EGR flow during transient conditions
US 11547453 B2 Bone anchor head extender
US 11551327 B2 System and method for energy profiling asynchronous API calls
US 11551328 B2 Graphics energy profiling system and method
US 11552783 B2 System architecture and method of processing data therein
US 11548566 B2 Cargo vehicle automation and construction features
US 11549584 B2 System and method for controlling pump performance in a transmission
US 11548428 B2 Geared ramp assembly with raised ramp position and side rails and method of use
US 11549789 B2 Optimized subsonic projectiles
US 11548495 B2 Torque deration in response traction control events
US 11552240 B2 Machines and processes for producing polymer films and films produced thereby
US 11547850 B2 Lead fixation devices for securing a lead to a cranium
US 11547965 B2 Curved lobed seal lock air filter system
US 11553313 B2 Clench activated switch system
US 11547052 B1 Audible operator feedback for riding lawn mower applications
US 11548037 B1 Pharmacy order processing system container sorting devices and related methods
US 11548053 B1 Device to install shoelace aglets
US D974877 S Electronic display mount
US D975137 S Front cover for an engine
US D975245 S Faucet body
US 11540468 B1 Maize hybrid X13P554W
US 11544176 B1 Systems and methods for automatically assessing and conforming software development modules to accessibility guidelines in real-time
US 11543933 B2 Manipulating virtual environment using non-instrumented physical object
US 11544273 B2 Constructing event distributions via a streaming scoring operation
US 11540649 B2 Carry handle anchor system
US 11540988 B2 Wet wipes comprising a lotion
US 11541123 B2 Dual amylin and calcitonin receptor agonists and uses thereof
US 11540673 B2 Integrated emergency wash and shower system
US 11546678 B2 Systems and methods for wirelessly communicating within electric motor systems
US 11542310 B2 Modified bovine G-CSF polypeptides and their uses
US 11545353 B2 Logical operations in mass spectrometry
US 11540891 B2 Accessory support and coupling systems for an accessory support
US 11542148 B2 Free-standing beverage dispensing appliance and method for operating a beverage dispensing appliance
US 11542128 B2 Subject lift transfer assemblies and methods for operating the same
US 11541186 B2 Dose detection and drug identification for a medication delivery device
US 11544935 B2 System for risk object identification via causal inference and method thereof
US 11540546 B2 Nutraceuticals for the management of conditions related to type 2 diabetes
US 11543509 B2 Bi-static radar system
US 11542257 B2 Arylnaphthalene compounds as vacuolar-ATPase inhibitors and the use thereof
US 11545251 B2 Patient-centered mobile communication system and method
US 11542521 B2 Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics in response to cold
US 11541875 B2 System and method for path planning in vehicles
US 11543471 B2 Vehicle battery current sensing system
US 11541002 B2 Oral film compositions and dosage forms having precise active dissolution profiles
US 11542694 B2 Electrical connection for electronic faucet assembly
US 11541488 B2 Dual-walled components for a gas turbine engine
US 11545867 B2 Bus bar assembly for electric machine winding
US 11540844 B2 Disposable acetabular modular reamer and methods
US 11542864 B2 Adaptive vertical lift engine (AVLE) fan
US 11542032 B2 Method and tool for optimizing fuel/electrical energy storage allocation for hybrid-electric aircraft
US 11541635 B2 Flexible carbon fiber decorative veneer
US 11544963 B2 Appliance having a customizable user profile
US 11540964 B2 Patient support surface control, end of life indication, and x-ray cassette sleeve
US 11545722 B2 Separators for electrochemical cells and methods of making the same
US 11542249 B2 BTK inhibitor compounds
US 11541786 B2 Infant carrier
US 11542882 B2 Method and system for correcting errors in fueling commands
US PP34898 P2 <i>Heuchera </i>plant named ‘Grateful Gathering’
US 11540840 B2 Connection member and method
US 11542313 B2 Incretin analogs and uses thereof
US 11541388 B2 Apparatus and methods for separating blood components
US 11540898 B2 Bone screw with frangible tracking tag
US 11542933 B2 Sound reduction device for rocking piston pumps and compressors
US 11541404 B2 Directional speaker-implemented showerhead
US 11544916 B2 Automated gauge reading and related systems, methods, and devices
US 11541945 B2 Vehicle underbelly structure
US 11546358 B1 Authorization token confidence system
US 11542737 B1 Ligature-resistant hinge cap
US D974207 S Child car seat belt buckle safety indicator
US D974212 S Lighting unit

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