Patent Office Issues 159 Patents To Indiana Citizens in May 2014

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 159 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in May 2014, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

PAT. NO. Title
D705,913 Toilet tank lid 
D705,785 Adjustable stand for portable electronic device 
8739137 Automatic derivative method for a computer programming language 
8738957 Apparatus and method for processing a wirelessly received information encoded in form of embedded data and clock 
8738408 Methods for grid-based rating insurance products using a programmed computer system 
8738407 Computer readable medium containing a set of computer readable instructions for grid-based insurance rating 
8738248 System for controlling vehicle overspeeding via control of one or more exhaust brake devices 
8737564 Low-background scattering x-ray diffractometer devices, systems, and methods 
8736456 Gas sensing method and instrument therefor 
8735689 Hybrid corn variety 980008 

8735504 Methods for preparing polymers having low residual monomer content
8735165 Oxazine-based sensor for contaminant detection, fabrication method therefor, and uses thereof 
8735083 Inhibition of peroxidase enzymatic activity 
8734835 Cohesive osteogenic putty and materials therefor 
8734606 Airfoil assembly and method of forming same 
8734525 Osteoinductive demineralized cancellous bone 
8734514 Micro-alloyed porous metal having optimized chemical composition and method of manufacturing the same 
8734502 Tapered stent and flexible prosthesis 
8734501 Composite stent graft 
8734483 Spider PFO closure device 
8734447 Apparatus and method of inserting spinal implants 
8734446 External fixation surgical clamp with swivel 
8734426 Locking assembly for a drainage catheter 
8734394 Automatic injection device with delay mechanism including dual functioning biasing member 
8734391 Systems, methods and devices for adjusting the insertion depth of a cannula associated with a portable therapeutic device 
8734387 Expansion device for treatment of black triangle disease and method 
8734383 Method and device for improving glycemic control based on residual insulin 
8734365 Test element magazine having covered test fields 
8734347 Analytical method and investigation system 
8734327 Device platform for medical procedures 
8734089 Damper seal and vane assembly for a gas turbine engine 
8733743 Gas spring piston, gas spring assembly and method 
8733387 Portable remote controlled valve 
8733190 Starter machine system and method 
8732876 Upper body support mechanism 
8732875 Patient support apparatus with movable siderail assembly 
D705,512 Bucket handle 
D705,077 Bottle 
D705,034 Key shaped multipurpose tool 
D704,919 Food product shape 
8731854 Utility meter with wireless pulse output 
8730779 Test element having an optical data storage, device for reading the optical data storage of the test element and measuring system thereof 
8729270 Anti-cancer compounds, synthesis thereof, and methods of using same 
8729255 Low temperature, vacuum assisted chlorination of sucrose-6-esters free of overchlorinated by-products as intermediates for the production of the artificial sweetener, sucralose 
8729107 Pyridines for treating injured mammalian nerve tissue 
8729017 Glucagon/GLP-1 receptor co-agonists 
8728642 Plug-in bussed electrical center for an energy storage system 
8728509 Implant depots to deliver growth factors to treat osteoporotic bone 
8728449 Water-soluble film article having salt layer, and method of making the same 
8728270 Water-resistant corrugated paperboard and method of preparing the same 
8728168 Prosthetic implant support structure 
8728166 Hybrid intervertebral spinal fusion implant 
8728160 Expandable intervertebral spacer 
8728148 Diameter reducing tie arrangement for endoluminal prosthesis 
8728145 Low profile non-symmetrical stents and stent-grafts 
8728144 Endoluminal device including a mechanism for proximal or distal fixation, and sealing and methods of use thereof 
8728129 Variable angled locking screw 
8728125 Expandable spinal rods and methods of use 
8728124 Spinal rod extenders and methods of use 
8728112 Vascular occlusion device 
8728105 Elongate magnet for a magnetic anastomosis device 
8728103 Linear clamps for anastomosis 
8728084 Apparatus for repairing bone defects 
8728082 Bone plate positioning scaffold 
8728081 Bone tamp and methods of use 
8728078 Clamping assembly with links 
8728034 Modular fluid delivery device with quick-release / connect mechanism for drive screw 
8728032 Systems and methods for delivering therapeutic agents 
8728016 Method and system for treating person suffering from a circulatory disorder 
8728008 Bone marrow aspiration needle 
8727972 Low profile bone screw extender and its application in minimum invasive spinal surgeries 
8727942 Dual pump regulator system for a motor vehicle transmission 
8727815 Compliant pin connector mounting system and method 
8727809 Center conductor with surrounding shield and edge card connector with same 
8727804 Combined power and data cord and receptacle 
8727699 Rotating machinery with damping system 
8727697 Variable vane actuation system and method 
8727695 Chamfer-fillet gap for thermal management 
8727384 Quick connect coupler with differential locking 
8727270 Aircraft, propulsion system, and system for taxiing an aircraft 
8726895 Non-lethal pistol and method of using same 
8726798 Radiant liquid heating container 
8726639 Reductant injection rate shaping method for regeneration of aftertreatment systems 
8726623 Crop divider hinge kit and method 
D704,740 Engine 
8726145 Content communication system and methods 
8725768 Method, system, and computer readable storage for affiliate group searching 
8725556 Wage index navigator system 
8725283 Generalized kinematics system 
8724728 Method of generating adaptive codebook and multiple input multiple output communication system using the adaptive codebook 
8723506 Utility meter with capacitor charging circuit responsive to a regulated DC voltage 
8723380 Starter motor including a conductor mounting element 
8723006 Inbred corn line UTM03 
8722447 Selenization of precursor layer containing CulnS.sub.2 nanoparticles 
8722410 Methods for transferring molecular substances into plant cells 
8722407 Method and apparatus for tissue transfer 
8722396 Bioreactor assembly for culture of photoautotrophic algae 
8722356 Sampling system and method 
8722121 Candy holder and candy product including the same 
8722079 Methods for treating conditions such as dystonia and post-stroke spasticity with clonidine 
8722075 Compositions and methods for promoting bone formation 
8721860 Protein multi-blotting method and device 
8721853 Fructosyl peptidyl oxidase 
8721850 Biosensor and methods for manufacturing 
8721812 Techniques for controlling precipitate phase domain size in an alloy 
8721728 Modular glenoid prosthesis 
8721718 Systems and methods for valve annulus remodeling 
8721684 Method and apparatus for coupling anatomical features 
8721651 Templates and methods 
8721648 Microfracture pick for femoral head 
8721625 Endovascular medical device with plurality of wires 
8721586 Introducer for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy appliance 
8721544 System for in-vivo measurement of an analyte concentration 
8721494 Variator multiplex valve scheme for a torroidal traction drive transmision 
8720960 Door lock with anti-ligature function 
8720957 Door locking assembly for a storage container 
8720938 Biasing air suspension system for a trailer 
8720907 Expansion ring assembly 
8720815 Aircraft propulsion system 
8720601 Pressurised air pick device with variable control 
8720423 Multi-rotor flow control valve 
8720075 Power takeoff gasket selection tools and methods 
8720041 Assembly method for induction rotors 
8720019 Buckle assemblies for personal restraint systems and associated methods of use and manufacture 
D704,135 Electronic charging device 
D703,968 Soap dispenser 
8719945 Customer error screen capture 
8719256 Method and system for improvement of request processing 
8718886 Double transition shift control in an automatic powershifting transmission 
8718385 Siding identification systems and methods 
8717202 Force sensitive input devices and methods 
8717181 Bed exit alert silence with automatic re-enable 
8716910 Stator winding connection arrangement 
8716675 Methods and apparatus for mass spectrometry utilizing an AC electrospray device 
8716227 Graft prosthesis, materials and methods 
8716204 Synthetic synovial fluid compositions and methods for making the same 
8716183 Control of aquatic weeds with endothall and ALS-inhibiting agent 
8715981 Electrochemical biosensor 
8715745 Fungicidal compositions including hydrazone derivatives and copper 
8715739 Polymer coated microparticles 
8715571 Test strip ejector for medical device 
8715449 Process for forming an insulated container having artwork 
8715410 Strontium-apatite cement preparation cements formed therefrom, and use thereof 
8715356 Prosthetic having a modular soft tissue fixation mechanism 
8715337 Aortic valve stent graft 
8715323 Coronal angulating connector 
8715293 Method and apparatus for retaining a guide wire 
8715289 Patient-specific numerically controlled instrument 
8715285 Pectus bar stabilizer 
8715232 Portable infusion pump with cannula inserter and pain reduction mechanism 
8715227 Multi-stranded apparatus for treating a medical condition 
8715223 Device and method for delivery of a drug depot near the nerve 
8715205 Loop tip wire guide 
8714518 Valve with actuation sub-assembly 
8714466 Fire-fighting monitor with remote control 
8714130 Integrally cast block and upper crankcase 
8713765 Multi-pivot latch assemblies 
8713728 Medical gas tank holder for patient support apparatus 
8713727 Siderail assembly for patient support apparatus 

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