Patent Office Issues 111 Patents To Indiana Citizens in January 2014

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 111 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in January 2014, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

Pat No. Title
D698,459 Container 
D698,294 Motorcycle license plate 
D698,220 Tubular lever 
D698,175 Side chair 
8,639,547 Method for statistical comparison of occupations by skill sets and other relevant attributes 
8,639,403 Modularized hybrid power train control 
8,637,740 Omega-9 quality Brassica juncea 
8,637,684 Tautomycetin and tautomycetin analog biosynthesis 
8,637,533 Inhibitors of human phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta 
8,637,265 Cathepsin E as a marker of colon cancer 
8,637,183 Expanders for lead-acid batteries 

8,637,109 Manufacturing methods for covering endoluminal prostheses 


Compression molding method for making biomaterial composites 
8,636,894 Electrochemical determination of factor XA inhibitors 


Finned heat exchangers for metal hydride storage systems 


Paraplegia prevention valve for stent grafts 
8,636,758 System for withdrawing blood 
8,636,711 Stabilized glucagon solutions and uses therefor 
8,636,675 Method and device for the extraction of a body fluid 
8,636,674 Integrated disposable for automatic or manual blood dosing 
8,636,661 Embeddable modules for measuring blood glucose levels 
8,636,656 Retractor assemblies with blade drive mechanisms 
8,636,654 Retractors facilitating imaging during surgery 
8,636,619 Gear shock control member for a drive train component gear set 
8,636,612 Center adapter assembly 
8,636,041 Methods and devices for delivering fluid to a reservoir of a fluid delivery device 
8,635,974 Individual room duct and ventilation system for livestock production building 
8,635,871 Waste heat recovery system with constant power output 
8,635,827 Recreational vehicle roofing system 
D698,046 Wall panel 
D697,736 Chair 
D697,714 Personal transaction card carrier 
8,635,028 Rapid detection of viable bacteria system and method 
8,633,825 Expansion tank with a predictive sensor 
8,633,686 Methods and apparatus for characterizing magnetic properties of materials 
8,633,622 Electric motor and planetary gear assembly 
8,633,234 Rifaximin 
8,632,978 Soybean event pDAB9582.814.19.1 detection method 
8,632,976 Amplification of TRP1 for specific detection of Phytophthora ramorum 
8,632,670 Controlled flow of a thin liquid film by electrowetting 
8,632,598 Convertible glenoid implant 
8,632,581 Conformable end sealing stent 
8,632,569 Soft tissue repair device and associated methods 
8,632,562 Embolic protection device 
8,632,560 System for breaking up thrombi and plaque in the vasculature 
8,632,547 Patient-specific osteotomy devices and methods 
8,632,524 Injectable biocompatible material delivery system 
8,632,497 Skin securable drug delivery device with a shock absorbing protective shield 
8,632,469 Devices, systems, and methods for mapping organ profiles 
8,632,023 Push button mechanism for showerhead control 
8,631,829 Composite repair for pipes and monitoring assembly 
8,631,738 Boiler assembly for a griddle 
8,631,657 Thermodynamic cycles with thermal diluent 
8,631,611 Fortified flashing laminate 
8,631,559 Method of assembling induction rotors 
D697,640 Overlapping seal 
D697,598 Sink 
D697,597 Sink 
D697,596 Sink 
D697,595 Sink 
D697,582 Handheld shower 
D697,385 Modern handleset 
D697,325 Floor rocker 
8,629,597 Airflow passage arrangement for claw-pole electric machines 
8,629,585 Internal cooling of stator assembly in an electric machine 
8,629,270 Tetrahydropyrrolothiazine compounds 
8,629,172 Methods and compositions for treating post-operative pain comprising clonidine 
8,629,169 4-substituted-3-phenylsulfanylmethyl-bicyclo[3.1.0]hexane compounds as mGluR 2/3 antagonists 
8,628,977 Group specific internal standard technology (GSIST) for simultaneous identification and quantification of small molecules 
8,628,721 System for measuring an analyte concentration of a body fluid sample 
8,628,651 Electrophoretic device for separation of charged molecules using a petri dish 
8,628,580 Tibial prosthesis 
8,628,578 Expandable interbody implant and methods of use 
8,628,567 Modular, staged graft and attachment system for endovascular repair 
8,628,548 Delivery system for magnetic anastomosis device 
8,628,500 Protector apparatus 
8,628,496 Low profile introducer apparatus 
8,628,475 Hyperechogenic needles 
8,628,283 Seed transporter 
8,627,925 Foldable work platform 
8,627,844 Magnetic escutcheon mounting assembly 
8,627,805 System and apparatus for controlling reverse flow in a fluid conduit 
8,627,667 Gas turbine engine duct having a coupled fluid volume 
8,627,651 NH.sub.3 emissions management in a NO.sub.x reduction system 
D697,273 Door frame and door assembly for an animal crate 
D697,187 Pedestal sink 
D697,186 Pedestal sink 
D697,185 Sink 
D697,184 Pedestal sink 
8,624,721 Method and apparatus for embedding a transmitter into a tool, and a system for monitoring the tool 
8,624,601 System and method for determining physical status of switch elements 
8,624,452 Electric machine module cooling system and method 
8,624,009 Spinosyn-producing polyketide synthases 
8,623,953 Method of making shear thinning gels 
8,623,881 Inhibitors of human phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta 
8,623,784 Polyaniline-graphite nanoplatelet materials 
8,623,700 Inter-chip communication 
8,623,602 Lysis and reverse transcription for MRNA quantification 
8,623,396 Compositions and methods for delivering clonidine and bupivacaine to a target tissue site 
8,623,365 A.beta. binding molecules 
8,623,093 Sleeve for modular revision hip stem 
8,622,964 Method for drug delivery to animals 
8,622,654 Geomembrane anchor system 
8,622,469 Apparatus for restraining an object in a vehicle 
8,622,231 Storage containers for test elements 
8,621,902 Master keying system and method for programmable lock cylinder assemblies 
8,621,864 Engine exhaust manifold pressure control of intake flow 
8,621,828 Lancet integrated test element tape dispenser 
8,621,690 Hospital bed lift and braking mechanisms 
8,621,688 Siderail assembly for patient support apparatus 
8,621,669 Disposable safety garment with improved doffing and neck closure 

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