Patent Office Issued 297 Patents to Indiana Entities in August 2023

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 297 patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in August 2023:

Patent Number                                                                       Patent Title
US 11739342 B2 Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics
US 11739561 B2 Electronic door with key-in-lever feature
US 11739053 B2 P62-ZZ chemical inhibitor
US 11737896 B2 Wirelessly-powered implantable EMG recording system
US 11737944 B2 Removable customizable casket panel

US 11743546 B2 Method and system for trending media programs for a user
US 11739718 B2 Electronic filter detection feature for liquid filtration systems
US 11739559 B2 Exit trim with simplified lever handing
US 11738894 B2 Process and machine for making clipless chub package containing viscous product
US 11737928 B2 Laminate(s) comprising beamed elastics and absorbent article(s) comprising said laminate(s)
US 11739293 B2 Method for generating mesoderm and/or endothelial colony forming cell-like cells having in vivo blood vessel forming capacity
US 11739534 B2 Folding staircase
US 11739291 B2 3-dimensional (3D) tissue-engineered muscle for tissue restoration
US 11742550 B2 Lead acid battery separators, batteries, and related methods
US 11739514 B2 Automated urinal
US 11739062 B2 Methods for 1,4-diazo N-heterocycle synthesis
US 11739651 B2 Nozzle ring for a radial turbine and exhaust gas turbocharger including the same
US 11737708 B2 Methods for detecting heart rate, respiration, and oxygen saturation and uses thereof
US 11737851 B2 Medical devices for magnetic resonance imaging and related methods
US 11743253 B2 Methods and systems for bidirectional device authentication
US 11740913 B2 Method and user interface for data mapping
US 11739650 B2 Hybrid airfoil coatings
US 11737688 B2 Apparatus and methods of probing sensor operation and/or determining analyte values during continuous analyte sensing
US 11741798 B2 Medical device alert, optimization, personalization, and escalation
US 11738678 B2 Vehicle conveyor system
US 11738045 B2 Therapeutic clay compositions and methods of using
US 11739665 B2 Waste heat recovery system and control
US 11738841 B2 Thruster arrangement for a boat
US 11742644 B2 Protective outlet cover
US 11741375 B2 Capturing the global structure of logical formulae with graph long short-term memory
US 11740257 B2 System for ensuring failsafe operation of pitot tube covers for multiple types of pitot tubes
US 11739937 B2 Plasma injection modules
US 11741672 B2 Four-dimensional imaging system for cardiovascular dynamics
US 11742958 B2 Communication device and method of making the same
US 11743974 B2 Modular platform electric trench heater
US 11738883 B2 Expanding floor/ accordion drone docking station
US 11739179 B2 Disulfide-containing monomer, its reduced form, and its derivate, method to synthesize the same, and polymer containing the same
US 11740180 B2 Method of measuring diffusion in a medium
US 11738948 B2 Pharmacy order filling system and related methods
US 11744042 B2 Thermal management system with dual-use serial thermal energy storage for system size reduction
US 11739783 B2 Concrete fastener
US 11738743 B2 Collision avoidance method and system for a vehicle
US 11739953 B2 Air conditioning appliance and make-up air assembly
US 11743648 B1 Control leak implementation for headset speakers
US 11740878 B1 Creating CLI packages and API playbooks from codified graphical user experience designs
US 11738619 B1 Variable rate liquid spring suspension system exhibiting low variance in suspension frequency
US D997042 S Frame nut
US D997036 S Gear pack cover
US D997341 S Secured medication transfer set
US D996820 S Case for chainsaw chains
US D996967 S Closure
US D996968 S Closure
US D997195 S Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
US 11730464 B2 Soft tissue repair assembly and associated method
US 11730602 B2 Orthopaedic knee prosthesis having controlled condylar curvature
US 11733243 B2 Use of acamprosate to modulate ERK1/2 activation in animal models for FXS and ASD and individuals diagnosed with FXS and ASD
US 11731218 B2 Repair of dual walled metallic components using braze material
US 11730961 B2 Optical pressure treatment through electrical stimulation
US 11730678 B2 Secured medication transfer system
US 11735844 B2 Anti-backout latch for interconnect system
US 11731913 B2 Processes for making a super-insulating core for a vacuum insulating structure
US 11732382 B2 Roll-to-roll manufacturing machines and methods for producing nanostructure-containing polymer films
US 11730465 B2 Self-adjusting suture construct
US 11732518 B2 Door alignment mechanism
US 11731964 B2 Benzamide antibacterial agents
US 11731088 B2 Brine machine and method
US 11731985 B2 Compositions and methods for treating cancer
US 11731562 B2 Trailer step assembly
US 11737374 B2 Fabrication of a device
US 11731206 B2 Repair of through-hole damage using braze sintered preform
US 11733014 B2 Munitions rack with structural element and insertable ejectors
US 11732776 B2 Vertical cable railing assembly
US 11730421 B2 Sepsis detection and monitoring
US 11735363 B2 In lead capacitor
US 11733052 B2 Analysis of network effects of avoidance areas on routing
US 11733507 B2 Optical device, method of using the same, and method of making the same
US 11731691 B2 Rear end steering and mounting system
US 11731947 B2 Deuterated antimicrobial compounds
US 11731867 B2 System for vehicle lift monitoring and prognostics
US 11731984 B2 KRas G12C inhibitors
US 11730494 B2 Surgical burring tool
US 11736532 B2 Automating digital forensic evidence collection
US 11730601 B2 Customized patient-specific 3D printed positioning augment for orthopaedic surgical implant
US 11730862 B2 Identifier-based application of therapeutic coatings to medical implant devices
US 11734269 B2 Systems, methods, and storage media useful in a computer healthcare system to consume clinical quality language queries in a programmatic manner
US 11737203 B2 Heatsink shield with thermal-contact dimples for thermal-energy distribution in a radar assembly
US 11732886 B2 Fuel-fired burner with internal exhaust gas recycle
US 11731648 B2 Vehicle lateral—control system with dynamically adjustable calibrations
US 11730729 B2 Quinolines that modulate SERCA and their use for treating disease
US 11734624 B2 Method and system for scalable contact center agent scheduling utilizing automated AI modeling and multi-objective optimization
US 11730103 B2 Wheat variety 6PLSK70B
US 11734758 B2 Trade authorization blockchain-based export and valuation system
US 11731056 B2 System, method, and apparatus for improved bracket contests
US 11731155 B2 Method and apparatus for stabilizing a loose showerhead assembly
US 11732328 B2 Method of suspending copper nanoparticles in tin
US 11732516 B2 Door closer adjustment with backout discouragement
US 11732921 B2 Stepped staged control of a variable capacity compressor
US 11734089 B2 Dynamic option reselection in virtual assistant communication sessions
US 11732598 B2 Ceramic matrix composite turbine shroud shaped for minimizing abradable coating layer
US 11732612 B2 Turbine engine fan track liner with tip injection air recirculation passage
US 11732941 B1 Thermal management systems
US 11732632 B1 Systems and methods for determining an efficiency value associated with a catalyst member
US 11732693 B1 Hydration turbine
US 11730119 B1 Maize hybrid X15R400
US 11731189 B1 Method and system for manufacturing engine connection rod assemblies
US 11732604 B1 Ceramic matrix composite blade track segment with integrated cooling passages
US 11732474 B1 Modular wall and façade systems for distributing energy or signals in structures
US D996577 S Faucet
US D996567 S Faucet sprayhead
US D996744 S Litter box assembly
US D996579 S Faucet
US D996573 S Faucet
US D996297 S Hitch securing tool
US D996578 S Tub spout
US 11725031 B2 Methods and compositions for delivering interleukin-1 receptor antagonist
US 11723648 B2 Method and apparatus for soft tissue fixation
US 11728021 B2 Pill dispenser
US 11725862 B2 Clear ice maker with warm air flow
US 11725716 B1 Electric actuator for drive apparatus
US 11723885 B2 Methods and compositions for interfering with extraction or conversion of a drug susceptible to abuse
US 11725535 B2 Vane assembly for a gas turbine engine
US 11725342 B2 Unitary deflection member for making fibrous structures having increased surface area and process for making same
US 11727474 B2 Methods and apparatus for selling paint products in stores that traditionally do not sell paint
US 11726648 B2 Techniques for displaying shared digital assets consistently across different displays
US 11725564 B2 Diagnostic methods for a high efficiency exhaust aftertreatment system
US 11729610 B2 System, method, and apparatus for secure telematics communication
US 11726394 B2 Spatial light modulator for reduction of certain order light
US 11723876 B2 Biodegradable polymer formulations for extended efficacy of botulinum toxin
US 11724698 B2 Systems and methods of adjusting operating parameters of a vehicle based on vehicle duty cycles
US 11725018 B2 Crystals
US 11723585 B2 Implants, systems and methods for surgical planning and assessment
US 11724009 B2 Wire-formed bio-absorbable implants and methods for assembly
US 11724479 B2 Structural panel for an appliance having stamped components and method therefor
US 11724220 B2 Undulated interlocking housing-endplate interface geometry
US 11725605 B2 Cylinder head bolt boss cutouts
US 11725724 B2 Control system and method thereof for multispeed transmission
US 11724073 B2 MRI compatible interventional wireguide
US 11723701 B2 Compression force magnifier
US 11723699 B2 System and method for bone fixation using a nail locked to an encircling anchor
US 11728887 B2 Handling signals received on paths with differing numbers of hops
US 11723793 B2 Thermal transfer device for providing thermal treatment to a patient
US 11726198 B2 Slow time frequency division multiplexing with binary phase shifters
US 11723886 B2 Targeting ocular diseases with novel APE1/Ref-1 inhibitors
US 11725086 B2 Shrink films and methods for making the same
US 11724760 B2 Linear actuator system
US 11724453 B2 Systems and methods for printing components using additive manufacturing
US 11723327 B2 Automated plant growing system
US 11729593 B2 System and method of reducing a communication range
US 11725369 B2 Vessel rinsing apparatus
US 11725202 B2 Soil-based DNA extraction
US 11726478 B2 Systems and methods for autonomous marking maintenance
US 11723822 B2 Security latch for user interface housing
US 11725868 B2 Standoff feature for appliance
US 11726492 B2 Collision avoidance perception system
US 11727026 B2 Display tool
US 11725604 B2 Method for controlling pressure with a direct metered pump based on engine subcycle mass balance
US 11726168 B2 Squint-offsetting radar mounting tab caps
US 11724066 B2 Strain relief and methods of use thereof
US 11726961 B2 Dynamically updating distributed content objects
US 11726328 B2 Accommodation adjustable and magnification corrective optical system
US 11728576 B2 Plastic air-waveguide antenna with conductive particles
US 11724678 B2 Method and system for performing regenerative braking with feedback from brake-traction control system
US 11724594 B2 Using skip fire with power take-off
US 11724315 B2 Systems and methods for defect detection and correction in additive manufacturing processes
US 11726785 B2 Graphics processor unit with opportunistic inter-path reconvergence
US 11724582 B2 Pinch latch assembly
US 11725910 B2 Ballistic and athletic personal protective equipment
US 11727540 B2 Image sharpening
US 11728068 B2 Magnet wire with corona resistant polyimide insulation
US 11724718 B2 Auction-based cooperative perception for autonomous and semi-autonomous driving systems
US 11728067 B2 Magnet wire with flexible corona resistant insulation
US 11727500 B2 Damage prediction system using artificial intelligence
US 11725849 B2 Boiler apparatus and method thereof
US 11726233 B2 Method of making a metamaterial device
US 11725916 B2 Fragmentation pattern, optimized for drawn cup warheads with a dome and cylindrical wall
US 11725520 B2 Fan rotor for airfoil damping
US 11723508 B2 Domestic appliance and one-piece modular housing therefor
US 11725699 B2 Cone clutch system including independent friction member
US 11725525 B2 Engine section stator vane assembly with band stiffness features for turbine engines
US 11723337 B1 Maize hybrid X13R124
US 11725747 B1 Water arrestor valve assembly
US 11727740 B1 Entry access system and method with questionnaire screening
US 11727912 B1 Deep adaptive acoustic echo cancellation
US D995297 S Soap pump
US D995089 S Footwear upper
US D995183 S Ligature resistant drinking fountain
US D995456 S Circuit board
US D995457 S Circuit board
US D995951 S Litter box assembly
US D995714 S Aqueous ozone generator cartridge
US 11719302 B2 Air spring sleeve
US 11717514 B2 PSMA binding ligand-linker conjugates and methods for using
US 11717408 B2 Implantable valve device
US 11718888 B2 Method for producing a high strength coated steel sheet having improved strength, formability and obtained sheet
US 11719680 B2 Methods and systems for analyzing a field
US 11717452 B2 Incontinence detection systems for hospital beds
US 11722652 B2 Method and system for multi-wavelength depth encoding for three- dimensional range geometry compression
US 11718166 B2 Tonneau cover with prop rod assembly
US 11719148 B2 Fluid transfer connection interface design
US 11722447 B2 Systems and methods for electronically distributing information
US 11719139 B2 Reduced parasitic lube system
US 11716983 B2 Selective detection of bed bugs
US 11720854 B2 Inventory management through image and data integration
US 11718604 B2 4-amino-6-(1,3-benzodioxole)picolinates and their use as herbicides
US 11717438 B2 Eyelid cleaning tool
US 11717457 B2 Lift system with a stowable support assembly
US 11719151 B2 Systems and methods for diagnosis of NOx storage catalyst
US 11719261 B2 Vapor-pressure driven pump
US 11719473 B2 System and method of controlling temperature of a medium by refrigerant vaporization and working gas condensation
US 11718056 B2 Method of forming a cut in a polymeric component
US 11719283 B2 Axially clamping rotating engine components
US 11717369 B2 External actuation device for adjustable implanted medical device
US 11722041 B2 Slotted stator core and additive manufacturing method for production
US 11719021 B2 Sensing and control of access control devices
US 11718395 B2 Electrically controlled vertical takeoff and landing aircraft system and method
US 11721010 B2 Vehicle self-inspection apparatus and method
US 11717780 B2 Collapsible disposable filter
US 11719207 B2 Pump plunger assembly for improved pump efficiency
US 11718823 B2 Methods and materials for rapid preparation of 3D spheroids/organoids
US 11717907 B2 Bonding probe for bonded dual walled turbine components
US 11721935 B2 Electrical connector support ring
US 11718443 B2 Containers for transporting items and methods of arranging such containers
US 11720258 B2 Memory bypass for error detection and correction
US 11718298 B2 Methods and systems for coordinating predictive cruise control, engine-off coasting, and hybrid power split
US 11719028 B2 Door jack
US 11719265 B2 Cooler bypass valve assembly for hydraulic system return circuit
US 11721846 B2 Battery lockout override logic for a battery management system
US 11719740 B2 Test fixture for printed circuit board components
US 11722036 B2 Wiper motors and methods of manufacture and use thereof
US 11722789 B1 Multi-camera imaging system selecting between visible and infrared views in a vehicle
US 11717975 B1 Cable management system for a robot singulator
US 11718190 B1 Systems and methods for galvanic interface bond detection for inverter for electric vehicle
US 11719119 B1 Aircraft with ram air turbine disk with generator having blade shroud ring integrated magnets
US 11721311 B1 Guitar pick
US 11723173 B1 Stacked cold plate with flow guiding vanes and method of manufacturing
US D994485 S Toothpaste carton
US D994110 S Medicament delivery device cover
US 11713890 B2 Method of operating a heating and cooling system
US 11713490 B2 Marker assisted selection of traits for producing meal from <i>Brassica napus</i>
US 11716040 B2 Hybrid drive circuit for variable speed induction motor system and methods of control
US 11712831 B2 Extruded board with realistic appearance
US 11713066 B2 Railroad crossing control system including constant warning time device and axle counter system
US 11713502 B2 Method for producing a high strength steel sheet having high ductility, formability and weldability, and obtained steel sheet
US 11713394 B2 Sheets including polyphenylene and an aryl salicylate and methods of making the same
US 11715553 B2 Methods, devices and systems for estimating nutritional element content in foods
US 11712130 B2 Food processor
US 11712343 B2 Lateral spine plate with collapsible vertebral attachment arms
US 11716685 B2 Wireless sensor power management
US 11712275 B2 Bone fixation assembly, implants and methods of use
US 11713316 B2 Substituted naphthyridinone compounds useful as T cell activators
US 11712022 B2 Pet feeder
US 11713796 B2 Fastener for cable conveyor belt
US 11714965 B2 System and method for model derivation for entity prediction
US 11713020 B2 Restraint system for a vehicle seat operatively mounted in a motor vehicle
US 11712386 B2 Pneumatic system blockage detection
US 11713592 B2 Electronic key reader for mechanical keys
US 11712186 B2 Incontinence detection with real time location information
US 11713931 B2 Multichannel evaporator distributor
US 11712645 B2 Filter interconnect utilizing correlated magnetic actuation for downstream system function
US 11715633 B2 Multiplexed inductive ionization systems and methods
US 11712234 B2 Fixed suture construct for soft tissue reconstruction
US 11713492 B2 Offset link for roller chain with enhanced strength
US 11714694 B2 Error notification mechanism for streaming events
US 11713928 B2 Microchannel heat exchanger having auxiliary headers and core
US 11713087 B2 Vehicle accessory
US 11712990 B2 Foot rest assembly for seat of a motorized vehicle
US 11712057 B2 Convergent manufacturing platform capable of additive-subtractive-assembly processes and systems
US 11713882 B2 Fireplace construction
US 11713728 B2 Method for determining pilot injection mass
US 11714849 B2 Image generation system and method
US 11713722 B2 Gas turbine engine compressor particulate offtake
US 11713164 B2 Diluting dispenser assembly
US 11712010 B2 Wheat variety 6PQFV13B
US 11713035 B2 Systems and methods for limiting a duty cycle of an internal combustion engine in a series hybrid powertrain for improved turbocharger efficiency
US 11713810 B2 Systems and methods for configuring selective couplers in a multi-speed transmission
US 11713886 B2 Cooking grate for a gas burner cooktop
US 11715270 B2 Methods and systems for customizing augmentation of a presentation of primary content
US 11713913 B2 Automatic ice maker including a secondary water supply for an exterior of an ice mold
US 11715863 B2 Solid polymer matrix electrolytes (PME) and methods and uses thereof
US 11713924 B2 Methods and apparatuses for drying electronic devices
US 11712009 B1 Maize inbred 1PWDK10
US 11715858 B1 Mobile swappable battery for a powered workstation
US 11713694 B1 Ceramic matrix composite blade track segment with two-piece carrier
US 11713896 B1 Modular heat transfer system
US 11713870 B1 Illuminated landscaping assembly and method of use
US D993782 S Jigger
US D994111 S Medicament delivery device cover
US D993929 S Protective outlet cover
US D993860 S Vehicle door handle escutcheon
US D994079 S Faucet
US D994080 S Faucet
US D994085 S Faucet spout
US D994083 S Faucet handle
US D994086 S Tub spout
US D993770 S Drink cup lid
US D993771 S Drink cup lid
US D993750 S Mounting bracket

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