Patent Office Issued 312 Patents to Indiana Entities in January 2024

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 312 patents to persons and businesses in Indiana in January 2024:

Patent Number                           Patent Title
US 11886208 B2 Electronic user interface for electronic mixing of water for residential faucets
US 11884752 B2 Inhibited non-pregelatinized granular starches
US 11883335 B2 Medical products storage device including access control
US 11884467 B2 Degradable materials and packaging made from same
US 11883110 B2 Sensor-based shoulder system and method

US 11884320 B1 Control system for a vehicle
US 11883057 B2 Ultrasonic surgical instrument with transducer slip joint
US 11887408 B2 Service event response tailoring
US 11883498 B2 Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone receptor (LHRH-R) conjugates and uses thereof
US 11882823 B2 Composition and method of use of the same for preserving cells for analysis
US 11882854 B2 Egg food product and method of making an egg food product
US 11883435 B2 Compositions and methods for treating a clinical condition through the use of hematopoietic stem cells
US 11888356 B2 Electric drive module having motor with heat sink insert in rotor shaft
US 11884757 B2 Adhesives
US 11884600 B2 Method for preparing an improved finished concrete product
US 11886158 B2 System architecture and method of processing data therein
US 11885157 B2 Latch assembly
US 11886213 B2 Connected sanitaryware systems and methods
US 11883588 B2 Method of operating a nasal drug delivery device
US 11884635 B2 Solid state forms of (S)-2-(((S)-6,8-difluoro-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalen-2-yl)amino)-N-(1-(2-methyl-1-(neopentylamino)propan-2-yl)-1H-imidazol-4-yl)pentanamide and uses thereof
US 11885078 B2 Drive system for screeding concrete
US 11885069 B2 Processes, methods, and systems for chemo-mechanical cellular explosion and solid and liquid products made by the same
US 11883501 B2 Selective CXCR4 binding peptide conjugate and methods for making and using the same
US 11884447 B2 Container shoulder rib
US 11884026 B2 Molded article and method for making the same
US 11883220 B2 Technologies for determining the spatial orientation of input imagery for use in an orthopaedic surgical procedure
US 11884786 B2 Elastic parylene
US 11882962 B2 Grill with flat top griddle and vertically adjustable swinging accessories
US 11886506 B2 System and method for providing object-level driver attention reasoning with a graph convolution network
US 11885411 B2 Transmission control systems to adjust clutch pressure and torque based on grade
US 11883468 B2 Compositions and methods to suppress tumor growth in bone, prevent cachectic muscle loss, and preserve skeletal integrity
US 11883243 B2 Assessment of tension between bone anchors
US 11883158 B2 Predicting occupant exit from support apparatus
US 11884653 B2 Arylnaphthalene compounds as vacuolar-ATPase inhibitors and the use thereof
US 11884296 B2 Allocating processing resources to concurrently-executing neural networks
US 11885152 B2 System and method for transferring rotation of lock indicator through cylindrical lock
US 11882975 B2 Dishwasher with multi-level dishwasher rack
US 11888357 B2 Process and adjustable rotor position sensor mount for correlated motor and sensor alignment
US 11889661 B2 Integrated circuit thermal management system
US 11883613 B2 Suction catheter clamp
US 11883042 B2 Medical device for stone management
US 11888146 B2 Ultra-high specific energy cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries and methods for producing the same
US 11888363 B2 Busbar fixture tool for holding a stator during assembly
US 11885663 B2 Flowmeter calibration system and method
US 11889607 B2 Lighting control system using pulsed power and single pair ethernet
US 11882787 B1 Automatic sensitivity adjustment for an autonomous mower
US 11884478 B2 Egg carton with dual handles
US 11883011 B2 Method for manufacturing a biological fluid sensor
US 11886321 B2 System and method for bias evaluation scanning and maturity model
US 11888445 B2 Variable capacitor devices with differential voltage control
US 11882805 B2 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH011226
US 11884634 B2 Compositions of solid forms of (S)-2-(((S)-6,8-difluoro-1,2,3,4- tetrahydronaphthalen-2-yl)amino)-N-(1-(2-methyl-1-(neopentylamino)propan-2-yl)-1H-imidazol-4-yl)pentanamide
US 11882807 B2 Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH011237
US 11887419 B2 Solar powered access control devices
US 11883075 B2 Device and surgical technique for foot surgery
US 11886676 B2 Capacitive touch keypad
US 11884616 B2 Processes and apparatuses for operating a hydrocarbon conversion zone
US 11886442 B1 Methods and systems for soil data interpolation
US 11885225 B1 Turbine blade track with ceramic matrix composite segments having attachment flange draft angles
US D1013077 S Net game apparatus
US D1013121 S Bracket
US D1012539 S Soap dispenser
US D1012540 S Soap dispenser
US D1013113 S Faucet
US D1013114 S Faucet
US D1013188 S Shock wave standoff assembly
US D1012705 S Closure
US D1012777 S Recreational vehicle
US D1013115 S Faucet body
US D1013116 S Faucet body
US D1013117 S Faucet
US D1013122 S Faucet body
US D1013118 S Faucet
US D1013119 S Faucet body
US D1013124 S Faucet spout
US D1012526 S Furniture for marine vessel
US 11881964 B2 System and method for a global virtual network
US 11878117 B2 Acoustical guidance and monitoring system
US 11877746 B2 Surgical stapler buttress assembly with adhesion to wet end effector
US 11881801 B2 Hybrid drive circuit for variable speed induction motor system and methods of control
US 11879129 B2 Modulation of transgene expression in plants
US 11878154 B2 Needle shield puller for drug delivery system
US 11881263 B2 Method, system and device for integration of volatile and non-volatile memory bitcells
US 11878421 B2 Robot navigation and robot-IoT interactive task planning using augmented reality
US 11881735 B2 Integration of second-use of Li-ion batteries in power generation
US 11878692 B2 System and method for regenerative braking torque scheduling
US 11877916 B2 Perineal therapy pad
US D1011833 S Food processing attachment
US 11877844 B2 Respiration detection using radar
US 11879686 B2 Cooling systems comprising passively and actively expandable vapor chambers for cooling power semiconductor devices
US 11878708 B2 Method and system for monitoring an occupant of a vehicle
US 11877770 B2 Lung access device
US 11877540 B2 Tray and Trellis System for an Automated Farm with Robots Working on Plants
US 11879058 B2 Yarn materials and fibers including starch-based polymeric materials
US 11879472 B2 Control system for electric fluid moving systems
US 11877999 B2 Small molecule antiviral drug treatment for human papillomavirus infections
US 11881219 B2 Voice control in a healthcare facility
US 11879862 B2 Sensor for detecting gas analyte
US 11878986 B2 Poly heterocyclic conjugates and their pharmaceutical uses
US 11882125 B2 Selection of session protocol based on policies
US 11877936 B2 Facet fusion tube assembly
US 11879689 B1 Counter gravity heat pipe techniques
US 11879405 B2 Aftertreatment system loading tool
US 11878880 B2 Self-rotating grain spreader and grain monitoring system for a grain bin
US 11879385 B2 Engine system with fuel-drive thermal support
US 11879142 B2 Bioactive peptide molecules discovered by a combination of bioinformatics technique and chemical synthesis
US 11879343 B2 Systems for controlling variable outlet guide vanes
US 11878818 B2 Tunable water-based microthruster devices and methods
US 11879678 B1 Thermal management systems
US 11877773 B2 External fixation for the correction of bone deformity and trauma
US 11879249 B1 Modular wall and façade systems for distributing energy or signals in structures
US 11878812 B2 Aircraft accessory unit powered by ram air turbine
US 11879386 B2 Modular multistage turbine system for gas turbine engines
US 11879098 B2 High transparency electrochromic polymers
US 11880281 B1 Intelligent destination target selection for remote backups
US 11879480 B1 Sectioned compressor inner band for variable pitch vane assemblies in gas turbine engines
US 11879362 B1 Segmented ceramic matrix composite vane endwall integration with turbine shroud ring and mounting thereof
US D1011725 S Shoe
US D1012242 S Faucet
US D1011978 S Vehicle side mirror assembly
US D1011901 S Bottle
US D1011875 S Beverage capsule cup
US 11872169 B2 User interface for hospital bed
US D1011520 S Medicament delivery device and cover assembly
US 11873259 B2 System and method for the production of gypsum board using starch pellets
US 11872939 B2 Vehicular trailer angle detection system
US 11872266 B2 Rapid-acting insulin compositions
US 11875983 B2 Systems and methods for quantifying an analyte extracted from a sample
US 11872452 B2 Two layer recreational air-tight object having a patterned illuminated surface
US 11876362 B2 Electrical box separator
US 11873340 B2 Anti-CD11D antibodies and uses thereof
US 11873633 B2 Systems to monitor a toilet bowl and to determine a bowl status
US 11872198 B2 Compositions and methods for regulating body weight and metabolic syndromes
US 11872291 B2 Fibroblast activation protein (FAP)-targeted imaging and therapy
US 11871847 B2 Storage rack guard drop-in bracket
US 11872792 B2 Composite core with reinforced areas and method
US 11872052 B2 Modular turn assist apparatus and method therefor
US 11872552 B2 High and low volume precision pipettor with improved accuracy
US 11872752 B2 Methods and apparatus for processing and dispensing material during additive manufacturing
US 11874053 B2 Vacuum insulated door structure for an appliance incorporating a dispenser structure
US 11876653 B2 Low-latency channel equalization using a secondary channel
US 11874008 B2 HVAC system discomfort index and display
US 11874264 B2 Systems and methods for reporting performance of agricultural inputs
US 11873787 B2 Push to start remote start system
US 11872978 B2 Method and system for controlling a pole switch in an electric motor
US 11875110 B2 Seamless addition and removal of form fields
US 11872035 B2 Continuous analyte monitoring sensor calibration and measurements by a connection function
US 11874009 B2 HVAC performance tracking system and method thereof
US 11876387 B2 Precision power level control for extended range wireless power transfer
US 11873198 B2 Lift superstructure arm pin
US 11873762 B2 High temperature heat shield assemblies
US 11873999 B2 Expansion tank service valve assembly
US 11873547 B2 Fuel system components
US 11873788 B2 Optical sensitizer device and method for low-energy laser ignition of propellants
US 11872775 B2 Fiber placement head with augmented restart
US 11872418 B2 Fall arrest weldable staple
US 11874074 B2 Shape morphing fins for frost removal
US 11877504 B2 Mechanically robust and self-healable perovskite solar cells
US 11874171 B2 Under water photon communication by single photon detection
US 11874578 B2 High transparency electrochromic polymers
US 11874801 B2 Deduplication in multiple-tiered storage systems
US 11876364 B2 Multilayer electronic components with soldered through holes
US 11872733 B1 Medical implants with vent openings for molding
US 11873765 B1 Flywheel powered barring engine for gas turbine engine
US 11873772 B1 Dual fuel engine system and method for controlling dual fuel engine system
US D1011481 S Faucet
US D1011482 S Faucet
US 11865012 B2 Glenoid implant anchor post
US 11864803 B2 Osteotomy plate, plate driver and method for their use
US 11864888 B2 User-defined structured testing for use in diabetes care
US 11867684 B2 Sample dispenser including an internal standard and methods of use thereof
US 11867377 B2 Multi-colored vehicle rear lamp
US 11864896 B2 User state estimation systems and methods
US 11869649 B2 Universal interface operable with multiple patient support apparatuses
US 11867690 B2 Identification of functional cell states
US 11864567 B2 Methods and formulations for reducing bovine emissions
US 11865760 B2 Machine and method for forming articles
US 11865016 B2 Shoulder arthroplasty system method with combination humeral sizer, trial, and guide
US 11867319 B2 Microelectronic thermal valve
US 11866076 B2 Track circuit with continued distance monitoring and broken rail protection
US 11865059 B2 Compression device
US 11868771 B2 System and method for divide-and-conquer checkpointing
US 11864887 B2 Method for emphasizing analyte values during a therapeutic window
US 11867700 B2 Methods for resolving lipoproteins with mass spectrometry
US 11868678 B2 User interface sound emanation activity classification
US 11865907 B2 Folding cover attachment systems
US 11866804 B2 Preparation of rare earth metals and other chemicals from industrial waste coal ash
US 11866420 B2 Hydrochloride salt forms of a sulfonamide structured kinase inhibitor
US 11865164 B2 Pharmaceutical composition for treating cancer, containing guide RNA and endonuclease as active ingredients
US 11865009 B2 Elbow joint prostheses
US 11866180 B2 Hybrid propulsion systems
US 11870319 B2 Electric motor
US 11865884 B2 Smart cable system for a truck trailer
US 11866920 B2 Flush valve assembly
US 11866877 B2 Laundry treating appliance having a stain treating station
US 11869645 B2 System and method for safe and accurate self administration of medications
US 11867620 B2 Ultrafast chemical imaging by widefield photothermal sensing of infrared absorption
US 11866081 B2 Mobile battery powered beverage distribution cart
US 11865642 B2 Additive manufactured ferrous components
US 11867270 B2 Electronically actuated ramp style locking differential having lock detection
US 11866571 B2 Polycarbonate copolymer and associated film extrusion composition, extruded film, and capacitor
US 11866361 B2 Fuel gas and oxygen burner
US 11867106 B2 Systems and methods for desulfation of catalysts included in aftertreatment systems
US 11867111 B2 Valve arrangement for split-flow close-coupled catalyst
US 11865662 B2 Blade sharpeners
US 11865158 B2 Process and composition matter of nanoparticle formulation for systemic treatment of sepsis
US 11866366 B2 Wear-resistant concrete formulations and methods for their preparation
US 11864712 B2 Dishwasher with a dish rack and utensil caddy
US 11864793 B2 Surgical access assembly and method of using same
US 11870308 B2 System of radially inserting a thermistor into a stator core
US 11867266 B2 Multi-speed planetary transmission
US 11865788 B2 Methods and systems for increasing print speed during additive manufacturing
US 11865011 B2 Medial stabilized orthopaedic tibial insert
US 11866717 B2 Modified plants and methods of detecting pathogenic disease
US 11866955 B2 Portable and modular enclosure for engine generator set
US 11865316 B2 Medication delivery device including disposable and reusable portions
US 11864991 B2 Intraocular pseudophakic contact lens (IOPCL)-based telescopic approach for treating age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or other eye disorders
US 11865780 B2 Accumalator assembly for additive manufacturing
US 11866916 B2 Water monitoring and isolation apparatus
US 11865218 B2 Targeted approach for ultraviolet disinfection of surfaces
US 11865903 B2 Articulating anti-rattle device for a ramp
US 11869222 B2 Geospatial data abstraction library (GDAL) conversion tool for data compression
US 11868016 B2 Light-emitting electrochromic device
US 11867444 B2 Drainless clear ice maker for recycling water used to make clear ice
US 11870791 B2 Policy-controlled token authorization
US D1010717 S Animal-themed goggles
US 11866952 B2 Umbrella shaft supporting stand and method of installation between parallel joists
US 11870339 B2 Power factor correction circuit
US 11868200 B1 Method and device for reproducing an error condition
US 11864520 B1 Maize hybrid X15R405
US 11864521 B1 Maize hybrid X15R402
US 11867099 B1 Crankcase ventilation system architecture
US 11867089 B1 Gas turbine engine with combustor section mounted modulated compressor air cooling system
US 11870799 B1 Apparatus and method for implementing a recommended cyber-attack security action
US 11871179 B1 Audio and musical instrument amplification and loudspeaker system
US D1010817 S Autoinjector
US D1010783 S Modular air handler for pallet racking system
US D1010295 S Shoe
US D1010431 S Robe hook
US D1010968 S Reversible ramp
US 11859195 B2 Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics
US 11860172 B2 Mass spectral tissue analysis
US 11857543 B2 Compositions and methods for treating anemia
US 11861585 B2 System and method for integrating data from a remote server with a client application
US 11858946 B2 Small molecules active against gram-negative bacteria
US 11860240 B2 Wireless control and status monitoring for electric grill with current protection circuitry
US 11862448 B2 Instrument, including an electrostatic linear ion trap with charge detector reset or calibration, for separating ions
US 11857770 B2 Medication delivery device with a sensed element
US 11857758 B2 Drug delivery device and method
US 11857404 B2 Storage devices, loading devices, delivery systems, kits, and associated methods
US 11858721 B2 Container for comestible products
US 11857202 B2 Knee resection and gap balancing instruments and techniques for kinematic alignment
US 11858889 B2 Compound for modulating DDAH and ADMA levels, as well as methods of using thereof to treat disease
US 11857427 B2 Implants, systems and methods of using the same
US 11861466 B1 Multi-machine distributed learning systems
US 11863452 B2 System of load balancing
US 11862779 B2 Waste heat recovery power electronics cooling
US 11858369 B2 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for charging multiple vehicles in close proximity
US 11857232 B2 Fracture fixation system and method
US 11859350 B2 Edge weather abatement using hyperlocal weather and train activity inputs
US 11863660 B2 Controlled-share identity transport stack
US 11858400 B2 Cup holder table mount apparatus, and the like
US 11862543 B2 Electric drive module
US 11859634 B2 Fan hub configuration for an electric motor assembly
US 11860009 B2 Automated measuring system for meter test bench
US 11856947 B2 System for automated permeation of a biological material and method of using same
US 11859790 B2 Automotive lighting
US 11861540 B2 Natural language processing platform for automated training and performance evaluation
US 11859698 B2 Multi-speed planetary transmission
US 11859423 B2 Counter-balanced lift system
US 11859567 B2 Systems and methods for skip-fire operation control
US 11861270 B2 Virtual throat inspection
US 11859869 B2 Systems and methods for integrating photovoltaic energy into water heater systems
US 11858495 B2 System and method for controlling engine stop-start events
US 11858745 B2 Chain conveyor and link for same
US 11858902 B2 High-performing metal-free primary explosive
US 11857549 B2 Compositions and methods for the treatment of Lowe syndrome
US 11858592 B2 Enclosure system for a pontoon boat
US 11859005 B2 GITR antagonists and methods of using the same
US 11857505 B2 Smart pill dispenser
US 11857456 B2 Method and system for homogeneous dental appliance
US 11859734 B2 Valve for microfluidic device
US 11860040 B2 Infrared transparent constructs and methods of making them
US 11860453 B2 Methods of manufacturing an ophthalmic lens
US 11863046 B2 Electric drive unit
US 11859569 B2 Systems and methods to minimize emissions spikes when reactivating or deactivating a combustion cylinder
US 11859886 B2 Ice making assemblies for making clear ice
US 11858302 B2 Gooseneck puck extender
US 11859298 B2 Waste powered hydrogen production system and method
US 11858405 B2 Chassis for recreational vehicles having a transport area for a fluid storage vessel
US 11859805 B2 Tape light termination system
US 11859511 B2 Co and counter flow heat exchanger
US 11859664 B2 Multi-piece pinion shaft assembly
US 11862839 B2 Mount for coupling an antenna alignment device to an antenna with non-planar external surface
US 11860080 B2 System for monitoring particles suspended in fluid stream
US 11858615 B2 Rotating airfoil assembly with opening formed therein to eject or to draw air
US 11861329 B2 Method and apparatus for codifying user experience designs and managing the codified user experience designs
US 11863239 B2 Cellular automaton for use in long-range acoustic networks
US 11859480 B2 Controlling fluid pressures at multiple well heads for continuous pumping
US 11859542 B2 Dual power lift system
US 11861330 B2 Machine mediated requirement management in a software trial management system
US 11858697 B1 Dispensing package for a floor treatment composition
US 11858698 B1 Coupling shell for a floor treatment composition dispensing package
US 11856907 B1 Maize hybrid X15R414
US 11859145 B1 Economical methods for performing oxidative catalytic pretreatment of plant biomass using a single-stage two oxidant process
US 11862771 B1 Battery management system with integrated contactor economizer
US 11862426 B1 Electron source devices, electron source assemblies, and methods for generating electrons
US D1010077 S Corner lavatory
US D1009611 S Flex fork wheel support assembly
US D1009600 S Mounting bracket
US D1009692 S Planter

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