Patent Office Issues 153 Patents to Indiana Citizens in July 2022

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 153 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in July 2022, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

11399295 Proactive customer care in a communication system
11398463 Edge interconnect self-assembly substrate
11398305 Patient request system and method
11397189 Methods for determining a tumor margin in a tissue using a desorption electrospray ionization (desi) technique
11397187 IGFBP7 for prediction of risk of AKI when measured prior to surgery

11397166 High-throughput label-free enzymatic bioassays using automated DESI-MS
11397117 Door closer diagnostics system
11396838 Systems and methods for diagnosis of NOx storage catalyst
11396545 BTLA agonist antibodies and uses thereof
11396300 Multi-vehicle load delivery management systems and methods
11396284 Systems and methods for engine brake diagnostics and control
11396108 Apparatuses for cutting food products and methods for operating the same
11395778 Seat base assembly of a vehicle
11395743 Externally driven expandable interbody and related methods
11395742 Method and device for joint replacement
11395740 Methods of modifying the porous surface of implants
11395689 Surgical ratcheting assembly
11395608 Medical sensor system, in particular continuous glucose monitoring system
D0958993 Compression device
D0958922 Six person floatation raft
D0958907 Athletic hand grip
D0958328 Autoinjector
D0958327 Button
D0958300 Valve
D0958299 Faucet
D0958296 Faucet body
D0958295 Faucet body
D0958092 Contact
D0957913 Cover plate
D0957902 Trenching spade
11395221 Wireless device power optimization utilizing artificial intelligence and/or machine learning
11394152 Electrical connector spacer system
11394032 Ionomer/catalyst interface
11393668 Mass spectrometry analysis of microorganisms in samples
11393270 Electrochromic film for a user interface display for access control
11392898 Secure cloud collaboration platform
11391733 Particle-based immunoassay using a pegylated analyte-specific binding agent
11391715 Rare metals as components of coatings in diagnostic test elements and methods of determining an amount/quality of dried compositions in such coatings
11391676 Test element analysis system for the analytical examination of a sample
11391655 Generic pretreatment reagents for analyte determinations
11391563 Ultra-sensitive speckle analyzing system
11391458 Thermal oxidization systems and methods
11391217 Stiffening member for epicyclical gear system housing assembly
11391193 Systems and methods for mounting a doser to a component of an exhaust aftertreatment system
11391080 Systems and methods for controlling the operation of a movable panel wall system
11390880 Compositions and methods for expressing transgenes using regulatory elements from chlorophyll binding Ab genes
11390824 Compositions for use as lubricants in die casting, methods of using the same, and products produced therewith
11390718 Elastic parylene
11390644 Raman tag
11390630 Tricyclic P2-ligand containing potent HIV-protease inhibitors against HIV/AIDS
11390587 Preparation of sulfonamide herbicide process intermediates
11390504 Lift mechanism for robotic shuttle system
11390209 System and method for adaptive driving beam headlamp
11389871 Method of making nanocrystalline metal flakes and nanocrystalline flakes made therefrom
11389753 Filter assembly with an inner filter element with a top rib
11389668 Immune dose computation for treatment plan optimization in radiotherapy
11389586 Supervision device for ambulatory infusion
11389402 Devices and methods for delivering pharmaceutical drugs to patients
11389362 Surgical frame having translating lower beam and method for use thereof
11389206 Bottom loaded pedicle screw
11389120 Mattress having selectable patient weight valve, inductive power, and a digital x-ray cassette
D0957710 Handheld UV lamp
D0957586 Faucet handle
D0957585 Faucet handle
D0957584 Faucet handle
D0957583 Faucet handle
D0957582 Faucet handle
D0957581 Faucet handle
D0957580 Faucet handle
D0957579 Faucet handle
D0957577 Faucet body
D0957576 Faucet
D0957574 Handshower
11388595 Wireless access credential system
11387854 Human body communication interference rejection system
11385586 Missing band detection
11385386 Plasmonic metal nitride and transparent conductive oxide nanostructures for plasmon assisted catalysis
11385376 Electric field sensing devices and systems and method of making the same
11385250 Systems and methods for classifying a biological sample regarding the presence of an analyte
11385048 Adaptive control of coating thickness
11385047 Adaptive control of coating thickness
11385046 Adaptive control of coating thickness
11385045 Adaptive control of coating thickness
11384700 Spark ignition engine control with exhaust manifold pressure sensor
11384667 Exhaust aftertreatment system with heated dosing control
11384666 Adaptive exhaust valve with purpose-designed spring
11384425 Method of enhancing electrical conduction in gallium-doped zinc oxide films and films made therefrom
11384203 Binder
11384114 Polymorphic forms of an oxysterol and methods of making them
11384025 Ceramic and ceramic composite components
11384023 Aqueous gelcasting formulation for ceramic products
11383900 Pediatric dosing dispenser
11383768 Composite flooring for recreational vehicles
11383438 Methods and apparatus for processing and dispensing material during additive manufacturing
11383353 Rotary brush with vibration isolation
11383203 Integrated aftertreatment system
11383185 Filter assembly with an inner filter element with a top rib
11383184 Filter element with a spacer
11383123 Weightlifting accessory
11382719 Method for producing a customized orthodontic appliance
11382710 Surgical guide and methods of use
11382671 Surgical instrument and method
11382607 Rotating full-core biopsy needle
11382512 Energy transfer system for spinal implants
11382507 Structured tailoring
D0956935 Faucet spout
D0956934 Faucet handle
D0956933 Faucet handle
D0956932 Faucet
D0956931 Faucet
D0956930 Faucet
D0956929 Faucet body
D0956928 Faucet body
D0956512 Pull
D0956511 Pull
D0956508 Knob
D0956507 Knob
D0956506 Pull
11381093 Battery lockout override logic for a battery management system
11380945 Recuperative battery cooling system as emergency power source
11380845 Semiconducting microfibers and methods of making the same
11380534 Sample analysis systems and methods of use thereof
11380069 System and method for generating asynchronous augmented reality instructions
11379090 Fire fighting systems and methods
11378573 Calibration for multi-component assays
11378173 Systems and methods for abatement of gear rattle by linear deflection
11378121 Multi-ball thrust bearing arrangement
11378026 Self-learning torque over boost combustion control
11378022 Systems and methods for controlling cylinder deactivation operation in electrified powertrains
11377985 Switching tappet or a roller finger follower for compression release braking
11377907 Animal crate
11377873 Electric latch mechanism
11377872 Cylindrical lock with a clutching and a non-clutching configuration
11377088 Electric vehicles with engines and interaction with aftertreatment
11376778 Apparatus and methods for fabricating components
11376712 Peening media and processes for producing and using peening media
11376541 Tetrahedral filter media
11376531 Self-contained filter assembly for magnetic deburring and polishing machine
11376428 Prevention of reflux induced laryngospasm
11376259 Targeted treatment of mature T-cell lymphoma
11376223 Pharmaceutical compositions
11376177 Powered width expansion of articulated bed deck
11376144 Systems and methods to position a prosthesis
11376134 Dual expanding spinal implant, system, and method of use
11376115 Prosthetic ligament system for knee joint
11376114 Introducer for deploying a stent graft in a curved lumen and stent graft therefor
11376113 Graft material and method of use thereof
11376110 Storage devices, loading devices, delivery systems, kits, and associated methods
11376092 Parallax-free indicator devices, systems, and methods
11376046 Spinal implant system and method
11375891 Methods, systems, and devices for vision testing
11375824 Therapeutic seat cushion equipped for pressure monitoring and inflation system for same
11375822 Folding bed system
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