Patent Office Issues 123 Patents To Indiana Citizens in February 2015

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 123 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in February 2015, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

PAT. NO. Title
D722,803 Chair 
8965805 Method and system for delivering and accessing files 
8965636 Systems and methods for detecting jack contact with ground 
8965613 System, method, and apparatus for controlling power output distribution in a hybrid power train 
8964952 System and method for self-configuring sip-capable device 
8963721 Hand hygiene compliance device 
8963195 Flexible lighting device including a heat-spreading layer 
8963079 Systems and methods for transfer of ions for analysis 
8963071 Detection of buried explosives 
8962954 Inbred sunflower (Helianthus annuus) line designated CN5110R
8962729 Soy methyl ester polystyrene blends for use in concrete 

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8962659 Phenoxyethyl piperidine compounds 
8962654 3,4-dihydroisoquinolin-2(1H)-yl compounds 
8962528 Penoxsulam as an herbicide in alfalfa 
8962338 Methods for measurement of calcium ions 
8962271 Fructosyl peptidyl oxidase 
8962265 Mutant parasites for use as vaccines and platforms for screening for compounds 
8962170 Device for performing at least one medical function 
8962059 Bio-based oil composition and method for producing the same 
8961972 Anti-N3pGlu amyloid beta peptide antibodies and uses thereof
8961926 Method of imaging localized infections 
8961901 Microfluidic system and coating method therefor 
8961894 Generation of microbiocide inside a package utilizing a controlled gas composition 
8961858 Manufacture of field activated components by stereolithography 
8961641 Inertial gas-liquid impactor separator with flow director 
8961612 Knee component having orbital interface boss 
8961570 Spinal correction system and method 
8961566 Vertebral construct and methods of use 
8961524 Instruments and methods for stabilization of bony structures
8961519 Surgical rotary cutting tool and tool guard assembly 
8961445 Blood separation and concentration system 
8961431 Body fluid lancing, acquiring,
and testing cartridge design 
8961133 Gas turbine engine and cooled airfoil 
8960733 Latch device for screen door 
8960507 Pump dispenser with an inclined nozzle 
8960432 Medical device packaging system,
package and method 
8959903 Systems and techniques for heating urea injection systems 
8959732 Lightweight casket having foldable features 
8959681 Ground sensor control of foot section retraction 
8956829 Human recombinant growth and differentiaton factor-5 (rhGDF-5) 
8956683 Chemical vapor infiltration apparatus and process 
8956667 Methods of identifying potential components for targeted drug delivery compositions 
8956641 Alpha adrenergic receptor agonists for treatment of inflammatory diseases 
8956636 Methods and compositions for treating postoperative pain comprosing ketorolac 
8956576 Analytical system and method of use 
8956415 Vertebral implant 
8956391 External retention mechanics for suture anchor 
8956390 Devices and methods for applying bolster materials to surgical fastening apparatuses 
8956378 Coated embolization device 
8956364 Patient-specific partial knee guides and other instruments 
8956359 Method, implant and instruments for percutaneous expansion of the spinal canal 
8956207 Barometric relief air zone damper 
8956174 Electrical receptacle having locking elements and a divider 
8956105 Turbine vane for gas turbine engine 
8956094 Multi-layer hold down assembly 
8955830 End member assembly, gas spring assembly and method 
8955641 Passive valve and resonator assembly for vehicle exhaust system 
8955520 Method of placing multiple biliary stents without re-intervention, and device for same 
8955335 System, propulsion system and vehicle 
8955260 Vertical cabinet door with flush front face 
8955252 Automated gravimetric screening platform system and method 
D722,380 Bone fusion implant 
D722,377 Vent 
8954228 Gas turbine engine failure detection 
8954187 Social network and safety features for process control systems 
8953707 Differential codebook for temporally-correlated MISO dual-polarization antenna 
8952823 Battery early warning and monitoring system 
8952224 Soybean cultivar 21238 
8952223 Corn event DAS-59122-7 and methods for detection thereof 
8951978 Materials and methods for treating diseases caused by genetic disorders using aminoglycosides and derivatives thereof which exhibit low nephrotoxicity 
8951806 Immunological test element with improved control zone 
8951738 CYBP as a marker for lung cancer 
8951567 Sol-gel phase-reversible hydrogel templates and uses thereof
8951465 Method of bonding porous metal to metal substrates 
8951258 Spinal correction system and method 
8951257 Spinal correction system and method 
8951218 Multi-path catheter 
8950765 Mounting bracket assembly for vehicle suspension component as well as suspension assembly, kit and method including same 
8950764 Jounce bumper, end member, gas spring assembly and method of assembly 
8950460 Retractable awning with lighting in an extended position 
8950417 Articulating pole hub for a collapsible shelter and method of forming a collapsible shelter 
8950069 Integrated compressor vane casing 
D722,138 Faucet handle 
D722,137 Handle body 
D722,136 Handle base 
D722,004 Cargo restraint strap 
D721,976 Container 
8949351 System and method for controlling access within an enterprise to information associated with recipients of an electronic messaging campaign 
8949305 Distributed dynamic system configuration 
8946846 Thin film photovoltaic panels and repair methods 
8946683 Medium scale carbon nanotube thin film integrated circuits on flexible plastic substrates 
8946655 Multiphoton luminescence imaging of protein crystals 
8946646 System, method, and apparatus for detecting neutrons 
8946635 System and method for measuring radiant energy in gas turbine engines, components and rigs 
8946287 Chemotherapeutic flavonoids, and syntheses thereof 
8946277 Clonidine formulations in a biodegradable polymer carrier 
8946220 Compositions and uses thereof to ameliorate pain 
8946147 Amide-based insulin prodrugs 
8945872 Methods of purifying human recombinant growth and differentiation factor-5 (rhGDF-5) protein 
8945623 Compositions comprising biomembrane sealing agent for treatment of neuronal injury, and methods of use 
8945601 System and method for attaching soft tissue to an implant 
8945351 Induction heated gasifier 
8945350 Induction heated screw 
8945307 Apparatus and method for vapor deposition of dielectric wire coating 
8945225 Prosthetic spinal disc system 
8945224 Sacro-iliac implant system,
method and apparatus 
8945223 In-situ formable nucleus pulposus implant with water absorption and swelling capability 
8945206 Methods for making implantable medical devices 
8945187 Spinal rods having different flexural rigidities about different axes and methods of use 
8945181 Suture retention devices and associated products and methods 
8945170 Occluding device 
8945169 Embolic protection device 
8945153 Endoscopic apparatus having a clip device 
8945142 Delivery system for implanting nasal ventilation tube 
8945060 Access sheath and needle assembly for delivering therapeutic material 
8945022 Puncturing system 
8944524 Wheel with locking center bore 
8944510 Chair with sliding pillow 
8944230 Separator spring for clutch plate separation and stabilization 
8944176 Implement and method for preparing and maintaining dirt arena footing 
8944105 Capacitive sensing apparatus and method for faucets 
8944093 Waterway adapter 
8944006 Animal training device and methods therefor 
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