Patent Office Issues 168 Patents To Indiana Citizens in August 2014

The U.S. Patent Office issued the following 168 patent registrations to persons and businesses in Indiana in August 2014, based on applications filed by Indiana patent attorneys:

Patent No.  Title
D712,016 Toilet 
D711,670 Furniture support frame and panel 
D711,668 Shelving 
D711,667 Shelving 
D711,666 Shelving 
8819849 Customer support account with restricted patient data access 

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8819085 Systems and processes for interactive data collection and assessment 
8819040 Method and system for querying a database 
8818782 System for developing patient specific therapies based on dynamic modeling of patient physiology and method thereof 
8818169 Disc unlock code distribution control via remote physical action and location 
8818048 System and method for cancelable iris recognition 
8817093 Photogrammetric networks for positional accuracy 
8816807 Controlled self assembly of anisotropic conductive adhesives based on ferromagnetic particles 
8816275 Ion generation using wetted porous material 
8816157 Plants and polynucleotides encoding truncated Cry34 proteins 
8815922 Pesticidal compositions and processes related thereto 
8815879 Substituted 4-(selenophen-2(or-3)-ylamino)pyrimidine compounds and methods of use thereof 
8815811 Peptides and methods for their preparation and use 
8815271 Pesticidal compositions and processes related thereto 
8815155 Diagnostic tape cassette 
8815154 Tape magazine for a hand-held device 
8814978 Method and apparatus for forming porous metal implants 
8814941 Variable angle reverse humeral tray 
8814908 Injectable flexible interspinous process device system 
8814879 Annulus repair systems and techniques 
8814877 Use of micro- and miniature position sensing devices for use in TKA and THA 
8814867 Percutaneous technique and implant for expanding the spinal canal 
8814853 Thermochemical ablation needle 
8814847 Delivery system for percutaneous placement of a medical device and method of use thereof 
8814822 Reciprocating delivery of fluids to the body with analyte concentration monitoring 
8814809 Test unit for use in a test device and test system 
8814808 Body fluid sampling device 
8814602 Impedance adjustable ribs between contacts of an electrical connector 
8814524 Wheel formed from a bladed ring and disk 
8814474 Low deflection drainage tile plow 
8814081 Aircraft and external pod for aircraft 
8813737 Cable guard with two piece slider 
8813690 Engine control techniques to account for fuel effects 
8813621 Apparatus for cutting food product 
8813487 Hydraulic wheel drive system with selectively actuated motor 
D711,520 Toilet tank lid 
D711,248 Bottle 
D711,068 Food product shape 
8812209 System and method for detecting lockup clutch on-coming capacity 
8811188 Protocol for secure and energy-efficient reprogramming of wireless multi-hop sensor networks 
8810909 Tensioned projection screen apparatus 
8810077 Fault tolerant service switch operation in a utility meter 
8810058 Multi-use input 
8809531 Rhodamine dyes and conjugates 
8809232 Herbicidal compositions comprising 4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluoro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)
pyridine-2-carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof and halosulfuron,
pyrazosulfuron and esprocarb
8809013 Stable NAD/NADH derivatives 
8808998 Diagnostic method for atherosclerosis 
8808647 Multi-well plate with tailored chambers 
8808551 Apparatus and method for separating and concentrating fluids containing multiple components 
8808392 Graft prosthesis, materials and methods 
8808355 Stent graft having a closeable fenestration 
8808352 Cast bioremodelable graft 
8808351 Stretchable prosthesis fenestration 
8808349 Controlled sequential deployment 
8808298 Pivoting cut guides 
8808236 Balloon catheters having a plurality of needles for the injection of one or more therapeutic agents 
8808200 Surgical device and method of using same 
8808133 Overload protection 
8808130 Gear reduction assembly and winch including gear reduction assembly 
8807576 Gas spring piston assembly as well as gas spring assembly and suspension system including same 
8807575 Mass transit vehicle 
8807496 Camera mount 
8807418 Container 
8807360 Tamper-evident bottle and closure having vents 
8807007 Digital hybrid firearm 
8806977 Vehicle pedal assembly with hysteresis assembly 
8806682 Advanced articulation system and mattress support for a bed 
8806679 Operating room table adapter 
D710,979 Toilet 
D710,978 Sink 
D710,899 Engine 
D710,711 Bottle 
D710,710 Bottle 
D710,709 Bottle 
8806617 System and method for maintaining server data integrity 
8806473 Managing software distribution for regulatory compliance 
8805547 Extra-cochlear implanted hearing aid device 
8803669 User station for healthcare communication system 
8803668 Indicator apparatus for healthcare communication system 
8803514 Linear position sensor 
8803381 Electric machine with cooling pipe coiled around stator assembly 
8803380 Electric machine module cooling system and method 
8803085 Systems and methods for transfer of ions for analysis 
8802937 Soybean cultivar 21232 
8802921 Engineered landing pads for gene targeting in plants 
8802728 Analgesic compounds, methods,
and formulations 
8802724 Processes and intermediates for preparing substituted hexahydrofuro [2,3-b] furans 
8802668 Hematopoietic neoplasm chemotherapy 
8802370 Method and apparatus to minimize diagnostic and other errors due to transposition of biological specimens among subjects 
8802196 Encapsulated ceramic element and method of making the same 
8802180 Micronutrient supplement 
8802113 Extracellular matrix cancer vaccine adjuvant 
8801904 Chain drag system for treatment of carbaneous waste feedstock and method for the use thereof 
8801875 Radiopaque alloy and medical device made of this alloy 
8801798 Bearing fixation 
8801793 Interbody containment implant 
8801790 Intervertebral disc augmentation and rehydration with superabsorbent polymers 
8801788 Expandable medical implant 
8801783 Prosthetic ligament system for knee joint 
8801760 Growth control device 
8801726 One-way bearing cable tensioning tool 
8801716 Cartilage repair system with flexible trephine 
8801632 Stack magazine system 
8801586 System and process for separating a material 
8801562 Multi-speed automatic transmission with fast reverse 
8801509 Ratcheting gambrel device 
8801078 Side skirt system for a trailer 
8801016 Gas spring piston and gas spring assembly including same 
8800975 Gas spring and gas damper assembly and method 
8800974 Air spring sleeve 
8800808 Bin sidewall panel concept 
8800713 Plastic muffler with Helmholtz chamber 
8800333 Key and lock cylinder combination 
8800259 Thrust vector system 
8800231 Wall panel, wall panel kit and method 
8800078 Localized microclimate management 
8800073 Tub and shower surround with hidden storage 
D710,310 Connector 
8799408 Localization systems and methods 
8799258 Automated searching for solutions to support self-diagnostic operations of web-enabled devices 
8799247 System and methods for ensuring integrity, authenticity, indemnity, and assured provenance for untrusted,
outsourced, or cloud databases 
8799011 Patient room and bed management apparatus and system 
8798785 System and process for real time monitoring of mail and print jobs and providing real time verification of mail piece completion 
8798396 Apparatus and method of segmenting an image in an image coding and/or decoding system 
8797526 Instrument and method for the automated thermal treatment of liquid samples 
8797176 Multi-sensory warning device 
8797168 High reliability pest detection 
8796733 Low voltage tunnel field-effect transistor (TFET) and method of making same 
8796636 Neutron detector having enhanced absorption and bifurcated detection elements 
8796476 Pesticide compositions exhibiting enhanced activity and methods for preparing same 
8796433 Demulsification compositions,
systems and methods for demulsifying and separating aqueous emulsions 
8796423 Anti-TSG101 antibodies and their uses for treatment of viral infections 
8796177 Herbicidal compositions comprising 4-amino-3-chloro-5-fluoro-6-(4-chloro-2-fluoro-3-methoxyphenyl)pyridine-2-
-carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof and acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACCase)
8795986 Microbial method for the biotransformation of colchicinoid compounds 
8795872 Battery cell system with interconnected frames 
8795665 BMP-6 antibodies 
8795633 Multiphoton in vivo flow cytometry method and device 
8795594 Analytical test apparatus comprising a friction clutch 
8795577 Needle-to-needle electrospinning 
8795379 Variable prosthesis 
8795368 Expandable implant system and methods of use 
8795365 Expandable devices for emplacement in body parts and methods associated therewith 
8795361 Osteochondral plug graft, kit and method 
8795349 Prosthesis having pivoting fenestration 
8795338 Anti-splay member for bone fastener 
8795337 Apparatus for implementing a spinal fixation system with supplemental fixation 
8795319 Embolization coil 
8795315 Emboli capturing device having a coil and method for capturing emboli 
8795288 Access device 
8795287 Targeting device 
8795282 Apparatus and method for the extramedullary location of the mechanical axis of a femur 
8795280 Peripheral peg drill component 
8795279 Peripheral peg drill component 
8795199 Puncturing system, lancet reservoir system and manufacturing method, and method for positioning functional elements on carrier tape 
8795130 Quick disconnect for a drive unit 
8794897 Bin sweep 
8794489 Dispensing valve 
8794486 Apparatus with pump and valve for use with internal and external fluid reservoir 
8794461 Closure with liner seal vents 
8794420 Secure storage apparatus 
8794298 Systems and methods for filtering molten metal 
8793865 Biosensor test member and method for making the same 
8793838 Door actuator 
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